Everywhere I see God's love

by Brian Gaucher
(Kingman, Arizona, USA)

When I was young, I was amazed at the beauty of life. From the tiniest life form, to our own bodies. The way a seed has the blueprint, and means to become a grown plant, and produce seeds of itself of a new generation of plants.

When the Hubble telescope sent back pictures of creation on a grand scale. Amazing yet, with the internet, we all could see how man was destroying our planet. A planet that is so rare, and fragile, and beautiful.

A gift from God, for us to live on, shows me God's love for us. With greed, envy, and hate, we are killing each other, wildlife, and the trees. Ruining the drinking water, and the air we breathe. I easily love God with all my heart, and being. I can not, for those who are killing people, and strangling this planet.

I can not see these people as Christ sees them, and taught us to be. He proclaimed, "peace be with you, my peace I give you".

After being whipped, beaten, and nailed to the cross, He forgave them. I do not have that kind of love, for my fellow man. I am aware of God's love with every breath, and give praise for being alive. To love All men, is a work in-progress.

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