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"The Greatest Of These Is Love"

Some Widespread Misconceptions About Beliefs, Desire,
Fear, Self Worth, The All Pervasive Power of Love
and A Personal Experience Of "Miracles"

The greatest of these is Love

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.
But the greatest of these is love."
- 1 Corinthians 13:13

Welcome to this month's edition of Enlightened Journey titled 'The Greatest of These is Love.'

As I hope you'll see soon, it really and truly is...literally and figuratively.

This is but one of many editions to follow in the months ahead that I also hope will reveal and enable you to personally SEE, in an intangible as well as a tangibly pleasing, "real world" kind of way, not only how "true" it is that "The Greatest of These is Love' is, but how incomprehensibly powerful YOU are.

You may not think you are at this point, but you are, even if you think you're not. The key is changing what and HOW you think. The FACT that the Greatest power known to man is Love, is based on a Higher Truth that never changes, errs, or wavers regardless of what we've learned and as a result "think and believe" to be true about ourselves.

Perhaps this edition will assist you in seeing just how "true" that is. More than that, it's my hope and intention that this edition will assist in enabling you to begin using this "inherent power" that we ALL possess in such a way that benefits you and the world in a magnitude that MOST have little to no understanding of.

Although sad, most are oblivious to just how real and factual that is.

The words The Greatest of These is Love is far more than just a warm and fuzzy statement, I'll assure you. In fact I'll PROMISE you it is. That's what I hope to assist you in SEEING (or begin to at least) if you don't already.

One way I'll be doing that is through sharing a very "true", personal and what I consider to be a profound story, that revealed to me just how "tangibly significant" Love is in EVERY aspect of life. ALL of our lives. More than that, I hope to convey in very simple and easy to digest language, the vital and ALL pervasive role that Love plays in determining the kind and quality of each and every experience that we go through in none.

And I do mean bar NONE.

Point being, Love goes well beyond our physical relationships regardless of how "intensely loving" they might be. In fact, Love, regardless of how open or closed off to it that we are, determines, not only the quality of our physically interactive relationships, but our "relationship" with EVERYTHING we experience in life, ranging from the Profound and awe inspiring to the downright ugly and "seemingly horrific."

It definitely plays a role in the relationship that we have with ourselves and whatever the Source of your understanding might be too. It's those relationships that are the "single most important" because they are what serve as our foundation which in turn plays an enormous role in determining the kind and quality of our beliefs, thoughts, words and actions, which also determine the quality of our "individual as well as collective experiences" in life.

There are exceptions as it pertains to "belief" though, as there is with everything. The story I'll be sharing reveals one of those "exceptions", because as you'll discover soon, because the Greatest of These IS Love, to personally witness it's power, no belief is necessary.

More about all that soon.

First, lets' do a quick recap of what was covered in the previous edition and at the same time set the stage for this edition...

In the Welcome Edition of Enlightened Journey we covered a lot of territory and touched on a lot of things regarding you, life and what I KNOW to be necessary to experience a kind and quality of life that anyone would Love.

It's certainly no secret that EVERYONE "claims" to want a life they love, but few actually experience the kind of life they could. I've found (and believe) the reason that most don't, is because they overlook and/or simply don't understand the vital role that Love plays in the "living the life you Love" equation.

Put another way, they simply don't realize the magnitude, scope, power of, nor understand in an EXPERIENTIAL kind of way the all pervasive essence that Love IS.

In this edition, I'm going to do my VERY best to open that door, build upon the foundational principles I wrote about in the Welcome Edition, that MAY, and if you "choose" WILL, assist you in enabling and allowing your "Love light to intensify and shine" so your life might become all that you "truly desire" for it to be.

Regardless of what you might think or "believe" regarding what it REALLY takes to get there, Love IS the key...period.

Rather than do a long and lengthy recap of the Welcome Edition, if need be, you can access the archive of the Welcome Edition here if you feel the need to refresh your memory about important points that were covered there.

One thing I've come to KNOW for CAN use the power you already have in a conscious, intentional and purposeful way, IF and when you CHOOSE to "enable and allow" yourself to.

I'll tell you up front. Enabling and allowing yourself to DO that is going to require some "unlearning" first in the vast majority of cases.

Contrary to much of the hype, airy fairy nonsense and metaphysical mumbo jumbo that you may have encountered in your search for Higher Truth and finding the "simplest answers and solutions" possible, getting from where you are to where you desire to be is, in MOST cases, a process. A journey if you will.

This journey begins (in MOST cases at least) by making a conscious choice, followed by a "unwavering commitment" to enter into and undergo this unlearning and relearning process.

It's my hope and intention that you'll enable and allow your journey to be as pleasant and pain free as it possibly can be, which is WHY I do what I do in the way I do it.

My "Soul Purpose" and what I absolutely LOVE doing, is pointing out the shortest path that I'm aware of for EXPERIENCING the kind of life that you Love in the quickest, simplest and easiest way possible.

Based on my own experiences, the journey begins and becomes the simplest, quickest and most pleasant, by learning, understanding, internalizing and eventually EXPERIENCING for yourself just how "literally true" it is that The Greatest of These is Love.

If you think it's not in ANY way, shape or form, or you have any if's, ands or buts that keep you from EXPERIENCING Love's power based on what you "think you know" right now, there's your 1st clue that some "unlearning" is going to be necessary.

Once you accept and understand that, it's simply a matter of doing what's necessary...whatever that is for you, to think, speak and act in loving ways so you might begin experiencing a consistent flow of "desired miracles" in your own life.

In nearly EVERY case though, it's going to require remaining open and perhaps even letting go of what you "think you know" just long enough to replace any limiting and self sabotaging "beliefs" you hold with what I like to refer to as a Higher Truth.

What I and many like me have found to be necessary requires consciously, intentionally and consistently aligning and harmonizing with Love in all you think, say and do...unconditionally. That's when you begin "seeing for yourself", in both an intangible as well as in a tangibly measurable kind of way, just how real, true and unwavering it is that The Greatest of These Is Love.

In the welcome edition, if you recall I touched on Love, power and you. The exact words I used were, "You are awesome, amazing and powerful beyond measure."

Those 3 things; love, power and you, aren't mutually exclusive regardless of how you perceive yourself, others, or life in general. It doesn't matter who or what you think you are, what you believe power is, how you perceive life, or what you think Love is for that matter.

The fact remains...The Greatest of These is Love...regardless and unconditionally.

I'm going to share HOW, as well as WHAT, I came to KNOW about the statement..."And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love", and WHY so many don't understand how on target and powerful a statement that is. Not only in an intangible "feel good" kind of way, but HOW and WHY it CAN be used by YOU to receive what you love in a tangible, measurable and experiential real world kind of way too.

In a kind of way that provides what you truly love and enables you to experience Real Harmony, Real Joy and Real Fulfillment in life, physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Maybe you don't think you can at this point. That's OK. But aside from what you or anyone else might currently think, I KNOW you can because I've witnessed it's power time and time again.

As you'll discover soon enough, I've EXPERIENCED it's power to such a degree that "enabled and allowed" what many call "miracles" to unfold right before my eyes...some in the blink of an eye.


I'm certainly no exception to the rule. The same can happen for anyone. I KNOW that only because, based on the life choices I was making at the time my first "miracle" showed up...more specifically, due to the kind and quality of life choices I had made and was making, combined with how I was choosing" to show up in the world when this first "miracle" happened, I KNOW that If something like that can happen for me, it CAN happen for anyone.

No need to get into great detail about my past choices or HOW I was showing up in the world back then. Let's just say I wasn't a "model citizen" at the time and had no idea that something of that magnitude could happen for anyone, let alone that it could happen for me.

The fact of the matter is, this first "miracle" I experienced happened quite accidentally. A more accurate statement would be to say that it happened without my "conscious awareness" playing a role. I didn't know, nor could I see, HOW or WHY it happened at the time, nor did I have any belief or expectation that it could happen at all...ESPECIALLY for someone like me.

I just KNEW it happened. You could say I thought it happened for no apparent reason. It wouldn't be until many years later, following an intense, several year journey of exploration and discovery both "inside and outside" of MYSELF, that I would realize and clearly SEE not only WHY, but HOW it did happen.

I'm going to do my best to share that first experience with you in this edition, and reveal what I discovered afterwards, so you might experience the same. For now, just be assured, ANYONE can, if and when they "enable and allow" themselves to.

That's what this edition is all about. To do my best to reveal to you that the BIGGEST reason and ONLY reason that it could or did happen for me, is simply because The Greatest of These is Love.

I just didn't KNOW it at the time. In fact, what I "thought I knew" about Love, is perhaps the single biggest obstacle that kept me from SEEING and KNOWING what would eventually enable and allow that initial "miracle" to unfold right before my eyes.

I've since unlearned and relearned much regarding Love and the unerring, unwavering and all pervasive power behind it.

As we move through this edition I'll explain all of that in more detail and fill in all the blanks as best as I'm able, so you might begin to not only KNOW but USE what I've discovered in your life, should you choose to.

For now, back to explaining what I've come to KNOW regarding the meaning, the power behind and the far reaching (literally infinite) nature of Love.

Perhaps at some point in your life, you've read or heard the statement...

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."

Although I was unaware of and actually oblivious to that statement when my 1st "miracle unfolded, here's what I've since found and believe to be true regarding it's meaning and purpose.

You could call it my "personal interpretation" of what it REALLY means to me and how it applies to everyone.

Hope is Good, Faith is Better, Love Is, Always Has Been and Always Will Be BEST and Greatest Because it's All Pervasive

I'm going to begin by doing my best to describe the "surface level differences" between hope, faith and Love as I understand it.

Let's start with Hope

First and foremost, most of us have "hope." Some have much, some little and still others have lost all hope. But, regardless of what we've endured or been through in life, MOST of us have at least some glimmer of hope left. As true as that is, MOST don't do what's necessary to enable our "hopes" to transform from an intangible thing into a tangible reality.

One thing I can assure you though, even if you currently believe that all hope is gone and things seem completely, totally and irreversibly "hopeless", there's still hope...regardless.

There is because, as I've stated a number of times already, The Greatest of These is Love.

Now, let's talk "faith."

Although nearly everyone has at least a "glimmer of hope", many lack the faith to intensify the hope they have to the degree that enables and allows what they'd love to be, do and have in life, to become a tangible and measurable thing or experience.

In fact, I've found that most people have any number of hopes, wishes, dreams, desires and aspirations, but their "faith" (belief) conflicts with, and inevitably sabotages, in some way, shape or form, what they desire and so often hope, wish and pray for.

Because of what we "think we know", we often "unknowingly and unintentionally" engage in various forms of SELF SABOTAGE.

Perhaps the biggest reason is because we don't understand the importance of "enabling and allowing" ourselves to unlearn what we "think we know" about Love, life and ourselves. That's the biggest culprit that keeps our "heartfelt hopes, dreams and desires" from becoming real. We hope, wish and often pray for something, but our limited beliefs don't enable and allow us to project the intensity of Love to enable and allow what we "hope, wish and pray for" to take tangible form.

Hope is a great thing. It's certainly better than no hope. But in 99.9999% of the cases, it's not enough, in and of itself, to get what we hope, wish and in many cases "pray" we will.

One reason is because A LOT of our hopes are self centered and self serving. Not a strong enough Love exists in self centered and self serving "hopes" to "enable and allow" the hope to become tangible and measurable as we "hope" it will.

It requires more.

That's where faith comes into play. If faith sounds to "religious" for you, replace the word "faith" with belief. They're one and the same. Faith is greater than hope although most don't realize that we CANNOT receive what we hope for unless and until our "faith" is aligned and harmonized with the MOST cases.

Really and truly, when your "faith" is strong enough, hope becomes obsolete. It's unnecessary. There is no need to hope when a "strong faith" is present. In fact a strong faith that you'll never receive what you "hope for" could, and at some point probably will, snuff out any glimmer of "hope" that you do have.

Hope isn't necessary when "strong faith" is present because faith KNOWS. KNOWING always provides, so there's no need for hope.

A LOT of people "claim" to have the faith to make their hopes real, yet what most claim and believe to be "faith", is nothing more than a watered down version of "faith." In other words, in MANY cases, what we "believe to be "faith", is nothing more or less than HOPE in disguise.

Hope doesn't KNOW.

With hope, we sorta kinda have faith, or want to believe that we might get what we "hope for" but it's not the kind or quality of faith, the KNOWING kind, that enables and allows the thing or things we "hope for" to become real.

Truth be told, we ALWAYS receive what we have "faith" (believe) in. We always GET what we believe we will. The fact of the matter is, as an article I wrote some years ago makes clear, Faith and Abundance is All There Is.

What we have faith in, we receive an abundance of and "faith works" both ways...unconditionally, as it currently does, always has and always will.

We can hope for something yet have "faith" that we won't receive it, and we don't. What we do receive is a mirrored reflection of what we have "faith" in. In the case of just "hoping" for something, our faith is limited to hope which isn't really "faith" at all. So, although we do receive what we have "faith in" we only receive an abundance of more hope. We keep hoping and hoping and hoping, but the desire never "shows up."

That's not very "tangibly fulfilling."

Then comes Love. And here's something that VERY FEW understand about love. I didn't understand it when I witnessed it's power in the "profound" way that I did the 1st time and I certainly didn't BELIEVE it at the time, but I've since found it's "true."

Do your best to grasp this.

When the intensity of Love is strong enough, no FAITH or HOPE in a specific outcome is necessary. I KNOW because I've been there and done that. That's how my first "miracle" came to be. No faith that it could happen and I had certainly lost nearly all hope that it would.

But it did still happen nonetheless.

The reason it did, is because the Love and the underlying INTENTION I held at the time was aligned with Love. The intensity of that kind of Love was strong enough to enable and allow a "miracle" to happen. And that's ALL that enabled and allowed it to happen and take "tangible and measurable" form.

That's when I first began "thinking about" learning and discovering more about HOW and WHY it did happen. Little did I KNOW at the time, that I'd also discover MUCH more about Love too. Although I EXPERIENCED it's power in a very "pleasing kind of way", it wouldn't be until some years later that I began developing the "passion" to venture out and begin acquiring the "intellectual understanding" that would finally reveal how "true it is" that The Greatest of These is Love...for real.

After many years of DOING that, I not only discovered, but came to KNOW, both intellectually and EXPERIENTIALLY that The Greatest of These IS LOVE...ALWAYS and unconditionally.

I also discovered that we don't have to have hope or belief in what we desire because we ALL, without exception "believe in Love." We may not be keenly, let alone "consciously aware" of that fact, but we ALL do.

We DO, because as I've also discovered, everything that happens in life is because of Love...EVERYTHING.

I will say, I believe my situation is a bit unique. I EXPERIENCED the power of Love before I fully understood what it was or the power behind it intellectually. It took me many years to fill in the blanks, find and fit the pieces of the Love puzzle together.

What I hope to convey in this edition of Enlightened Journey, in a way that is easy to digest and understand, is this. Not only THAT you can KNOW, but HOW you can USE, in a tangibly measurable Real World kind of way, the power that Love IS as well as the power that Love has provided to you, me and ANYONE else who chooses to "enable and allow" themselves to align and harmonize with it.

That's the KEY to experiencing a life you love. Consciously aligning and harmonizing with Love in ALL you think, say and do, provides WHAT you love.

We don't have to do that. It's most definitely optional. Choosing not to doesn't take away your power. What it does, is has you using your power in a conflicting kind of way. It's an "unconsciously powerful" kind of way, which only leads to "enabling and allowing" yourself to receive less than, and in some cases the polar opposite of what you do "consciously love" and claim to want.

That's why, it can often "seem as if" we have no power to effectuate the most simple or the most extraordinary kinds of change. But we do have that power. You do. If you're unable to SEE that right now, it's only because you're just not using Love in the way it CAN be used.

It's really as simple as "consciously and intentionally" enabling and allowing yourself to align and harmonize with Love in all you think, say and do to receive WHAT you love.

Sometimes that process begins through first developing an intellectual understanding that opens you to and moves you through an EXPERIENTIAL understanding. ON the other hand, sometimes the intellect keeps you from it. That depends on the "quality" of the intellectual data you've acquired. What you enable and allow yourself to acquire and believe in the way of "future data" is also going to play a role.

A LOT of less than factual "intellectual data" (even though you may think it's true) can keep you from ever acquiring an "EXPERIENTIAL" understanding.

That's why "unlearning" is so important sometimes.

That's also why more don't ever come to KNOW in an EXPERIENTIAL kind of way that The Greatest of These is Love. The "intellectual data" they've acquired forms beliefs that keep them from SEEING and KNOWING it because of what they "think they know."

More about WHY and HOW that's true in a few minutes. Point being, whether you ever understand that The Greatest of These is Love or not, only depends on the kind and quality of data that you take in and what you enable and allow to mold, shape and form your belief system.

The intellect has it's place but it takes an EXPERIENTIAL understanding to KNOW how The Greatest of These is Love can enable and allow YOU to begin consistently experiencing a quality of life that YOU love as I eluded to in the welcome edition you received last month.

KNOWING That The Greatest of These is Love and Using It "Consciously", Requires Enabling and Allowing Yourself To Enhance Your Awareness

The KEY is awareness combined with USING that awareness in such a way that "enables and allows" you to KNOW that you can. I'll assure that MOST aren't aware, don't "believe they can, let alone KNOW how to do that.

There are A LOT of people in this day and age who "claim" to have an EXPERIENTIAL understanding of Love. But the fact is, most don't in the magnitude that it can be KNOWN and EXPERIENCED. They confuse a learned and inherited intellectual understanding of what Love is with the EXPERIENTIAL kind, only because they don't know what they don't know. They think and believe they do, but they don't.

Some DO have an EXPERIENTIAL understanding, but what they think, say and do most often, doesn't align and harmonize with what they KNOW. When you DO that, it can "seem as if" you have no power too.

That becomes obvious when you view how people show up in the world. Those who have an EXPERIENTIAL understanding that The Greatest of These is Love, and then "choose" to consciously align with it, think, say and DO things differently than those who don't KNOW as well as those who "claim" to know but "truly don't."

We'll explore the underlying and often overlooked facts about WHY that's true shortly too.

A No Fine Print Disclaimer Regarding Being, Doing and Having What You Love

Because there is SO MUCH hype and nonsense being written and transmitted both electronically and otherwise, "claiming to have" The Secret or some magical "New Found Discovery" for getting everything you WANT in life, this may be a good place to insert a No Fine Print disclaimer...

The reason I often say that The Enlightened Journey Newsletter MAY assist you, rather than most definitely WILL, is simply because it's entirely up to you. You get to choose that for yourself. It's going to require becoming "aware" of how to do that first though and then "consciously applying what you become "aware" of.

I have no "say so" over what you DO or don't do with I share. What I can say is that if you do choose to align and harmonize yourself at the mental, emotional and physical levels in a conscious and intentional way with Love, it WILL with unerring and unwavering certainty prove to be a "game changer" in EVERY aspect of your none.

I KNOW that's true, because I've seen and personally "witnessed" the power behind it in ways that MOST don't understand or "believe" that they can.

You may "believe and perceive" that aligning and harmonizing with Love in all you think, say and do is nothing but a "warm and fuzzy" concept, or that it's irrelevant in physical life.

Take it from someone who has "seen and experienced" some really mind boggling things take form when Love was the intention and focus, it's VERY relevant, powerfully creative and profoundly transformational whether you "think and believe" it is or not.

As I mentioned, I KNOW that first hand, simply because at one point I didn't "think or believe it" was either. After a number of years of seeking, searching and trying really hard to "figure out" how a "seemingly miraculous" event could take form right before my eyes, what I finally "figured out" is that Love is at the core of EVERYTHING we experience in life.

When I say everything, I do mean EVERYTHING. The "seemingly miraculous", the awesome, the grand, the good, the bad, the ugly and YES, even the "seemingly horrific."

Although I do so in "indirect ways" at times, everything you'll learn and discover in the Enlightened Journey Newsletter has Love at it's foundation.

The reason it does is because I KNOW first hand just how Real and True it is that The Greatest of These is Love. I also KNOW that's where our "true power" is found. I also KNOW after "trying it both ways" that many never discover or use their "true power" in a conscious and intentional kind of way because they're not "aware" that they can or that such a Power even exists.

A choice to become "aware" of how true that is, is the first necessary step. It's a step that MOST don't take because they don't KNOW they can or they don't know how. Many "claim" they don't have the time. But it IS a step that anyone CAN take, should they "enable and allow" themselves to do so.

Again, that part is up to you which is the reason for the "No Fine Print" disclaimer. It is, always has been and always will be up to you, even if you're currently at the place where you're unable and/or unwilling to believe and/or accept it as being factual.

This edition, The Greatest of These is Love is intended to lay the foundation and reveal WHY it is factual.

No hype, no nonsense, no ridiculousness and no airy fairy claims that "guarantee" you'll get everything you want in life.

The reason I do that, is because I've discovered something else.

It's this...

You Don't Get What You WANT In Life. You GET What You Choose to Get...Unconditionally

What you CAN do should you choose to understand that The Greatest of These is Love and then "choose" to consciously align and harmonize with it's Power, is get ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in life that you "truly desire" none.

The desires of your heart start "showing up."

I'm going to do my best to show you HOW and WHY I've come to KNOW that's true by sharing a "very personal experience" that happened many years ago. It's an experience that I hope will serve you and perhaps move you into the accepting, believing and "enabling and allowing" space, so you might both see and experience for yourself just how true, powerful and transformational aligning and harmonizing with Love (on ALL levels) is.

That's what is going to be required of you to SEE and KNOW for yourself in an "all level kind of way", that The Greatest of These is Love.

Because it's such an important and often overlooked part of the "HAVING what you truly desire" process, let's touch on "enabling and allowing" briefly.

Trying and Forcing Things to Happen, Limits Results. Enabling and Allowing Opens The Floodgates

As I discovered a number of years ago, we can, and many do work really hard in their attempts to "try to make things happen." That's A WAY for us to do things but it's NOT the most effective and efficient way. We also have a choice, and can do things in such a way that "enables and allows" life to be what we'd "Truly Love" it to be.

Receiving what you "truly desire" in life happens most simply, quickly and easily by DOING the best you know how for sure. But once you've DONE that, it requires enabling and allowing things to unfold, not through hoping, wishing, trying, forcing, or attempting to "make things happen" in the way you "think" they should happen.

Love is BIGGER than you can think, believe or conceive for that matter. The ways and means for every "miracle" that unfolds in life are of an "infinite nature."

Case in point...

How did you arrive here? Why are you reading this right now. Did you try and force your way here or did you enable and allow yourself to subscribe and become a part of The Enlightened Journey Global Community?

Since you are reading this right now, you made the "choice" to be here. You've already "enabled and allowed" yourself to "choose" to be here. There was no forcing or trying necessary. I didn't force you to come here and you didn't merely TRY to be here. You're here right? You didn't merely "try" to be here you DID what was necessary to BE here and you DID it without force.

Congratulations is in order for that too, because you've already chosen to "enable and allow" yourself to DO something that MOST don't. You've enabled and allowed yourself to be here. You've made an "uncommon choice" to stretch, grow, unlearn and relearn. At the very least, you "chose" to be here to explore concepts, ideas and possibilities that you may or may not be aware of already.

Don't misunderstand, enabling and allowing is a great start. Enabling and allowing yourself to be here is an AWESOME start. But enabling and allowing yourself to EXPERIENCE a life that you Love requires MORE than just BEING here and reading what I share.

It's also going to require "applying" what you learn.

You've taken a vitally important step that many don't and won't. The only reason so many don't DO what you've chosen to, is simply because of what many "think they know." They "choose" to remain stuck within the confines of what they "think they know" and refuse to enhance their "awareness" beyond that.

What we "think we know" is what so often keeps us from becoming "aware of" things that can enhance the quality of our lives exponentially.

Perhaps the greatest thing to become "aware of" is enabling and allowing yourself to see in a very clear, undeniable and EXPERIENTIAL kind of way, that of all the infinite number of choices we can make in life, the single greatest choice we can make is to enable and allow ourselves to SEE, KNOW and understand that The Greatest of These is Love.

Once we KNOW that, we can begin thinking, speaking and acting in ways that "enable and allow" us to HAVE what we love.

You may NOT yet be "fully aware of how true that is. If you don't, I hope you'll continue to "enable and allow" yourself to continue on reading this and future editions of Enlightened Journey. I hope that for YOU, not for me, so you might SEE and KNOW at some point, that what you "think you know" is the ONLY thing that has kept and may be keeping you from having what you truly love and desire in life.

MOST people have to get to a place of pain, discontent and in some cases, torment before they make the choice to enable and allow themselves to enhance their awareness.

Here's why and how I KNOW that's true...

Based on what I "thought I knew", it took me many years, a lot of needless pain and many years of trial and error to discover that in life...any and EVERY aspect of life, that the statement, "The Greatest of These is Love" is definitively "true."

Because of that pain, the years of trial and error and experiencing A LOT less than I truly desired, I enabled and allowed myself to make some new choices. That was prompted by an EXPERIENCE that shook the foundation of nearly EVERYTHING I "thought I knew. That EXPERIENCE also led me on a many year journey.

I engaged in an extensive and independent study of the behavioral sciences, philosophy, physics, neurobiology, cosmology, timeless wisdom shared by the mystics, sages and spiritual masters from various cultures around the world, etc. etc.

This "intellectually acquired" understanding, combined with a wide range of diverse personal experiences along the way, led me to the conclusion that the statement The Greatest of These is Love is unequivocally true.

Through my "intellectual search" of all these paths, I discovered not everyone uses the label, LOVE, but indirectly that's what EVERYTHING points back to...REGARDLESS of how it seems or sounds on the surface.

But there's more to DO than merely acquire an "intellectual understanding" to EXPERIENCE that "truth" for yourself.

Next, it's going to require that you enable and allow yourself to open up to concepts and ideas that you may or may not have heard or even considered previously. It's going to require an openness and willingness to enhance what you currently believe. Chances are good that initially, you'll be tempted to avoid, downplay and discard these concepts and ideas because of what you DO believe currently.

In fact, it may be (and chances are good WILL be) necessary to temporarily disarm many of the beliefs you hold about yourself, others and life in general if you ever hope to get to the "ultimate and definitive" conclusion that The Greatest of These Is Love.

That MAY BE necessary because it's going to require being open, receptive and genuinely willing to become aware of, identify and at some point perhaps, start questioning some, and in a number of cases MANY, of the beliefs and perceptions that you currently "think" are valid and true.

The reason you MAY want to enable and allow yourself to DO that is because you MAY find, as I did, that some, much and perhaps A LOT of what you have learned and have come to "believe" over the course of your life isn't nearly as "true" as you think it is.

You may think it is and you may "think you know it is." You may be drop dead sure that what you "believe" is definitively true. You may be even be ready and willing to argue, cuss, fight, defend and even DIE for those beliefs. I know I "blindly defended" many things that I thought were true...until I chose to initiate my own investigation and discovered that much of what I "thought was true" wasn't nearly as "true" as I thought it was.

It was true for me. It became "true" in my life. But much of what showed up didn't "show up" because it was "definitively true." It showed up, only because I believed it was true. When I made the "choice" to enhance and expand upon what I've since discovered to be a VERY limiting belief system, my "outer world results" began taking on a new form.

We all have a belief system. We all do our best to follow and adhere to it. We ALL think what we think, say what we say and do what we do because of our "belief systems."

But I'll also "assure you", unless and until you've examined, questioned and validated those beliefs for yourself and explored outside the confines of so many "socially and culturally accepted" assumptions that form those "belief systems", much of what you "think you know" is nothing more than that...things that you "think you know."

If you don't KNOW that The Greatest of These is Love, and you're not "applying" what you KNOW in ALL you think, say and do, there's MUCH MORE for you to know. There's most definitely FAR more pleasant experiences in your future. You don't have to. But it sure makes life a lot many more ways than can be conveyed in a newsletter.

In fact, you MAY find, as I and many like me have, that what you believe and "think you know" are the very beliefs and perceptions that are limiting, conflicting with, suppressing and even sabotaging the very "heartfelt desires" that you and so many others "claim" they'd Love to experience in life.

That was definitely the case with me.

As I've discovered through coaching and mentoring MANY people from around the world, that's what MOST are enabling and allowing to happen without even realizing they are.

If you're like most, you're also "unknowingly sabotaging" rather than enabling and allowing the quality of your life to become ALL that it CAN become, and perhaps even believe that it CAN never, and WILL never become what you truly desire for it to become.

You are the only one that can "enable and allow that" also. The only way you could possibly think or believe that, is if you're unaware in an EXPERIENTIAL kind of way, that The Greatest of These is Love.

When you understand that, you also understand that Love doesn't give you everything you want. It DOES give you EVERYTHING you "choose" to have...even the "seemingly horrific" stuff.

That's another reason why "unlearning" and relearning is so important.

Once you've "done that", it's going to require APPLYING and DOING something with what you've relearned. That's also when you understand and KNOW the importance of DOING what you're passionate about (Love) in a way that resonates with you at the "heart level", aligns with your "personally preferred" outcomes and serves the world in whatever way and to whatever degree you choose.

That choice determines the kind, quality and quantity of what you'll RECEIVE and HAVE.

There are A LOT of people with entitlement mentalities in the world today. They WANT something for nothing. They want to receive but they aren't willing to give so they might receive what they want.

The sad fact is, many people with "entitlement mentalities" don't want to DO anything but TAKE.

That's perhaps why The Secret that was released back in 2006 sold so many MILLIONS of copies. I believe it was the number one DVD ever sold.

The Secret was a great introduction as to what's possible, but it only provided "part of the story" and didn't FULLY cover what's necessary for receiving what we love.

People heard what they wanted to hear. What MOST heard is that they could visualize their dream life into being and not have to GIVE anything or DO much to receive it. The limits of their DOING was visualizing "What can I GET" and "What's in it for me."

Those who chose that, became very disappointed and disenchanted when they discovered first hand that things don't "truly" work that way.

Point being this newsletter or ANY other can't and WON'T enhance the quality of your life. It can't and won't do anything for you unless and until you enable and allow it to.

Contrary to so many "airy fairy" foo foo "claims being made today in many of the "Law of Attraction" circles, enabling and allowing happens at 3 levels...

...The mental, emotional AND the physical.

When you consciously align with LOVE at ALL 3 of those levels, you begin to see, understand and EXPERIENCE in tangible and measurable as well as "intangible ways" that The Greatest of These IS Love.

It all BEGINS at the "mental level." It BEGINS by KNOWING that the Greatest of These is Love. Once you KNOW that the emotions and actions align and harmonize so you can DO what you love and HAVE what you love.

As I shared in the welcome edition, I have ZERO desire and NEVER will ask or tell you that you should believe me or ANYTHING I write here...FOR SURE.

Enlightened Journey is structured as an "information resource" based on my own life experiences; what I've learned, "unlearned", relearned and benefited from over the course of my life.

It's structured that way and freely provided because I know their are a lot of people "out there" who are feeling quite disillusioned, dis-empowered and/or perhaps even somewhat (and in some cases VERY) "afraid" and disheartened needlessly.

The question is WHY?

The answer is PROFOUNDLY simple when you enable and allow yourself to break through the fog, hype, smoke and mirrors and get to the core of it all.

So what is at the core of being "afraid and disheartened?"

Fear based beliefs...which are ALWAYS without exception "LEARNED" and/or inherited. A kind and quality of belief which enable and allow the FEAR that so many needlessly experience to ignite and surface at all.

And due to that "common fact", although everybody WANTS something more in life, MOST aren't receiving what they DO WANT and "needlessly" receiving far less than they could have all the while BELIEVING that they can't have it.

NEEDLESSLY believing it simply because SO MANY refuse to slow down long enough to examine, become aware of and begin questioning if WHAT they've learned is REALLY true at all.

Slowing down is necessary so you might discern for yourself if these "teachings" and "inherited belief systems" that have molded and shaped your current, as well as past experiences are REALLY TRUE, or merely someone elses beliefs, perceptions and opinions which have been handed down to you.

That's what NEEDLESSLY causes us to go through life fearful, anxious, afraid, oftentimes disheartened and consistently experiencing the fear, doubt, worry and pain that follows having "less than" we truly desire to have.

That's not to say we don't experience "good things" sometimes, because we do. But until you realize and understand that the Greatest of These is Love and "APPLY IT" in all aspects of your life, getting and experiencing the "good stuff" can seem to be hit and miss. It "seems to be" difficult and the receiving of this "good stuff" "seems to require "trying really hard, struggling and forcing things to happen.

We CAN do that and MANY do. But the results are ALWAYS hard earned just as we choose.

Love and things we love in lifeIt's not hit and miss and it NEVER has been. It doesn't "need to be" hard earned either. It's what WE ourselves "choose" to enable and allow it to be.

Many think and believe it's "hit and miss" and/or hard earned simply because they don't understand that the Greatest of These is Love. Because of that "lack of understanding" many overlook the fact that to receive what you love requires GIVING what you'd Love to receive.

There's a Powerfully Creative Difference Between Love and Fear and YOU Get to Choose

Whether you're ready to believe and accept it or not we "enable and allow" EVERYTHING we experience in life.

Lack, limitation, struggle, discord and hardship stem from fear and resisting. Abundance, Happiness, Joy and Fulfillment stem from Love and "allowing." Many are "needlessly" experiencing the former and believing that they're "hopelessly trapped."

And I KNOW it's needless because "I've been there and done that" only to find it guessed it... "needless." But at the same time, being in this less than empowering space, and thinking I was "hopelessly trapped" within that "fearful place" personally, certainly didn't happen without a definitive purpose and meaning. You could say a "FAR greater good" eventually revealed itself. Granted, I wasn't aware at the time that it could, let alone that it WOULD reveal this "greater good" once I CHOSE for it to, but it did.

ALL things CAN and DO when we "enable and allow" that.

Doing so required "enabling and allowing myself" to take a bit deeper look "under the surface" to eventually see and realize what had truly happened and WHY.

I'm certainly not ashamed to admit that I kept myself from making that "conscious choice" for a number of years.


At the root of it all, was fear. That fear stemmed from "beliefs" I'd inherited and held...learned and inherited beliefs that stirred, ignited and created the fear. That's the ONLY thing that needlessly limits and has SO many feeling "badly", thinking in such a way that suppresses, sabotages and keeps us from NOT doing what we COULD be doing to receive what we DO truly desire in life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

Through my own experiences, I've discovered that MANY of our "fear based beliefs" stem from the VERY people and places that "claim" they're teaching us to be good, worthy and righteous people. Their "intentions" may very well be pure, yet they integrate fear, worry, judgment and guilt into their message.

They merely teach and pass on what they've "learned" and been indoctrinated to believe, yet have never EXPERIENCED for themselves what Love truly is in the BIGGEST sense of the word.

I won't get off on that here, I'm just sayin...

If you find yourself in this "less than empowering space" currently, take heart. Because as I discovered first hand, that too serves a purpose. A "good one." Or at the least it CAN, if you choose to enable and allow it to at some point.

I KNOW that's true because after personally experiencing what many would call many "seemingly horrific and terrifying" things over the course of my life, each occurred and served it's ultimate purpose. That "purpose" was to lead me through them only to eventually discover how "unwaveringly true" it is that 'The Greatest of These is Love.'

It was because of those "seemingly horrific" events, that I finally "enabled and allowed" myself to explore, investigate, discover and finally understand just how "real, true and tangibly applicable" that statement is...even in "physical life."

ESPECIALLY in "physical life."

Had I not "chosen" to do that, chances are good that I'd still be doing what I used to do; what the vast majority in the world still do, which is do whatever it takes to "survive and get by."

None of us HAS to. As I discovered, we enable and allow ourselves to, by making "unconscious and fear based" choices, all of which stem from what we "think we know."

Had I not experienced enough of that, got "sick and tired" of doing it and "enabled and allowed" myself to break free from the crowd and shed the "sheeple people mentality", I DEFINITELY would have never discovered that The Greatest of These is Love nor HOW to "apply" that understanding to EXPERIENCE a kind and quality of life that I Love.

KNOWING and understanding that I could and discovering how "true it is" that The Greatest of These is Love actually began quite accidentally for me.

In fact, in Part 2 of this edition, I'll be sharing what happened in detail; what most would call a Miracle of "seemingly impossible proportion" that clearly shows how fear; even the most intense and debilitating fear was a necessary experience for me to go through to receive one of the greatest and most profound gifts I've EVER received.

It revealed to me in a VERY up close and personal kind of way that the statement, The Greatest of These is Love is FAR more than some warm and fuzzy "feel good" statement. And what's REALLY cool and exciting about that, is the fact that I FINALLY "figured out" that Love not only enabled and allowed this "seemingly miraculous" event to unfold, it also provided it, in spite of all my imagined fears that stemmed from what I'd learned, adopted, believed and "thought" were "true and valid."

This "seemingly miraculous" occurrence that began as a "seemingly horrific" event, CLEARLY served as the starting place that revealed that MUCH of what "I thought I knew" was the very thing...and the ONLY thing that kept me from Being, Doing, Having and SEEING in tangible and measurable form, what I Loved.

I've since discovered it's what keeps MOST EVERYONE from the kind and quality of life that they would Love as well IF they knew how to enable and allow it to become real.

As true as that is, I had to "allow myself to SEE" how and why such a thing could occur. I must also say, that for many years following the "receiving" of this awesome gift, I overlooked that. I just couldn't SEE that. It took me a number of years and a LOT of "path walking" before I could.

The reason being is simply because I had to UNLEARN all the fear based GARBAGE that I "thought" was true. That's a VITALLY important part of the process to see and EXPERIENCE for yourself that The Greatest of These IS Love.

That's also what led to WHAT I do today, which I might add, I ABSOLUTELY Love, rather than DOING as I used to which I DID only because I "feared" not surviving if I didn't DO it.

That's why I create "personal empowerment programs" like The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation. It's also why I LOVE coaching and mentoring people from around the globe.

It's also why I distribute this newsletter. Because I KNOW that people around the globe, from EVERY walk of life are "enabling and allowing" FEAR to keep them from experiencing a kind and quality of life that they "claim" they WANT and would LOVE to experience.

Most just don't "think or believe" they can.

So, I do what I'm able to assist with and hopefully change that as best I'm able, as quickly as I'm able for YOU and as many others as I'm able, who are sincere, serious, open, willing, receptive and will "allow" me to...

...without YOU having to navigate as many of those long grueling, scary, painful paths and "needlessly spending" the amount of years it took me to figure things out before I "chose" a different path.

I personally found the "best and quickest way" to do that is to make the simple choice to "enable and allow" myself to heed the advice of someone who was more "aware of things" than I was.

That advice was simply this...

Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart.

Transforming your life and SEEING how true it is that The Greatest of These is Love is far more "simple" than most are aware or "believe it is.

And it really is as "simple" as the advice I received and chose to do. It began by "getting out of my head and into my heart."

Little did I know at the time, but the "miracle I witnessed many years before receiving that wise advice HAPPENED for that very reason although I didn't "KNOW it" at that time.

I've since learned, intellectually and EXPERIENTIALLY just how wise and on target that advice is and was. It always will be too. It's that simple.

Simple certainly doesn't mean that it's easy initially by any means. But I can assure you, the "underlying factors" that MOST won't slow down long enough to discover are profoundly simple, IMMENSELY powerful and reveal HOW and WHY the statement The Greatest of These is Love is SO true and on target.

I'll be revealing the HOW and WHY that underlies that, so it will make more sense to you, soon. Hopefully, it will make "perfect sense." It will if you enable and allow it to.

Point being, in this edition I'm going to be sharing something; a very personal, belief busting and paradigm shifting experience of "seemingly miraculous" proportion, that will reveal in a very clear and simple kind of way, why it is needless to allow yourself to get into (or stay in) a disillusioned, dis-empowering or afraid place, regardless of what "seems to be" or even "appears to be" unfolding all around you.

Before we delve into that, I’m going to ask that you really think about and become aware of what you currently believe and perceive to be true about 2 VERY IMPORTANT things.

Let's Talk Love, Miracles and Your Beliefs and Perceptions Regarding The Role You "Think" They Play in Your Life

First, since it's my hope and intention to reveal the fact that The Greatest of These is Love, let's talk a bit more about Love.

What current beliefs and perceptions do you hold and what definition would you give if you were asked to define Love?

I’ve decided to title this edition The Greatest of These is Love and do a lot of "intellectual explaining" because I've come to KNOW first hand that Love stretches FAR beyond how MOST define it.

In fact, Love is infinite in nature. The Greatest of These IS LOVE...literally...period. It’s not limited to or by our limited “perceptions of truth” but describes and defines the Highest Truth that I’m currently aware of.

As “true” as that is, I’ve found that most don’t allow themselves to open to, fully grasp, let alone understand the depth or the life transforming power behind that statement. As a result they don’t take it literally and very few apply its unwavering, all-encompassing and literally incomprehensible power in their lives in a conscious, intentional and purposeful kind of way which enables and allows them to experience “desirable results.”

Why? It's VERY simple. They simply don’t understand and choose to remain "unaware" of the infinite, all encompassing and all pervasive power behind Love.

Some claim to know because they attend some "place" where Love is talked about. But in the same breath, those who often "talk about it" immediately talk about "other things" that instill guilt, shame, fear and discuss how "unworthy" we all are.

Some never go into these "places", but they're taught the same because it's infused into the very fiber of EVERY culture around the world. Our schools, our Universities and WAY too many other places to cover here.

Usually, it's taught to us by those who we Love and trust the most. That's where MOST learn all these "less than true" things" that instill fear, guilt, shame, judgment and how "unworthy" we are.

I was one of those people. What's more I "needlessly remained" one of those people for MANY years. Based on what I was taught and believed to be true, in my mind “The Greatest of These is Love” was nothing more than a warm and fuzzy statement that somehow found its way into a paragraph of a very popular book. (the Judeo Christian Bible)

Just to be clear up front, although I often refer to the ancient texts and use passages to enable you to see the wisdom they hold, I don't use them to support or encourage ANY form of "man made structured religion."

Although religion was a "path" I walked for a period after experiencing this "miracle" I'll be telling you about in this edition, my personal experience in "man made religious circles" certainly didn't support what I would eventually come to KNOW in an EXPERIENTIAL kind of way.

Believe me when I tell you there's an ENORMOUS difference between an "intellectually acquired" understanding where you listen, learn and believe what you're told and an EXPERIENTIAL understanding where you KNOW in an unshakable kind of way that something is Really True regardless of who "claims" it isn't.

When you get to KNOW that The Greatest of These is Love, it's a kind of KNOWING that permeates every cell of your body, becomes infused in your heart, your mind and your soul and remains with you forever even IF and/or when it conflicts with what "man made religion" claims is true.

I couldn't see and fully believed that The Greatest of These is Love had no tangibly applicable meaning as it relates to what we believe, how we think, what we do and what we receive in life other than the love we feel for those in our little tightly knit circles of influence who we say...or at least "claim" we love.

Boy, did I miss the mark…and for a LONG time too!! I’ve since found that MOST are “missing the mark” too at varying degrees.

The reason I did was due to my understanding (more accurately the lack of) KNOWING what Love is…what it truly is. I'm not referring to a commonly accepted understanding of human love that's limited to or by relationships, conditional exchanges or things that we "claim" to love. That kind of love seems to come and go. It seems to shift from falling in love to falling out of love. That limited, conditional and temporary form of love even transforms to hate over time in MANY cases.

That's not Love. Not the kind I'm referring to at least. The kind of Love I'm referring to is all pervasive. It never fails, it never wavers and it never goes away.

Once you enable and allow yourself to EXPERIENCE it, you NEVER forget it and it never leaves you.

A love that’s here today and gone tomorrow isn’t really Love…at least not the kind, quality or intensity of Love that we are ALL an integral part of and ALL have the ability to "consciously" tune into, use and benefit from 24/7/365 if we'll simply "choose" to open ourselves to it and enable and allow ourselves to KNOW just how real it is.

This edition is intended to reveal just how powerful and all pervasive Love is. It's intended to reveal that The Greatest of These is Love...unconditionally. A kind and quality of Love that is quite literally Infinite in nature and because it IS that, more often than not, transcends “common human understanding.”

It took a lot of soul searching, many years of research, a lot of path walking and personally witnessing a series of VERY profound, pleasing and life changing miracles before I began to SEE and figure out for myself the HUGE role Love plays in EVERY aspect of our lives.

In fact, due to it's Infinite Nature, it plays an “all encompassing and all pervasive” role...physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually...unconditionally. I’ll explain more about what I mean by that, WHY I’ve come to KNOW that’s “definitively true” and HOW YOU can benefit from it as we progress...should you "enable and allow" yourself to read each segment so you CAN benefit of course.

So...with all that said, keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 of The Greatest of These is Love which you’ll receive in a few days.

I’ll be sharing my story about a very profound, life changing and awe inspiring event (a "miracle" of mind boggling belief expanding proportion) that unfolded right before my eyes and transformed from the “seemingly horrific” to make you weak in the knees miraculous, awesome and the blink of an eye.

And yes, it’s A VERY TRUE and for ME, a VERY PROFOUND, unforgettable and transformational story that I KNOW can benefit you IF you’ll simply enable and allow it to.

I hope you will. Again, that will come in a few days so keep your eyes peeled. I think (at least I hope) you’ll learn, benefit and perhaps even LOVE what you discover.

I'll close Part 1 of The Greatest of These is Love by interjecting a quote that has very applicable meaning pertaining to the topic we've been covering here…

“It matters not who you love, where you love, when you love or how you love. It only matters that you love.” – John Lennon

Based on my own personal experiences in life, ranging from the “seemingly horrific” to the utterly profound, I KNOW John nailed that one. The only word I would personally add to his statement is…unconditionally. That’s something MOST choose NOT to do but I can assure you, it makes ALL the difference and IF you'll unlearn what keeps you from DOING it, you'll SEE, KNOW and EXPERIENCE for yourself, a life that you Absolutely Love, in ways that MOST can't even "conceive or imagine."

Perhaps Part 2 will reveal and assist you in SEEING just how BIG a difference it DOES make...IF you enable and allow it to.

See You Then,

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099
Phone - 405-494-7593
Fax - 405-494-7604

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