The Evolution Of Consciousness

The Evolution Of Consciousness : Photons of Light To Particles of Matter To Attraction
To Manifestation To Physical Reality

What exactly is the Evolution of Consciousness? Depending on your preference for understanding, it is both a scientific as well as spiritual process. Regardless of which one you might choose to lean on for your understanding, the core truth and the underlying message of both science and spirituality is one and the same.

Consciousness is the ALL PERVASIVE Force that permeates the entire cosmos.

The laymen might be tempted to define and perceive consciousness as an awake state, meaning a physical person or animal that is not "unconscious."

The evolution of consciousness as it is being used here, has much less to do with being "awake" as it does with being "aware" in an uncommon kind of way. This "uncommon form" of awareness is often referred to as being "awake", although the term "awake" in this context doesn't mean the opposite of the physical body being "asleep."

It means being "aware" of things well outside the physical realm. Consciousness is what enables and allows the physical realm to BE whatever it becomes.

The Evolution Of Consciousness goes beyond looking at consciousness as an individuals state of mind...beyond thinking, choosing and doing things in a physical sense, but gets to the core of what consciousness is as a collective whole, meaning looking at consciousness in it's purest and most basic form and then following the evolution of consciousness through to physical manifestation.

A Scientific Look At The Evolution Of Consciousness

In scientific terms, consciousness exists within and makes up the entirety of what many scientists refer to as "The Field." It exists as an infinite field of potential where all probabilities already exist in the form of photons...pure light.

The Field isn't a place that's "out there" somewhere. Everything that exists is The Field. You are not separate from the are an integral part of the field.

In the same way there is nothing else outside of or separate from The Field. Everything that is, exists as a part of and is collectively joined within The Field. The physical appearance of "things" gives a "perception" of separateness but when scientists examine any "seemingly separate" thing at it's it's purest and most basic form, they all exist together, simultaneously and their existence is made possible because of "photons"

There is nothing that exists, has existed or will exist that is not energy.

The Spiritual Significance Of Consciousness

In spiritual terms consciousness is The Source. The all pervasive, all knowing, omniscient, omnipresent Source of everything. It is The Kingdom where all things exist and where all things come from.

It is "The Light."

Put in another way the ALL...the I AM...The Alpha and Omega is everything. It is everything and contains everything. Since it consists of everything, there is nothing that it is not.

Now consider this. Since there is nothing that Source is not, you are an integral part of the everything. You are an individual part of the everything making you a significant part of The Whole.

Thoughts create reality...Consciousness is actuality. Thoughts are limited by conceptualizations...consciousness is infinite in nature and unlimited by anything. Consciousness is "Infinite" in nature, thoughts are finite in nature and limited by the "beliefs" we hold and the individually held perceptions which stem from those beliefs. Our beliefs (an individual quality of consciousness) determine the limits of what can be conceptualized.

Consciousness is the micro that serves as the Source, the cause and the underlying and unseen essence of the Macro.

All things macro are first conceptualized, derived and drawn from the micro. They are ALL derived as the result of consciousness.

Consciousness is the photon wave and thoughts are the particle. ALL probabilities exist within the photon and individual thoughts determine which probability will become "real."

Consciousness is the Quantum world of Infinite probability and thoughts are the Newtonian world derived and drawn from the quantum based on "conceptualizations" of possibility and drawn from the Infinitely probable.

It's important not to confuse possibility and probability.

Possibility and probability are two different things. Possibility is limited to the conceptualizations of thought and probability is limited by the infinite which, since it is infinite in nature, there is no limitation whatsoever.

ALL things already exist as a "probability."

Although limitation is, like everything else, an integral part of the whole, although it exists as a probability within the whole it's physical existence is as an impossibility unless it is conceptualized and drawn form the whole.

There exists only two possibilities both of which exist in the infinite field of probability. One possibility is reality and the other is actuality.

All conceptualizations of reality...thought, are drawn from actuality...Consciousness.

Consciousness is the field...The Kingdom...and thoughts are the seeds sown in the field which determine the harvest reaped from the field.

The only limitation that can be harvested form the field is based on the limitation of the seed sown. A seed of infinite possibility can only produce a harvest, the same in kind and quality as the seed sown.

If seeds of infinite possibility are sown in the field, a harvest of infinite possibility can and will be drawn from the field.

If seeds of limitation are sown in the field a harvest of limitation will be drawn from the field based on the kind and quality of the limitation seed.

The only difference between an actual physical seed and a thought is texture. They are both seeds and nature provides a harvest that harmonizes perfectly and precisely with the seed sown.

Put another way, the kind and quality of the individualized thought determines the kind and quality of the harvest chosen and created.

So in a sense, thoughts, like consciousness are all pervasive as well and limited only by your willingness to conceive something as being possible or not possible for you which it always becomes perfectly, precisely and with unwavering certainty just as you conceive and believe that it will.

Consciousness is the ever present all pervasive flow that never rests. Thoughts are the determining factor as to what the flow produces. The Flow never is ALWAYS perfect and precise.

Consciousness knows no judgment or discernment. Thoughts are based on and exist as the result of judgment and discernment based on perceptions.

Consciousness is the whole...the all in all...the I AM and thoughts are an individualized yet integral part of the whole that draw from the whole and create individual reality based on whatever YOU choose it to be.

Consciousness contains every conceivable outcome as to what you can be, do and have. Your thoughts determine what YOU can be, do and have individually and consciousness delivers exactly and in absolute perfect harmony with whatever you choose.

Thoughts determine your "beingness" and consciousness delivers the havingness based on whatever you choose to be.

Thoughts determine beingness and doingness and consciousness transmutes these attributes into havingness.

To increase your havingness it's only necessary to expand the awareness and elevate the understanding of your individual consciousness...the individualized thought which draws from consciousness...the exact proportion to your individualized conceptualization.

Consciousness is THE SOURCE...your thoughts are "the cause" and the outcomes made physical and experienced are the effects drawn from THE SOURCE that harmonize perfectly with "the cause."

THE SOURCE is unconditional and infinite...the cause is when clouded with perceptions of less than infinite potential are conditional and finite...yet only conditional and finite based on the limitations that you set for yourself. To experience outcomes of an Infinite proportion it's only necessary to expand your awareness and harmonize your consciousness with the infinite probabilities available within Universal Consciousness (THE SOURCE) which changes a possibility of existence into a probability of existence which becomes the experience.

Tools for expanding awareness and elevating your quality of consciousness to harmonize with your desired outcomes.

Thoughts are predominantly based on the perceptions of the 5 physical senses and the ability to tap into and conceive the Infinite nature of consciousness depends on an individuals willingness to expand and exercise her ability to utilize the 6th sense.

Consciousness is the Source and thoughts are the cause.

Super Conscious (God, The All, The Whole, Photons, Energy, The Field) - Consciousness (Individualized consciousness - an integral part of the Whole) Mind (Conscious and Subconscious) - Conceptualization - Thought - Emotion - Action - Manifestation - Experience.

Feelings and Emotions

It's a widely accepted conceptualization that feelings and emotions are the same thing.

Feelings and emotions are quite different.

Feelings come from Consciousness and are processed by the mind - Feelings are spiritual and Infinite in nature

Emotions come from thought and are processed by the brain - Emotions are physical and finite in nature.

Emotions are the physical manifestation or effect of thought transmuted into physical form which were derived from pure consciousness where "inspired feelings" come from.

When you awaken...become aware and consciously align thought with inspired "feelings" of desire you "feel" what it is to have them and consciousness provides "Whatsoever ye desire."

Emotions serve as the barometer of your beingness - Feelings provide a picture of your highest potential and what is probable for you which is limited only by willingness to accept them as such.

Feelings and how you feel are 2 very different things. Emotions determine how you feel. Feelings can, if you choose to utilize your free will to listen for, align with and act on them create events, conditions and circumstances that make you feel good, safe, whole and fulfilled beyond what most feel is possible for them.

Feelings are the "emotion" of the spiritual you.

Emotions are the physical reaction to feelings received that the "physical you" processes determining the kind and quality of the emotion.

Emotions and how you feel are determined by perception.

Emotions are the physical manifestation of the physical you due to an electrochemical process ignited and activated in the brain when "inspired feelings" are received.

Feelings are spiritual communication as to what's "truly" available to you...they are pure and based on Love.

Emotions are transmuted thought forms received from feelings resulting in physical manifestations based on belief and are transmuted into and create whatever you choose. Your individual perceptions determine your conceptualizations which are based on your choice which communicate your intention with the Whole (consciousness) and consciousness provides it unconditionally.

Feelings are photons of light consisting of Infinite probability. Emotions transmute photons into your physical reality as you choose.

Consciousness "allows"...thoughts resist which consciousness "allows" us to experience just as we ask.

Consciousness to Individualized Consciousness

Consciousness is pure potentiality where every "probability" already exists. We being an integral part of the Super Conscious exist within and have access to EVERYTHING within this infinite field of probability.

Individualized Consciousness To Thought

Thought To Emotion

Your thoughts are based on experience yet the experience is often created based on trains of thought that are less than you are capable of being, doing and having. Depending on the quality of thought whether it be a "higher form" of thought or a "lower form" of thought, Consciousness....where EVERY probability already exists provides it to you unconditionally due to "Unconditional Love" which provides you an inalienable right of free will to think and create as you choose.

If the experience is anything less than what is "loved" (desired) it's only necessary to change the quality of the thought which changes the experience.

What often happens is that, rather than learning to love the experience and expressing gratitude for the gift of free will provided to create as we choose, we fear and resist the experience created which was created due to "lower forms" of thought which traps you in a cycle that you "perceive" to be chaotically creating "undesired" experiences.

It's not chaotic at all. The experience is being created in perfect harmony with the thought that you are choosing.

You perceive the experience to be "real" when in actuality the realness only exists and was created at the level of thought based on your "less than" perceptions.

Thoughts create reality. Thoughts become the reality. What you "perceive" to be the reality created isn't real it's the thoughts that created the reality that have this essence of realness. The creation is merely an effect of the cause. To change the effects, it's only necessary to change the cause.

The process of creation never wavers. Creation is unwavering and inevitable.

It's simply a matter of learning to "calmly" observe the creations that the thought created rather than react which shifts the quality of thought from fear to gratitude which produces a different harvest.

Emotion To Action

Action To Manifestation

Manifestation To Thought

Thought To Individualized Consciousness

Individualized Consciousness to Super Consciousness

The Cycle Is Infinite - No Beginning No End

More About Consciousness

Inspiration and Timeless Spiritual Wisdom From The Sages and Masters To Elevate Your Consciousness

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