Experiencing What You “Are Not” Enables and Empowers You To Discover, Explore, Fully Understand and Experience What You “Are”

35th Edition Of "Enlightened Journey" Ezine

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Experiencing What You “Are Not” Enables and Empowers You To Discover, Explore, Fully Understand and Experience What You “Are”

Discover The Transformational Power Of Expressing
"Heartfelt Gratitude" For It All And You’ll Know
What It Means To Really Live.

"Ask not what your country can do for you
but rather what you can do for your country."
- John F. Kennedy

Those words spoken by John F. Kennedy many years ago are extremely powerful. They hold the often overlooked key to "effortless creation."

It's no secret that contributing and providing value to others is a way of being that creates a mirrored effect and is reflected back to you. It becomes your experience.

Substitute the word country with "world" and do the best you possibly can to live by those words, remain open, receptive and willing to "receive" and your life will become one of joy and plenty.

What kind of world do you suppose this would be if everybody adopted that philosophy?

Seriously...Think about the kind of world we would live in if everyone adopted that attitude and consistently lived their lives by it.

Obviously not everyone does. We each have a choice. Some choose to follow that logic, others don't. But as I always share others don't have to. Others can't affect you unless you choose to allow them to.

Only you can affect you. Change begins within yourself. You simply can't instill and create change within yourself without impacting the world.

Change within yourself creates significant change in the world and it has FAR more impact than most are "consciously aware" of.

Even modern day science understands the impact that subtle actions can have in the bigger scheme of things. As an example, do a bit of research on "The Butterfly Effect." The Butterfly Effect is a theory that assumes that a butterfly flapping it's wings in one region can impact weather patterns in another region on the other side of the world.

As it relates to you individually and on a larger scale, human behavior, it does imply that even the smallest actions may have huge consequences for good or ill.

For now though, let's focus on you specifically. Let's explore how creating positive change within yourself can and does provide far reaching benefits that not only benefit you personally and in far greater ways than most understand or can even conceive for that matter, but impact the entire world.

When you begin to look more deeply at science...namely Quantum Physics, it becomes clear that your chosen way of being extends far beyond our world and impacts the cosmos.

It's simply a choice as to what you are choosing to be. Your way of being, your will, your desires and your actions play a major role in molding and shaping the future.

It's true. When you create change within yourself, you literally create change in the world...in the entire Universe for that matter. You impact and alter the course of history.

Do you "truly" want to see change in the world? Mahatma Gandhi provided some incredibly powerful and very profound insight on how to do that when he said...

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

What exactly does that mean? Well, it's like this...

Do you want to see a more loving, fulfilling and abundant world?

Be more loving, fulfilled and abundant.

Choose to become that and that's what you'll see regardless of what others in the world around you choose.

You'll literally attract events, conditions, circumstances and people that harmonize with your chosen way of being.

The impact begins at the unseen, quantum or spiritual level and is reflected back into the physical world...into YOUR physical world.

Are you currently experiencing what you desire to experience? Are you consistently experiencing the polar opposite of what you desire?

The answer to those questions will be reflected in your life based on whatever you yourself have chosen to be.

Let me repeat that because it is SO crucial...

Whatever your current experience consists of, is a direct reflection of what you yourself have chosen to be at some point in the past.

Some are conscious of their way of being and others choose to remain "unconscious." Yet when you choose to take the "conscious route" you awaken to, become keenly aware and come to the place that you begin accepting responsibility for whatever experience you might currently be having.

That's where the process of fully recognizing and claiming your individual power begins. Simply by choosing to become "conscious" and once this "chosen way of being" is selected you'll understand and know how personally accepting responsibility for yourself and EVERY experience you're having is a very logical.

Whether you currently understand it or not and whether or not you‘re ready to accept the “higher truth“ behind the following statement or not…

Both are “good”…perfect in fact.

How can experiencing the opposite of what you desire be “good and perfect?”

Because you are creating and experiencing it just as you choose. You are asking for what you are receiving. What is determining this creating and experiencing?

What you are choosing to be.

If you’re currently unable to fully grasp and understand the transformational power behind this “higher truth” it’s going to require a paradigm shift and a deeper look into and an understanding of how "The Flow" ALWAYS operates perfectly and harmoniously.

Hopefully, the following will enable you to make that shift and begin to see “the good” in and perfection of EVERY experience which in turn will enable you to make the necessary changes at the level of "beingness" enabling you to experience more of the good that you “desire” to see.

Put another way...to enable and empower you to more consistently experience the joys, pleasures and prosperity that is quite literally infinite in proportion and more in alignment with who and what you "truly" are.

This includes EVERY aspect of your life!! Get this because it is SO important...EVERY aspect of YOUR life...physically, financially, relationally, emotionally AND spiritually.

Yet most people AREN'T experiencing that. In fact most are experiencing the polar opposite of that in 2 or more areas of their lives.

You don't have to look very far to see how "true" this is for yourself.

The vast majority are choosing a way of being that is disharmonious with what they desire to be. As "bad" as many might "perceive" these disharmonious experiences to be, the fact of the matter is that they are experiencing them due to the "perfect harmony" and operation of the plan...what I choose to call the perfect plan.

It's always unfolding "perfectly" and harmoniously. It's ALWAYS good.

Why and How Experiencing What You’re Not Is “Good”

Often times, we tend to look at and judge things in our lives as being either "good" or "bad."

When the events, conditions and circumstances in our lives align with what we desire to experience we call it "good." When we "perceive" things to be disharmonious with those desires...meaning we are experiencing the polar opposite of the "desired" outcome, we call them "bad."

I suppose you could look at and judge the less than desired things that you currently perceive to be "bad" as bad if you choose...in fact you have every right. In fact most do. Most have and most will continue to until they make the choice to "become conscious", begin to understand and really "GET" the fact that what is being experienced in the here and now is a harmonious effect based on what they themselves have chosen at some point in the past.

When you really get that you'll also begin personally experiencing the transformational power behind choosing to start "looking at and seeing things in a different way."

Consider this...are MOST people truly happy and fulfilled in life? Are MOST people experiencing a "dream lifestyle?"

NO!! And why is that? Because most do what most do plain and simple.

Yet there are some, as few as they might be who are "truly happy." There are those who "truly do" live their dream lifestyle. Are they few in number? Absolutely they are. Why? Because they do what most won't do. The main thing they're DOING is choosing to look at and see things in a way that most refuse to.

They have a different way of being in the world. That's where it all starts is in your beingness which is reflected in your doingness and directly impacts your havingness.

What is looking at and judging things as "bad?" It's a way of being isn't it?

What is looking at and seeing things as "good?" It too is merely a way of being. When the choice is made to see above or around all these "bad" physical things happening and making a conscious choice to stay fixated and focused on the good our way of being changes and so do our outcomes.

That's what MOST don't do and in many cases refuse to do.

Until they understand just how vital it is to changing the undesirable outcomes being experienced has on their life MOST will continue to look at...perceive...and see things this way. They'll continue to label and judge these things as bad.

But it's that very decision...the "INDIVIDUAL choice" to continue to look at all these "things" on a surface level that will keep "bad" things coming your way.

Let's look at it in a bit "different" way than you may be accustomed to so you might clearly understand and perhaps shift your paradigms with regard to what you might currently look at and see as bad...so you might make the necessary shift from looking at and focusing on the fear and terror of the storm and begin to be able to recognize and see the "silver lining" that exists within each of these storm clouds.

To fully know and understand what you are, it’s sometimes necessary to discover and experience for yourself what you are not so that you develop and learn to fully appreciate the facts…the “Higher Truth” concerning what you “truly” are.

Sometimes it's necessary to experience what we're not which serves as a sign...a neon sign when your "conscious" of the process...that we are not "fully" and consciously exercising and being what we are...consciously at least.

An experience of what you're not actually serves many good purposes. There IS a silver lining within this NOTNESS.

One of those is that by becoming "uncomfortable" and discontent in a "physical sense", by going through some of the storms of life, this experience can and often does encourage people to take a deeper look within themselves and serves as the very reason that many choose to break out of their comfort zones and habitual ways of being.

Sometimes it requires MANY of these unpleasant and undesired experiences. It's an individual choice. Some choose to NEVER recognize and shift these ways of being and continue in the same old unfulfilling patterns producing the same unfulfilling results and "perceiving" themselves to be powerless to shift the seemingly inescapable cycles.

This breaking out, many times begins with them looking deeper within themselves, initially with an attitude of attempting to figure out why everything is going wrong, which if looked at deeply enough, with an open mind and a deeper understanding of how things unfold...how we each attract to us events, conditions and circumstances based on our own individual choices and ways of "being" they discover that everything is turning out exactly right...precisely as it was designed to...just as they themselves are choosing as "unconscious" as this "choosing" may have been.

It often times makes people see the necessity of exploring and discovering a "higher truth"...discovering who and what they "truly" are which is Infinite and limitless beings existing in an infinite and limitless Universe with the ability to call forth and experience whatever it is that they choose.

It enables them to see the "truth" that they were "Created in the image and likeness of God." If you are "uncomfortable with calling Source God, change Source to whatever you feel comfortable with.

Unlike man, who places judgments and labels on things, based on their individual perceptions, God doesn't care.

God always says YES. If you are choosing to be what you are not, God always says YES...here you go, an experience of what you are not. Choose to be what you are and God says YES..here's an experience of what you are.

If you are having experiences that are "less than consciously desired" simply choose to elevate and shift your way of being.

You ALWAYS receive based on what you are choosing to be. This isn't a "sometime" thing. Creation is constant. The Flow never stops. It's an "all the time" without fail thing.

In the bigger scheme of things you cannot EVER be what you are not...you are ALWAYS receiving based on what you are choosing to be.

Experiencing what we perceive to be something that is disharmonious with what we desire, is simply us being something that is harmonizing with the opposite of what we are asking for and desiring to see, be, do or have.

There exists no disharmony in the process of creation...the flow is constant...the outcomes received perfect and precise. The plan...what I like to refer to as "The Perfect" plan allows us to experience "Whatsoever we desire."

Many don't understand how the "desire" is being expressed and communicated. It's an asking for "unconscious desires" to be experienced of sorts.

These "unconscious desires" aren't what we "consciously desire", yet that is precisely what we are asking for due to our "unconscious states."

Recognizing this "Fact" enables those who choose to do so to wake up. For many it requires getting sick and tired of being sick and tired. It sometimes requires a number of experiences leading to "discontentment." It awakens them from their "unconscious slumbers" enabling them to experience more of the things that are in alignment with what they "consciously desire" to be.

To do new things that they may not have considered doing before when they felt secure and comfortable. Floating along in "just getting by mode" is not fully expressing who you are. It keeps you stuck in a mode of mediocrity which you are not.

Shake ups can propel you forward to engage in something that you love and are passionate about which will enable you to experience the infinite abundance that's available to and for you that is more in alignment with what you are.

That's only one of many good things that can come out of what you might be "perceiving" to be so bad.

Being what you are not is a choice just as fully expressing what you are is a choice.

Many more choose to hold onto a limited and self sabotaging truth that they are limited and that lack and struggle is a reality...a way of life. They think and believe and perceive it as a way of life so, the process of creation being perfect and precise accommodates us and it becomes a way of life just as we choose.

But it doesn't make it that way for everyone. It only makes it that way for those who choose to think and believe and perceive life in that way. It's simply a choice. A choice to "be" a certain way. A choice to hold onto that truth makes it your truth and as a result creates that reality for you just as you believe and "perceive" that it will.

The outcome? You experience what you are not. It's NOT a bad thing as many perceive. It's simply an opportunity to grow...a sign that you are not fully being and expressing what you are.

The really exciting and great thing about life is that you always get to be right. Life never says no. God never says no. Source never says no. The Universe never says no. Frequency never says no.

It's only necessary to wake up and become conscious of what you are asking for.

If you currently “perceive” that life is always telling you no, or you perceive that everything you ask for which doesn’t materialize is due to unanswered prayer, or bad luck or because that's just how things are, or because you're not good enough or worthy of receiving, it’s going to be necessary...if you choose to begin experiencing different results that is...to do something different than you have been doing.

A more accurate statement would be that it's going to be necessary to "be" something different than you have been "being."

Once you have the beingness in order the ways and means for the "doingness" and the incredibly fulfilling results that follow begin "showing up."

Most "perceive" that their "doingness" in a physical kind of way provides their "havingness" yet that is a very limited perspective that can, does and will continue producing very limited outcomes. Hard earned and mediocre outcomes at that.

Most choose to change their "doingness" all the while thinking that this is going to change their havingness and although it does often "temporarily change" what we "have", it's a very limited and hard earned way to get more of what we want.

The vast majority miss the simplicity of the process and overlook where their "true power" lies. They skip the MOST IMPORTANT step and wonder why everything continues to "go wrong" for them or why they are experiencing such limited results and are having to "do" so much to get them.

They "assume" that their grandest and most heartfelt desires are nothing more than wishful "fantasy thinking." They can't see how they can possibly elevate their "doingness" to a level to reach these BIG desires and aspirations since the doingness that they are currently engaging in is so hard and requires so much "time" their is no time or energy left.

Havingness begins with "beingness."

By the same token changing ones way of "beingness" does require some doingness initially. Yet it's a far more effortless way of "doing things."

One of the first "doings" necessary is to discover who and what you "truly are" and fully accepting responsibility for what it is that you are experiencing.

Accepting responsibility has nothing to do with blaming or beating yourself up for where you are and what you're experiencing. It has to do with acknowledging that whatever that experience might be, it is YOU that is creating it. It is unfolding just as YOU are choosing for it to.

A choice to "believe" that something external to you is determining your havingness or "not havingness" is a choice to give your power away. You have that choice...you can do that if you choose. The downside of that is though...from a "physical" perspective that is...is that externals will continue to mold and shape your life.

Why? Because YOU are allowing it to. You are choosing that for yourself.

There's no right or wrong choice only outcomes that harmonize perfectly with what you choose.

It’s not a requirement of life. It’s only a requirement if you truly want to begin experiencing different outcomes.

Outcomes are constant. Your experiences are constant. Creation is constant. The outcomes and experiences you're having are unfolding just as you are choosing.

If you find that what you've been choosing is less than you consciously desire, it's only necessary to begin choosing something else..."doing" something different.

This doing isn’t necessarily a “doing” in the physical sense of the word, requiring you to do more of what you don’t like, but rather a form of doing that enables you to begin doing what you love and experiencing the limitless rewards that are created as a result of that choice.

A choice to place focus on what you love enables you to experience what you love. A choice to experience things you hate enables you to experience more of what it is that you hate.

It all begins by deciding to look at and understand things in a different way than you currently do. To change your perceptions with regard to what is happening. That’s what a paradigm shift is…simply a different way of looking at, seeing and perceiving things.

Paradigm shifts enable you to see things in a different way which automatically shifts your beingness which in turn shows up in your havingness.

To experience a higher reality, it’s necessary to break out of your current "belief zone" and establish a “higher truth.” The higher truth is that you are an infinite being existing in an infinite Universe. Any experience that is less than "truly desired" is simply the reality that you are still learning, growing and "be"-coming all that you have the desire and ability to be-come.

When your be-comingness aligns with your desires you enhance your desirability. You get much better at experiencing what you desire because you become conscious, awake, intentional and your desire-ability is enhanced.

Where is your desire-ability currently?

Desire-ability. Whatever you desire you receive. What you are asking to receive is based on your beingness.

If you are experiencing less than you "desire" to be then you are not fully utilizing your "ability." You are still in the “growth process” of learning what you “truly are” and the infinite potential to become all that you “desire” to be and can become.

Where you are, the experiences that you’re currently having can, if you choose to remain open, receptive and “allow” them to, serve as road signs that will lead you to where you desire to go or you can choose to remain lost and stuck.

Choosing this "path" will enable you to "see" that what you are experiencing in the areas that you "perceive to be" lacking aren't the problem but rather symptoms of a deeper problem.

These outcomes aren't "problems" at all but rather creations unfolding just as you are instructing.

You could say that a choice to recognize that fact is "good"...and a choice not to recognize that fact is "bad." Although in the bigger scheme of things "neither" is good or bad I use that analogy because that is how the vast majority "perceives" things to be..either good or bad.

If you'll recall in the last edition, we talked a lot about paths. There are a number of paths that we have both the free will and the ability to walk. An Infinite number of paths that we have the choice to walk down or not.

You were provided an inalienable right of free will and as such you have a choice to determine your own path.

Although you can’t choose the “wrong” path, you can choose one that provides much more pleasing outcomes much more quickly than choosing another path that leads you away rather than to desired outcomes.

Experiencing abundance and plenty just as experiencing poverty and lack are both about choice. Whichever path you choose determines your experience.

Your experience will harmonize perfectly and precisely with whatever “perceptions” that you choose for yourself.

You have the choice as well as the ability to “perceive” things however you choose.

How are you currently “perceiving” what you are experiencing? What are you affirming about your current experience?

Are you constantly affirming that you are broke, sick, tired, stressed out, and depressed?

Are you constantly "affirming" how lonely you are and that finding the right mate is impossible for you?

Are you currently affirming how sick you feel, worn down, in barely functioning mode?

Whatever you are currently seeing and having is a direct reflection of what you have been being and affirming.

To shift the havingness it’s necessary to shift your paradigms which automatically shifts the experience.

That's where the "problem" lies. That's where few get to. That's what few know how to do or if they DO know they have such a difficult time "doing it."

Many teach that to shift the experience it’s necessary to deny what you see in "physical form" as being real. I don't agree with that teaching. To me, that creates self sabotage. It's "counter productive. It creates an internal battle. It creates a resistance between the "physical you and the "spiritual you."

It is a refusal to acknowledge what the physical body “perceives” to be “real“, which is, in a sense a resistance to what is that only attracts and creates more of what is being resisted and manifests itself as more of the same “undesired“ experience.

To shift experiences requires a recognition an acceptance of the experience, whatever that experience might be. Not a denial of it...not a resistance to it...an "acceptance" of it.

A choice to acknowledge what is, yet understanding that this currently experienced “isness” isn’t you fully expressing who you are and what you're quite capable of "being and having" but rather an experience that you are having acknowledges and accepts the “realness of the experience and at the same time eliminates resistance.

This form of “physical acceptance” disarms the resistance and allows us to attract something different should we choose to fully grasp and understand who and what we “truly” are and how to begin to “consciously utilize” our creative ability to choose a different experience any time we choose.

To clarify…

First of all it’s important to understand that we are not our body. Our body is a physical mass of skin, bones and organs…a vessel that the “real” us utilizes to experience “physical life.” It is said that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

That’s “true” from my perspective and aligns with what science has discovered as well as what the greatest spiritual masters have taught for thousands of years. It's clearly evident in nature as well.

As “true” as that is, the following is also “true.”

We exist in a world of polarity. Although we are spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body, the body is “real” in a physical sense, and as such it, as well as the experiences that it perceives as real and threatening cannot be ignored and denied.

With that being "true" we have to come to a compromise of sorts. A compromise between the "spiritual us" and the "physical us." Something that both can accept.

A choice to deny something as being “real” in the “physical world” creates a form of resistance in the physical body which the physical body instinctively reacts to. What is going on in the physical world is real to the physical body and attempting to deny that fact creates a form of dishonesty resulting in conflict which equates to “disharmony” and disharmonious conditions in the physical world...at least what we "perceive" to be disharmonious.

As an example...

If my body is hungry or thirsty, I can deny that it is all day long but my body is going to continue to let me know that I’m a liar. It’s HUNGRY and THIRSTY. Even if I’m successful in "changing my mind" and convincing my brain that my body is not hungry or thirsty, at some point the body is going to shut down and die.

The physical body requires nourishment to survive. A form of "physical energy."

The “brain” portion of the body “perceives” the experience to be real and to deny what the brain “perceives” can only create conflict and disharmony in the brain. Many "perceive" that a belief is only "spiritual in nature." Although a belief is of "consciousness"...a product of the mind, it is also a "physical" thing.

Beliefs are an actual physical mass in the brain which form along neuro pathways as dendrites. Choosing to deny the reality of what’s going on in a physical sense conflicts with the dendrites formed which ignites physical emotions that conflict with “perceiving“ and are disharmonious with creating a greater and more pleasing experience.

Perhaps you've heard that what you resist persists. It does so because resisting what is places a focus on what is which can only attract and create more of what is in your life.

The same holds true for emotions.

An attempt to suppress and resist physical emotions intensifies the emotion being resisted. It creates a conflict. Conflict projects a frequency. The frequency projected determines what will be attracted and experienced.

That is a reality.

The key to changing physical outcomes is not in creating conflict but rather adapting a mindset of acceptance which changes the internal frequency which shifts the attraction.

The point being, it’s necessary to come to a compromise of sorts between the “perception” of reality that the brain and body experiences and "perceives" to be "real" while at the same time not creating resistance.

It's essentially a compromise between the brain and the mind. The brain, being "physical" perceives and believes what is being experienced is "reality" and the mind being "spiritual" perceives and believes the Infinite potential of actuality.

It’s necessary to effectively harmonize reality and actuality. To accept what is being experienced physically while at the same time understanding that there is a “better” and “more pleasing” experience that can be tapped into eliminates the "resistance" of the physical brain and allows the mind to remain fixated on whatever is being desired.

It's creates a win win which "higher truth" always provides.

To effectively tap into the Infinite possibilities available in actuality, consider a “new” way of perceiving things that are currently happening in your reality…in other words shift your paradigms.

You are not broke…you’re having an experience of broke.

You are not sick…you are having an experience of sick.

You are not lacking…you are having an experience of lack.

The body and the brain can accept this. It makes “logical sense.” They can buy into the fact that although it is currently “experiencing” this thing that far greater things are possible. It can accept that.

It’s equally as important though to know and understand that a greater experience is available to you…that you can experience something better. Although you don’t want to deny what’s going on currently it IS necessary to look beyond what’s currently going on and choose to focus on the better experience…the “desired” experience.

Not a type of focus that places emphasis on eliminating the lack but rather a type of focus that places emphasis on fulfilling the desire.

A choice to focus on the physical experience, to adopt a perception that what you see as “real” directs your “attention” which states your intention. You are affirming and as a result will continue receiving just as you are choosing.

A focus on I am broke can only deliver more of I am broke. Affirming that you are broke provides more of being broke.

To shift the experience it’s necessary to change the I AM. To learn to love, appreciate, express heartfelt gratitude and accept unconditionally whatever the current experience is.

That's the real "power" behind "Unconditional Love." Unconditional Love isn't limited to people, it's learning to Love unconditionally anything and everything. It is what the entire creative process is created around.

Unconditional Love always says yes. A choice to place focus on what is feared and Unconditional Love says yes. A choice to place focus on desired outcomes and Unconditional Love says yes.

It’s only necessary to make a paradigm shift from resistance of what is to a total acceptance and allowing of what is. To learn to “love unconditionally” and “allow” whatever is to be OK just as it is.

It's also necessary though if you truly desire to change what is, to keep focus on what it is that you love...the "desire" and Unconditional Love will say YES like it always does.

Which leads us into the flow of Unconditional Love...

You Can't Block The Flow Even If You Try

There is a another misconception in my opinion that many have and teach with regard to the flow…more specifically with regard to opening the flow and blocking the flow.

Although the "physical aspect" of you might perceive the flow to be blocked, the "higher truth" is that You cannot block the flow. The flow is constant. To block the flow would be to stop creation. You don't have the power to do that.

You can shift what the flow provides by shifting your paradigms as to what is being received but the flow remains constant.

Resistance to what is doesn’t block the flow. Fearing what is doesn't block the flow. Resistance and fear opens the flow to more of what you are resisting and fearing…it provides more of what you don’t want.

The flow isn’t blocked, it simply provides more of what you don’t want. Granted it might block the flow of the “desired” outcome but the flow of creation is constant.

Resisting and fearing what is, equates to nothing more than a lack of awareness and understanding of what you truly are and what is and always has been available to you. Resistance and fear comes from a lack of awareness and understanding that it is you that is creating whatever it might be that you are experiencing and choosing to NOT be grateful for. It happens as a result of NOT understanding and being grateful for the creative power that has been provided to you to create as you choose. Resistance and fear happens as the result of not understanding that to change the flow of what you are receiving it’s only necessary to change what you have been being.

Gratitude Opens The Flow Enabling You To Experience Every Desire You Hold

The greatest and most powerful way of being is expressing gratitude.

Being grateful changes resistance to acceptance.

Acceptance of what is happens as a result of understanding who and what you truly are and choosing to become aware of what is “truly” available to you which opens the flow to what is available to you, which is quite literally Infinite in nature.

Acceptance is achieved by becoming aware of your creative power, accepting responsibility for what you’ve created and making the choice to accept and express gratitude in advance for what you are now aware is available to you.

If you're NOT aware of your "Infinite Potential" it's only necessary to expand your awareness.

Resistance to what is only serves to create more of what you don’t want…it’s a damning of what is. It's a damming (a damning) of the flow of desired outcomes. A refusal to express gratitude for what you yourself have attracted and created.

Resisting and Gratitude can best be explained by "frequency." A choice to express Gratitude is a higher frequency and a choice to express dis-satisfaction with what is, is a lower frequency.

High frequencies attract high frequencies and low frequencies attract low frequencies.

Accepting and allowing, expressing gratitude shifts the frequency which shifts the attraction.

Accepting is “responding” in gratitude, love and heartfelt appreciation and resistance is reacting in ungratefulness, fear, and a damming...a "damning" of sorts.

The bottom line is...

What you choose to focus on you attract. Energy flows where attention goes. To shift the energy is simply a matter of learning to “consciously and intentionally shift your paradigms…your “perceptions”...your way of "being"...your frequency, which automatically changes the emotions which shifts the energy which shifts the quality of the attraction.

This is how self mastery is achieved. Self mastery is learning to consciously, intentionally and consistently direct your emotions.

You are not broken…you are perfect the way you are. What you are experiencing isn’t chaotic, it’s unfolding perfectly just as you have asked it to. It’s only necessary to “accept” what you have created in “reality” awaken and begin asking consciously.

A Look At Self Worth and Self Esteem and How It Determines Your Experience

Are you affirming that what you have determines your worth?

What you have doesn’t determine your worth. Your worth was established long before you or I arrived here.

Science has discovered that you are energy…“photons of light.“ Spiritual text says, “You are the light of the world.”

The more you choose to shine your light the brighter your world becomes.

The Universe isn’t chaotic, it is absolutely perfect and unwavering in it’s creative process. It is Infinitely abundant. Abundance is all it knows. It always provides an abundance of whatever you are choosing for yourself.

Faith doesn’t waver. It produces exactly what you are having faith in…perfectly, precisely, without fail.

What are you perceiving yourself to be? What do you have faith in? What are you affirming? Look around you and you’ll have the answer to that question. If what you see around you “is perceived” as something that is opposite to what you “think” you’re being, it’s necessary to dig and look a bit deeper within yourself.

What you see around you is precisely what you have been “being” at some point in the past. To shift what you see in the future it’s going to be necessary to change what you were being in the past.

Don’t resist and damn yourself or what you’ve created. Don’t beat yourself up. Accept it, learn to love it, be grateful that you have been provided the ability to create your reality and simply shift your creative power to what you desire.

Be now what you desire to see in the future and the future will unfold just as you choose it to be.

What you see in the here and now is not what you are. What you see is a perfect reflection of what you have been. To change what you see, is as simple as choosing to change what you have been.

Change it now. Stay focused on and create something now that you’ll experience in the future. Choosing to regret and be pissed off about what you see now will only provide more of what you see now in the future. You create a seemingly inescapable cycle. It’s not inescapable…it only requires you to begin making different choices now.

We exist in a Newtonian world and we exist in a quantum world simultaneously. The Newtonian world is the physical...what the physical body "perceives" to be real.

The quantum world is the "spiritual world" where the "true us" exists. You can call it our spirit self or our "higher self" or whatever you choose.

Seeingness in the Newtonian world is determined by your beingness in the Newtonian world which communicates with and projects into the quantum world and delivers to you precisely what you are choosing.

Our "perceptions and beliefs" regarding a thing is what communicates with the quantum or spiritual world.

The frequency that you choose to project determines what you will attract and receive. If what you have received is opposite of what you desire, don’t deny it, don’t resist it…simply look beyond it temporarily…choose to look at and "see" the "higher truth"...choose to be something different now than what created it and you’ll be choosing a different quality of life that you WILL see tomorrow.

Seeingness with your physical eyes is external, physical and finite. Beingness is internal, spiritual and Infinite.

It's what you look at and "see" in your "minds eye" that determines your "beingness."

Seeing things with your "physical eyes" and allowing it to shape your perceptions and beliefs communicates with the Infinite field of potential...the place of "Unconditional Love" and provides you with your choice.

Seeing things in your "minds eye" and allowing yourself to see the Infinite potential and possibility that's available to you, enabling you look above what the "physical eyes" see communicates with the Infinite field of potential...the place of Unconditional Love and provides you with your choice.

The process doesn't change...it doesn't differ. It's only you and your choices that differ which create and draw different outcomes. "Unconditional Love doesn't change...God doesn't change...the Source doesn't change. He/She/It is constant...immutable...unwavering...non judgmental...omniscient...omnipresent.

Change your beingness now and you’ll be seeing something different than what you are.

Your seeingness in the Newtonian world is only limited by your projected beingness in the quantum world. To enhance your seeingness in the quantum world it’s only necessary to elevate your seeingness and understanding of the quantum world which enables and empowers you to harmonize with it and increase your havingness and seeingness in the Newtonian world.

The quantum world and the Newtonian world are intricately interconnected. Choosing to focus only on the quantum world without "doing" in the Newtonian world will create physical experiences that are less than desired. By the same token, choosing to place all your attention on the physical world without harmonizing and tapping into the power available to you in the quantum world will produce mediocre results at best and keep you struggling in a “physical sense.”

Beingness isn’t determined by what you say or do or the way you act in a physical sense. Beingness is a projection of energy that comes from the heart. The quantum world responds to frequency. You can’t “fool” the quantum world. Your beingness determines your frequency…what you are asking for and the quantum world provides you just as you ask…unconditionally.

Thought is the language of the quantum world. Words are the language of the physical world. Thoughts communicated in the quantum world that align and harmonize with words and actions in the Newtonian world become physical experiences in the Newtonian world.

How you perceive yourself is an extremely important part of what you'll experience. Your perceptions of yourself exist at the level of your beingness and are transmuted into words and actions that align and harmonize with that way of being to create what you feel worthy of.

What Are You Perceiving Yourself To Be?

Let’s look at how your self worth and your self esteem differ and how whatever you perceive that to be determines what you will and do receive.

Many “perceive” self worth and self esteem to be one and the same…they’re not.

Your “perception of your worth” is what determines your level of self esteem. Your self esteem is determined by the underlying belief that you hold with regard to who and what you “think” yourself to be. As a man thinketh so is he. As you believe you receive.

Your worth is not established based on what you have…what you have is determined by the level of worth that you “perceive” yourself to have.

Your worth isn’t determined by what you have. It’s only many peoples “perception” that havingness dictates your worth.

Although the mass majority “perceive” and “judge” others based on the amount of “stuff” someone has… “perceiving” and choosing the mindset that the more you have the more you‘re worth, we receive some pretty powerful and insightful instruction that says to “Be in the world but not of the world.”

Being in the world but not of the world is as simple as “perceiving” things differently than the mass majority in the world do.

That’s not a “Law” as many perceive…it’s “profound” and life transforming instruction that will enable you to have and experience a kind and quality of life that the mass majority in the world don’t and will never have and experience.

To experience a kind and quality of life that the majority won’t, it’s necessary to do something different than the majority does.

Contrary to what many perceive, we are not here to see who can accumulate the most “stuff.” We are here to contribute to others as much as we possibly can. To contribute value to the world. We are here to “Do unto others as we would have done unto ourselves.”

What would you have done unto you right now. How can you use what you are now to assist others in becoming, doing and having more of whatever they might aspire to be, do and have.

When receiving “stuff” becomes less important and the focus shifts to what you can give, what additional value can you contribute to others, you receive more stuff. It opens the flow to experience more of the "desired" outcomes. It NEVER fails. It can’t fail…it’s the law.

Nature abhors a vacuum.

A focus of “what’s in it for me” is a sucking that resembles the vacuum. A focus of what can I give is an outpouring of whatever value you have to give.

To give you must be open and receptive to receiving. If you have nothing to give chances are you are not open to the receiving end of the equation.

Life is a continuous and ever flowing cycle. Choose to shut off the “outflow” and the inflow shuts off. There are no endings only new beginnings. Show me someone who refuses to give and I’ll show you someone who will never have. Show me someone who receives and quits giving and I’ll show you someone who loses all they been given. Life is about flow. Havingness is about flow.

Choose to interrupt the flow through an unwillingness to receive and the flow provides to you a flow just as you choose.

Remain open, receptive and worthy of giving and receiving and you'll have an abundant flow.

The more you give, the more you receive. The more you receive the more you give…the more you receive. The more you sow the more you reap. The more you reap the more you sow…the more you receive. Your life becomes full…”truly abundant” physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

Are you giving but not receiving? Check your underlying beliefs about your sense of self worth. Do you see yourself as worthy? Do you feel worthy of receiving?

A feeling of “unworthiness” can only open the flow to receive what you are allowing. You don’t close the flow, you open the flow to provide what you are choosing. A “perception” of being “unworthy” can only return to you what you are asking for.

Check your underlying reasons for giving. Why are you giving? To receive or simply for the sake of giving? Are you focused on what’s in it for me or what can I contribute to and how can I benefit others?

We exist in a quantum world and we exist in a Newtonian physics world. If you feel shut off from the quantum world it becomes necessary to expand your knowledge concerning the quantum world. It’s necessary to recognize, understand and harmonize the two.

Make the two one.

There is nothing that exists in the Newtonian world that didn’t come from the quantum world. There is nothing “physical” that wasn’t first spiritual. EVERYTHING is spiritual whether you choose to accept it or not.

The Newtonian world is reality. The Quantum world is actuality. All physical reality comes from non physical actuality. What you experience in your reality is determined by your beingness not your havingness. When your havingness is directed on giving what you have to contribute and providing value to others in the Newtonian world, the Quantum world provides you more to give.

When your doingness in the Newtonian world harmonizes with your beingness, your havingness is determined. When your doingness is sincere and harmonious with your beingness your havingness is increased exponentially. and you act it out in the Newtonian world.

If your beingness and doingness are disharmonious you’ll experience what many call self sabotage. If your doingness is disharmonious with your beingness you will experience outcomes that are disharmonious with whatever you might be “doing.”

By the same token if your beingness is disharmonious with your doingness, you’ll receive outcomes that you "perceive" to be disharmonious.

In the Newtonian world…to “have” you must both be and do. To have more you must become more and do more.

Faith without works is dead.

The more important givingness becomes and the less important “havingness” becomes the more you receive. You open the flow. You are focused on the outflow, a willingness to give, which accelerates the inflow, the ability to receive.

To change the experience it’s crucial to get your eyes off of what’s going wrong in your life and make a conscious choice to make someone else's life better.

When you do that…when you make a commitment to do that and keep doing that you’ll experience a happiness and fulfillment uncommon. You‘ll know what it means to be one of the few to enter through the gate of The Kingdom and experience “heaven on earth.”

“Real Happiness” is not a temporary, fleeting and generic happiness created by stuff.

Make the paradigm shift from what can I have to what can I give and you’ll have more than you can possibly fathom. You’ll be provided more to give which will enable and empower you to have more to give which will provide you with more to have.

Now ask yourself not what can I “have” but how can I “give” and act on the answers that show up.

You draw from the spiritual through your beingness. You create in the physical with your doingness. Align and harmonize your beingness with what you desire and you will attract to you the ways, means, people and circumstances to create what you desire which will enable you to fully enjoy your doingness and create a life of heaven on earth.

Beingness + Doingness = Havingness which determines your Isness.

What do you want? Go get it.

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