Extrasensory Perception and The Sixth Sense

Extrasensory Perception or in it's abbreviated form, ESP, is also known and often referred to as the "Sixth Sense."

Extrasensory Perception (ESP) is a form of non physical sensory information that an individual receives which transcends the capabilities of five human senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch to experience it.

It is an intuitive type of sensory that provides the individual with information of the present, past, and future which transcends space and time as we know it in "physical terms."

In more direct terms it enables an individual to sense and experience aspects of the unseen or spiritual realm providing an uncommon understanding or "inner knowing" of things that exist outside of the physical world.

Contrary to widespread belief, Extrasensory Perception is not something that is available to only a select few.

Extrasensory perception is a gift that all have equal access to but as a result of several limiting factors, few are aware of their individual ability to to tap into and utilize it.

Although some are

This lack of awareness often stems from a lack of education in the area of spiritual development or

My personal experience concerning my own ability to utilize the sixth sense came as a result of discovering and utilizing a system created by Eric Pepin, founder of The Higher Balance Institute.

It's an extremely effective and powerful program known as the Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System.

as it seems to originate in a second, or alternate reality.