Extremely long and wordy for my morning coffee moments of inspiration.

by Twyla Sue McConnell
(Lake Worth, Fl, USA)

Everything you say is great and true. However, the information on the writing of "How Your Emotions Are Created And How They Attract The Results That You Experience" is the essential part of being and living a rich full life. Period. I love the information you wrote especially because the global family can use it and apply it today with all the terrorist material being spoken and written on TV creating so much fear, suspicion, anger and hatred.

People need to realize they contribute to the events going on in the world but in EASY TO DIGEST PIECES.

I would love to post this information on my little blog for the viewers who do visit, with your permission. I could never improve on what you have already written.

I would like the world to understand as you wrote on the article THE POWER OF EMOTIONS.

"As confusing as it may seem right now, it is actually quite simple. By developing a deeper understanding of your individual  mind power and it's ability to communicate to the Source, you will discover that your Emotions are really nothing more than feelings that you create and experience based on your predominant thought process, which are formed by your perceptions or beliefs surrounding any circumstance that you encounter. Your initial thoughts which are brought into being by the conscious mind through consistency and repetition, establishes a belief or perception based on whatever the situation may be. A combination of these thoughts and beliefs (perceptions) result in an emotion being created. 

"These resulting Emotions emit and broadcast at a specific vibrational frequency like everything else in our Universe, both seen and unseen, and the emotion that is being experienced is broadcast into the Universe, or to the Source, at a specific vibratory frequency which attracts to it additional energies that are vibrating at the same frequency and eventually creates, in physical form, ALL of the events, conditions, and circumstances that you come to experience in your life! "

Your site and information are outstanding! There is a feast of great information to digest!

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