A Personal Perspective Regarding
Real Freedom and Independence

There's a Subtle Yet Very Important and Potentially Transformational Difference Between What Most "Perceive" Freedom and Independence To Be and What I "Personally" Refer To As Real Freedom and Real Independence

It's that time of year again. Just a few days away from what we in the U.S. refer to and recognize as Independence Day.

But regardless of what time of year it might be that you're reading this, it will prove relevant and potentially transformational should you choose to internalize and apply what I'll be covering.

At the time of this writing it's July 2nd 2010 and the 4th of July is only a few days away. A day that marks the 234th birthday of freedom and liberation in the U.S.

It's a time of gratitude, celebration and excitement for many who reside in the U.S. and even abroad.

And if you're like me and most that are blessed enough to live here, or whatever country you might reside in that enables you to experience freedom and independence, chances are good that you're very grateful for the freedom you enjoy as well.

And we certainly should be. It's a gift that many in the world have never experienced...in a "tangible kind of way" at least.

The fact that you're able to experience a kind of freedom and independence that comes with living in a democracy is certainly something to celebrate and be grateful for each and every day.

But here's something to think about that I know as a result of working and communicating with a number of people globally, that most don't give much thought to.

It's a bit deeper look at freedom and independence that goes below the surface a bit more than most choose. It's my hope that it might assist you in some way and move you closer to experiencing a form of freedom and independence that aligns and harmonizes with your individual choices and at the same time might convey the importance of clarifying and clearly defining what freedom and independence means, looks like to and for you individually.

There are a lot of diverse and varying perceptions and beliefs about what independence and freedom really means that ranges from person to person. It's really simply a matter of perspective.

Mine varies a bit...actually quite a bit...from many that I communicate with. It doesn't mean that my individual perspective regarding freedom and independence is "right or wrong", it's just my perspective, so keep that in mind as you progress.

Living in a country where freedom is the motto is certainly an important part of of our independence and freedom. But it's not the whole enchilada by any stretch of the imagination.

Not from my perspective at least.

Real Independence and Real Freedom is about a lot more than living in a free country for me as well as many others who think, perceive, see and experience life in the way I do.

You certainly don't have to see and perceive things in the same way, yet I would encourage you to remain open and attentive as I explain my position because I know based on personal experience that it can enable and empower you to experience even greater freedom and independence than you're currently experiencing regardless of how grand or bleak you might "perceive" that to be.

The really great thing is, anyone who "consciously chooses" to look at and see things in the same way...those who choose to opt out of the "majority think tank"...can experience Real Freedom and Real Independence for themselves as well.

There are no exclusions and zero exceptions. The playing field was leveled long before you or I arrived here.

Here's how I personally look at and see things with regard to freedom and independence and the differences between those and Real Freedom and Independence.

And yes there is a difference. A BIG one in fact.

Perceiving yourself as experiencing freedom and independence simply because you reside in a free country but at the same time are perhaps perceiving and feeling you have settle in any way, shape or form or for whatever reason believing that getting by from day to day, week to week or month to month is just the way life is, whether in your vocation, your relationships or in the area of health isn't experiencing what I refer to as Real Independence or Real Freedom at all.

It falls far short in fact.

Engaging in a career that you dislike or even despise yet "think" you have to settle for and irrespective of how much money you might make or how much stuff and material possessions your vocation provides is not Real Independence and Real Freedom.

Engaging in a career, vocation or business that you LOVE is. An important part of it anyway.

In the same way believing and perceiving that settling for mediocre and/or unfulfilling relationships...enjoying anything less than vibrant and radiant health or settling for anything in any aspect of your life for that matter doesn't equate to Real Independence and Real Freedom either no matter how you add it up.

Unless you LOVE it, unless you're experiencing joy, satisfaction and fulfillment in EVERY aspect of your life, you're simply not experiencing the kind of Real Freedom and Real Independence that I'm referring to which I believe is available to anyone and everyone who "consciously chooses" it as their way of life.

Here's where I'm coming from and why I say that...

I connect and communicate with a lot of people globally who truly believe and refer to themselves as free and Independent simply because they reside in a country that recognizes democracy as the political platform that's in place in that country. And although they might understand and enjoy their rights to engage themselves in various ways without fear of retribution, this is who have no concept and are unable to conceive what Real Independence and Real Freedom is as it relates to other aspects of their lives or in some cases they simply don't believe they can experience it personally.

Although many truly believe and perceive that they are free and independent simply because of some particular geographical location, in the vast majority of cases their not "truly free" or independent at all.

That's a fact.

Yet the only reason they're not is simply because, due to their inability to conceive it. Whether it be an inability to believe in themselves enough to achieve it...due a lack of awareness and understanding regarding the inherent gifts we've all been equally provided to create and experience it for ourselves...or an apprehension to take "inspired action", what I personally "perceive and believe" to be a necessary and vital part of the equation for experiencing Real Independence and Real Freedom in a "whole kind of way, for many it remains nothing more than "hopeful and wishful thinking."

And I've also come to believe that's why most believe and perceive that Real Independence and Real Freedom is reserved for the "lucky and fortunate few." Simply because they choose not to believe and perceive that it's possible for themselves and as a result never take the "inspired action" enabling them to see that's it always been available to anyone who "consciously chooses" it.

Many simply don't "believe" it.

But it's certainly not because it's "true" or has to be that way but rather because that's what most choose for themselves without realizing that such a choice or any choice at all for that matter is being made.

But it is just that, a choice. A very unconscious,limiting and disempowering choice that can never create nor allow the kind and quality of outcomes that so many desire yet are "unconsciously sabatoging" and without knowing how or why, are keeping from becoming a "real and tangible" part of their lives.

They're simply "unconsciously choosing" the polar opposite of what they hope, wish and pray they might "someday" experience. Yet due to the kind and quality of choice being made, someday never arrives.

Not because it can't. Not because we're unable to create and experience it but rather because we don't "consciously choose to" and remain consistent as we move forward to fulfill in tangible form the Real Freedom and Real Independence so many desire and claim they want.

The individual reasons why (which are really nothing more than seemingly justifiable excuses) are many and as diverse as the people who choose them. But when you get to the core reason it's one and the same 99.9% of the time.

The vast majority are simply unaware that experiencing Real Independence and Real Freedom is a birthright. EVERYONE'S birthright. An incredible and freely provided gift freely granted to EVERYONE who exists on this planet without exception.

Most just don't see that simply because in the vast majority of cases another "unconscious choice" is being made to not explore and discover all the reasons why that's true.

And it is "true". It's based on a Higher Truth than most choose to discover and accept granted but it is true nonetheless. It's certainly no secret and doesn't require digging very deep to clearly see and understand just how real and true it is.

Because it is without question your birthright as the sages, mystics and masters since antiquity have always conveyed. And based on another I've many paths I've personally explored and walked down, it's also what 21st century science is discovering, substantiating and documenting in more recent times. (see The Science of Success as to why I personally "perceive" that as being "true.")

And anything less than fully enjoying and experiencing Real Independence and Real Freedom is nothing more or less than a choice to deny and keep yourself from fully accepting and engaging that birthright.

Choosing to remain oblivious to and "unconscious of" the fact that you, I and everyone else was "created in the image and likeness of Source" is a choice to experience the limited and mediocre at best results that most do. And regardless of what country you might reside in, how free and independent you might "perceive" your current political structure to be, that isn't really Independence and freedom at all in the bigger scheme of things.

There are a number of people who truly believe their Independent and free simply because they've never experienced what Real Independence and Real Freedom is and for any number of reasons choose to remain oblivious to the fact that they CAN experience it anytime they choose to do so.

And I do mean anytime they choose...period. There are no ifs, ands or buts unless you choose to "perceive" things that way which will without question make it real and true for you just as you "perceive and believe."

But that too is nothing more than an individual choice. A self limiting and self sabotaging choice that will without a doubt keep the experience of Real Freedom and Real Independence just outside of your grasp unless and until you choose otherwise.

I'm well aware and connect with a lot of people who "believe and perceive" that some predetermined amount of money or material gain equates to freedom and independence yet I beg to differ.

I can assure you based on having "been there and done that", that anything less than physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual harmony in life is settling and falls far short of what I personally believe Real Independence and Real Freedom to be.

And it most certainly requires more than living in a country where freedom and liberty is present.

Please don't misunderstand. I'm certainly grateful for my freedom and the liberty I enjoy without question as I know most are. I'm profoundly grateful to live in a country where I can freely express and feel safe when I go to bed at night. Words can't express how thankful I am knowing that my family is safe as they sleep or engage in their out in the world activities each day.

But as grateful as I am and as blessed as I feel for being able to experience this form of freedom, safety and sense of security, it doesn't equate to Real Freedom or Real Independence unless and until you're able to fully experience harmony and fulfillment in every aspect of your life.

That's an inside job and has nothing to do with anything external to you.

And contrary to the widespread beliefs and perceptions chosen and held by the vast majority you can experience just that. You can experience and enjoy a kind and quality of Real Freedom and Real Independence if ever and whenever you choose to do so...regardless of where you currently are, where you've been or what experiences you may have had to this point.

If you already are, congratulations. You're in a very small minority.

But if you're not and sincerely desire to, I would encourage you to ask yourself why and begin developing the understanding, enhancing your awareness with regard to yourself and the power provided to you. Choose to begin making the internal shifts and taking the inspired action steps that will without fail enable and empower you to reclaim the birthright that is already yours, mine and anyone else's who "consciously chooses" it for themselves.

It's my sincere hope that those who aren't, might start experiencing the Real Freedom and Real Independence that all we all the right, the ability and the freedom to create and experience anytime we choose to do so.

Rest assured you don't NEED anything more than you already have. You've already been provided anything and everything necessary to experience this form of Real Freedom and Real Independence for yourself. You don't NEED anything more than you already have with the exception of the understanding and a willingness to begin "consciously utilizing" what we all already possess.

And doing so is really and truly nothing more or less than a matter of individual choice. It's not mandatory. It's not a requirement but certainly necessary if you "truly desire" and hope to experience the Real Freedom and Real Independence that doing so provides.

That's why I do what I do. That's why Enlightened Journey Enterprises exists. So I might assist those with a willingness and sincere desire to experience Real Freedom and Real Independence for themselves. So those who are sincere about doing so might be provided the tools, the understanding and the insight to see just how real and possible it is to create and experiencing Real Freedom and Real Independence for themselves.

A form of insight, understanding and direction that I know based on many years of personal experience can, does and will provide just that without fail should you find it "feels right for you" and make the choice to do so.

And we all have the ability and the inalienable right of free will to choose that for ourselves or not. That's something that can never be taken away regardless of where we live, how old or young we are, irrespective of our gender, religious preference or what's going on in the world around us.

Free will...the ability and the right to choose for ourselves. A right that can NEVER be taken away.

We can experience Real Freedom and Real Independence by simply making a conscious and intentional choice to do so and following it up with a commitment to move forward until we achieve and experience it for ourselves.

And ANYONE can...you included by simply choosing to. It's simply a matter of learning and understanding how to choose consciously and intentionally. And it really is as simple as that.

I go into great depth about how to do so in a conference entitled The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation that I held in 2009. People from around the globe and from all walks of life attended and discovered just how real, true, possible and simple creating and experiencing Real Freedom and Real Independence can be.

I offer it today as an immediate download in MP3 format for those who choose to discover and discern for themselves how true or untrue they might "perceive" what I share in The 7 Hidden Keys is for themselves.

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation consists of 8 1/2 hours of wisdom, insights and direction that I've acquired and personally utilized with phenomenal results as I've made my way down my many diverse paths over the past 3 decades.

What I share and clearly convey in The 7 Hidden Keys points you toward the path to where Real Freedom and Real Independence can and will become a reality for you should you choose to utilize, internalize and apply the insight and direction shared in it.

In addition, I've included a number of bonuses that will serve to enhance and build upon the information shared during the 7 Hidden Keys conference.

The small investment required to own The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation is minuscule in comparison to the value received and the possibilities made available to you should you choose to internalize and apply what you discover and learn are quite literally Infinite in nature.

And if for whatever reason, you're not personally experiencing Real Freedom and Real Independence already, it could prove to be the best, wisest and most freeing investment you've ever made.

Should you feel that the timing is right for you and have the desire and choose to do so, you can get The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation as well as some really great bonuses by simply clicking here and you'll be redirected to more information explaining in detail what the 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation consists of.

Rest assured assured you can experience Real Freedom and Real Independence once you understand how and make a conscious and intentional choice to do so.

And as I and many like me can and will tell you...those who understand the difference between freedom and Real Freedom...who experience the difference between independence and Real Independence there's a huge, dramatic and life changing difference between the 2.

That's just something to consider and think about that quite frankly most don't and/or won't which is a vital, necessary and absolutely essential first step for creating and experiencing Real Freedom and Real Independence for yourself.

Happy 4th of July a little early to everyone and I wish for each of you the kind and quality of Real Independence and Real Freedom that is your birthright regardless of where on the planet you might live.

Each and every day can be Freedom and Independence Day once you become aware of how to make it just that for you.

It's my hope and sincere desire that if experiencing that is a desire that you hold individually that you'll take the initiative...that you'll develop the ability to see, conceive and just as importantly experience for yourself what a dramatic difference there is between Real Freedom, Real Independence and what most "perceive" freedom and independence to be if you're not experiencing it already.

And if you're not but you're sincere about doing so and ready to start right now, grab your copy of The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation which is available as an immediate download and you'll be well on your way to knowing just how real, true, possible and simple experiencing Real Freedom and Real Independence can be for yourself.

Whatever you choose or not choose for yourself I wish you peace, prosperity, harmony and well being in each and every aspect of your life.

What I personally choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

Here's to creating and experiencing Your Freedom and Independence regardless of where on the planet you reside and call home.

I'm Finished With Freedom and Independence
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I'm Finished With Freedom and Independence
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