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Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart

Making One Simple Choice to Let Go of What You "Think You Know" Can Transform Your Entire Life if You'll Only Enable and Allow it To.

"The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture
a little way past them into the impossible." ~Arthur C. Clarke

I've got a special treat for you in this edition. A gift that "could" prove to be a game changer in EVERY aspect of your life.

Although it is a gift, at the same time it's only a small sampling of a much larger gift that you'll have the choice to give yourself, or not.

That all depends on you and what you "think you know." It could be a game changer physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It has been for many, maybe it will be for you too. Read on and you'll have the opportunity to receive the "gift" I've included this month and decide for yourself if it's of value to you or not.

Although I and many like KNOW that it can be, ultimately the value you receive from it is only dependent on you and whether you choose to accept the gift or not.

Whether you do or don't is only dependent on "What you think you know" as well.

That's what determines EVERY aspect of your life, whether you think it does or not.

Because it's so important in determining your personal results, I think the best way to start this edition of Enlightened Journey is to come straight out and ask you...

What Do You Think You Know?

On the surface that may seem to be a silly question, but it's definitely an important one. It's a BIG one too when it comes to your life and the quality of it.

It's also a question that few are "consciously aware" of. The fact of the matter is, very few understand the importance of looking at and getting to the heart of what it is that they DO "think they know." That's precisely why so few "want for nothing." They simply don't give much "thought" or credence to "consciously aligning and harmonizing" what they think they know with what they'd truly desire to be, do and/or have more of in life.

As crazy as it might sound, it's true.

The reason why is because what we think we know has become so deeply engrained in our psyche, that we go through life habitually thinking, speaking and acting in ways that conflict with what we "claim" to want. That's why we're always "trying to achieve this goal or reach some predefined destination in life.

Rather than "wanting for nothing", we have all kinds of wants, hopes, wishes, dreams, desires and aspirations in various areas of our lives. Nothing wrong with that. What's "flawed" though, is that in approximately 97% of the cases, these aspirations never become real.

We are "aware" of and are always "trying to achieve" our "consciously held desires" yet at the same time, unaware of the "subconscious beliefs" that conflict with receiving them. As a result, we unknowingly and unintentionally hold those wants and desires, yet they never become more than wants and desires.

We Keep Ourselves From KNOWING Ourselves and Experiencing What We "Claim" To Want, Need and Desire Because of What We Think We Know

That's why we can "consciously desire" things, whether a little bit or A LOT, yet still never receive them. It's why we want, hope, wish and pray for awesome relationships, pristine health, financial abundance, etc. etc., yet in many cases we never get beyond wanting, hoping, wishing and praying for those things.

That's why so many are always hoping that their "desires" will come true "someday."

We simply don't KNOW who we are, what we are, what we're capable of and that we already have all we could ever want, hope, wish or pray for available to us.

We "choose" to remain oblivious to the "gifts, tools and talents" we were ALL freely provided and ALL already have that would "enable and allow" us to move from want and desire to the fulfillment of those wants and desires.

We block it all out and seldom experience the Really Big desires, because of what we think we know.

In this edition, we'll stick with "conscious beliefs" and what we are aware of. What we "think and believe" is true. Although we have a tendency to defend our learned, inherited and indoctrinated beliefs (What we think we know) about life, possibility and potential, that's precisely what keeps us from experiencing the kind and quality of life that IS possible.

The potential we hold is infinite in nature, yet we limit the possibilities due to what we believe.

That encompasses a vast area and varies from individual to individual. There are far too many potential beliefs to even attempt to cover here for sure. What we think we know as individuals, is beyond vast too. Regardless of how vast it is, it has the potential to become far more vast and FAR MORE expansive than MOST "think it can."

Ironically, what we "think we know" keeps us believing small, thinking small, acting small, doing things in such a way that can never provide BIG results. Inevitably, because of how we "choose to do things", regardless of how much we "claim" we want or desire something more, we consistently receive less than we "claim" to want and desire.

If we can conceive it, imagine it, think it, believe it and DO things in such a way that aligns and harmonizes with those things, we can have it....period. No ifs and or buts about it.

Where ifs, ands, or buts come into play, do because of what we think we know. One thing that what we think we know is that our beliefs are definitively true which often keeps us from learning, understanding and utilizing the power of alignment and harmony.

When all those faculties are aligned and harmonized in such a way that we conceive, imagine, think, believe and DO things in such a way that enables and allows our desires to take tangible and measurable form, we WILL experience it...whatever IT is.

That can be "good news" or "bad news." That only depends on what you think you know which determines how and what you conceive, imagine, think, "believe" and do.

As individuals, our imaginations, our thoughts and our beliefs are not only vast, they're quite diverse. We all have our own individual ideas and opinions about what's right, wrong, good, bad, real, unreal, true, untrue, possible, not possible, etc.

Those ideas and opinions not only stem from, but reveal, what we "think we know." That's what determines how we judge and label everything we experience in life. That's also what determines everything we think, say and do.

Here's what a lot of people don't know. Maybe you don't either...maybe you do.

What you think you know, combined with how you look at, perceive, judge and label the events, conditions, circumstances and people that reveal themselves in your life, is what determines the quality of your life...period.

That's the determining factor of how "Over the top AWESOME", average, mundane or "seemingly horrific" your life can and WILL become.

Put simply, it all points back to you...EVERY time.

Aside From What You Think You Know and Are Positive is True, There's Only One Definitive Truth

I hear it all the time. I connect with coaching clients who "tell me" that what they "think they know" IS true. Maybe you think that what you "think you know" is true to.

Let's set the record straight right up front. Unbeknownst to many, our "beliefs and perceptions" in and about life, aren't necessarily "definitively true." They are only what WE believe and perceive as "individuals" which enable and allow them to become "true" for us. That's what determines EACH and EVERY experience in life.

As we believe we receive. As we think so shall we be. As we sow, we reap.

The sowing we "choose to do" begins at the belief level which determines what we think most often. Put another way, sowing begins at the level of "consciousness."

Based on what you "think you know" right now, you might believe that money is hard to come by. You might "think" that a Rich and Happy life is reserved for the "select few."

You might think that wholesome, fulfilling and lasting relationships require hard work and sacrifice. Maybe you believe that pristine health is determined by genetics, the avoidance of viruses or something else altogether. You may think that receiving whatever you receive in life is determined by the "luck of the draw."

You may honestly think and believe that WHATEVER you believe is "really true" too.

If you KNOW and believe that what you "think you know" and believe is limited only to and by your perceptions and opinions, you're a very wise person. Far more wise than 98% of the world's population. If you "think you know" that your beliefs are "definitively true", you fall into that 98%. You can continue to think and believe that if you choose, but I'll warn you up front.

It's that form of ignorance that will dramatically limit the kind and quality of your life unless and until you accept the fact that "Truth is eternal."

Put another way, truth is infinite in nature and we always get to be right. Our beliefs align with the infinite number of possibilities and transmute from "consciousness" into tangible and measurable results.

Although you "get to be right" in life unconditionally, there exists much more possibility and potential that extends WAY WAY beyond what you "think you know" regardless of how limited or expansive "what you think you know" might be.

The Objective Reality You Exist Within is Only Subject to and Limited By What You Think You Know, REGARDLESS of What You Believe to Be True

The ONLY definitive truth in life is that "truth" is eternal. Put another way, "truth" is infinite in scope. Truth isn't limited in ANY way, shape or form. It's not limited to this situation or that situation. It's not limited to space/time. Truth is lasting and forever. It has no borders, no ceilings and no limitations whatsoever. Truth has no beginning or ending.

What you think you know is what defines the borders, the ceilings or the expansiveness in your life. There are no borders or ceilings on what's "infinite", with the exception of the limitations that you place on it.

What we think we know places us in a box. A very constrictive one that keeps us "seemingly trapped" within our own wants and desires. We've learned and have a tendency to look at the world and our lives "objectively." We honestly believe that what we see is real. It has form. We can see, hear, feel, taste, and smell it so it must be real, right?

Not "right" at all. It's right and "true" in a predominantly held "worldly view" of life, yet it's very limited in the view of what's truly possible for and available to you.

21st century scientists (namely quantum physicists) have discovered and clearly documented in thousands of scientific journals, that we don't live in an objective reality. The reality we exist in is "subjective." In layman's terms that means that our reality is "subject to" whatever we think, believe and perceive it to be.

Our perceptions of truth have us thinking and believing that how we view our wants, desires, ourselves, others and the world at large as individuals, is the way things are. It has us thinking and believing that's just how the the world is.

We think and believe that it's definitively true, but it's not. It becomes and remains true for us because that's as far as we can see. That's as far as we ""enable and allow" ourselves to see. Because of that "choice" we seldom if ever stretch beyond it. We enable and allow the limitation that we experience just as we enable and allow how much we can be, do and have in life.

I don't care how much or how little money you have. It doesn't matter how "successful or unsuccessful" you "think you are." It doesn't matter where you are or what you're experiencing in life.

We are where we are because we can't see beyond the box that we place ourselves in. Whether you think you're in a box or not in a box, neither "opinion" is "the right or correct" opinion in the bigger scheme of things. It doesn't matter what your opinion is.

It's NOT definitively true at all. There's a Higher Truth than the one you hold and there always will be REGARDLESS of how BIG or small you believe.

The Higher Truth is, the possibilities and the probabilities available to us are infinite in nature. Within the "infinite", all things exist. Every possibility, every probability, everything we can possibly conceive, imagine and beyond, exists within and is an integral part of the "infinite."

That's what's really cool about life. It can be cool. It can be a living hell too. It can fall somewhere in between. That depends on you. It does, because we "get to" experience "whatever we choose."

MOST people experience far less than they "claim to want" and even sabotage what they "truly desire" because of what they "think they know." Others experience awesome, amazing, harmonious, fulfilling and truly wholesome lives because of what they "think they know."

If you were in the latter group; if you were experiencing an awesome, amazing and fulfilling quality of life, physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, chances are, you wouldn't be here reading this.

Are You Ready and Willing to Free Yourself From or Keep Yourself "Seemingly Trapped" Within The Box That What You Think You Know Creates?

In many cases, we think we've gone as far as we can. We think it can't get any better or any worse. It can become as "good" or as "bad" as we enable and allow it to become.

Depending on what you "think you know", you may think that where you are is where you're going to stay. You will. But it's not because you HAVE to. It's because you choose to.

get out of the box Your self constructed boundaries are the starting line for someone else. The box you create and choose to exist within isn't a box at all for someone else. Your self constructed ceiling concerning what's rational, logical, practical, possible and realistic is another persons lowest level.

We all have restrictive beliefs and keep ourselves in "the box" to some degree. I'm not sure that it's "humanly possible" at this point to experience what's "infinite in nature", although we CAN understand and KNOW that what there is to experience in life is "unlimited." We can know and understand in an "experiential" KNOWING kind of way, that the possibilities in life truly are of "infinite proportion."

But until we KNOW that experimentally, we'll never see or experience it in physical life in a tangible and measurable kind of way.

When you KNOW that in an "experiential kind of way", you became more able to "rope the moon" or perhaps reach, grow, stretch, expand and catch a few stars.

But many have and choose to remain limited by their restrictive beliefs that keep struggle, settling and getting by the consistent theme in their lives. They remain "seemingly trapped" in their "objective reality." It's not that anyone is trapped. It's what they think they know keeps them "seemingly trapped" there.

Here’s What I KNOW after "trying things" both ways...

When you choose to "Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart", your capacity to SEE things in a whole new light is enhanced tremendously. Infinitely so in fact. When you "flip the switch" and enable and allow yourself to see things in a whole new light, your capability to see, believe and achieve well beyond what you "think you can" right now is expanded and enhanced BIG TIME too.

When we choose to enable and allow ourselves to DO that, we automatically enhance our capacity and our capability to imagine, conceive, think and believe in a more enhanced and expansive kind of way. The bigger we enable and allow our beliefs and perceptions to expand, the BIGGER we enable and allow our experiences to become.

When we begin to believe, think and perceive bigger in a way that aligns and harmonizes with what we truly desire to see and experience in life, the more the "desired things" things start "taking form" and showing up in our lives.

Your Capability to Achieve Physical, Financial, Relational Prosperity is Only Limited By Your Choice to Limit Your Mental Capacity

When YOU choose to enhance your capacity to see things differently, you DO enhance your capability to experience life differently. That's when your experiences in the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life can become as BIG as YOU enable and allow them to become.

When we choose to enhance and expand them BIG, that's when our results change in a BIG way too. That ONE truth...what I choose to refer to as as an all pervasive, unerring and unwavering "Higher Truth of Infinite Proportion" applies equally to the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual areas of your life.

The reason that happens is because much of what we "think we know" changes. It expands well beyond our narrow and limited focus that always provides a mirrored reflection in our "objective reality." That objective reality is based on and is a reflection of our narrow and limited beliefs or our expansive and limitless beliefs.

We'll get more into more depth about HOW to Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart soon. For now we'll stay focused on what you "think you know." Perhaps, if you're sincere and serious about experiencing bigger and better things, you'll make a conscious choice to enhance and expand what you think you know.

Maybe you will and maybe you won't. That's up to you. One thing is certain...

If You Always Do What You've Always Done, You Always Get What You've Always Gotten

There's something else I've come to KNOW based on "personal experience" as well as the experiences of MANY others.

No change = no change.

Most people don't enable and allow the change they "claim to want" to occur. They don't, because they don't understand and don't experience the enhanced capacity or the expanded capability that they COULD, because they choose to remain stuck within and limited by their own "limited" beliefs, perceptions and opinions.

That's why so many are DOING so much and receiving so little. They change and DO more of the physical things yet they refuse to change the mental and emotional things that determine the kind, quality and quantity of the physical things.

They CAN and they COULD expand those limited beliefs, opinions and experiences in life just as EVERYONE CAN and COULD, they just don't choose to Get Out of Their Head and Into Their Heart.

The specific reasons are many. Too many to cover here for sure. Ultimately though, most don't, simply because of their unwillingness to expand upon and in some cases let go of, some, much, or all of what they think they know.

What we've allowed to "happen in life" is what limits us in life. We've done that by letting others define and determine what is "true and untrue" for us. We've learned to do that. We've adopted the limiting beliefs and perceptions of others which determines our boundaries and our ceilings for us.

Which leads into something else I've come to KNOW since "personally" enabling and allowing myself to enhance and expand what I "thought I knew."

It's this...

Getting Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart
WILL Transform for Life...BIG Time

Depending on what you think you know, you may not see, understand or even believe that "Getting Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart" CAN change anything in your life.

That's OK. You don't have to. You CAN believe that if you'd like. You'll get to be right for sure. I KNOW that a choice to Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart transforms lives, and could transform yours exponentially, because DOING it transformed mine in ways I didn't think it could initially.

My life couldn't expand until I made a "conscious choice" to enable and allow it to expand. There was a point in time when I was "trapped within a small box" that kept me confined to doing what I "thought" was necessary to "survive and get by." A very small area of this "constrictive box" was a corporate job limited to offering a product to people in a "very limited geographical area."

I made a lot of money, but I certainly wasn't doing what I loved. In fact, it conflicted with many of my core values.

Today, I understand the importance of aligning and harmonizing EVERYTHING I think, say and do with those values. When I moved beyond and let go of MUCH of what I "thought I knew", I became enabled and empowered to reach the world doing what I love. The WHOLE world. To do that, I had to enable and allow myself to enhance and expand what I thought I knew. That's the only thing that "needlessly" kept me from it for so long.

That's the ONE and ONLY thing that keeps ANYONE, including YOU from doing the same.

At the time, I just didn't know what I didn't know. That goes way beyond our work and careers. I'm here to tell you based on personally experiencing MANY "take your breath away experiences" that I once viewed as illogical, impractical and impossible, it's what we "think we know" that limits them from happening for us.

The ONLY thing.

One thing that led to my own personal "transformation" happened by spending the last several years DOING what I DO today. I can't emphasize this enough. It's what I absolutely LOVE to do. Since DOING that and coaching many others globally, I've since discovered that many, (MOST in fact) don't "think they can" DO the same.

Maybe you're doing what you LOVE in your job or career, but you're NOT receiving what you LOVE is some other area of life. If you're not, it's not because you CAN'T. It's only because of what you "think you know." If you think you can't, you don't know what you don't know.

If you're sincere and serious about DOING it, it's going to be necessary to admit that you don't know what you don't know and make a conscious choice to stretch, grow, explore beyond and expand what you think you know.

Most Enable and Allow What They Think They Know and DO to Keep Them From DOING What's Necessary to Alleviate Their STRESS So They Could Be, Do and Have What They "Claim" To Want

In my years of doing what I do, I’ve discovered first hand just how vast, broad and diverse our beliefs and opinions are on an individual basis.

Much more "broad and diverse" than I ever "conceived or imagined" they could be FOR SURE. That's why the results that we experience in life are so broad and diverse too.

It's also the very reason why so many consistently experience stress, fear, pain, lack limitation and discord while others consistently float through life happy, carefree, loving, content, prosperous and harmonious....completely so.

Prior to DOING what I do today, I also discovered and for many years "explored" something quite eye opening and profound that COULD eliminate fear, pain, stress, lack and limitation from your life for good.

What I found, is that the greatest deterrent for enhancing our capacity, our capability and our results is stress. I also discovered that Stress is the single greatest challenge we face as a human species.

eliminate stress In fact, stress DRAMATICALLY limits not ONLY our capacity and our capability, it often suppresses and in many cases, completely sabotages the materialization of our desired BIG ways.

It blurs and distorts our judgment, limits our capability and most definitely lowers our chances for creating REALLY BIG, awesome results. That's why really big awesome results are often labeled, uncommon results. Stress often keeps awesome and uncommon results from happening for us.

And it does so in a BIG way a "not at all good" BIG way as it pertains to receiving what we want and desire in and out of life.

It's not stress in and of itself. It's us. We enable and allow stress to dominate, dictate and determine the kind and quality of our "objective reality."

Stress Has Many Faces and
Reveals Itself in Countless Ways

We each have our own unique views, beliefs and opinions about what stress is too. Regardless of what we believe or how we define stress, it has many faces and reveals itself in many ways. Perhaps the most prevalent and detrimental way that stress impacts us is in the area of physical health.

The adverse effects of stress aren't just limited to physical health though. It also determines our mental and emotional health as well. The mental and emotional level is what determines the quality of our physical health as well as what we experience at the "physical level." You could say, they are the "seed level" as it pertains to us individually. That's what determines the quality our physical health and everything else "physical too."

That's what enables our physical body and our physical experiences to be less than they can be or all that they can be.

Put simply and succinctly, Stress impacts and affects us in ALL areas of none.

But our mental, emotional and physical health are no doubt the "single most important" areas of life to pay VERY CLOSE attention to, and no doubt, the MOST IMPORTANT to become "keenly aware of."

They are, simply because, without "mental, emotional and physical health" none of the other areas of life really matter at all. Mental, emotional and physical health is where it ALL starts in a "real world kind of way" and is the foundation that Real Wealth, Real Harmony, Real Freedom and REALLY BIG results are built upon.

Stress is The Saboteur of Health, Wealth, Success, Happiness and an Amazing Quality of Life

According to New York Times best selling author and cellular biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton PhD., and A LOT of other really smart people in various fields of science and medicine, stress is the CAUSE of 95 PLUS percent of ALL illness and disease.

I'd venture to say that it's also the cause of 95 PLUS percent of all perceived lack, limitation and failure too. I'd also venture to say that it's the cause in nearly every case of NOT doing anything "uncommon" until the STRESS, combined with the fear and pain that follow, becomes SO intense that they blind us and have us believing that no other choices are available.

Stress, fear and pain have a way of blinding us to and limiting a lot of things in our lives.

I say that because that's what I "unknowingly and unconsciously" enabled and allowed to happen before I chose to "Get Out of My Head and Into My Heart."

More about that soon.

I've since discovered, depending on the impact and degree that we "enable and allow" ourselves to be impacted by stress, it also keeps us from experiencing the kind and quality of life we "claim to want."

Stress is where it ALL starts...sort of. The reason I say "sort of" will become clear soon.

There's something else I've come to KNOW about stress, people and results.

In this day and age MOST are always hoping, wishing, praying for and WANTING something more. In roughly 99% of the cases, we consistently receive far less than we "claim" to want. Sometimes that happens in 1 area of our lives and sometimes in ALL areas.

Depending on how much or how little we have, that can "trigger" some stress too. Consistently receiving less than we "want", CAN in and of itself prove to be very "stressful." By the same token, when we have and/or take on more than we can handle, stress can also "adversely impact" quality of life regardless of how substantial what we've acquired is.

The reason that happens in so many cases, is because based on what we think we know, we consistently go after and receive something other than we "truly desire." This "true desire" is never experienced, no matter how many of our objective "wants" are fulfilled.

Blindly doing this and doing that, getting this and getting that in our quest to GET what we "claim to want" more often than not only provides temporary results at best. Regardless of how much we do or how we much we "get", we still fall short of receiving what we're looking for and keep receiving "less" than we "truly desire."

Have you ever thought about why that happens? Have you ever wondered WHY some consistently receive what they DO want and seem to get it with "very little effort?" Have you ever given any "thoughtful consideration as to WHY some people seldom become stressed and want for nothing, while others "seem to" consistently come up short and receive less than they "truly desire" no matter WHAT they do, how long they do it, how intensely they engage in it how hard they try?"

Maybe you have and maybe you haven't.

If you haven't "thought about it much", chances are good that you think it’s for the same reason that so many others do.

Maybe you “think” it’s because...

  • ...some are more blessed than you.

  • ...others are more gifted, talented or educated than you.

  • ...others were "born into it" and you "can't have it" because you weren't.

  • ...some are "really lucky" but you’re not.

  • ...Or maybe you "think" it's because of something altogether different that I haven't listed.

You CAN think and believe whatever you'd like. A lot of people think and believe a lot of things. But I've also discovered over the past 3 decades that MOST of what we think and believe isn't based on nor is it aligned and harmonized with the kind and quality of "truth" that fulfills our "heartfelt desire."

Sometimes we "get" what we claim to want and other times it keeps us from receiving what we claim to "want."

It's not aligned and harmonized with a Higher Truth than we currently hold. If it were, we wouldn't WANT, need or DESIRE anything.

We WANT, NEED and DESIRE one thing but keep receiving less.

That not only can, but it DOES create a LOT of stress!! We CAN do that if we choose, but we don't have to. In fact, it's needless, senseless and, in the vast majority of cases, keeps what we want and what we "truly desire" from ever happening.

I KNOW why. How I KNOW and how I learned was the hard way. This hard way led me down many stressful and painful paths. The paths I walked created some ENORMOUS stress and overwhelming fear and a LOT of lack and limitation in my "objective reality."

Looking at that, trying harder and doing more only served to intensify the stress and pain that I needlessly experienced.

I've navigated some really stressful and painful paths that, for a long time, intensified, fed and enabled my fear to grow. It limited my results in a big way too.

I've since discovered, I didn't HAVE to walk those paths. You don't have to either. You can, but you don;t have to. I walked them because, at one point, I "thought and believed the same" that MOST do. Because I thought and believed the same, I DID and experienced the same as many do. I kept wanting, needing and desiring yet seldom received what I "claimed" I wanted, needed and desired.

Because of that I enabled and allowed myself to experience some VERY INTENSE stress.

Then I came to an eye opening and life transforming realization.

What I thought I knew; which is what I and ALL of us use to make ALL of our life choices, is "common knowledge."

After needlessly experiencing MUCH needless fear, stress, pain, struggle, lack and limitation, followed by enormous "stress", I realized that "common knowledge" does that.

Common knowledge can only produce "common results." But that's how most operate and function in life. What MOST think they know is based on common knowledge.

That's why experiencing a life of Real Success, Real Harmony, Real Wealth, Real Joy and Real Freedom is so "uncommon."

That's one of many reasons why I do what I do. I do my best to assist those who are "sincere and serious" about creating ENORMOUS change to see that "common knowledge" can NEVER produce "uncommon" results.

In fact "common knowledge" can only keep us "seemingly trapped" within the same stressful cycles regardless of how MUCH or how little we have. That's a difficult and seemingly inescapable cycle to break free from. It's impossible actually, unless and until you decide to expand beyond and break free from the bondage that "common knowledge" keeps us "seemingly trapped" within.

That's why, this month I've decided to write about that AND provide you with a "specialized form of knowledge" in the way of a complimentary audio, that CAN transform your life in REALLY BIG ways if you enable and allow it to.

Call it a "potential stress reduction AND life enhancing gift" from me to you.

If you're experiencing ANY FORM of stress, lack, limitation and you think you CAN'T have what you "truly desire" in life because of ANY of those things I've listed above or something similar, you’ll find IMMENSE insight and ENORMOUS benefit by listening to this "gift" I've decided to include as a part of this months edition of Enlightened Journey.

It's a complimentary copy of Module 1 of The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation. There's no catch and nothing to buy. Just click on the link, fill in your name and e-mail address and I'll send it to you.

If you're feeling "fearful", experiencing any form of stress or pain because you're NOT receiving what you'd truly desire to receive in life and you're "sincere and serious about doing so, listening to the complimentary 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation audio module AND reading the remainder of this edition in it's entirety could assist you in BIG ways.

Perhaps in far bigger ways than you "think it can" right now.

I'll be sending Parts 2 and 3 of this edition over the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled.

The remaining parts of this edition and Module 1 of The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation COULD be of enormous help to you because, as I mentioned, each conveys a bit of the "specialized form of knowledge" that took me the better part of 3 decades to learn, understand, internalize and FINALLY apply.

Let's not get off on the wrong foot though. It CAN only assist YOU, if you choose to "enable and allow" it to.

Unlike much of the hyped up, airy fairy, metaphysical nonsense that's become so prevalent since the release of The Secret in 2006, Module 1 as well as the the other 5 audio modules that make up the full version of The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation, presents things in a very logical, rational, realistic and down to earth kind of way...

...A way that ALWAYS works and provides tangible and measurable results when you DO what it conveys.

I've converged and condensed timeless principles with the latest in scientific discoveries to show those who are "sincere and serious" about creating change, just how possible it is and how "simple" it can be to create WHATEVER size, scope, quality and quantity of change that they are "sincere and serious" about creating.

Module 1 of The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation is quite insightful. It lays the foundational understanding of how powerful and capable YOU are and how as well as WHY so many use that power and capability "unconsciously."

That's why so many "needlessly experience so much stress. They're "unaware" of the power that has been provided to ALL of us without exception. It also includes a wealth of VITALLY IMPORTANT information that reveals how and WHY much of what we "think we know" and believe limits what we can HAVE in life.

How Sincere and Serious Are You About Creating Meaningful and Lasting Change?

Since you're a part of the Enlightened Journey Community combined with the fact that you're still here and have reading this far, I can only assume that you're at least "somewhat" sincere and serious about enhancing the quality of your life. Maybe at this point you're just curious or you're still in the discovery and exploration stage. Maybe you're not quite certain that you CAN be, do and have what you "truly desire" in life.

You can as soon as you become aware of, acknowledge and make a conscious choice to let go of what's keeping you from it...not until.

It's simply a matter of whether you choose to move beyond and let go of, or at the very least, expand upon what you "think you know." That's not optional in the receiving what you "truly desire" equation. It's of vital importance to do it. It is necessary so you might enable and allow yourself to KNOW, not only that you can have what you truly desire, but WHY you can.

Unless and until you know WHY you can and HOW to do it, you won't. You'll keep following and adhering to the "common knowledge" that MOST do. You'll also want, need and desire things your entire life like "most" do too.

I've included Module 1 of The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation in this edition so you might listen to it, hear, learn, grow, internalize, APPLY and perhaps, not enable and allow what you "think you know" to lead you down the "short path to pain" where I and many like me have ventured down.

The short path to pain is the crowded and common path. The Real Freedom path isn't nearly as populated to be sure. But I'll assure you, the scenery is MUCH better. Awesomely and stunningly better.

We get to choose which path we follow. Everything in life is about the choices you make, whether you "think they are" or not.

We each have a choice and we each have the ability to choose from 1 of 2 possibilities...

You can do things the "hard way" or the easy way.

Module 1 of The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation sets the stage and points you toward a MUCH "easier and more simple" path than MOST choose. It points you toward and leads you down, what I like to call The Real Freedom path.

It's an 80 minute audio module which is intended to enhance and expand upon what MOST "think they know" and at the same time sets the stage for revealing how VITALLY IMPORTANT it is to "Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart" so you might Be, Do and Have more of what you desire in life.

It MAY, and hopefully will serve as a tool to lower your stress level a LOT too. That depends on you and what you do with it.

If you like it and decide you'd like to explore deeper and understand more about why things in life turn out as they do, you can get the full version of The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation here and save 40% too.

If you feel compelled, take the time to download and listen to module 1 and decide for yourself. I KNOW it can assist 99% of you in some way, shape or form, even though you may "think you know" differently.

What I KNOW about you and your capability isn't important. It's what you know and do that really matters. I'll enable and allow you to choose and be the judge of that of course.

One thing I know, detrimental, self limiting and self sabotaging forms of stress can become obsolete for you and anyone else who chooses to get out of their head and into their heart.

I'll share more about that in part 2 which you'll be receiving soon. I hope you’ll read it and perhaps become enabled to see, understand and experience for yourself just how “true” it is that getting out of your head and into your heart can change things for you in ways that you can’t possibly conceive or imagine right now.

Maybe you already DO know that. Nonetheless Part 2 may provide you with a nugget or 2 that you aren't fully aware of yet and perhaps it will serve you in some way, shape or form.

We'll take things a step at a time.

The next step is downloading and listening to Module 1 of The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation.

Listen, learn and “apply” the “specialized form of knowledge” that I share in that module. It could prove to be the beginning of a whole new beginning for you.

At the very least, it may show you just how important it is to enable and allow yourself to Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart.

If you'd like to learn more about or acquire the full version of The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation, you can do that here.

That’s enough for today.

Be sure to leave your thoughts and "opinions" in the comment box below, would you?

Here’s to YOU Getting Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart AND Being, Doing and Having what you "Truly Desire" in life.

Connect Soon,

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099
Phone - 405-494-7593
Fax - 405-494-7604

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