Letting go

by Patricia Baize
(Mishawaka, IN, St Josheph)

I love all your lessons. I often thought it was too late because I was too old and that I would have to accept being without. Your lessons have brightened my day and I thank you.

I Love life again.

Thank you


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Jun 27, 2015

by: Chuck

Hi Patricia,

Thank You for sharing your thoughts here.

Your sentiments strike deeply, mean much and stokes the fire that keeps me moving forward in reaching and serving more people like yourself who might "think and believe" that it's EVER "too late."

It NEVER is of course, although based on what we learn throughout life and often buy into and believe, combined with the many "less than desired" experiences we go through as a result of adhering to that approach, it's quite easy to get to the place where we "honestly believe" it is.

It's not, never has been nor will it ever be, supported by a Higher Truth, which is one of many reasons why I'm enormously grateful and at the same time, humbled, that I've been able to reignite a spark of hope for you.

You keep asking, looking and remain open to the ways and means that reveal themselves, which you feel in your "heart of hearts" can keep you moving in the direction of where you desire to get to and that spark will ignite a fire that will further illuminate your path.

One thing I KNOW based on "personal experience", you keep on keeping on and you'll be there before you know it.

Thank You Again for Sharing,


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