God and Quantum Physics

by Hirendra Majumdar
(Fremont, CA, USA)

University of Wisconsin (Go Badgers)

University of Wisconsin (Go Badgers)

Your e-book fascinates me. The ideas are new to me. I am 80, and have several physical ailments. I have always prayed to God for healing and I find that God is slowly healing me. Perhaps, I can speed up the healing process using the techniques in your book (such as consciously visualizing myself as free from these ailments, and believing it wholeheartedly). God has also protected me from several serious traffic accidents this year, in which I and my vehicle escaped untouched, which is another sign of His love and faithfulness.
Thank you for pointing me to Quantum Physics, which, when correctly applied, can meet all my needs. I have asked myself the question: Can I explain God based on Quantum Physics alone? Possibly not. The same God who created the universe also responds to my prayers without fail because He is love. Additionally, He is infinite intelligence, and Quantum Physics is but a part of this. I also believe that His infinite intelligence led me to your e-book wherein I can find simple solutions to my old-age physical impairment (remove stress, no popping pills from the billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry).
I will return to these pages as and when infinite intelligence reveals to me additional inspiration.

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