Going After The Prize

By Chuck Danes

When I sat down to write 'Going After the Prize', I did so with the hope and intention of effectively conveying to those who are open and receptive to the words within it, that as we move ever closer toward what we personally view as "the prize", (whatever that might be) it's of vital importance to keep in mind and never forget what "the ultimate prize" truly is.

Due to the hustle and bustle nature of life, losing sight of that and "forgetting" is something that's quite easy to do.

I share what I do here, because, like everything I write about and share with you, it's based on personal experience. As it relates to Going After the Prize" specifically, as I often state, "I've been there and done that."

With that in mind, I'm going to ask that you take a few moments to watch and listen to the video below, prior to reading further.

Perhaps it will better set the stage for and provide more meaning to what follows.

"Don't Miss Your Life" - Phil Vassar

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Now, on to the written portion of "Going After the Prize"...

If you could change one thing in your life; I mean anything at all, what would that be?

Although I can't know what your answer is, or what drew you here specifically, there's one thing I do know about you. It's not limited to you exclusively. The fact is, it applies to you, me and everyone else...regardless.

That one thing is, as we make our way through life, we each hold a common desire. That "common desire" we each have is, to be, do and/or have more of something.

Even though your personal hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations might be different than mine or those of another, you could say, in some way, shape or form, we're ALL going after something we view as "the prize", however we define that individually.

Now I'm not a gambling man and never have been. But I'd be willing to bet a thousand dollars (Heck, let's go for a hundred, or even two hundred thousand) that you are too right? You have a desire to be, do and/or have more of something and whatever that is, that's your prize, right?

Do you really want it? I mean REALLY REALLY want it...for real?

Well, fasten your seat belt because I'm going to reveal how you can not only get whatever prize you "consciously desire", but the prize you and ALL of us "truly desire."

And yes, in many cases there is a huge difference between what we "think we want" and what we "truly desire" more of.

First Let's Get Clear On and Define What Going After The Prize Means For You

Maybe what you're going for doesn't seem like a prize at all. I mention that, because for some, going after the prize in the way I'm referring to it here, means nothing more than basic survival and getting by.

That can be difficult to look at and see as a "prize." But it is in a sense. The reason WHY it is, is because it doesn't matter where you are or what you're experiencing currently. It could be a lot worse right?

I mean let's face it. If you're broke, is there something worse than that?

Absolutely. You could be diagnosed with a serious life threatening illness. Which would you pick? Having more money or being sick? The point is there are many things in life that are worse than being broke.

So even if you're currently in survival mode and just getting by, and the prize you're after is nothing more than a hundred extra bucks to get you through the week, that's still your prize.

Let's shift to the other end of the prize spectrum.

For others, going after the prize might mean really big achievements of one form or another. For some fame. For others fortune. For still others, something else. Point being, it doesn't matter what going after the prize means for you really. We're ALL going after some prize...regardless.

Ultimately though, our desired prize; the real prize that we "truly desire"; as unique, individual and varying as they might "seem" on the surface, really boils down to one thing. Although the labels are many, that one thing is that we all want to experience Happiness and Prosperity.

Does that hold true for you? If you thought you could have happiness and prosperity would you want it? Would you take it? Would you go for it if you knew you could have it?

Here's a REALLY IMPORTANT question...

What do you "think" happiness and prosperity is? What is your personal definition? Have you ever thought about it? I mean REALLY thought about it.

We all have our individual perspectives regarding what Happiness and Prosperity are and what they mean to us for sure. But many haven't ever really thought about WHAT that is specifically, so they don't REALLY know what their definition of Happiness and Prosperity is.

Most define it as "more."

My personal perspective regarding both happiness and prosperity has shifted; or at the least been greatly enhanced over the years. But not before walking some paths that revealed what prosperity WASN'T, even though I REALLY and TRULY "thought it was." I had an idea and knew what I wanted more of, but after I got it I found that it wasn't Real, Whole and Deeply Satisfying Prosperity.

Once I "arrived" and had achieved what my idea of prosperity was at the time, to my dismay I discovered that I definitely wasn't happy.

I often look back on and think deeply about that initial perspective I held. In reflecting back, my initial definition of Prosperity was acquiring and amassing material wealth and all the stuff I could get my hands on. I was pretty good at it too. Really good actually. I "chose to get and BE really good at it because I thought that material prosperity would automatically provide "happiness."

Because of my predominant focus, I reached what many today believe to be and would label as the pinnacle of success.

Bottom line, I made A LOT of money. Once I did, I acquired a lot of toys, traveled in 5 star style, did this, did that...yadda, yadda, yadda.

But what I discovered and realized after getting there, is that it didn't provide what I "thought and believed" that it would. I made a lot of money, got some stuff and even got to do a lot of traveling, but I still didn't feel very prosperous and I certainly wasn't happy.

Not a deeply satisfying and long term from of happiness.

It looked like "prosperity and happiness" on the outside, but it felt more like lack, pain and occasionally like I was dying a slow death on the inside.

And yes, I set and kept my sights on my perception of prosperity. I focused on getting it, set out to claim it, worked really hard as I moved toward it and actually received what I had defined and thought was "my prize."

But once I got it, I found that something was still missing. There was still a void. A BIG one.

You could say, that although I made a lot of money and acquired a lot of stuff, prosperity and long term happiness still eluded me.

What I discovered, although very simple, at the same time it's quite profound, may prove to be immensely transformational and could assist you in getting really clear and focused on achieving real prosperity and long term happiness far quicker and in a far more simple way than I and many like me have.

How so?

Well...I've since discovered that my perception and the choices I made based on those perceptions, in my attempt to reach what I thought at the time would enable me to FINALLY experience happiness and prosperity, were very "blind and short sighted choices."

They provided a piece of the Happiness and Prosperity puzzle, but there were MANY pieces still missing.

Although those past choices did lead to making a lot of money and getting some "stuff", they didn't actually provide what I thought they would.

I'm far from alone in that discovery.

I've since found that A LOT of people (MOST actually) do the very same thing. Many of the people who I personally consult, coach, connect, and communicate with today, have personally experienced and arrived at the very same conclusion.

You could say we made "blind choices" based on a limited perspective as we engaged, we're going after and doing our best to make our individual prize real.

We "thought and honestly believed" that what we chose to do and actually did would provide it. But then we found that it didn't.

I suppose the simplest and most succinct way to describe it would be to say that our perspectives and our beliefs were misaligned or disharmonious with achieving what we "truly desired" without realizing it at the time.

So, I'm going to ask you...

  • Are you where you want to be in life?

  • I mean are you really and truly at the place in life where you "truly desire" to be?

  • More specifically, are you experiencing prosperity and happiness in every area of your life?

  • Can you say with total honesty and confidence that you absolutely LOVE every aspect of your life?

If you're not, are you open and willing to admit at this point that the choices you have made, are making and will make can always be improved upon and enhanced so you can experience that?

That's what we're going to be discussing here.

Maybe what I have to share can assist you in getting really clear on, defining, going after and making your "prosperity choices" in a way that is more aligned and harmonious with what you "truly desire."

Rather than doing what I and many like me have done, because we "thought and believed" we knew what prosperity was, only to discover many years later that it wasn't "really and truly" what we thought it was at all, I'm going to introduce you to and point you toward what I've found to be the "short path" to a kind and quality of Happiness and Prosperity that never fades or wavers.

You with me here? Does that make sense?

I'm definitely not here to tell you what happiness and prosperity is, isn't, should or shouldn't be for you. What I am here to do is assist you in bypassing what I call the "long path" and point you to the shortest path I'm aware of for achieving Real and Lasting Prosperity.

Then if it makes sense to you and it feels right, you can begin walking that path too, if you choose to.

Are we on the same page?

I suppose the "main thing" I hope to do is to assist you in getting what you really and truly want in the quickest way possible. At the same time, maybe what I share will enable you to eliminate any potential future regrets that I've found so many unknowingly and unwittingly choose as they navigate toward the individual prize that they "think they want" only to find that it didn't lead to or provide what we ALL without exception "truly desire."

Now you might be thinking that what you want and what you truly desire are one and the same thing. That's what I used to think, but it's not. In MOST cases it's not.

How so?

Because, unbeknownst to many, there are 2 ways to look at happiness and prosperity. One way is to move toward it based on what you think you know and the other is a much bigger picture view of what happiness and prosperity really is.

What it REALLY and truly is.

So what does the big picture view of this happiness and prosperity picture look like?

Quite simply, in this bigger picture view, happiness and prosperity (The Real Prize that we're ALL attempting to get) entails achieving physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual harmony.

That's REAL prosperity. That's also what enables and allows Real Happiness to not only become, but remain a way of life long term.

Do you see that? And if you do, are you ready for some of that? Are you ready to actually experience it?

If so, stay with me, follow along, remain attentive and I'll do my best to point you in the direction where I know you can find it.


Let's set the stage...

First of all, it's a very common thing in our busy and hectic world for people who have big hopes, dreams and visions for their life (or even those who consistently struggle just to make ends meet) to sometimes get so caught up in "trying so hard" to create success or simply survive, that they often lose sight of and forget how to live.

Really live I mean.

All guilty parties please raise your hand.

I'll be the first to step up and raise my own hand because, as I've shared, I've been there and done that personally.

Now that I've stepped up, I'll ask you the same. Do you find yourself always busy doing this and busy doing that, thinking about doing this thing, that thing or this other thing and find yourself with little or no time to really enjoy and savor life?

Or are you always thinking about, talking about and perhaps even stressing, anxious and maybe even freaking out about what you don't have and think you need rather than slowing down, tuning in and being grateful for what you DO already have?

And if so do you find that you never get any further, barely ever get past beating yourself up and maybe to some degree find that you're consistently worrying about what tomorrow holds?

Hey, if so you are definitely NOT alone. But that's precisely what creates what I like to call "life blindness" and has life passing so many by without them ever getting what they want and without ever realizing that life is passing them by.

But it is and it does. And once they discover it, it's often too late to change it. Not always but often.

I can't know specifically where you currently are in life or what your currently desired prize might be. For me it was creating success. What I perceived as being success at the time I mean. In my mind I was going for BIG success and I was determined to do whatever it took to get there.

I spent MANY years DOING just that.

Now on the surface that may seem to be a commendable goal and to an extent it is. I certainly thought it was. That's why I was always working really hard, always busy, always doing whatever it took to move toward and create what I "believed" at the time to be "success." And yes, doing all that stuff is part of what enabled me to get the money and stuff I mentioned earlier.

And I did get there because that was my desired prize and I did what it took based on what I thought was necessary. And believe me, what I thought was necessary aligned perfectly with what it did take to achieve material success and I'll assure you that was PLENTY.

Once I "got there" I found that it wasn't the prize I really wanted at all. It's definitely NOT where I wanted to stay. I definitely enjoyed "part of it" for sure. What I discovered through it all though, is that I had missed so many of the "truly important" things in life in my attempts to "get" what I wanted, yet later discovered to be only a very small part of what I truly desired.

Maybe the prize you're looking toward currently, is to simply survive and get by. Maybe you'rr working really hard, always busy, always doing whatever it takes to create and make sure you do survive?

That's what most everyone is doing regardless of how they view their prize. It doesn't matter if it's BIG success or mere survival and getting by.

In either case, whether it's going for BIG success or mere survival, ultimately, at some point in time, most find or at least think that life is passing or has passed them by.

They also find at some point, that they didn't get to do what they truly wanted to do because they were always busy chasing this, chasing that, doing this, doing that only to find that the entire time they had been overlooking the important "stuff."

I know in my own personal life in years past that I could sometimes get so hung up focusing on and chasing this "all important prize of BIG success" that I forgot how to enjoy the game. Put another way I got so caught up and focused on winning the race that I forgot how to slow down long enough to even look at, let alone enjoy and savor the scenery along the way.

Can you relate? If you're still reading this, chances are better than good that you can.

And if you can, you already know that we can get so involved, in such a hurry, so focused, so busy and so anxious about manifesting the end result; what we honestly believe and truly think is the prize, regardless of how big or small it might be, that the scenery just whizzes by in a non-distinguishable flash.

And based on my own experience, before you know it; in what "seems like" the blink of an eye, you’re looking up and wondering where all those years went.

We find ourselves asking, "Where did life go?"

And many...most actually look back at what they wanted to do, what they could have done, what they should have done yet didn't do, or in some cases what they did do based on blind and short sighted choices but still, as a result, they feel regret.

And they also all have one other thing in common. They all say how life passed them by. That the years were a flash and that 10, 20, 30, 40 or more years "seem like" the blink of an eye.

I think you'll agree...a number of years doing this or that, whether to create "perceived success" or mere survival that ultimately leads to regret is NOT a "good place" to be.

It certainly doesn't provide prosperity and happiness regardless of how much "money and stuff" you might have acquired along the way.

I'm far from alone in that observation. I not only know, fully understand and have experienced what that’s like personally, I interact with and assist countless others from all over the world who have as well. People from all cultures and all walks of life.

Maybe you're there now or beginning to realize just how true that is for yourself. If you're not there yet, take just a minute and think back 2, 5, 10 or even 20 years and think about something that you thought of doing, really wanted to do and maybe even really meant to do beginning from whatever time frame you chose, but you still haven't done it yet.

Now come back to now. Does it seem like yesterday or somewhere close when you first thought about it?

If it doesn't "seem that way" to you yet, it will at some point.

Now, whatever time period you chose to look back on, what was there that you wanted to do, didn't do, but really wish you HAD done?

Is it more time with the kids or the family? Is it traveling? Is it starting that business that you've "thought" so much about. There are an infinite number of possibilities so I'll just ask you specifically.

What is it for you? What is it that you wish you'd done but haven't yet got around to doing? When did that initial desire surface that you wanted to do but didn't?

How much time has actually passed and how long does it seem like it was? The blink of an eye right?

Do you feel regret or at the least have strong feelings that you should have done it by now or at least wish you would have?

If so, for now, don't worry about it. Just for now. Because it happens to A LOT of people and as far as the time passing in what seems like the blink of an eye, that applies to ALL of us and will become a reality at some point...regardless of where you are now.

No exceptions.

But you have to slow down long enough to think about it sometimes. Really think about it.

And once you're aware of it, if you truly desire to change things and actually get done what you hoped and wish you had, but didn't, it's going to be necessary to do something in the future that you DIDN'T do in the past.

As I sit and write this, I think back to what seems like yesterday when my kids were all still at home. I recall the sounds of their little feet pitter pattering around the house, hearing those occasional giggles moving from room to room; and those occasional short lived arguments that would seem to come out of nowhere because something didn't go exactly as one of them thought it should.

Those memories are many. They're very fond memories that go way way back and span the course of many years. But as I think back and reflect on these memories, even many years ago, it "seems like" yesterday. Although it's only been a few years since my youngest son went out to explore the world on his own, that "seems like" yesterday too.

Although I knew that was inevitable, somehow the years got by me much quicker than I thought they would or even believed they could for that matter.

And I don't mind saying, I miss those days. I miss all the cute little things they said and the many hilarious little occurrences that they were a part of, many of which they weren't even aware that I observed.

As I think back and reflect, I realize there's MANY more things that I wanted to do with and FOR them, yet I didn't actually get around to DOING them.

Ok, back to going after the prize.

Although I did get to experience and savor some of those precious and memorable moments over the years, at the same time I can't help but wonder how many of those moments I missed unnecessarily, overlooked or simply didn't take the time to slow down a bit and do, because I was "too busy" and so fixated on what I thought was the "real prize" at that time.

It's not so much a wonder as if I'm wallowing in the past in remorse or regret, because I'm not. But admittedly, on occasion the "human side of me" ponders those days at times, wondering how I might have been there more and made it "better" for all of us.

That's why I do what I do today.

I made a commitment a number of years ago to do the best I'm able to make life "better" for anyone who's willing to listen and who truly desires to be, do and/or have more of what they "truly desire" in life. It's actually my passion to show and assist people to DO things differently than they have been, so they might achieve more of what they "truly desire" to be, do and/or have more of.

And I do so by reflecting on, using and conveying my own experiences to assist anyone who is willing, in doing that with the hope and intention that I might play a role in helping them to eliminate any possible future regrets.

That's why you're reading this right now. It's the best way I'm able and know how to do that.

I certainly can't go back and redo things in my own past. Neither can you. But you CAN make a choice to do things differently starting right here, right now so you might HAVE what you do "truly desire" at some future point in time.

That way there's no regret, no remorse or no constantly thinking about, anxious about, worrying about what you could or should have done or what you could or should do but aren't.

That's how it came to be that I'm doing what I do today. It's also what enables me to achieve and "get done" what I thought about and wanted to do for many years but didn't get around to because I was so focused on what I thought to be the "ultimate prize" which was BIG success.

I was too busy focusing on my desired prize and so busy that I missed A LOT of other things that I "thought about, talked about and really and truly wanted to do, but didn't actually do anything about.

I thought I couldn't at the time. Looking back, I realize that I COULD have all along.

So this is the best way I know to make sure that I know to eliminate any possible "future regret" and make certain that I achieve what I've since defined as my "Soul Purpose." It's the best way I know to keep moving forward, keep on keepin on and hopefully make a meaningful and significant difference for you and as many others as I possibly can along the way.

Although I do so for you and for anyone else who's willing to listen, learn and benefit from my experiences, I do it equally for myself.

Because I've discovered what the "real prize" is for me, what's truly important and what I truly value today. And it plays a HUGE role in bringing happiness, harmony and fulfillment in my own life and the lives of many others at the same time.

That's why I share what I do now. To perhaps provide a bit of my personal insights to you based on my own experience, with the hope and intention that I might provide you with the opportunity to experience more of what you value most too.

Maybe for you that means engaging and experiencing more of those cherished times with those you love, who are extra special to you. Maybe it's something else altogether different for you.

Regardless, I do what I do for you and for those that you might not be currently considering or thinking about as much as you will someday, after you've finished going after and maybe even "getting" what you currently "think and believe" is your prize.

Maybe you know that applies to you currently and maybe you think it doesn't. Maybe you already know that it will impact your life in some way and maybe you think it won't.

I can't know what you're thinking or what you believe. But what I do know, based on my own experience as well as the experiences of countless others, is that someday it will.

Something else I do know, is that the things that are important…I mean REALLY REALLY important are the things that we can sometimes; with all the best intentions, tend to temporarily put aside or even unknowingly take for granted as we progress toward attaining our treasured prize.

MANY do just that, all the while thinking and justifying to ourselves, “Well…it's only temporary and I'll get around to it someday" or "Hey, I'm doing this for them so they'll understand.”

Believe me when I tell you, I KNOW that it can prove to be a constant balancing act sometimes. Sometimes even, as it often was for me as well as many others I know, it can get damn frustrating at times.

Don't get me wrong…there’s nothing wrong with wanting and going after the BIG prize. It's a commendable trait in my opinion. Because to truly win in life, to be able to fully enjoy life and experience what we all desire, it’s essential to take action.

It's an important, essential and necessary part of winning the game.

And although we all have desires; although those desires do vary from person to person, at some point we all come to the realization that what we really wanted all along and were really and truly attempting to attain is physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual harmony.

Yet so few ever do.

I had (and still do have) a desire to win BIG at the game like I think most everybody does. I have a desire, like everyone else to be, do and have more.

But at some point I think it's also important to come to the realization that spending the majority of your life and the short time we have here staying focused and fixated on acquiring the material prize, whether in large or small quantities, isn't nearly as important as many “believe” that it is.

Nor is it nearly as important to attain as it sometimes "seems" once you achieve whatever it is that you've set out to do.

Because as we all find at some point, there's always more.

Once you get there, once you attain or achieve this “thing” whatever it might be, there will always be something else…something bigger…something better…something that you might currently believe will make you happy once you have it just like the many things before it which never delivered, long term, the sense of security, satisfaction, wholeness or completion that you “thought” it would.

And the reason is simple.

Buckle up because we're going to make a "radical shift" here.

It's because the real prize; I'm talking about The REAL prize that we ALL "truly desire"; the prize that underlies all this doing and getting isn’t anything physical.

What that is though, is a sense of completion. Completion isn’t achieved or attained by doing this or doing that or amassing and accumulating “physical stuff.”

Completion is something that happens and is experienced on the inside. It has never, is never and will never be achieved through creating and acquiring things on the “outside.”

Real Happiness, Real Prosperity and a sense of completion is why we do whatever it is we do. It's why we often work so hard to get whatever it might be that we focus on and set out to get. Most are just doing it blindly without realizing what it is that they "truly do" want out of life.

Achievement and making progress in life is a part of it for sure. But at some point, what most “perceive” the real prize to be is going to go away like all material things do.

What is important…extremely important…is thinking about and becoming conscious and keenly aware of the needless, unnecessary sacrifices that so many have made; that you might be making currently, or at some future point in time will make if you take your eyes off of what we all really and truly desire and you; whether knowingly or unknowingly let your priorities get out of order.

If you allow whatever it might be that you’re doing as you work toward attaining whatever your desired prize is; if you enable and allow it to dominate all your time and attention and, whether knowingly or unknowingly forget about those things and/or people that you love and value most, you're going to look back one day and know in an all too painful kind of way, EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

I'm not just blindly rambling here. I speak from experience. I was engaged in a career for years that dominated ALL my time. I found myself seeking the BIG success prize 12, 14, sometimes 16 or more hours per day 6 days per week based on what I had been taught and "honestly believed" the "ultimate prize" was.

But guess what? What I had been taught and honestly believed was necessary to be happy and successful in life turned out NOT to be the Real Prize at all. It provided some money and stuff for sure, but it didn't provide happiness, harmony or Real Success in any way, shape or form.

Not even close.

As I learned by personally walking this "long path" that I chose, success isn’t about money and things in and of themselves. Success is about creating happiness and harmony in life...

Physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually...period.

I “woke up” one day after many years of spending the majority of my “time” attempting to acquire this form of “perceived success” before I realized that. It's what I refer to today as a form of illusionary success that I've found most are blindly and anxiously chasing after, only to realize at some point that it wasn't what they were truly looking for.

That can be both a sobering and an eye opening experience when you come to that realization.

Like so many in our hustle and bustle world do today, I spent many hours a day for many years of my life chasing after the material prize. Won it many times too. Made a lot of money, lost a lot of money. Made more, lost more. Had a lot of toys, lost a lot of toys.

Did we enjoy them? Sure. But as I reflect and ask myself, were the missed ball games, being the absentee parent at many of the school functions, or missing those precious Halloween nights once a year taking your little Spider Man and Princess from door to door to get their treasured little candy treats worth it?

Was the constant mental, emotional and physical drain I experienced by remaining focused on and chasing the money and stuff prize really worth it?

For me it wasn’t. For many others who I connect and communicate with it wasn't either.

What I've since discovered in my own life is that those who I claimed to be doing it for didn't want what I thought they did either. I found that what I could give TO them and what I might do FOR them materially, wasn't nearly as important as I thought it was.

What they REALLY wanted was ME being there for them.

I'm not talking about just physically being there. I'm talking about being FULLY there. Being fully attentive, receptive and 100% present when I was there and showing them, in the best and most meaningful way, how much I loved, appreciated and cared for them.

Until I came to the realization that although you can achieve a level of “material success” or some other exclusively focused on goal, hope, dream or desire, chasing, and struggling and putting your all into it, working long and hard to acquire it, there’s more to it than that. There's more to life than that.

So much more.

And I've also discovered there's a much easier and far more fulfilling way to achieve it and still experience the harmony and balance in other vitally and equally important life areas than most understand or are even aware of for that matter.

That way is developing the internal harmony; a way of being that happens and takes place inside. It's a way of BEING that enables, allows and creates the external having without having to scrape, struggle, sacrifice and work so hard to get it.

And it's a way of being that keeps your priorities in order and enables you to also do and have what you "truly desire to do and have.

It enables you to attain the material prize without neglecting the REALLY IMPORTANT aspects of life, without having to blindly make so many unnecessary sacrifices or experience the many potential regrets that so many experience in their lives at some point in time.

Anyone can achieve it if they're willing to become sincere and serious, choose to and follow through on it.

Here’s the conclusion I’ve personally come to…

In life, time is the real prize. Having, being willing and able to take and spend the time to do what you love with who you love. Being able to spend your time doing whatever it might be that you love and value most.

That's the REAL prize.

Although many of us go after the material prize, whether it's for basic survival or in large quantity, I think at some point most discover as I did, it's not really the material prize you're after as much as you might think, but rather having the time and ability to share and enjoy life with those you love.

That's the REAL prize. So I guess a really important thing to think about and consider as you’re chasing your own prize is how much time does it take away from what matters to you most? Are you neglecting or taking for granted the "really" important things as you go "out there" and do whatever it is that you do to get it?

If you have no one to share your prize with once you've got it in your hands; someone to celebrate your victory with you once you cross the finish line; someone to share and savor the fruits of your labor with you, the material prize really doesn't mean a thing. The same goes for mental, emotional and physical health.

Without those, all the money in the world won't do you a bit of good as it pertains to achieving Real Happiness and Real Harmony in life.

You can always spend and always get more money. But when you blindly spend your time, it's spent and you can never regain it.

So my recommendation to you, as I recommend to so many around the world, is to become really conscious about how you might be spending your time. If you find that what you think you want is narrowly focused, you might strongly consider expanding it, and if necessary making some new life choices to achieve it.

By all means go for the prize but become consciously aware and think about what it takes to get it. Make certain that you remember and understand that the Real Prize is really about love and happiness…both the giving and receiving.

The bottom line is, it’s never the material prize we’re after in and of itself, but the feelings that we believe having the prize will provide once we’re standing there holding it in our hands.

The Ultimate prize in life is really all about having, expressing, giving and experiencing love and happiness and then filling in the other areas.

That’s where a “true” and lasting sense of harmony, happiness, fulfillment and a sense of completion comes from.

Although I'm well aware that a lot of people have to figure that out for themselves as I and so many like me have, the material prize and all the other "stuff" in and of itself can’t and won’t ever give you that.

Never has, never will.

Love, Abundance, Happiness and fulfillment comes from within. It has nothing to do with having and has everything to do with “Being.“

Once you develop the ability to align and harmonize your internal way of being with your externally desired prize, you’ll discover that it comes to you in far simpler and faster ways. It’s not necessary to chase it or struggle to acquire it. In fact those factors can and will keep it from you, or at best make it "seem as if" it's much more difficult to acquire than is "truly necessary."

Be love…be abundant…be happy…and you’ll find that you’ll become complete and better enabled and empowered to do and have whatever your heart desires.

Find the "prize" within, share it with others and everything on the outside will fall into place.

If you’ll only choose to do that, you’ll find that you don’t have to “chase” the prize or anything else. In fact, you’ll start attracting it.

Coming to that realization could save you many years of toil, a lot of heartache, unnecessary anguish, any future remorse or regret and WILL make all the difference in every aspect of your life…physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

When you understand that, you can consciously and effectively harmonize those pillars of your life. And if you choose to do so, you’ll know what “happiness, harmony, wholeness and completion” really and truly is.

Achieving that; getting that and experiencing that is what I personally choose to refer to as Real Abundance, Real Happiness, Real Harmony and Real Freedom.

That's the Real Prize.

If what I've shared here makes sense to you. If you currently find yourself "seemingly stuck", or in some way out of balance and unable to focus on or attain whatever it might be that you value most as you navigate your life path, chasing whatever your prize might be, I can assist you with that.

I do so through a publication called the Enlightened Journey Newsletter. Enlightened Journey is a free publication sent out each month that will lay a firm foundation and guide you step by step toward whatever your prize might be yet still enable you to maintain the harmony and balance that everyone in life desires yet which so few know how to achieve.

Not because they can't, but rather because they blindly choose not to.

Enlightened Journey is a very unique newsletter. It's actually a personal empowerment publication that provides clear, insightful and effective steps for moving forward and experiencing whatever it might be that you "truly desire" and truly value in life.

Doing so is quite simple. In the form below, simply fill in your name, e-mail address and the country you reside in and we'll take care of the rest.

In addition, you'll receive a complimentary copy of my latest e-book titled "The Miracle of You and Your Cells" which provides a rock solid foundation to build upon as well as an uncommon understanding regarding life and yourself that's sure to assist you in being, doing and having whatever your "prize" might be.

You don't have to go it alone. Becoming a part of the Enlightened Journey Global Community will enable you, I and many others just like us from all around the world to walk the path together that leads to where you; where we ALL "truly desire" to be.

So go ahead, take the first step, fill in the form below right now and I'll see you on the other side.

One more thing.

Prepare to get empowered.

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