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The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness
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Higher Balance Foundation Guided Meditation System

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"Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom." -Buddha

You've been introduced to the key for unlocking the sixth sense which is and always has been available to you. You have been shown the lock that has kept you from experiencing that which you came here to experience and has always been available and provided to you as your birthright. You have now been provided with everything required that will open the doors to Deeper Understanding, Heightened Awareness, Profound Inner Peace and "Completion." You only need to decide if you will insert the key that has been provided to you and turn it.

I Cannot Do That For You

I can only show you the way. I've done just that to the best of my ability. The rest is up to you.

Don’t confuse the map with the territory. The information that you have been provided only shows you the pathway to achieve the "Completion" that all are seeking. It is you that must choose if that path is the one that you will follow. Should you choose to, you'll soon discover that the things of this physical world are only a bi-product of rediscovering and fulfilling your true purpose and mission in life.

The money, health, relationships and harmony that so many seek is only made possible as a result of awakening to and discovering "The Truth" of who you really are, "On The Inside."

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System will assist you in awakening to, rediscovering and understanding your "true purpose" for being here and once rediscovered assist you in regaining the clarity necessary for fulfilling and bringing into physical manifestation that which you discover, regardless of what may currently "appear" to be going on in the physical world around you.

By keeping your predominant focus on the vision and purpose that you discover as yours, the process of creation in it’s predictable, non-prejudice, unfailing and unwavering certainty will manifest and bring into the physical world through a transmutation of energy which you create and project through your thoughts and emotions, the transformation and manifestation of that which you envision.

You have been shown the way. You have been provided with the direction that will allow you to experience it. But it's YOU who must make the choice to take the steps and walk the path that has been provided and pointed out to you.

No one else can choose that for you. You have been provided with an inalienable right of free will to decide for yourself.

Whatever choice you make, I wish for you peace, limitless blessings, and a profound awakening. I wish for you the "COMPLETION" that you are and have been seeking.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness system provides the means that will allow you to enter into, fully understand and experience it for yourself. What you choose to do or not do with it will determine your future results. Only you can know what is best for you. Regardless of what you may choose, it's my sincere hope that you will enjoy, be fulfilled and prosper throughout the remainder of your journey.

"Namaste’ My Friend"

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PS- Although we have done our best in explaining the life shifting experience you will have by using the Foundation Guided Meditation System, our explanations no matter how much we may try can even begin to come close to accurately describing the actual experience that meditation provides. Experiencing it for yourself is the ONLY possible way that you can fully grasp and comprehend the incredible and life enhancing power that this system holds.

If you have ANY doubts or apprehension whatsoever as to how the Foundation Guided Meditation System can enhance and transform your life and your understanding in a profound and positive way, be sure to check out the testimonials from those who have discovered and experienced it first hand.

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