The Guy Finley Collection

Guy Finley Spiritual Wisdom

Profound Spiritual Wisdom For Deeper Understanding, Awakening and Transforming Every Aspect Of Your Life From One Of America's Most Insightful and Trusted Spiritual Teachers

The Guy Finley Collection takes you on an exciting and wisdom filled journey into discovering the real truth concerning who and what you truly are and the capabilities that you already possess to create and experience a life of limitless potential, meaning and purpose. Through this extensive library of self awakening you will discover that you have been provided far greater power than most can fathom and that it is due to this unconsciousness that keeps you stuck in the seemingly impassable void of lack, limitation, struggle and discord. The Guy Finley Collection will awaken and guide you through the maze of deeper understanding enabling you to clearly see and initiate the unstoppable power that you possess but have not yet been made aware of. Now you will be.

The Guy Finley Collection

The Secrets Of Being Unstoppable

Secrets of Being Unstoppable clearly reveals that hidden deep within you is an unstoppable power.

Unstoppable in relationships. Unstoppable in business. Unstoppable in revelation. Unstoppable in every aspect of life.

This power is so extraordinary that even just a brief glimpse of its infinite potential reveals the possibility of touching the stars themselves. Its stirring inspires us to change as we must to realize the purpose of our own being.

In his empowering new audio program Secrets of Being Unstoppable, best-selling author Guy Finley will lead you, step by step, to a new understanding of how you can make a permanent connection with a deep, renewable well of higher energy hidden within you.

Liberation Of Consciousness

In this extraordinary series of talks Guy Finley shows how Real Life emerges from an eternal fountain of new beginnings, and goes on to explain - step by step - how each of us can recover and realize an effortless spontaneity and joy in life by releasing the mind from the unseen shackles of its own conditioned thinking.

If you've wished to meet each moment without carrying over past pains... To have relationships that are always vital and exciting... To feel a passion and enthusiasm for each new day... To love life again... Then the Liberation of Consciousness is what you've been waiting for!

The Illusion Of Limitation
The Limitation Of Self

The core of your being -- heart, mind, and body -- holds within it a consciousness capable of realizing a world without limitations; a life unfettered by any fear, empowered by a Living Light, and renewed everyday by timeless Love. It is our unique possibility as human beings to know this Gift of gifts, to not only realize the kingdom of this higher consciousness within us but, for our entrance into it, to be liberated from a life of unending problems and enter into one of unending promise.

The liberation of self is, and always has been, the aim of the true spiritual path. For thousands of years seekers and aspirants have been invited by Truth to transform themselves -- to turn their indwelling potential into a divine reality.

This is your invitation to be one of the few.

The Meditative Life

Modern physicists now confirm what the Wise Ones have always known: we live in many worlds at once. And yet, for most of us, our awareness is limited only to that world that we can touch with our senses. But we are not meant to dwell in a single dimension of time and space, any more than an eagle is created to fly while holding one of its talons to the ground.

"The Meditative Life" by best-selling author Guy Finley offers so much more than just pleasing descriptions of the many, silent, sentient worlds within us; it provides all that we need to know to enter into these invisible realms, and to develop a conscious relationship with them on a moment to moment basis.

Living Now
Secrets of the Extraordinary Life

Have you ever longed to explore the depths of your True Self -- to touch the Eternal? This is your chance to learn the Way.

The ability to do, to act in the Now and not fall into fear, doubt, or other self-limiting states is one and the same as the power to live in the perfectly present moment.

In Living Now you are shown the secrets of how to enter into direct relationship with the grand principles of kindness, compassion, freedom, peace, and love so they not only guide your thoughts, but your actions as well.

The Education Of Soul

The Education Of Soul
Answering the Longing for Immortality

The Education Of Soul is the definitive transformational curriculum. This comprehensive program distills the fundamental concepts that form the core of the invisible spiritual curriculum. "Education of the Soul" is an unparalleled collection of wisdom that can be understood at many levels, making it suitable for beginners and long-time students. With each listening, the student encounters a deeper layer of meaning.

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