by Anonymous

Hi Chuck,

Thank you for taking the time to write these news letters.

Where to begin...prior to stumbling across your web site I have been using Brain Wave Entrainment and this really opened my mind to things.

That's why I started looking at Quantum Physics and that lead me to Quantum Energy.

Like you I do not subscribe to a structured Religion. I have found reading many things that the Source, God Creator, what ever name you wish to use, all arrives back at the same.

To me that is the Universal Energy that I perceive to be Quantum.

I now realize that we are all Quantum, and as such; like you say, both Creator and co-creator of our past and our future. I no longer see myself as the victim nor blame anyone else for what happens to me or has happened to me.

I am getting to a place where I want to be now, still not quite sure if I know what I want beyond the normal financial security.

When I achieve this I will be ready to pass on what I have learned to help others come to a better understanding of what I have done.

All in All I am ready to take the Quantum jump of faith and understanding now.

Thanks again. Good reading the Ebook. (The Miracle of You and Your Cells)

Still reading and digesting bits at a time.

Chuck's response to anonymous...

Hello Anonymous,

I apologize if that sounds a bit "cold" but it's the only name I have to go by. :)

You're very welcome and Thank You for taking the time to share and express yourself here.

It's my hope, intention and "Soul Purpose" to perhaps play a role through my work and assist you in some way, shape or form in reaching wherever and/or whatever it might be that you desire to be, do and have more of.

Based on what you've shared here, I believe that future editions of the newsletter as well as what I share throughout the site can assist you with that.

That's my hope and why I do what I do.

Again, thank you for taking the time to share and if I can be of assistance, let me know and I'll do all I'm able.

The Very Best For You as You Move Forward,


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