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The Higher Truth About Who's Right and Who's Wrong

It Doesn't Matter What You Choose to Believe, Think and Do. You,
Me and EVERYONE Else ALWAYS, in ALL Ways "Get to Be Right"

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly. - Albert Einstein

Most people in the world (emphasis on most) have varying ideas, beliefs, perspectives and opinions about any number of things that they claim are right, wrong, good, bad, evil, saintly etc.etc., based on their unique view of the world.

To keep things simple, let's use a topic that's gained global recognition in the past decade.

Namely, the Law of Attraction.

It’s a “funny thing”, (in the most profound sense of the word) that some believe in and KNOW that what’s been recently “relabeled and repackaged” as The Law of Attraction, exists and is VERY REAL. There are those on the other hand who “think they know” it’s not real at all.

In other words, in their mind they KNOW it's not real.

Let's go beyond the "label" and esoteric nature of The Law of Attraction and relate it to "tangible and measurable" stuff.

There are those who think, believe and claim to KNOW that money is evil, that sex is bad and believe that anyone who "gives in to the lust of the flesh" and "falls victim" to them are going to an "unpleasant place." There are also those that KNOW that both money and sex serve a "good purpose", are awesome "gifts" that we have the ability to use, enjoy and benefit from.

Those are only a few of MANY, tangible as well as intangible examples. The fact is, there are an infinite number of possibilities where disagreements occur and judgements are made regarding who's right and who's wrong because of their choices.

Quick question. Do you judge and label things, people, places, events, conditions, circumstances as good or bad? Do you condemn, blame, point fingers and shun others in disgust just because someone believes, thinks, says and does something that conflicts with your "opinion and belief" regarding something?

There are many "things in the world" we can "choose to that with", but regardless of the possibility or how many there are, the bottom line is, because of what we believe, think we know and the stance we take due to our individual "belief system", these opposing "opinions" often separate and cause "division" needlessly.

What's so funny or profound about that?

Well, on the surface, nothing at all really. In fact, it's quite sad. It CAN be at least unless you understand what's taking place "under the radar" and why. Because "under the surface", there's A LOT that's funny, HILARIOUS actually. It's also VERY profound and could prove to be quite liberating as you'll hopefully understand and SEE soon. What follows may, depending on what you do or don't do with it, enable YOU to experience a very uncommon form of freedom and liberation.

The kind of liberation that I often refer to as Real Freedom.

Let's narrow down the "infinite number of possibilities" and stick with the Law of Attraction concept as a specific example.

Many religious minded people will tell you that, all this The Law of Attraction jargon is the work of the "devil." Many spiritualists will tell you that it's a part of the divine plan. Some are on the fence and simply aren't sure. Some don't give it much thought at all. There are others who just don't care.

Regardless of what someone believes to be true or untrue regarding ANY topic, our individual stance on such topics are often judged and labeled by others as right, wrong, good, bad, yadda yadda yadda, right?

So who IS right and who's wrong?

My "personal opinion" is this...NOBODY.

In the bigger scheme there is "no such thing", so why don't we just STOP the insanity and learn to "allow" everyone to believe, think, speak, act, do and have as they choose?

We don't have to "hang out" with those who consistently think, say or do things that we don't like. But I fact I KNOW that a "choice" to love some up close and others from a distance...regardless, is of VITAL IMPORTANCE IF we're "sincere and serious" about EXPERIENCING a life that we love.

That's a KEY yet often overlooked part of HAVING the kind and quality of life that EVERYONE claims to want, which is precisely WHY so many WANT it and so few actually HAVE it.

To bring the point home, let's look at various "labels" associated with what many choose to refer to as The Law of Attraction...

After having walked both a religious and what many refer to as a "spiritualists" path, combined with studying the many theories that stem from scientific research, based on my own studies, experiences and the "personal conclusion/interpretation" that I share with anyone who's willing to listen, the ancient texts, dating back 6000 years as well as 21st century science, address the Law of Attraction concept head on.

Many overlook that only because it’s not referred to as The Law of Attraction in the texts or research papers. I've read many and I've never seen that "specific label" used in ANY of them.

Not "directly" at least.

But it is addressed. In the texts specifically, it's referred to as sowing and reaping, Karma, etc. etc., which is why I say theirs been a "repackaging and relabeling" of a timeless, unerring, and unwavering concept widely known in the world today as The Law of Attraction.

Science has many "labels" as well, far too great in number to accurately convey here. More about what science has discovered in a minute.

Since The Law of Attraction is really only a new label, let's put any and all hardline beliefs, perceptions, opinions, individual perspectives and the resulting "labels and judgments" that stem from them aside for just a few moments, OK?

If you'll do that and follow along for a few minutes, I believe you'll begin to see just how FUNNY and ludicrous this whole, "I'm right and your wrong" thing is. If you'll "allow" yourself to do that, perhaps you'll also "learn something" that you may not be aware of and make a conscious choice to opt out of the "mindless drama machine" that so many get caught up in, and as a result, unknowingly and unintentionally enable and allow to limit and/or adversely impact their lives.

That happens because when there's "disharmony" within us, there's disharmony in our life just as when there's "disharmony" between us, there must be "disharmony" in the world. You could call that, sowing and reaping, or if you'd like, The Law of Attraction in action.

There's another "twist" to the whole Law of Attraction thing. This twist comes from science, although most scientists don't call it what the texts, the religious minded or the spiritualists do.

Yes, yet another "label."

Most scientists don't use the labels, The Law of Attraction, sowing and reaping or karma. But the underlying "concept" is one and the same and only serves to validate what the ancient texts have always revealed.

What do they call it?

The most common term they use is cause and effect. Most see cause and effect from a surface level view and "perceive it as being" limited to the tangible and physical world.

But it goes MUCH DEEPER than that. FAR deeper than ANY of us will EVER know...including scientists.

Here’s what modern day science has discovered that sets up the "funny part" in my mind.

Science has advanced to the degree that they can measure energy frequencies and watch as “tangible changes” happen when these energy frequencies are altered.

If you're at all familiar with Quantum Physics, string theory, M theory, entanglement theory or any number of other scientific theories, you're already aware that EVERYTHING, in it's purest and most basic form is nothing more or less than a "frequency of energy."

That's the level where cause and effect begin. The level of frequency and vibration. Call it the "unseen" realm if you'd like.

Here’s the rub and where it gets really funny for some, quite eerie and unsettling for others and for still others, the idea behind it all is viewed as evil and/or total nonsense…

Let's shed some "Light" on the matter using what science has discovered...

Let's use a widely known scientific conclusion (the Copenhagen Interpretation) as an example. As the Copenhagen Interpretation revealed, energy responded, reacted and revealed itself in an “observable kind of way” based on the thoughts and beliefs of the scientist doing the observing. At the time, prior to the experiments that led to what's known today as the Copenhagen Interpretation, some scientists thought and believed that energy was particles, while others thought and believed that energy was waves.

There was a division amongst groups of scientists for a number of years because some scientists believed that they were right and other scientists, who didn't see things in the way the others did, thought the other group of scientists were wrong.

Here's what's "Funny and Really Cool" about that...

It didn’t matter that some scientists “thought and believed” differently than other scientists prior to doing the actual experiments, because, as it turned out, neither “group of scientists” were “right or wrong.”

Put another way, there was no belief or opinion that was "definitively true" even though each scientist initially "thought and believed" that their "truth" was "The Truth" prior to experimenting and coming to the conclusion that they did.

As it turned out, the latest “scientific conclusion” is that energy is both waves and particles. More accurately, it's either waves or particles, BUT, they can't be both at the same time.

What they now realize, is that particles “transmute” from “wave form of energy” to become “particles of matter.”

What determined WHICH they were for BOTH groups of scientists was the thoughts and beliefs of the scientists studying them. Neither "group" was "right or wrong" BUT the thoughts and beliefs of each individual scientist determined whether energy was waves or particles as they observed it.

No need for an in depth science lesson or complex equations. Point being, based on the current conclusion of scientists, regardless of what their “individual beliefs and perspectives" were prior to getting together, experimenting and "figuring things out", in the end, ALL of the scientists got to be right.

Those who thought energy was waves, were right just as those who thought energy was particles were right. Cool stuff in my mind.

Here's How Understanding That Can Impact You, Me and EVERYONE Else REGARDLESS of What our Individual Beliefs Might Be

So what does all that have to do with you, me and everybody else on this planet and just as important, how can becoming "aware of" and "understanding that" in uncommon depth change anything going on in your life?

The answer is simple. Too simple actually, which is why so many are always attempting to "figure things out", yet NEVER coming to a definitive conclusion that holds water, even though many "think and believe" they have.

Here's why...

In the same way the scientists "got to be right", we get to be right too. We can think and see esoteric concepts that we have no awareness of as a bunch of airy fairy woo woo. We can call brilliant, outside the box thinking scientists "Pseudo Scientists", OR we can think and see it all as very real. We can land somewhere in the middle. That’s our choice.

Here's the Higher Truth as I see it after MANY years and thousands upon thousands of hours of studying, researching and personally experiencing all kinds of "stuff."

Our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions regarding something; anything at all, create the fact. That's where it ALL begins in an "intangible" kind of way. When you combine our beliefs, our thoughts, our perceptions, our words and our actions, collectively, they create the "tangible fact" in life.

BUT, here's the kicker.

Something that's a fact for YOU doesn't necessarily make it a "fact" for me.

Huh!?!? How can that be?

Our individual "facts" and what we judge and label as "true or untrue" are based on nothing more or less than our individual beliefs and perceptions.

So what is the Real Fact?

My personal conclusion, aside from all the various perceptions and where we “choose to land” individually as a result, is that, just as the scientists who arrived at the conclusion that EVERYONE was right, we ALL get to be right too…regardless.

In other words, NO ONE is “right or wrong” in the literal sense of the word because the words “right or wrong” are nothing more or less than worldly terms, (labels) and either is ultimately “a short sighted and uninformed judgment” based on our unique (and often times limited) set of beliefs and perspectives.

The Real Fact is, (what I like to call Higher Truth) there are an infinite number of possibilities that we can believe in or stand against and our "individual experience" will reveal it as "fact"...unconditionally.

Because of the infinite nature of what's possible and the potential facts that can stem from it, I've come to a rather "funny" conclusion. It's this...

"The more I come to know and understand the more I realize just how "little" I know and understand."

As "true" as that is, here’s what I do KNOW…

Depending on what we learn, believe and perceive as being true, as we go through life, we cannot help but to think, speak and act in accordance with this "learned and inherited" way of BEING which causes us to DO what we DO in precisely the way we've "learned" to.

That's what determines what we'll have.

Should your thoughts, beliefs and actions conflict or are misaligned with what you want, it can "seem as if" you're powerless. When you learn to "consciously align and harmonize" your beliefs, thoughts, perceptions and actions, you become a POWERHOUSE.

Seemingly magical and miraculous things start happening.

How so?

It’s ALL very “simple” really. The quality of our thinking, speaking and acting determines the quality of our “tangible and measurable” results.

Here's where it get's REALLY interesting for some and a bit too warm, fuzzy and "out there" for others...

As we think, speak and act in whatever way we choose, we have the ability and the choice to “Love Unconditionally” or “conditionally.”

It really doesn’t matter who chooses what. Neither is “right or wrong.” Love IS the energy and Love ALWAYS in ALL WAYS delivers to us, as individuals, precisely as we choose.

That’s “truly” how “Unconditional” the Energy of Love is, which in the bigger scheme, is all there is. It's this same Love, whether you see it as Energy, frequency, vibration, an Essence or whatever “label” you might choose to describe The Source of your understanding, which enables, allows and empowers US to BE at all and the "gift" of free will that we've been provided is what enables us to choose our own paths in life.

WHATEVER we "choose" to believe, think, perceive, say or do plays a role in which paths that we choose to walk down individually, which in turn determine the kind and quality of our scenery.

The paths are of an infinite number just as the scenery is.

The REALLY awesome thing is, we always get be right and SEE whatever scenery we choose…unconditionally. Due to HOW some choose to think, speak and act, they don’t see it or label it as awesome at all and they CERTAINLY don’t like the scenery.

We always have a choice.

We can Laugh with Joy or Cry with sadness as we receive WHATEVER we receive. I can't help but think that The Consciousness that created it all is Laughing with Joy as each of us "limited, judgmental and overly analytical "humans" go about our day to day lives, scurrying around during our "so called limited and jam packed time schedules", pointing fingers, blaming this blaming that, judging this and judging that, all the while frantically looking for answers and solutions “out there” and in the process always trying to figure out HOW to DO things better, wondering WHY life "seems to be" turning out as it does.

Want to know what else I KNOW that’s REALLY wild?

All that we need to figure out (or not) is that it's ALL been figured out already. Once we KNOW that we can relax, "rest easy" in this Higher Truth and learn to quit "trying" to figure everything out.

Because Really and Truly, the ONLY thing that we need to figure out, is that it's only a matter of how we choose to USE what has already been figured out.

In MOST cases, that's REALLY funny to me, worth being "joyful about" and celebrating unconditionally over.

Think about what a “different world” this would be if everyone would make a conscious and intentional choice to DO just that.

If you LOVE the thought of that, consider this.

Everybody doesn’t HAVE to "agree" for you to walk WHATEVER path YOU choose and experience the scenery that you LOVE. What does matter, is what you allow to happen "Within Yourself" as the "inevitable disagreements" happen in the "world out there."

Call it The Law of Attraction, Sowing and Reaping, Karma, cause and effect or WHATEVER you choose. The VERY same "concept" applies.

It ALL begins and ends with you and unbeknownst to most, you CAN make, (and ARE making) a HUGE difference in your life, the lives of others, the world, and the entire universe as a whole, all by yourself.

Yes, you HAVE been provided that “gift”, you DO impact the world in ENORMOUS ways and you ARE that powerful, whether you think you are or not.

The ONLY question that remains is do you LOVE or HATE the impact your making and are you LOVING the scenery that your viewing as you journey down your path?

Most fall somewhere in between, but we have the choice to move ourselves toward or away from either end of the Love/Hate spectrum of "infinite possibility and potential" anytime we choose.

As far as where we end up? That's only dependent on HOW and WHAT we choose.

That's enough for now.

There's only so much that can be covered in a limited medium such as this. Maybe you'd like to learn more "facts" that can enhance your journey.

I talk about and teach MANY very practical as well as esoteric concepts in great depth in The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation. I also reveal the ONE concept that drives it ALL and how to apply this "concept" in a way that I KNOW, based on “personal experience”, can and does transform the “mundane and/or seemingly horrific” into the awe inspiring and “seemingly miraculous.”

That One concept is Love...Unconditional Love to be more precise. It's at the core of everything. In fact, it drives, everything, determines everything and creates everything simply because, it IS everything AND everywhere ALL the time.

Because that "seems to be" nothing more than a warm and fuzzy concept for MOST, I back it ALL up with very practical, logical and realistic “tangible proof” too.

If you feel compelled, check it out. Perhaps it might assist you in seeing, understanding and “consciously using” the “Real Power” you hold and maybe even, enable and empower YOU to start experiencing for yourself, the life transforming Power behind BEING more loving, joyful and accepting, which in turn, enables and empowers you to DO and HAVE more of what you “truly desire” in life.

That’s My Hope, Wish and Intention all rolled into One.

Maybe you’ll choose to enable and allow it to assist you and maybe you won’t. Although I KNOW it can do everything I claim and MORE, it’s what you KNOW and do, (or “think you know” and don’t do) that does, always has and always will determine how YOUR life unfolds for you.

Here's the bottom line in the "Bigger Scheme" of things...

There is no "right or wrong", good or bad OR shoulds or shouldn'ts in life with the exception of those that YOU choose. There's only YOUR beliefs, YOUR thoughts, YOUR perspectives, and YOUR choices which determine the kind, quality and quantity of the tangible and measurable results that reveal themselves in YOUR life.

That's all they are...results...intangible as well as tangible and measurable, absent all the beliefs, perspectives, judgments and labels that WE choose to place on them.

One thing is certain. Should we choose to continue thinking, speaking and acting in the same way we always have, we’ll keep getting what we always have. We CAN have it all or limit what we have as much as we choose. How much or how little, is up to us individually.

One thing is certain though. We ALWAYS get to be right...unconditionally.

Maybe The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation will assist you in being "right" in a more loving, pleasing, consciously creative and "non-judgmental" kind of way.

One more thing I KNOW..."choosing" to do that, will enable and empower you to EXPERIENCE a more "loving, wholesome and fulfilling" quality of life.

As you think about all that, do your very best to have an AMAZING and “joy filled” month…will you?

If you like what you've read here, share the Love will you by clicking the like button below. If you feel compelled, leave a comment too and share your "opinions."

I for one, LOVE those.

Here’s to YOU Consciously Believing, Thinking, Speaking, Acting and Having All That You Desire,

Chuck Danes

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