The "Higher Truth" and The Widely Held and Commonly Accepted "Perceptions" Of Truth

There Exists No Such Thing as Truth or Untruth In The World
But There Does Exist A Higher Truth That Enables and Allows You To Experience Life Precisely As You Choose...Unconditionally

Grasping, Understanding and Adhering to the Highest Truth can and will set you free when YOU choose to enable and allow it to...truly and unconditionally free - Chuck Danes

A lot of people in the world today are seeking truth. Namely Higher Truth. At the same time, although many are seeking this Higher Truth, many don't truly understand what Higher Truth is.

I have a perspective that MAY assist in clearing that up.

Before I provide my perspective, I think it's important to clarify that the headline as well as the sub-headline I choose to use above is only based on my own individually "chosen" beliefs and perceptions of truth.

I make that clarification simply because to ME, although it's ironic in one sense, it's very sad in another that more people in the world are unable to SEE and understand the difference between "perceptions of truth" and what I like to refer to as a Higher Truth.

In the BIGGER SCHEME there is in fact, NO difference.

That's "true" simply because perceptions of truth regardless of the kind or quality of the beliefs and perceptions we hold, regardless of their kind and quality, exist within, are provided by and can ALWAYS be traced back to Higher Truth.

What do I mean by that exactly?

Well it "applies" at different levels. Mental, emotional and physical. Since that's true, let's start at the mental and emotional level.

There are an infinite number of individually held "perceptions of truth" which are learned, held, often times "unconsciously" adhered to and acted upon by us as individuals. It's not limited to individuals. On a broader scale as a human species we also hold what I like to call collective perceptions of truth.

But even "collective perceptions" begin with individuals and CAN grow into widely and commonly held perceptions that, as more individuals buy into and believe what's "true or untrue", the collective often adopts.

ANY belief or perception that we choose to hold whether as individuals or as a collective species exist within what modern day science refers to as "an infinite number of probabilities" that exist within what they often call "the field."

In my mind, Higher Truth and "the field" are one and the same. They only have different labels.

Put in layman's terms, Higher Truth, like the field is INFINITE in nature, meaning that ANY belief or perception that we choose already exists as a "probability" within this field of Higher Truth. Because Higher Truth, like "the field" is Infinite in nature, EVERY belief or perception that we hold or WILL hold already exists within itself as a "probability."

What's often overlooked at an individual level as well as on a collective scale; something that I've come to "believe" that's Vitally Important NOT to overlook to experience the most desirable result is this...

These all too common, widely held and often times blindly accepted "perceptions of truth", which are held individually as well as "collectively", determine, without fail the inevitable "tangible and measurable results" that always follow and reveal themselves as events, conditions and circumstances in the tangible world of shape and form.

The commonly held "truth" which leads to commonly chosen decisions and leads to what are perceived as "common experiences" stem from common beliefs and perceptions.

We experience them individually and collectively. In other words what we experience individually is looked at and viewed by the collective and vise versa.

So what determines the kind and quality of what is viewed?

Our own individual beliefs and perspectives. I can view something in one way yet someone else can view it in another way. Someone may view something as "bad" while another might view it as "good."


Our individual beliefs and perceptions are each based on or sub-categorized under one of 2 headings...Love or fear.

Let's use success and failure as examples.

I personally believe that what's often believed, perceived, judged and labeled as being "failure" is is a "Fear based" perception stemming from a "fear based" belief.

A perception that focuses on Love on the other hand enables us to see the "potential success" that also exists as a probability within every "perceived failure." On the flip side what's often believed, perceived, judged and labeled as "success" is a "love based" perception stemming from a "love based" belief making the belief, perception and the "illusion of failure" IMPOSSIBLE.

And I say an "illusion of failure" simply because it CAN shift and be seen differently. It CAN be seen as a success of sorts. The same holds true with "perceived success." It too is nothing more than an illusion that CAN viewed by another as a failure.

How so? Well, as one example pertaining specifically to a "perceived failure", it COULD be looked at as a "successful" learning experience that "successfully provided" a way of doing things that we COULD choose not to repeat.

Some of my most "seemingly horrific" experiences in life, even though I "believed and perceived" they were "horrific" at the time they were being experienced, turned out to be the GREATEST GIFTS I've EVER received. That includes my greatest tangible and measurable successes.

It COULD be viewed in an infinite number of ways with an equally infinite number of conclusions depending on the individual beliefs and perceptions of an individual.

I've also come to believe that the only thing that enables fear to exist, is our beliefs and perceptions that we're individual and separate.

And yes, we ARE in one sense but in another sense we're not.

The only thing that enables and allows us to be individual and "seemingly separate" is an incredible and AWESOME gift that we've ALL been provided. This "gift" is called Free Will. We use this freely provided gift to choose and act upon whatever we believe and perceive as being "true" which determines our choices and actions that we deem as being necessary to make.

Due to our individually chosen "perceptions of truth" that align and harmonize with "fear", we often choose to enable and allow ourselves to become subject to and "perceived victims" of the choices, actions and experiences of other individuals.

We often choose to to blame others or something outside of ourselves for our "perceived failures" as well as our "perceived shortcomings." Perhaps the biggest reason that we do is because we see and as a result believe that we are individual and separate.

That's not limited to people, it applies to EVERYTHING in life.

We "believe" we're separate from success, failure or whatever other outcome we might experience until it becomes a tangible and measurable experience in our lives.

Here's what I mean by that...

When we experience what we "perceive" as being failure, it becomes one with us and we in turn, often "perceive ourselves" as "failures."

The opposite also holds true. When we experience what we "perceive" as success, it becomes one with us and we in turn often "perceive ourselves" as a "success."

But what we "choose to overlook is that we've ALWAYS been connected with either probability the entire time whether it be "perceived success or failure." Both "probabilities" exist and we can believe and perceive whatever we choose about either.

When we experience what we "perceive" as being failure, we experience more fear. When we experience what we perceive as being success we experience more love.

Regardless of what we believe and perceive, perceived failures or successes exist within the same space. In our minds, success CAN be viewed as failure by another and failure CAN BE perceived as success by someone else.

WHATEVER we believe and perceive it becomes OUR experience.

That's the Highest Truth. When we experience "perceived failure" it can always be traced back to a belief which created the "perceived failure." When we believe and perceive that, we look at it, judge it and label it in this "fear based" way which solidifies our perceptions which in turn enhances and solidifies the belief. In turn, we intensify, feed and enable the fear of failure to grow.

Due to this commonly held belief, we often choose to act as if we ARE separate from what we desire. Our belief, combined with our choice and the actions that follow enable, allow and create "perceived separation" of the desire just as we believe and choose.

We see, believe and perceive that our desired success and our "unwanted perceived failures" are separate as well. Yet it's only OUR beliefs and perceptions that we're SEPARATE from ANYTHING that enables and allows "perceived failure" and/or "perceived success" to become real....seemingly real.

That's not any SECRET nor is it my idea or limited to my "chosen perceptions. As the ancient wisdom which goes back 6000 years clearly conveys, "As we believe we receive."

By writing about and doing my best to explain my "perceptions and beliefs" regarding Higher Truth, it's my hope and intention to enable you to see, with greater depth, clarity and meaning just how that wisdom supports, substantiates and in "my mind" enables and allows my individual perception of truth to be aligned and harmonized with a Higher Truth than most choose.

It still falls FAR short of the Highest Trust simply because The Highest Truth is of an infinite nature. In can NEVER be fully known or experienced.

I don't and won't ask that you "believe me", nor do I want or expect you to. My only hope and intention is that it might provide you with an expanded perception of a more desirable quality of truth that I KNOW based on personal experience CAN enhance the kind and quality of your life.

With that clarified, lets' take a deeper look at what I "believe and perceive" to be true regarding "perceptions of truth" and Higher Truth as it pertains to tangible and measurable results in the tangible world of shape and form.

As humans we often have a tendency to judge, label and in some cases, condemn others based on their "perceptions of truth" when they don't align, harmonize or make rational and logical sense to us based on OUR own perceptions of truth.

Because that's "true" (my individual perception of truth that is) I'm going to ask that you not only read but REALLY "think about" the following questions...

  • What do YOU believe and perceive to be true about truth?

  • Do you see your beliefs and perceptions as being "definitively true?"

  • And if you do, do you also attempt to convince or feel compelled to make others see and believe things as you do?

  • And IF you do, have you ever "thought about" WHY you believe that you need to?

  • Equally as important have you ever thought about WHY you believe WHAT you believe?

  • What enables and allows you to think that WHAT you believe is definitively true?

  • Have you ever considered that what you see, believe and perceive as being "definitively true" may be creating results in your life that are of a lesser kind and quality than you "truly desire?"

Make no mistake; your perceptions of truth will hold true for you and show up in your life just as you "believe" they will. There is, in a sense an exception to the "belief rule" as there is with EVERYTHING. But sadly this "exception" IS more the exception than the rule.

Without going into great depth about that statement, what this exception is and to DO my best to stay on track, for now I'll just say that the exception I'm referring to is Love.

I say it's an exception yet at the same time it's not. Because when Love is the focus and the intention, although it DOES overwrite, void out and render otherwise "limited beliefs and perceptions" powerless, at some level the "belief" in Love is still present.

That's when we experience what are often judge, labeled, perceived and believed to be "miracles" which in may cases can take tangible form in the "blink of an eye."

Again, I won't go into that here. The sake of this article is to differentiate between our perceptions of what we "believe and perceive" as being untrue, somewhat true, definitively true and what I choose to label Higher Truth.

You can, if you choose learn more about the "exception" I'm referring to by reading this edition of a monthly publication I provide, called the Enlightened Journey Newsletter titled "The Greatest of These Is Love."

It may, as it has for many enhance, elevate and expand upon what you may currently believe and perceive to be "definitively true."

Ok...back to how and why I believe our perceptions of truth, regardless of what they are, determine our realities...unconditionally.

As "true" as that is, it's also "true" that there exists a "Higher Truth." It's because of this Higher Truth I refer to that we're enabled to experience our "perceptions of truth" just as we choose.

You could say that "perceptions of truth" are an integral part of Higher Truth which enable and allow a tangible and measurable experiences in life to unfold just as we believe and perceive they will.

This Higher Truth is infinite in nature and it's this same truth that enables, empowers and in many cases limits what's available to and possible for you. It's due only to the perceptions of truth that you choose to hold regarding yourself, your life, others and on a larger scale life in general that provides the tangible and measurable results that YOU experience.

Many; most perhaps perceive the "truth" to be that life gives us whatever it will. It's a "perception of truth" that "enables and allows" us to experience life as a game of chance or a roll of the dice based on luck, fate and/or chance.

The Higher Truth is that life delivers what we ask. Whatever we ask. No more no less.

In the same way, many; most perhaps "perceive" that life delivers what it will based only on what we do, how well we do it and the level of physical intensity that we choose to do it with as we do whatever it is.

That's "true" as well, if we choose it as our truth. But it's a truth that is limited to physical and finite results limited to what the body can do. The physical body can only DO so much. Because that's "true", depending on DOING in and of itself absent a kind and quality of BEING that aligns with the DOING as well as the "desire" often creates what MOST judge and label as being far less that what's desired or in some cases "perceived failure."

They may DO much, but the mental and emotional beliefs and perceptions they hold conflict with, limit and in many cases sabotage what is done in a physical kind of way.

Often times, they perceive failure or "see themselves" as limited.

The Higher Truth is that there IS NO FAILURE or limitation. There ARE conflicting beliefs and perceptions. There ARE beliefs we hold, thoughts we think and actions that WE take which don't align and harmonize with what we desire, yet Higher Truth always provides a "successful creation" which shows up as our results or the "perceived lack of."

Which leads us into another topic of surface level or "superficial" beliefs and perceptions.

There are those who "think they believe" something or "try to believe" something and even WANT to believe something yet experience less than they "think, try or WANT to believe.

Since that's "true" I think it's important to make another clarification.

Higher Truth NEVER misses it's mark. It cannot be swayed or manipulated. The Perfect Plan which oversees, governs, sustains and provides this Higher Truth in tangible and measurable form is immutable and unwavering.

It mirrors our beliefs and provides what we "truly believe" although admittedly there may be holding onto "unconscious beliefs" in the mix creating what we often "perceive and believe" as being "less than" or the opposite of what we consciously think we believe.

If and when THAT happens, all we need to do is get to the root of the conflict; the disharmony and/or misalignment that's going on within ourselves.

Although Higher Truth is infinite in nature and of unfathomable proportion, it can also "seem" limited in a sense based on our individual choices regardless of how expansive or limited they might be. That impacts and determines what we DO as well as how well or poorly we do it.

Although limited is a "human word"; a label that we often place on what we "perceive" as being limited; limited or limitation becomes null, void and obsolete if and when you choose to "enable and allow" yourself to tap into and EXPERIENCE the infinite nature of Higher Truth.

In the most freeing and expansive sense of the "phrase" Higher Truth.

It's a widely held "perception of truth" that the world and the unfolding of the events, conditions and circumstances in the world are random, chaotic and unfolding as they are for no apparent cause or reason at all or in some cases due to the choices and actions of others.

The Higher Truth is that any perceptions of randomness, chaos or limitation due to the choices and actions of others is nothing more than an individually held "perception" of truth which will "enable and allow" you to experience randomness, chaos or limitation based on the choices or actions of others.

The "Higher Truth" is that the kind and quality of YOUR life, the world and on a larger scale, the Universe and beyond, is perfectly ordered.

It's very simple and basic physics. For every cause there is an effect. For every effect there exists a cause that can be traced and understood. The effect ALWAYS mirrors the cause.

There are times when the cause underlies layers of "unconscious garbage" that self sabotages "consciously desired" outcomes but the effect...regardless ALWAYS in ALL WAYS aligns and harmonizes perfectly and precisely with the cause.

I could go on and on and on. It's literally impossible to explain the Infinite nature of The Cause that put all this in place and also "enables and allows" us to be at cause for our own results.

So I'll just close with this...

It really and truly doesn't matter WHAT you believe and perceive regarding yourself, others or HOW and WHY things come to be as the are.

The fact of the matter is, the Higher Truth is, YOU are at cause. The quality of "consciousness" that you choose determines the quality of the "beliefs and perceptions" that you hold which determine the quality of the thoughts that you choose to think which ignite the quality of emotions that you also choose to experience which in turn are followed by the quality of actions that you choose to take or not take based on those factors which in turn determines the kind and quality of your results.

You are the cause and the effects which we SEE and perceive as being real are a kind and quality of effect that Higher Truth provides just as we choose.

To change the quality of effects is as simple as changing the quality of the cause.

My personal choice that enabled and allowed me to look at and SEE how "true" what I believe and perceive is, was choosing NOT to listen to and believing everything I heard "out there."

That choice enabled and allowed me to go straight to The Cause where Higher Truth dwells and receive what I like to refer to as the Highest Truth which is what enables me to write about what I do, experience the kind and quality of life that I do as well as consistently engage in what I LOVE to do which is WHAT I'm doing right here, right now.

You can too if you "believe and perceive" that you can. We ALL can. We can "get to do" what we Love to do or we CAN DO as most do and walk around in "fear based trances" with limited and shortsighted "perceptions" which Higher Truth honors just as we choose...unconditionally.

Everything following those choices is perfectly ordered and provided in exact proportion to the choices you choose to make for yourself however expansive or limited those choices might be.

The predominantly held "perception" of truth in the "world out there" is that you, I and everyone else are creatures and/or victims of circumstance.

The "Higher Truth" is that we are creators of circumstance. The circumstances that we "perceive" and believe as being "real" only serves to create MORE of the same kind and quality of circumstance.

To experience more pleasing circumstances only requires becoming more keenly and consciously aware of a Higher Truth than you currently hold.

To experience this "Higher Truth" for yourself only requires that you choose to enhance your awareness about who and what YOU truly are. It's simply a matter of making a conscious choice to KNOW and SEE the power provided to you to be, do and have whatever you might choose for yourself.

I can assure you, you'll never come to know that in the "world out there." It requires going straight to The Source. And you can, although MOST aren't aware that they can.

If I could only convey one thing to you and what I've discovered to be the single most important thing that ANYONE who is serious about KNOWING the Highest Truth about yourself, life and on a much larger scale Love of an Infinite Quality, it would be make a conscious choice to BE STILL.

Most don't KNOW how to do that on there own let alone how vitally important it is for experiencing peace, serenity and ultimately Completion.

Meditation is the path that will enable you to. That I KNOW.

A very specific form of instruction combined with a very powerful form of guided meditation is what enabled and allowed me to tap into what I believe and perceive as being the Highest Truth.

If you currently believe that meditation is nothing more than some form of relaxation technique, you're mistaken. Learn the benefits and the transformational power that meditation can provide. If you've tried, and you believe it can't, won't or doesn't work for you, perhaps trying a kind that works for EVERYONE who chooses to USE IT, will change your mind.

Or if you're more of the intellectual type that simply has no interest in meditation (although a HUGE mistake in my opinion), perhaps a program I created called The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation will provide you with the intellectual data that will enable and empower you to go to the next level.

In summary...

Higher Truth enables and allows us to experience life as we the way we choose...WHATEVER we choose...unconditionally.

You CANNOT change Higher Truth but you CAN change YOURSELF.

These resources I've recommended will provide you with all you could possibly "need" to create the kind and quality of desired change that MOST choose, yet which far fewer will DO anything about.

That's your choice and I both honor and accept whatever those choices might be. Only you can know what's best for you.

Regardless of what you choose, it's my hope as well as my intentional to DO all I'm able to assist those with a sincere desire to create change for themselves.

Whatever YOU choose, it's also my hope, intention and heartfelt desire that those choices lead you one step closer to a life of peace, joy, prosperity and fulfillment in EVERY aspect of your life.

What I personally choose and like to refer to as a life of unlimited Abundance and Happiness.

I'm Finished With Higher Truth
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I'm Finished With Higher Truth
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End of Higher Truth

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