The Holographic Universe

Understanding How You Perceive Reality Is A Great Start To Understanding How To Begin Consciously Creating The Reality You "Perceive" To Be So Real in a Desirable Kind of Way

The Holographic Universe. What is it?

Well, my personal perspective is that we'll NEVER fully know or understand the underlying mysteries of the Universe, yet science is certainly making a run at it.

As the greatest and wisest spiritual teachers have spoken of and taught for thousands of years, modern day science is consistently exploring and quickly evolving in it's understanding and discovering that what we "perceive" to be reality in a physical sense is in actuality nothing more than a holographic image.

For me personally, it provides an immensely expanded meaning as I ponder on the quote made by one of the masters to "Judge NOT by appearances."

It seems that as science progresses in their relentless pursuit of discovery and understanding, such quotes not only provide incredible insight into what's "truly possible" for and available to you, but also provide IMMENSE HOPE and insight that enables and empowers you to consciously create a reality that harmonizes with your individually held hopes, dreams and desires.

In addition with state of the art technologies being utilized such as The Hubble Telescope, immensely empowering and profound discoveries are being made available to the worlds public clearly showing the enormity and ever expanding Universe as it continues to evolve and expand which to this point as "perceived" by modern day scientists is believed to be 78 billion light years across.

Think about that...based on the limited understanding that scientists or ANYONE else for that matter will ever "Truly Grasp" and understand...

...The Universe as we know it, is 78,000,000,000 light years across and STILL expanding!!

Hubble Telescope Findings

Holographic Universe - Part One

Holographic Universe - Part Two

If you found the Holographic Universe interesting you might also enjoy The Divine Matrix as explained by computer scientist Greg Braden.

I'm Finished With The Holographic Universe
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I'm Finished With The Holographic Universe
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