How Love Seeds Sprout

Have You Ever Wondered or Thought About
How Love Seeds Sprout?

how love seeds sprout

In the previous articles that make up the Love Seeds series, I mentioned a few songs that attempt to describe or define love. We also looked at love in general, and covered a bit about "love seeds" too.

We covered a lot of ground in a short time. We're going to cover more today...but in greater depth and in such a way that you might begin to SEE just how vast, awe inspiring and unconditional Love really is.

Chances are great that you're really busy with life as MOST are, so I'll do so in as few words as I possibly can, but still provide you with a few very helpful and maybe even transformational "love seeds" that you can use right away.

Before I do, I'll share this.

Covering the "love" topic succinctly is no small task when it comes to effectively describing something as big, vast and incomprehensible as love is. It becomes a real challenge when you're doing so with the intention of revealing HOW to consciously, intentionally and effectively integrate that understanding into all aspects of your life, so you might experience more of what you love.

The fact is, when it comes to love, the word succinct becomes obsolete. How can you possibly "succinctly" describe something that's all pervasive?

It CANNOT be done, although I'll do, always have done and will continue to do my best.

That's why I asked that you watch the video that I placed at the close of the More Love Seeds article.

It's difficult to SEE, let alone understand how love applies in EVERY area of life.

The reason it's so difficult, is because this place that the video described, as well as what's truly available in it, is far bigger and more vast than anyone can conceive or imagine.

I mean let's be real, this "place" where love is, is infinite in nature. It truly is "all pervasive."

Try to condense THAT into few words.

If you've read the previous articles (many do) and you watched that video, (MOST won't) you're aware, or are hopefully, at the very least, considering the fact that love is more than a feeling, a thing, something we do, have, want, or enjoy.

Whether you have, haven't, will or won't, I'd like to suggest that you do your best to let your guard down, set aside any conflicting beliefs you might have to the contrary, and for just for a few minutes, do your very best to look at and see love as a "place."

That's why I placed the video there, and also why I'm connecting with you today. To plant yet another love seed or two and perhaps assist you to SEE love as and for the "infinite place" that it is.

That it "truly" is.

Whether you SEE or ever become aware of that or not is your choice. But it's certainly an important part of enhancing the quality of your life in the way and to the degree that it CAN be. Yet at the same time, it's up to you to make those kinds of choices for yourself.

I'm spreading some additional "love seeds" around today for very good reason. Many very good reasons actually.

One BIG reason why, is to reveal in a very "simple" kind of way that love IS in fact a place. A really really BIG place. Infinitely BIG in fact where an infinite number of possibilities exist.

You may not be able to SEE that quite yet. Maybe you can and maybe you can't. Maybe you have no desire to. Perhaps you'd love to but you're not sure how. It's also possible, (and perhaps even highly probable) if you're like MOST people in the world, you don't believe that it is.

Maybe you never will.

That's Ok. You're entitled to think and believe whatever you choose. That's the beauty of life. We get to become aware of, see, believe and come to our own conclusions about everything. That's what enables us to experience life and how we come to know things.

But I'll caution you, in many cases it's also why we "think we know" a number of things about life and any infinite number of things that happen in it, that aren't really true at all.

It's due to the quality of our awareness, beliefs, thoughts, actions, conclusions and inevitably, our experiences.

That's also what can keep us from discovering what I often refer to as a Higher Truth. There's often a HUGE difference between what we perceive to be true and the unerring, unwavering and never failing nature of Higher Truth.

Just a quick heads up, in case you weren't aware of that.

But aside from what you might see, believe, be aware of, or "think you know" based on your own experience, love most definitely is a place and so much more.

I personally KNOW it is. You don't have to, although you CAN.

That's another really AWESOME thing about life. Because of the nature of Love, whether you ever become aware of that or not is entirely up to you.

Regardless of what you choose, it's my hope and intention to assist you and anyone else who's sincere and serious about, not only SEEING and KNOWING just how true that is, but EXPERIENCING it in a very up close and profoundly personal kind of way.

That's my "job" and I love it too. I LOVE assisting people to SEE, KNOW and EXPERIENCE awesome things as opposed to seeing and experiencing less than they love because of what they think they know.

The way I personally love to do things, enables and allows those who choose to, to KNOW that they KNOW that they KNOW what a BIG place love truly is and just how awesome life can become.

And that is BIG. In fact, it's this Place Called Love where everything exists. There's something else about it that many don't know.

It's where every thought seed you think, have thought, or ever will think into being, goes. Not only do they go there, that's also where they sprout.

So, you could say every seed not only goes there, it grows there. It begins to at least.

That's why, in the first article of the series titled Money Can't Buy You Love, I asked that you do your best to think about love in a broader context than normal. It's also why I asked, as you went through your day, that you plant as many "love seeds" as you could in both intangible and tangible ways too.

Here's WHY I did that.

It's because I wanted to give you a head start and a heads up at the same time. I wanted to do that because, as I stated, this "Place Called Love" is where ALL your seeds are planted.

If you planted some as I asked, those "love seeds" are sprouting right now as we speak. Some may have already provided a harvest.

Let's get on with what I have to share today so you might SEE how and why that's "true."

If you recall, I referred to the estimated 60,000 thoughts per day that we each think as seeds. They are.

Every "seed" you sow is sent to and planted in this place...this "love" place. It's really fertile ground too. More so than MOST are aware.

Once there, they begin to sprout. Let's call them love sprouts for now. More specifically unseen "love sprouts."

At some point though, those "sprouts" transform from unseen to seen and become a fully matured harvest. A real one that you can actually see, touch, taste, smell, and/or fully experience in a tangible and measurable kind of way.

Every single "love seed" that we send to this place sprouts and a harvest always reveals itself. And I do mean always. They always have an impact in your life too, whether physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Here's the thing though. We don't often recognize, view, or refer to every "love sprout" or the matured harvest we experience as coming from this "place." Especially something that we don't love.

But it does...always and regardless.

It's my hope to assist you in SEEING and KNOWING why in a way that MOST don't.

Whether you recognize, believe or view your thoughts that way or not, they are seeds. ALL of them are, with ZERO exceptions.

How in the world could that be? And why in the world would I want to assist you in SEEING that?

Because I KNOW that if you'll allow yourself to, that your entire life can be transformed in BIG ways. Infinitely big ways actually. I can't possibly provide you with specifics as to how yours will be transformed, simply because there are an infinite number of possibilities.

The quality of that transformation is determined by your choices. Here's what I CAN tell you.

Many times and in many cases, that transformation can happen in the blink of an eye and reveal itself in ways that many call "miraculous."

What's more, not only can SEEING that serve to transform your life individually, it also impacts my life and the lives of EVERYONE on this planet at varying degrees.

Sometimes in REALLY awesome and amazing ways too.

But for you to be able to do that in the simplest, quickest and most effective way I'm aware of, first, it's going to be necessary for you to SEE, UNDERSTAND, and EXPERIENCE love in the all pervasive and unconditional kind of way that it can be.

I can assure you that most don't. Truth be told most won't. Most don't believe that they can. But there's a very simple reason why, which I mentioned in a previous email.

It's very simple really. It's because we haven't been taught HOW to. In fact, much of what we've learned to think, say and do, has us experiencing less than, and in some cases the polar opposite of what we love.

If you'll recall, as I touched on previously, we've learned to look at love (and life) in very limited ways. Although we see them in that way because of what we've learned, neither life or love is truly limited at all.

It just "seems like it" is at times.

Because of how we've been taught combined with how things can seem, we honestly believe that it is limited. Because we believe it is, we think, say and often DO things in such a way and to such a degree that our harvest reveals itself in such a way that we don't and can't possibly see or recognize it as anything remotely close to what we love.

We can't see or experience any number of events, conditions or circumstances in life as something we can or should "love."

There's a downside and an upside to that.

The downside, is the fact that when we see something that we perceive and believe to be "less than loving", or less than we love, we automatically react in less than effective (and sometimes less than loving) ways, and begin to think more thoughts, plant more seeds, create more sprouts and consistently experience a harvest that always mirrors the quality of seeds we choose to plant.

Because of that, we often enter into a "seemingly endless" cycle of less than we love. Because of the quality of that cycle and what we see, we consistently, unknowingly and unintentionally continue to plant the same or similar seeds. As a result we continue receiving the same harvest.

The upside is (or at least COULD BE), if we decided to unlearn what isn't true, and made a choice to enhance those beliefs to the level and degree that they COULD BE, the kind and quality of harvest would change. Then we could SEE and EXPERIENCE things differently.

In the way they "truly are" rather than how we "think they are" and see them currently.

You could say the seed, the sprout and the harvest always aligns and harmonizes with how we think, say, do and see things...unconditionally.

Once we're able to SEE that, we would automatically begin to plant more seeds that are more aligned, harmonized and conducive to what we love.

That's where EVERYONE wants to be, yet very very few will DO what's necessary to SEE that, so, they seldom if ever DO what's necessary to EXPERIENCE what they could in a way, to the degree and with the consistency that they "claim" they want and would love to.

Few do, but everyone CAN. YOU can. The fact of the matter is, we ALL can..regardless.

I KNOW we can, because I've done it and EXPERIENCED it personally...many times. So have many others. If WE can, YOU can, if you'll choose to.

But in 99.9% of the cases, it doesn't just automatically happen. There are ALWAYS exceptions of course but they're few and far between.

Just knowing about the law of attraction isn't going to get the job done, that's for sure. In fact, because there's so much airy fairy, pie in the sky, metaphysical mumbo jumbo nonsense that many buy into and believe regarding how the law of attraction works and operates, it can't happen. Not for them at least.

More about that soon enough. We've covered enough here to lay a firm foundation that we'll be building upon as we move through what's to come in the days ahead.

Now that you have the foundation to build upon and a basic understanding of HOW and WHY you can have more of what you love, we'll stop for now.

There's more, an infinite amount of more actually, but that's enough for today. Today I just thought it might be a "good" idea to reach out and plant another love seed or two.

For now, let's stop and give those seeds a bit of time to sprout and mature.

I hope you'll think about...I mean REALLY think about what I've shared here for a day or so. As you do, at the same time, do your best to remain "aware" of the seeds you're planting and plant some (maybe many) "love seeds" that are REALLY awesome...for yourself and others too.

It works really really well when you do it consciously, intentionally and on purpose, I'll assure you.

Until next time, do that will you, and let's enable and allow the "sprouts" to pop up where they may.

I've got more things to share and a few more "love seeds" to send your way that may assist you. They're things that I really "think" and honestly "believe" you're going to love.

I do and many others do. Maybe you will too, but I'll leave that up to you.

Time will tell. Till then...

Here's To Many Awesome Sprouts...Or Not,

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099
Phone - 405-494-7593
Fax - 405-494-7604

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