How To Build Self Esteem

How To Build Self Esteem Begins With Awakening To and Becoming Consciously Aware Of Your Self Worth

Self Worth and Self Esteem. The Only Determining Factor Between Attracting and Experiencing Both Wealth and Poverty

Depending on where you are starting from we'll be covering both how to build self esteem as well as how to raise self esteem in those who don't yet understand how.

It’s a widely known fact that self esteem, more specifically the "perceptions" you hold regarding your self worth, determines the kind and quality of life that you as an individual can experience. As true as that is, there are few that fully understand how to raise self esteem to a level that enables them to experience the harmony and fulfillment available to all and can be acquired by simply by making a "conscious choice" to do so.

So, this chapter is going to address and deal specifically with that. We’re going to be looking at an unfailing way that will show you and assist you in developing the ability…providing the understanding and the path that will without fail teach you how to build self esteem should you make the choice to do so.

Before we can know how to build self esteem, it’s necessary to understand the difference between self esteem and self worth. Once you grasp that fact…that subtle yet transformational difference, the how to raise self esteem question will become blatantly obvious and quite simple.

Let’s look at the differences between self esteem and self worth…

Your self worth was established long before you, I or anyone else arrived here. Self worth can be easily understood when you become consciously aware and choose to fully accept, grasp and understand that at our core, the essence of each of us consists of the same stuff.

You understand and begin to grasp your true worth when you understand that you were “Created in the image and likeness of God.” You exist as an integral part of the whole equal in value to all the other parts.

The answer to how to raise self esteem is simply becoming consciously aware of your self worth. Your self esteem is merely a perception, an individual perception of the self worth that was established long ago.

Enhancing your self awareness...discovering the essence of who and what you "truly" are automatically and effortlessly expands your self esteem which in turn enables you to fully utilize the self worth that is already yours.

Science, Spirituality and Nature All Agree As To Your Individual Self Worth

Developing an awareness of how to build self esteem can become quite obvious once you look at and analyze the correlations between the latest in scientific discoveries, what the spiritual masters have taught for thousands of years and through the simple observation of nature.

Let's look at what modern day science has to say...

Science says that you and everything else that exists in the world, both seen and unseen exist in your purest and most basic form as energy. That’s no longer a secret. Almost everyone knows that now right?

But to understand the significance and the power made available to you based on that fact as it relates to you and your self worth, it’s necessary to dig just a bit deeper.

What is energy? Science calls energy photons. Photons are nothing more than wave packets of light. Science has discovered that within each photon exists a positive and negative charge. Positrons are the positive poll and electrons are the negative poll.

It requires both polls, both positive and negative to create power. Take a battery for example. A battery must have both a positive poll and a negative poll to create power correct? Eliminate one and you eliminate the power that a battery produces.

Photons are the same. Without the "probability" of a negative poll, there could be no positive poll. One cannot exist without the other.

What determines the "probabilities" that exist within the photon? Your consciousness. The quality of consciousness determines whether the positive or negative poll is activtaed, transmuting from wave forms of light (photon) to "particle" form. (Subatomic particles)

Now let's look at what the spiritual masters as well as spiritual text claims that you are.

Spiritual text makes it very clear that “You are the “light of the world.” Pretty amazing don’t you think? That statement wasn’t based on a metaphor and it wasn’t a parable. It was fact and understood long before the equipment existed to prove it in a “tangible” way.

It's also easily discovered that both spiritual text and spiritual teachers alike taught that "You were created in the image and likeness" of Source. Yes, that includes you.

Let's look at self worth in the light of nature...

There are different forms of seeds. Rather than labeling them as fruit or vegetable seeds, let's look at them as "consciousness seeds." Low self esteem and high self esteem are the result of the quality of consciousness that you choose. All seeds produce in kind. Plant low self esteem seeds and you receive a harvest the same in kind and quality as the seed. Plant high self esteem seeds and you receive a harvest the same in kind and quality as the seed planted.

Point being...

We ALL have the same worth. We’re ALL made of the same stuff. We all exist as the light of the world. Your self worth can never be questioned or diminished unless YOU choose to do so. Our quality of consciousness determines what seeds we are planting individually.

Our self worth doesn't waver...the process of creation doesn't waver...only our individual "perceptions regarding our self worth wavers which determines what harvest we'll receive.

Whatever you choose you receive. Perceptions of truth make it your truth just as you believe. Perceptions of low self esteem determine what you believe to be true with regard to yourself and are answered just as you choose.

But there is a higher truth. A truth that will enable you to experience a kind and quality of life that is infinite in nature and can be experienced simply by discovering who and what you truly are...recognizing your "true worth."

Self worth is a “higher truth.” It’s an unwavering and immutable truth.

Self Esteem on the other hand is determined by your willingness to recognize and accept that fact. Your current level of self esteem is only determined and established as a result of allowing others to tell you who and what we are. Developing beliefs about your worth based on the teachings and opinions of others. It is derived through accepting and believing what we are told, believing that external sources of data are true without ever taking the initiative to develop the awareness and understanding for ourselves and “allowing” others to discern that for us.

We establish “beliefs” that are either harmonious or disharmonious with what we “want” to be which either supports and validates or diminishes the greatness of what we are.

To fully recognize and develop the ability to accept this greatness and experience both the spiritual and physical fulfillment that is attained through recognizing and accepting that fact, is quite literally a transformational experience. This transformation is experienced at both a spiritual or “unseen” level as well as outwardly expressed and experienced in a physical sense.

As we believe we receive.

You begin to attract to you the events, conditions and circumstances that harmonize with your desired outcomes when your belief with regard to yourself harmonizes with those desires.

Why? Because you open up to “accepting” and “allowing” all the goodness that was provided to you at the beginning of time itself enabling you to open the flow to what is already yours, that always has been yours, and open the universal flow that brings it to you.

A perception of low self worth provides outcomes just as you believe just as a level of high esteem for self provides outcomes that harmonize with your choice.

There is never disharmony in creation. What is created and experienced always harmonizes perfectly with what you ask.

It’s always a choice…a choice that you have the free will and the ability to make for yourself or not. Whichever you choose you receive.Choose a quality of consciousness of unworthiness for the things desired and you will receive precisely that. You are in essence asking for and communicating with Source that you are “unworthy”…that you don’t deserve…that you desire lack and limitation. Granted it may be a subconscious communication, but it is a communication nonetheless and determines what you are asking to receive.

Source is quite literal in what is provided. Source NEVER says no. There is no discernment or judgment as to what you are asking for but rather shows up in our lives as a mirrored reflection and harmonizes perfectly with what you are asking for.

If you ask for attaining a desired outcome “someday“…someday will be delivered to you just as you ask…yet someday never comes. Someday communicates that you have a “desire” to experience this “thing” at some point in the future and the thing desired always remains outside of your grasp at some point in the future just as you asked that it would.

If you choose to continue “waiting” for your ship to come in, Source will provide you with precisely what you ask and you’ll continue waiting for your ship to come in.

If you currently find yourself broke, in poor relationships, in ill health or in any way lacking what you desire, it’s not because of who or what you are…it’s NOT because you are NOT worthy of receiving it…it’s because you have not yet developed the awareness and understanding of who and what you are…what you “truly” are. You aren’t yet aware of your “true” self worth and as a result allow your level of self esteem to limit your beliefs which in turn communicate what you’re asking for which you WILL receive 100% of the time unconditionally.

Let‘s look at value. A value is fixed. Value doesn‘t waver but there does exist “perceived” value and “True” value. It’s simply a perception of value which makes it valuable for you or not.

If I had given this book to you for free, do you think that you’d have the same “perception of value” for it. Would you have the same appreciation for it as you would if I had charged a thousand dollars? The difference between free and a set dollar amount establishes in your mind a “perception” of value. Does the value truly change whether it’s free or whether you pay a thousand dollars? Does the information shared change? Do pages disappear only providing bits and pieces of the information contained within it when it‘s provided for free? No.

The value is constant.

But…your “perception” of value changes. We’re taught throughout life that the more something costs, the better it is. We’re taught that the dollar value determines the “intrinsic value.” That something that costs more is somehow “better.”

It’s the same with you. The answer as to HOW to raise self esteem comes from understanding that YOUR value never changes either, only the perceptions that you hold with regard to your value.

Your value isn’t determined by how much STUFF you have. How much stuff you have is only dependent on what you value and how much value you hold for yourself at the "consciousness level."

The “real and unwavering “truth” is that “You are the light of the world” - you were created in the image and likeness of Source - you are an integral part of the whole just as your boss, your neighbor, your spouse, your clergyman, your kids, your teachers, the millionaire, the billionaire, the street person and everyone else is.

The only difference between you and a multi-billionaire is a dollar amount. What creates this dollar amount difference? Your perception of value. How valuable you “perceive” yourself to be. A billionaire has simply decided to recognize his value and made the choice to contribute and share his value with the world.

It’s simply a matter of choosing to begin sharing YOUR value...To begin shining your light.

We all have gifts that are unique. It’s only our self esteem which keeps us from recognizing and sharing these gifts with others. We perceive…due to a lack of self esteem that what we have to share isn’t “good enough.” Wealth is simply an idea…a quality of consciousness. Monetary wealth isn’t “real wealth.“ Monetary wealth is simply an effect of the “true cause” which is making a choice to put our “true” wealth out there and making it available for others to benefit from.

Real wealth…real power is simply a quality of consciousness. A choice to recognize and share our gifts with others.

As you sow you reap. What you put out you get back. As a man thinketh so is he.

Our self esteem determines our perceptions regarding if the ideas we personally have are “good enough.” It’s our self esteem which is merely our individual “perception” of our worth which when “perceived as” less than it “truly is”, keeps us from tapping into the infinite field of potential (The Kingdom) where all “probabilities” already exist which is where “true wealth” lies just waiting for us to decide to utilize it.

Let’s look at wealth and poverty on the polarity scale. Wealth and Poverty, like everything else exist as energy…a “photon”, a “probability of existence. There is no difference between the two with the exception of a vibration…a projected frequency of energy. Both probabilities exist within the photon. You could say they are on the same level and are derived from the same source.


Low self esteem_____________________________________________ High self esteem

On one end of this polarity spectrum you have poverty, and on the other end you have wealth. When we look at them as non-tangibles…as nothing more than energy it’s easy to grasp that they are simply vibrational frequencies. Low energy frequencies represent poverty and high energy frequencies represent wealth.

Whichever you choose to place focus on you receive. You cannot focus on poverty and experience wealth.

We, having an inalienable right of free will to direct our thoughts and determine what frequency we project. We are at cause for what we attract. This right to choose which frequency we project results in what we draw to us.

An outcome is absolute. Creation doesn’t waver. The only thing that wavers is our choice as to what we’ll experience. At the level of Cause, there is no wealth or poverty that’s absolute yet the potential for both wealth and poverty do exist…ALL probabilities exist. It’s all simply energy.

Without one the other couldn’t exist. We couldn’t know what wealth was if there didn’t exist the possibility of poverty. We couldn’t know what low self esteem was if there weren’t the possibility to experience high self esteem.

What differentiates between the low self esteem and high self esteem? Free will. A choice. Neither is absolute, only our individual choice as to what we “perceive” and determine absolute to be for ourselves individually. What WE ourselves perceive and believe to be absolute which determines precisely and without fail what we'll create and experience.

The only thing that is absolute is that photons create your physical reality…that creation is constant immutable and unwavering…that polarity exists. We can’t change those facts. We can only change what our absolute choice is which determines which end of the polarity spectrum our choices place us and the outcomes we receive and experience as a result.

So the answer? How do you raise self esteem? How do you build self esteem? Discover who and what you are. What you truly are. Suspend all beliefs regarding what you’ve been told and taught that you are, and discover for yourself your “true worth.”

Develop the understanding of the incredible you that you are…discover your magnificence…absorb the fact that you are the light of the world…created in the image and likeness of Source…that you are an integral part of the whole and equal in value with the whole.

Once you do that you’ll be shining your light in a way that creates and enables you to experience “real wealth” physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

Now…go shine your light and share your worth.

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