I Believe That You Can Be, Do and Have Whatever You Choose For Yourself

7 Things "I Believe" That Can Transform Your Life And A
Few Things "I Know" That Will Determine If You Will or Won’t

I Know and Believe You Can

I Believe that whatever mountains we might face in life, REGARDLESS of how
big they might be or how "impossible" they might seem to scale, they can be
removed whenever WE make the "conscious choice" to do so. In fact I KNOW
we can but it's only what YOU know and believe that really matters

"The outer conditions of a person's life will always
be found to reflect their inner beliefs" - James Allen

I've got some things to share with you that I believe based on personal experience can enable and empower you to enhance the quality of your life.

In fact, if you'll internalize and apply what I share below, I "know" beyond the shadow of a doubt that you'll begin getting MUCH MORE of what you want.

Before we get into the specifics of that I've got a few really quick, thought provoking questions that are extremely important to become "consciously aware" of.

These questions serve 3 very important purposes and are the foundation that we'll be building on as we progress, so taking the few minutes to think about and answer them honestly and completely will serve you in ways you may not currently be aware of.

But at the conclusion of this article, if you don't already, you'll clearly understand just how important they are.

Here they are...

  • What is it that you have a "heartfelt desire" to be, do and have in your life?

  • What hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations would you create if you knew you couldn't fail?

  • What do you "believe" to be true with regard to having whatever your individual answers were?

If you're like most, you've never given these questions much thought...Detailed and conscious thought I mean. Yet it's a vital aspect of getting them

It's a fact that everyone wants more out of life, yet few are aware of the details of what they want or that they even have the ability to create and experience whatever their "more" might be.

It's an incredible gift that we ALL, without exception have been provided.

As true as that is, the vast majority just don't "believe" it for any number of reasons.

The specific reasons why more aren't "conscious" of the fact that it's "true" are many and as unique as each individual.

Some simply aren't aware that they have the ability to "consciously create" their realities while others at some level understand that they do but are unwilling to move beyond the "intellectual understanding" and "do" what's necessary to master their ability to consciously and consistently create whatever "heartfelt desires" they might have.

In other words they don't apply and put into "practical application" what they understand intellectually.

Whatever your individual case might be, the end result is that we "perceive" that a number of the various undesirable events, conditions and circumstances that show up in the various areas of our life are "The Problem" when the real fact is what's showing up in our lives is a direct reflection of what we're "choosing" for ourselves as "unconscious" as that choosing might be.

In the vast majority of cases the effects that are created as a result...whether it be in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual aspects of life are often "perceived" as being the "problem."

These "effects", regardless of what they might be or which aspect of life they impact are NOT the problem.

This way of thinking...our chosen way of "doing" or "not doing" combined with a lack of belief that we can...this commonly held "perception" and how so many do things is the "real problem."

Here's what I mean by that...

The effects...meaning the undesirable events, conditions and circumstances that we experience in the various areas of our lives are NEVER the problem but rather "symptoms" of the real problem.

To find and resolve the "real problem" requires looking beyond the effects...below the surface...more specifically within yourself to discover the cause that without fail creates the effects with perfection and certainty.

The "true" cause.

All effects are derived from a cause. Effects are nothing more or less than a manifestation that mirrors the cause of what created it.

The process of creation never fails or wavers. The cycles that govern life...that govern YOUR life don't change from one day to the next. It doesn't matter if you choose to explore and look at it from a scientific perspective, take a more spiritual approach and discover how "true" that is through the ancient texts, or simply observe the continuous and effortless flow of nature.

The ultimate conclusion is ALWAYS the same.

For every effect there exists a cause. To change the effect you MUST change the cause or no change can or will occur.

The reason that more "perceive" themselves as unable to create more of the "desired effects" in their lives is because they choose to remain "unconscious" and overlook the "real cause" that always provides them a "tangible result" which ALWAYS harmonizes with what they "perceive" as being true...namely what's going on INSIDE which 100% of the time, without fail, points to The TRUE cause.

I'm talking about "being." It's our chosen way of "being" that determines which effects we'll receive. Being is an inside thing. It's what we consistently choose to think and feel and believe about life and ourselves that determines the quality of our lives and the experiences that we ourselves have.

To create "desired effects" consistently and effortlessly it's necessary to consciously harmonize the cause with the "desired" effect.

It's the first and most essential step in the creative process yet most aren't aware of how vital it is or if they are, they choose NOT to take the time to become keenly and consciously aware of what they "truly want", are choosing to "be" and should they find these 2 out of alignment, make the necessary "internal shifts" to ensure that they get what they want.

That's where those who "perceive" that getting what they want is difficult or impossible miss the boat. It's this very "choice", as unconscious as it might be that determines what's going on inside...this way of "being" that determines what happens on the outside and shows up in "tangible form" in the way of events, conditions and circumstances that they DON'T want.

It's also why so many "perceive" that the world is random and/or chaotic. It's also why so many "do" so much in a physical sense, yet receive so little of what they "truly want."

They attempt to change the undesirable effects they've created by blindly engaging in and unsuccessfully attempting to change the current "effects" by engaging in additional effects...namely more "doing" without first harmonizing what they're "being" with what they "truly desire."

They choose to do...do...do without harmonizing what's going on inside first which at best can only create mediocre and hard earned results.

Consistently creating "desired" effects in the simplest and most pleasing way possible begins "inside." It's what's happening inside (the cause) that without fail determines what you'll experience on the outside. (the effect)

To create heartfelt dreams and desires requires looking below the surface, becoming brutally honest with yourself and making the choice as well as the commitment to discover and change, at the seed level, what's creating what you don't want before you can expect to begin consciously and consistently creating what you DO want.

Here are 4 great questions to ask yourself to begin determining and awakening to why you are experiencing whatever it might be that you're experiencing...

  • What "Heartfelt Dreams and Desires" do you have which aren't being fulfilled?

  • What beliefs do you hold with regard to your ability or inability to make your individually held dreams and desires "real and tangible?"

  • As you think about these dreams and desires do you know that you know that you know that you can have them or do you "hope and wish" that you could?"

  • What's "The Key" to turning them from "wishful and hopeful" thinking into real life experiences?

Here's what I've discovered and personally believe to be the answer...

It's no secret that our individually held perceptions, beliefs and the paradigms we form in our minds based on these factors determine how we view life. These chosen paradigms determine both our reactions and responses to the present as well as future events, conditions and circumstances encountered throughout our lives further determining how each and every aspect of our lives unfolds.

If you have any doubts or apprehensions about how "true" that is, simply take a look around you at your life now, become honest with yourself about what you currently believe and have believed to be true about what's possible or not possible for you and you'll clearly see that it's absolutely true.

You'll clearly see that your life...regardless of which aspect of life it might be, is a mirrored reflection of whatever is and has been going on within yourself.

It provides a mirrored reflection of what you have chosen to "believe" with regard to it.

No you can't change what's happened in the past...what you've created in the past based on the "beliefs" that you've held.

And no you can't just snap your fingers and ZAP any "undesirable outcomes" that you're experiencing now into another dimension. (Not yet anyway)

But what YOU CAN do is become consciously aware of the beliefs that have created your past and current results NOW to mold and shape a better future for yourself.

But it's also vital to know what you want. It's essential to have a clear and detailed vision of whatever that is.

It's what you are choosing to BE NOW that's important and without fail will determine what you'll experience in the future.

I've spent the majority of my waking hours studying the hows and whys of why that's "true" for a number of years.

It's led me down a number of paths.

I've explored and learned to understand the physiological and neurological functions that determine how and why we respond and react as we do in life.

I've immersed myself in a number of the ancient texts and studied the spiritual teachings of a number of mystics, sages and masters since antiquity. I've followed and explored the extremely exciting and ever evolving scientific discoveries that have come so far in proving just how significant the teachings of the spiritual masters since antiquity were and when "applied" how relevant and transformational the wisdom these masters shared still is today.

I've explored and became actively involved in a number of man made religions of various denominations and became quite familiar with the many opposing views that "man" holds with regard to spiritual matters as well as the many varying individually held perceptions held about who and what Ultimate Source is.

But perhaps MOST importantly in a "tangible kind of way", I've personally experienced profound and seemingly miraculous outcomes in my own life as I've utilized and applied what I've explored and discovered over the past several years in various areas of my life.

You could say I've walked a number of paths all of which have proven to be quite insightful as well as beneficial.

I believe the reason I have personally experienced what many might call "miracles" is because inevitably, after trying so many of these "ways" that so many claim to be THE ONLY Way, I chose to break away from the "flock", become an independent thinker and walk my own path absent the opinions, beliefs and individually held "perceptions" of others.

And what I discovered as a result was profound.

I decided to quit listening to what others "perceived" to be "best for me", what I must do as well as how to go about doing it unless it aligned and harmonized with my core values.

Granted, I chose to "do" something different than most choose which is precisely why I've experienced results that most won't unless and until they make similar choices.

That "doing" consisted of taking the time to examine and become "conscious" of what was going on inside myself.

It required examining and asking myself why I believed certain things...what "perceptions" was I holding about life and the results I was experiencing. It also consisted of coming to the realization that I wasn't clear and detailed in my own mind on what I consciously desired which is a vital aspect of "getting it."

This isn't the traditionally established way of "doing things" and as a result not a form of doing that's understood or "done" by the masses.

What kind of doing was it?

I learned to tune into and follow my heart. This way of "doing" things precedes, transcends the limitations of "physical doing."

To accurately convey and explain precisely how to "do" what has created a number of "seemingly miraculous" occurrences in my life in a way that people can grasp, understand and "truly get it" is a difficult task to say the least.

Not because it's so complex or that there's so much to learn but rather due to what must be, in so many cases..."unlearned."

The cause and the cycles that ensure the cause is made tangible is quite "simple." Profoundly simple. Yet we perceive it as being complex.

It's necessary to sort through all the perceived complexity based on what we've been taught and developed beliefs about to become enabled to tune in at a "heart level" to personally see and experience the simplicity and perfection.

This "unlearning process" is unique to each of us and is dependent on a number of variables that are equally unique for us individually.

One thing holds true. It's necessary to become "consciously aware" of what we want as well as the beliefs we hold individually and should we find they conflict with what we want, unlearn what's keeping our most cherished hopes, dreams and desires from us.

It's vital that we become "consciously aware" of, and when necessary shift what we "know" to be true about the attainment or non attainment of what we desire to experience.

When we see the importance and necessity of becoming "conscious", discerning and keenly aware of what we believe at the deepest levels and allow ourselves to begin questioning why we believe what we believe, we begin to discover that many of the beliefs we hold were acquired from others.

It's not necessarily because these currently held beliefs are "true", but rather because we, at some point in our lives chose to listen and believe what we'd been told and taught is "true."

The result is that we acquire, believe and as a result experience outcomes in our lives that harmonize perfectly with a number of "traditionally established" FALSE beliefs. Beliefs we hold and believe based on what we've learned which in a number of cases, should we choose to tune into our hearts we discover are quite "untrue."

They become "true" for us in life only because we "believe" they will. To elevate the quality of the outcome (the effect) we only need to elevate the quality of belief. (the cause of the effect)

In the vast majority of cases this requires "unlearning" much of what we had previously "perceived" to be true based on what we've been told and taught that "we should" believe. Should we choose to DO that, we begin to see, understand and experience the simplicity and the perfection of the creative process that determines the unfailing and unwavering cycles of life which in "seemingly miraculous ways" opens the "flow" to a consistent stream of desired results.

We simply harmonize what we "believe" to begin receiving the "desired flow."

To begin changing the undesirable events, conditions and circumstance that we face in life into those that we have a "heartfelt desire" to experience, more times than not requires changing what we "think we know" and perceive to be true about life and ourselves, what we "perceive and believe" to be available and/or unavailable to us.

So how do we do that? Where do we begin?

I believe, based on my own discoveries and experiences that the first step is to make a firm and unwavering commitment to begin choosing our own path and discerning what's "true or untrue" for ourselves.

This discovery process entails becoming consciously aware of the beliefs you currently hold as well as developing a "healthy dose of skepticism" about who and what you allow to mold and shape your beliefs in the future.

The key phrase is a "healthy dose" of skepticism...not becoming cynical. Cynicism can and often does keep people from discovering, recognizing and acting on the ways and means that would inevitably assist them in fulfilling their heartfelt desires.

The world is FULL of cynical people only because they have operated a great portion of their lives based on traditionally established FALSE beliefs that due to the perfection and simplicity of the creative process...the unwavering cycles...mirror the kind and quality of lives they've experienced to this point further solidifying that what they "perceive and believe" to be true is true.

But in many cases it's not "true" at all. It's only our beliefs that make it true for us. Effects begin showing up in our lives that harmonize with what we "perceive" as being true.

To begin creating more of the desired effects we only have to discover this "Higher Truth."

Based on what I've come to believe due to my own experiences, it's not only necessary but will prove to be life changing.

Here's what I've discovered and why I believe that based on my personal experiences...

Although we have a body and exist in the Newtonian world we are far more than a physical entity. There's something that drives the body and keeps it alive. We don't have to plug into an electrical outlet right? So what powers us?

We're each born as powerful creators and throughout our lives conditioned into believing that we're victims and/or creatures of circumstance. We're taught for the most part that what we can have or not have is in some way dependent on what's going on in the world around us.

You could say that we "allow ourselves" to be conditioned into mediocrity. What we learn and come to "know" to be true throughout life in many cases buries our understanding of the power we've each been freely provided beneath layers of self limiting perceptions and beliefs acquired from the external world.

The result?

We have experiences throughout life that harmonize with what we've been taught to believe. When we attempt to move forward and beyond our self created limitations to create greater futures, we recall these past experiences and due to their realness we get and remain trapped within a seemingly inescapable cycle that continues to unfold just as we "believe" it will.

At some point we learn to "settle" and "get by" in life. We lose sight of the miracle creating power that's been freely provided to each of us.

We simply forget and due to the repetition of experiencing the same less than desired results over and over and over again due to our "beliefs and perceptions" acquired and established earlier in life we develop solidified perceptions and beliefs that settling and getting by in life is as good as it gets.

And so...that's what we do and where we remain...

UNLESS and UNTIL we become "consciously aware" of the process and make a "conscious choice" to change it!!

Granted, the vast majority don't understand why or how "seemingly miraculous" outcomes occur and as a result overlook the power they hold individually to consciously and consistently mold and shape the events, conditions and circumstances that unfold in their lives individually and on a larger scale in the world around them.

But I've also come to know and understand the reason behind why that remains a "truth" for so many is simply because the vast majority choose not to explore and discover the simplicity behind the whys and hows at the depths that I and so many others have and as a result never personally experience the transformational power that becomes quite evident and real by choosing to do so.

They make "conscious choices" to listen to, believe and follow everything they've been taught throughout life and without even realizing it they "unconsciously choose" to remain "asleep" and oblivious to who and what they "truly are" and what they're "truly" capable of.

Hence, why such a small minority experience the indescribable and almost incomprehensible creative power that's been provided and made available to them.

One thing is absolute and it's SO profoundly simple that most overlook it...

As you believe you receive...without fail.

There's profound wisdom and power within that statement. It's more than just words.

Your "beliefs" create the cycles that you experience in life and unless and until you're willing to become aware of and change the "beliefs" that are creating them, the cycles cannot and will not change.

That simple yet profound statement is THE single most important and fundamental key to developing an unshakable "inner knowing" for yourself that no one can shatter and discovering just how "true" that is for yourself.

Choosing to understand or not just how "Key" that is in each and every aspect of your life is what determines the kind and quality of life that you have and are currently choosing for yourself.

That pertains to each and every aspect of your life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

Personally experiencing the transformation that can take place in any or all of these areas requires nothing more and nothing less than a choice...A "conscious choice" to begin exploring, discovering, revealing and becoming "consciously aware of" the under the radar "subconscious beliefs" that so many hold without being "consciously aware" of them or the power they hold to mold and shape each of the events, conditions and circumstances that collectively make each aspect of our lives "real."

After a number of years of delving in and exploring this area personally through a number of venues, here are just a few things that I've since come to believe about you, me and everyone else on this planet, each equally provided the choice as well as the ability to understand and utilize for themselves this freely distributed power whenever and if ever they should "consciously choose" to do so.

These 7 Things I've Personally Come To Believe Can and Will Transform Your Life and On A Larger Scale The World Should You Choose To Discover, Understand and Internalize Just How "True" They Are For Yourself...

  • I believe every person…including you, has within themselves inexhaustible reserves of potential they have never even come close to realizing.

  • I believe every person...including you is already using this power already, yet most are using it "unconsciously."

  • I believe each person…including you has far more intelligence than they have or will ever use.

  • I believe each person…including you is far more creative than he or she has or ever will imagine.

  • I believe the limitless capability we each have to create lives of harmony and fulfillment can never be FULLY utilized since the probabilities are quite literally "Infinite" in nature.

  • I believe the greatest experiences and achievements of your life lie ahead of you.

  • I believe the number one reason that more don’t “believe” the above statements hold “true” for them is due to listening to and allowing others to instill their self limiting beliefs and perspectives in you and choosing to "not do" anything about it.

And I KNOW unless and until YOU recognize and consciously choose to do something about it…until you choose to “Awaken” to the fact of just how “true” that is, you’ll never achieve a fraction of the infinite potential and possibility that is, always has been and always will be readily available to you.

I personally KNOW that you can but I also KNOW that unless you make the choice to KNOW and believe it for yourself, what I KNOW and believe will be of little importance or benefit for you personally.

I also know that it's the choices that you make individually that will determine each and every aspect of your life and determine without fail what you will or will not experience.

Why do I believe these things and how can I "honestly claim" that I KNOW?

Because as they say…"I’ve been there and done that." I've walked down and explored both paths.

I've personally experienced the transformational power behind "believing" such things as well as assisted countless others to experience the transformational shift that's made possible when they chose to remain open and receptive to another way...an expanded perspective of looking at and perceiving how the various things in their lives unfold and come to be.

I've also experienced the self created limitation that doing the polar opposite creates.

The fact of the matter is, I haven’t always “believed” or "known" ANY of the things that I share above and teach to so many around the world today.

In fact what I personally knew and believed at one point in my own life was quite the opposite from what I have since come to know, believe and openly share today.

And my results, regardless of how grand or how "seemingly bad" they were as I walked these various paths have always provided a mirrored reflection of that choice.

For a number of years I didn't come to the realization that in either case...regardless of what the quality of results were, I was the one utilizing the power provided to me to make them real and tangible.

You could say I didn’t know what I didn’t know and until I got to a point of serious discontent and consistently experiencing "less than desired" outcomes, wasn't willing to stretch outside of my own self limiting and self sabotaging "Knowing Boundaries" which is the ONLY thing that kept me from experiencing the Infinite possibility and potential that existed outside of them.

I suppose you could say I wasn't ready...Until I was.

Not coincidentally, I also discovered that what I experienced in the various areas of my life were a direct reflection...a mirrored image if you will...of the "beliefs" I chose to hold and the resulting "perceptions" that ensured that life would be just as I myself was choosing as "unconscious" as that choosing was.

Sadly most don’t understand and as a result of choosing to make "unconscious choices" will never understand the wisdom or experience the transformational power behind that statement.

What most "know" is the very thing that keeps them from venturing outside of their "knowing boundaries" to discover just how powerful and transformational it is for themselves. It's the very thing that keeps so many from experiencing a kind and quality of life that they so often hope, wish and pray they could yet never do.

Not because they can't but rather because they "choose" not to.

They think they know and choose to hold such “knowing”…as limiting, self sabotaging and life draining as it is…as fact.

They never make a conscious choice to explore and develop a deeper understanding about what’s real and possible for themselves, which is the very choice that keeps them from achieving their fondest hopes, dreams and desires and experiencing a kind and quality of life that‘s "truly" available to and for them.

An extraordinary quality of life in fact. A quality of life that most don't and/or won't experience simply because they don't and/or won't choose it for themselves.

Yet in more cases than not it’s NOT because they “truly know”, but rather because they have allowed others to tell them what they now “know” and “believe” to be true and they’ve blindly and unknowingly accepted what's been shared with them throughout life as being “true” which is the ONLY thing that makes it true for them in life.

Their lives reflect perfectly what they "know and believe" to be true about life.

One thing that I have personally come to know and hope you'll grasp, internalize and come to know as well...

You ALWAYS get to be right and there are ZERO exclusions.

Here's what I mean by that...

One thing that is as absolute, unwavering and certain as gravity. What you know to be true about yourself…what you “perceive” as being possible, practical, feasible and logical about yourself, your potential and what you CAN or CANNOT experience in your life WILL unfold just as you choose, whether in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual areas of your life.

Just as you know and believe it will.

You'll get whatever you choose to place your predominant focus on.

What sets the ultra successful and happy apart from those who aren’t?

They understand just how “true and powerful” that is. They understand how vital it is to keep your eyes on the prize rather than the barriers and hurdles that may show up along the way.

They've learned how vital it is to "Judge NOT by appearances."

That's why the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. That's why the middle class remains the middle class.

Because based on what they've created for themselves...because they "perceive" that what's going on around them is so real...they "know" and "believe" they will...and so they do.

The Ultra Successful and Truly Happy recognize the importance of discovering what’s “real, right and true” for themselves. They don’t “allow” the limiting and short sighted opinions and perceptions of the outside world to affect them and ultimately dictate and determine their futures.

Those who have made a tremendous impact in the world at large didn't allow others to snuff out their individually held dreams and aspirations.

They didn't focus on "can't" because someone in their circle of influence said or believed they couldn't.

Here's just a very few of countless thousands of "Real Life Examples" of just how "true" that is...

The Vice President of Columbia Pictures told this actor that he was never going to make it in the business.

Who was the actor? - Harrison Ford

This authors first book was rejected by 12 publishing houses and sixteen agents.

Who was he? - John Grisham

This band was turned down by a recording company saying "We don't like their sound and guitar music is on the way out."

What band were they referring to? - The Beatles

This man was told by his father that he would amount to nothing and would always be a disgrace to both himself and his family

Guess who that was? - Charles Darwin.

This phenomenon was told by a music teacher "as a composer he is hopeless"

Who was it? - Beethoven

This man was told that "he couldn't sing at all"

Who was this talentless and "off key" person? - Enrico Caruso

This world changer was fired from a newspaper because he "lacked imagination and had no original ideas"

Who was that? - Walt Disney

These guys were told by MANY Publishers that "anthologies didn't sell" and their book was "too positive." In fact their initial inspiration was rejected a total of 140 times before it made history.

What was the book? Chicken Soup for the Soul.

The Chicken Soup For The Soul series now boasts more than 112 million books sold to date, (and still climbing) almost 200 titles in print and has been translated into more than 40 languages.

This history changer was told by a teacher he was "too stupid to learn anything."

Who was this "dummy?" - Thomas Edison

This Nobel Prize Laureate wasn't able to speak until he was almost 4 years old and his teachers said he would "never amount to much."

Who was he? - Albert Einstein

This guy did poorly in school and failed at running the family farm.

Who was it? - Isaac Newton

This person was instructed that he couldn't wait on customers in the store he worked in because "he didn't have enough sense"

Who was it? - F. W. Woolworth

This basketball phenomenon was cut from the high school basketball team, went home, locked himself in his room and cried.

He's since recovered nicely. His name is - Michael Jordan

A producer told this lady she was "unattractive" and could not act.

Her name? - Marilyn Monroe

This book was rejected 18 times before it was published. It then sold over one million copies the first year.

What was the name of this book? The book was Jonathan Livingston Seagull and it was written by Richard Bach

This best selling author who has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives globally was told by his college professor, Professor Peterson, after questioning the professor as to why he received a D on his college final who "claimed" that he'd NEVER be a writer and to find something else to do.

Who was he? - John Harricharan.

What do you suppose would have happened if the people in these examples had allowed the beliefs, perceptions and opinions of others to impact what they "believed" about themselves?

The most likely answer is nothing. They'd still be "perceiving and believing what they were told and perhaps "getting by" and stuck in survival mode as so many are.

So...my next question would be, "Are you allowing or going to allow the beliefs of others to squelch your individually held dreams and desires or are you going to take "conscious control", utilize the gifts provided to you and create the life of your dreams?

Are you going to rise above the "knowing" that you currently hold that's kept you from being, doing and having "Whatsoever ye desire" and choose to elevate your understanding and "belief" that will enable you to get it?

Will you choose to remain trapped in a self imposed existence of fear, doubt and worry wondering what the world is going to throw at you next or discover the Love that enables you to choose whatever you will for yourself and make the shift to experiencing something greater?

It doesn't matter where you are or where you've been. It doesn't matter how many times you've failed, how high you've climbed or where you have a "heartfelt desire" to go.

I believe that you can be, do, and have whatever you choose for yourself...REGARDLESS.

In fact, I know you can. But the single most important question is...do you?

Are you going to take "conscious control" over your life or allow the people, events, conditions and circumstances "out there" to determine it for you?

That's what is going to make ALL the difference.

Creating An Extraordinary Quality Of Life For Yourself Is Quite Simple Once You Clearly
Understand "How and Why" You Can

Creating Significant Change Begins With a Decision, and Once Decided Following Through and Choosing To Enhance Your Awareness...To "Awaken" To Who and What
You "Truly" Are and Your "Currently Untapped" Potential and Capabilities

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation

The 7 Hidden Keys Provides All The Awareness You Could Possibly Need To Awaken You To How "Real and True" That Is.

Then It’s Simply a Matter of Choosing To Begin "Consciously and Consistently" Applying What You’ve Discovered.

It "Truly Is" as simple as that.

Click Here If You’re Finally Ready Take That Step

I'm Finished With I Believe
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