The Illusion And Limitation Of Time

Do You Perceive Yourself as Being Limited By Time? Then You Will Be BUT You Can Become Unlimited If Ever and When Ever You Choose To Do So Once You "Know" What Time "Truly Is."

"Time does not exist as we know it. Time Future, Past and Present all coexist simultaneously right now." - Albert Einstein

It's not uncommon to hear people from various walks of life make the statement…"I just don't have enough time."

In fact, it's quite common. I LOVE chatting about and addressing "common concerns" especially when it has to do with time and what "most" believe to be true about their "lack of time."

When asking them why they believe they don't have enough and/or why they don't simply choose to make more time, there is more often than not a confused and bewildered look that follows with a statement that goes something like…

"Well…you've got to do what you've got to do." That always leads to my next question which is "Who get’s to choose whatever that is?"

Like all things in life, choosing to allow time, or anything else for that matter, to be our master only becomes possible and is made real due to our individual choices.

The number one reason I believe time becomes the master of so many in today’s fast paced world, is due to allowing the mind to be your master as well. That’s where all this “stuff” comes from including a “perceived” lack of time.

The key and the trick to taking conscious control over your life…including the time we think we have or don't have, is to learn to master and take "conscious control" of your mind.

That’s what so many today overlook, hence why so many claim and honestly believe they have so little time.

You may disagree with that statement and even close your mind to how real and true it is. That’s OK…most do. But if you do, it’s not going to change and resolve the “perceived” time problem you have and will continue to experience until you “choose” to accept responsibility and DO something differently than you have been.

People often “claim” that they don’t have the time to make the necessary changes that would enable them to experience the desired outcomes that they claim they want, but “believe” they can’t due to a lack of time. More times than not they “choose” not to develop the understanding that would change the activities as well as the outcomes that are taking all their time.

Most “perceive” the daily choices they make to be limited to “physical action” of some form which is precisely what is creating so much lack, limitation and mediocrity in the lives of so many.

Time is no exception.

Those choices keep us trapped in self created cycles that most “perceive” to be inescapable, yet it’s those same individual choices that are creating the cycle that so many “perceive” themselves to be trapped within resulting in a “perceived lack of time.”

So how do we break these cycles?

It’s quite simple really. It requires taking “conscious control” of our minds and switching from a “fear based” mentality to the Love, joy, fulfillment and the contentment of NOW.

There is nothing but now in this present tense of now. There is no time to think, reason, regret the past, fear the future or anything, except to relish, cherish, savor and Love now.

The fact of the matter is that most spend the majority of their time predominantly focused in a fear based mentality. They fear that if they don’t spend their time in a way that the vast majority do…in such a way that the vast majority have been told and taught that they should and/or MUST…in a way that we’ve been “conditioned to believe to be “realistic and logical”, that there will be lack and limitation.

That form of conditioning has many believing that they won’t be able to pay the bills, buy the food, put clothes and their backs and take care of the essentials of life if they don't spend their time DOING what they've been told NEEDS to be done.

Basically they choose to remain stuck in survival mode…in a survive and get by mentality which takes up A LOT of time.

They choose to spend the majority of their time doing what hasn't created the kind and quality of results that they desire, yet they continue to spend their “time” “DOING” exactly the same thing…engaging in the same non-fulfilling careers, repeating the same patterns which continue to produce the same less than desired and often times dismal results all the while wishing that they had more time.

Ironically, they continue to choose to spend the majority of their time doing what it is that requires all their time, wondering why they don't have more time all the while hoping and wishing for more.

So what is it that keeps most stuck in this "Illusion of Time?" A Fear based quality of consciousness, plain and simple. Fear that if they venture outside of the self limiting borders that cultural programming has them "believing" that they are trapped within, that they won't have time to create the security that they have been taught they "need" which is the very mindset that continues to create that "need" in their reality, all the while never attaining the security that so many hope, wish and pray for through doing what is taking so much of their time.

Seeking security is just a dignified, glorified and socially accepted way of expressing and projecting fear.

Here's the "Real Truth"…or should I say "The Higher Truth" regarding "security.

You don't "need" security…you already have security. You don't "need" money, you already have money. You don’t need more time, you already have all the time you need. You already have access to everything and more that you could ever want, hope, wish for or need.

You are just focusing on the opposite of what you desire, keeping your attention on the lack of rather than the abundance of, which is essentially stating your intention, which in turn provides precisely what you are asking for.

In essence, what we receive by DOING things in that way, is an "abundance of" what you are asking for, as “unconscious“ as that asking might be.

As a result of this consistently chosen “unconscious focus” we continue to look in the wrong place for it, whatever it might be, so that we might acquire, find and experience our share of what already is and always has been ours.

A choice to focus on the want or need of something is the very choice that's creating the want or need and you will continue to repeat the cycle unless and until the underlying cause is changed which is creating it.

That's not limited to time, security or anything else.

A choice to keep your predominant focus on the want and need of money is the very choice that is creating the want and need. A choice to seek security is the same choice that is causing you to spend all your time continually striving to attain it or in fear of losing the security that you already have.

You only need to learn and discover how to BE those things in the here and now to experience them. You don't need more time…you "choose" to need more time…you don't need more security you "choose" to keep security from you by not acknowledging that you already have it right here and now, but due to a lack of awareness and understanding, you fail to claim it as yours and as a result block the flow from bringing to you what you desire.

So how and why is it that we form these "perceptions"…these "false illusions" regarding time? Because we are taught throughout life that "Time is running out"…that "Time is money"…that “Time is of the essence”…that "Time is the healer of all wounds." We are continually programmed throughout our lives by those who don't know any better than to "believe" that time is the ultimate reality.

That not only wastes a lot of time, it eats up time...needlessly.

Here's an analogy that will hopefully, solidify this in your mind…

You have developed "beliefs" regarding the realness of the things you can see and feel and touch and taste and smell because they are experienced in the physical world here and now.

What makes you believe there is time?

Can you see it…feel it…smell it…taste it…touch it? NO…you only "believe" there is time because you have been taught and have developed beliefs that such a thing exists and that you are limited and governed by it.

You certainly can't experience time with the senses. Now…why do you think you can't experience the things that DO exist already in physical form although you may not as of yet be aware of how to claim what‘s already been provided to you? The money…the fancy home…the incredible relationships…the vibrant health?

For the VERY same reason.

Because you have been taught and conditioned to believe that it isn't available to you but only reserved for the lucky and fortunate few. That it takes hard work and struggle. You don't believe it because you can't see, feel, touch, taste and smell it in your individual experience…in your life currently, yet you fully believe in something that you have never been able to experience with your limited senses.

So the reality is, when you choose to create more time by doing what you are passionate about and love to do, you choose to be wealthy and you fully enjoy the “time“ it takes to create this wealth.

How do you spend the majority of YOUR time?

Making the choice to spend more of your time going within…on the inside, opening the gate of awareness and understanding will provide you with ideas, ways and means that will enable and empower you to experience far more time and the experiences that you desire on the outside.

That's something to think about…don't you "think?"

Modern day science clearly shows us that everything at it’s core is energy. They also make clear that energy cannot be created or destroyed, (thermodynamics) but only transmutes in form.

If energy cannot be created or destroyed and EVERYTHING is, at it's core energy, is it possible that attempting to create something is nothing but wasted time and effort?

Since everything already exists as a "probability of existence" and any and every "conceivable" outcome already IS, there is nothing more to create….nothing to want…nothing to need…nothing to desire. How can you possibly want, need and desire what already exists…what is already available to you…what you already have.

You CAN'T. What you CAN do and what most actually DO is create the very lack of something by not acknowledging that it's already here.

You may not yet see and experience whatever it might be that you want in a physical sense yet, but it's only because the transmutation of energy hasn’t taken place. What creates this transmutation of energy?

Consciousness. Consciousness is the both the seed and what modern day science calls "the field."

Many spiritualists and the religious minded refer to this "field" as the Kingdom of God. The field, the Kingdom of God or whatever label you "choose" is, or at the very least began as "consciousness."

Your individually chosen quality of consciousness is the seed and the field of infinite probability…The Kingdom is the field where individual seeds sown produce a harvest, the same in kind and quality as the seed.

It’s only necessary to become “conscious of” a Higher Truth to become enabled and empowered to plant "seeds" more consciously to receive the desired harvest.

The “Higher Truth” is that all things are the result of consciousness. There exists nothing that is, was or ever will be that was not first conceived from a “thought.”

Wanting, needing and desiring something, whether time or anything else, is in essence asking to remain in want, need and desire mode. And so it is.

You want the million dollar portfolio but you aren't experiencing it in your physical reality. You want the 5500 sq. ft. home but you aren't experiencing it in your physical reality. You want the healthy, wholesome and fulfilling relationships but you just can't seem to cross over the boundaries that enable you to experience them in your physical reality. You want to take the kids to Disney World but you just don’t have the time or money.

You “know” what you want but you self sabotage the "realization" of it at some point in "time" by choosing to keep your predominant focus on the lack of it…what you don’t have.

Wanting, needing and wishing for more time will only create more wanting and wishing of more time. You receive precisely what you ask for.

The ancient texts support and substantiate this "fact" very clearly and simply...

As you believe, you receive."

It can't be any more "clear" or "simple" than that.

Harmony and fulfillment in life aren't achieved by having what you want but rather by wanting what you have…expressing gratitude for it…savoring the blessings that have been provided to you which initiates an indescribable power so strong…so forceful, yet so Unconditionally Loving at the same time, that the "mind" can't possibly conceive the enormity of it.

Does that mean that you shouldn't desire better outcomes? That you should be ashamed that you would like to experience more of the pleasures that life has to offer?

NO…Absolutely NO!!

What it DOES mean is that by taking your focus off of the need…off of the want…off of the desire, all of which are expressing and implying that you don't have it, and making the shift to a quality of “consciousness“ of already having whatever it might be, enables the ATTRACTION process“ which in whatever space of "time" that we enable and allow, transmutes the thing wanted, hoped for, wished for or desired into the “physical manifestation of the thing desired.

You accomplish far more in far less time and with far less effort.

Making the internal shift from want, need and desire to feeling and expressing heartfelt gratitude for what you have, activates this "Infinite Power" that words cannot possibly express in a "consciously directed" kind of way which shifts the resonance of energy creating the "lack" and "want to have."

That's what enables us to attract and experience FAR MORE to be grateful for.

The "desires of the heart" are fulfilled. You’ll "want for nothing." That's why the ancient texts state..."Want for nothing."

Because want can only create more "want." Gratitude can only "create" and provide more to express "gratitude" for.

It is nothing more or less than a shift in consciousness that takes focus off of wanting, needing, desiring, seeking, clinging to what you don't have.

Because of the unfailing and unwavering Universal Laws such as Law of Vibration, the Law of Resonance and The Law Of Attraction can only draw to you and create more of the same.

A focus on preferring, without attachment or clingy expectation as to HOW or WHEN the outcome will show up, enables the ways, means, methodologies, etc. to flow to you…effortlessly.

By “preferring” something over another thing you are in essence choosing from what already does exist…there is no need to create it only prefer it…choose it and IT must show up just as you "prefer" and "believe" it will.

The belief must only harmonize with the preference.

The problem most have is that they "believe" only what they can see (with the exception of time that is) and fail to grasp the fact that it is their belief about it…the thoughts concerning it… their focus on the opposite of "having more of it"…the quality of consciousness that they choose for themselves which keeps them seeing it…experiencing it…living it, whether they like what they see and experience or not.

The mass majority claim that they'll believe it when they see it and fail to understand that to see it they must first believe it.

You can't see time yet you believe in it. Why can't you see those things that you desire to see and experience prior to them being transmuted from the unseen or spiritual to the seen or physical?

You might argue that although you can't SEE time, you can see and experience the effects of time. Perhaps it's because you have been conditioned to believe that the passing of time will create the conditions that you see. What do you suppose would happen if you could develop the belief that you were untouched by time?

The reality is that you ARE untouched by time unless you choose for it to control you…unless YOU choose it as your master rather than learning to and making a "conscious choice" to master time. You don't understand this and aren’t experiencing it in your life simply because of your currently chosen "perception" regarding who and what you "truly" are which is far more than a physical body.

If we believe "time ends" or it's "game over" when the physical body transmutes in form, then YES...time is real. But there's more. Time doesn't end. A new experience begins.

Preferring something and staying attached to the outcome, wondering if, when and how it is going to show up only creates emotions that serve to push it away and creates the reality of not having it…the belief that you hold as NOT having and NOT already experiencing it shows up just as you believe and keeps it, whatever it might be, just outside of your grasp.

In the same way "believing" something else is going to happen…fearing that the opposite may happen, other than what is consciously desired is in essence "preferring" something else which creates something else which shows up as just that…the opposite of the desired outcome in your reality. This is why undesirable things happen and most "perceive" that they have no say so or conscious control over them.

Since any conceivable outcome already exists as a probability, whether tangible or intangible, perhaps all that we need to do is eliminate our limiting "perceptions" regarding "time" and BE that now…whatever that is, and stay in the know and the now with regard to it's existence.

Because it already DOES exist somewhere outside of your conceptualization and perception of time.

There is no time necessary for it's manifestation…it is already here. It's only our perception that it takes time which creates that reality in our lives.

Let's take a deeper look as to how this happens…

A focus on the past can only create more of the same in the future. A specific intention for the future focused on with love can only create desires…some "future" event which we haven't yet experienced, creating want which is what we receive now AND in the future…more wants and desires. A focus of want can only produce more want. A focus of desire can only produce more desire. We must only be what we choose to experience now and it will be experienced now.

To do this we need to better understand the illusion of time…first of all to understand that time IS an illusion…a physical thing which like ALL physical things ARE merely illusions that we construct and hold within our minds…due to our perceptions which are formed by and based on our existing beliefs.

Let's look at dreams…

In dreams we have the experience…we live the experience…we only awaken to what we believe is true and "real" and begin experiencing outcomes that harmonize with that chosen way of being. When we dream we often transcend what we "perceive" reality to be because we enter into what is known as the Alpha and Theta brain wave state which initiates a slowing of the physical processes (brain wave activity, breathing, heart rate etc) elevating the right brained aspect of mind igniting the spiritual aspect of our consciousness which transcends the "Matrix" that we "perceive" to be our limited time, space reality…enabling and empowering us to rise above…transcend what we perceive as "physical reality."

In other words we transcend our self limiting beliefs and perceptions during our "dream states" enabling us to experience things outside of our "perceived" belief boundaries leading to experiences of greater outcomes than what we might believe we can when we are awake.

This provides a clue as to how we can begin to experience more of our preferences during our waking hours until we are able to overwrite and replace the beliefs which keep us trapped within our own self imposed "time" borders.

In sleep there is no concept of time. When we go to sleep it "seems as if" we are waking up without any concept of time passing…as if no time has passed. The only way we know that time has passed is by looking at our clocks which validates and further supports the programming we've received with regard to our "Illusion and Limitation of Time."

To escape the "illusion" it's necessary to transcend the "Matrix" which is creating the illusion. No we can't sleep 24 hours per day and expect to keep our physical bodies alive. But WE CAN utilize proven techniques that enable us to elevate our consciousness into this "Higher Realm" that transcends the illusion and limitation of time which can, will and does make the physical experience much more pleasant, with far less fear, doubt, worry, stress and anxiety.

One of the most powerful techniques for transcending the illusion and limitation of "time" is known as meditation.

Meditation enables you to rise above the Matrix, to escape the illusion and limitation of time and re-energize our body, mind and spirit making our physical experience much easier and enabling us to accomplish much more in far less time.

People spend so much time focusing on the past and fearing the future that they fail altogether to remain where EVERYTHING already exists which is in the now. You have EVERYTHING you need now…It's ALL right here right now. Relax…be grateful…prefer but stay unattached to "heartfelt desires" and you'll experience whatever the "heartfelt desire" might be.

I know of one way that you can begin experiencing more time immediately. Quit spending so much of your time focusing on the failures of the past which creates, directs and focuses a quality of consciousness essentially placing focus on a fear of what "might or could" happen at some point in the future.

It’s a waste of time.

So you might grasp this illusion of time clearly, let’s look at what Quantum Physicists have discovered.

Everything is photons right? What are photons? Pure light. At the core of everything are these photons...these waves forms of pure light.

What does spiritual text say about time?

Now granted we exist here in this immediate time frame in a physical sense. We can’t escape the illusion of time…yet. Our physical bodies experience time and space. But to make this time and space the most pleasurable and enjoyable that it can be it’s necessary to look deeper than the physical. It’s necessary to understand where everything that we’re seeing and experiencing in a physical sense comes from. It’s important to grasp what all this stuff we see and experience in the physical REALLY is which is photons of pure light.

It’s only necessary to elevate your understanding which will enable you to comprehend and see through the illusion. What is the illusion? Everything physical. It’s all an illusion that we ourselves are creating based on our individually chosen perceptions and conceptualizations regarding reality.

If we are creating an illusion that is counter to what we claim we want, it’s only necessary to shift the perceptions and conceptualizations that we have about a thing which will shift the illusion that we see, perceive as being real which we ourselves are creating.

I'm Finished With The Illusion and Limitation of Time
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