Inspiring Short Stories

Inspiring Short Stories For "Busy People"

It seems in this day and age that most "claim" to have a lack of time. Although a misnomer based on WAY too many factors to list here, at the same time a "lack of time" is what most claim they experience an abundance of.

So with that in mind, I thought it might be beneficial as well as helpful to incorporate some Inspiring Short Stories for those who might long for some inspiration in their lives yet at the same time who DO "perceive and as a result see a "lack of time" as being an issue in their life.

Perhaps the following inspiring short stories will assist you in not only feeling a spark of inspiration but also in seeing that any "lack" of ANY form, whether it be "time" or anything else for that matter, is nothing more or less than a state of mind which is made "real, tangible and measurable" as a result of choice, NOT chance as many believe.

It's my hope as well as my intention that the following inspiring short stories might assist you in choosing to be, do and have more of whatever it might be that you aspire to create in and for your life.

The Power of Paying It Forward

Cranky Old Man

More Inspiring Short Stories To Come Soon

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I'm Finished With Inspiring Short Stories
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