Just what I needed at this stage

by Schalk

Hi Chuck,

I want to start by saying "Wow!" I'm not sure what made me click the link in my email to go to the site... but when I got there and I saw how MUCH there was to read, my enthusiasm was immediately dampened.

You see, I'm a VERY slow reader. So I decided to just "scan" through the highlights of the page. And That is what I started doing... but somewhere something caught my eye (I can't even say what it was) that stopped me scanning and started me reading again.

And from then on there was much more reading and much less scanning.

Bottom line - I KNOW I want to know more.

I have been looking for my own soul purpose for some time, obviously without thinking of it in that terminology, but I have not yet found it. What I have discovered, was that I long to be more enlightened.

Your approach is something I immediately felt comfortable with, and I'm looking forward to our journey together.

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Chuck's response to Schalk...

Hi Schalk,

Thank You for sharing my friend.

One of the most AWESOME and AMAZING things I KNOW to be true about life, is that there are no coincidences; there are NO accidents or random occurrences.

I believe EVERYTHING we encounter in life; even what we often overlook and write off as the “seemingly insignificant” serves a meaningful and definitive purpose. A “Greater Good” if you will.

What you’ve just described is “proof of that.”

Sometimes we choose to “slow down long enough” to see that and sometimes we don’t. Either way, ultimately at some point, maybe even in ways and on a much larger scale that some will NEVER see due to their own choice/s, is the long time “unchangeable fact” that ALWAYS in ALL WAYS holds true…

…We ALWAYS get to be right.

Your choice to “stop scanning” and “start reading” enabled you to see something that you discovered may assist you, even though initially you may not have thought or believed that it could or served any purpose whatsoever. But you made the choice to “slow down” and you found that it did.

EVERYTHING does...EVERYTHING without exception.

It’s based on a Higher Truth that never changes, never wavers and never fails. We just don’t “allow ourselves” to SEE that sometimes. Until we DO slow down long enough and “choose to see it” we never will.

In many cases (maybe even most cases) initially, we make choices “unknowingly” that DO point us toward the path we WANT to walk which enables us to see and KNOW just how “real and true” it is that we CAN.

You made a choice that introduced you to the fact that maybe…just maybe there is a Higher Truth that you may or may not be currently “fully aware of.”

One thing I DO KNOW, is the fact that if you’ll choose to continue on the path you’ve started down, a path that YOU chose and move forward with the “heartfelt intention” of finding and engaging in your “Soul Purpose”, you WILL find it.

It’s my hope and intention that I and the Enlightened Journey Newsletter might play a role in assisting you to find and fully engage in whatever your “Soul Purpose” is.

Whether we will or won’t is without question, only dependent on you and the future choices you make.

It’s certainly not limited to me or the Enlightened Journey newsletter. There are quite literally an Infinite number of ways that can happen for you.

I’m ecstatic that I was able to assist in some way, shape or form. That’s the reason why I do what I do. To assist and contribute to those who desire to find whatever it might be that they are looking for.

It's not missing. We just have to "unlearn" some and in some cases MUCH of what we've been taught, believe and think we know.

So again, Thank You so much for sharing your experience and allowing me and the rest of the community to learn, grow and benefit from what you've contributed and shared here.

You may or may not see it yet, but we are ALL teachers and we are ALL students and the contribution you have already made by simply sharing your experience here, IS a much bigger contribution than you may be able to see right now. IMMENSE in fact.

Believe me when I tell you, (or not) the potential behind who might and/or will benefit from your openness and willingness to share here, is quite literally infinite in nature.

It will touch and enhance lives in ways FAR BIGGER and Greater than you or I may EVER be aware of.

Keep walking the path my friend and you WILL at some point see how “real and true” that is if you don’t already.

As far as your “Soul Purpose”; that will reveal itself when the timing is just right for you, I’ll assure you.

The timing is ALWAYS perfect.

That I KNOW. Just keep your eyes open; your “heart eyes” and don’t allow your “physical eyes” to sway you or keep you from moving forward in ways that you Love.

As one the masters clearly stated…”Judge NOT by appearances.” He KNEW that physical appearances can change in the “blink of an eye” when we allow that. MANY masters from EVERY culture KNEW that as well.

Amazingly, there is a science behind it also that supports it as well. The simple observation of nature also reveals the same Higher Truth when we slow down long enough to look at and understand it. She is a VERY WISE yet silent teacher. :)

Those are just a few of many things we’ll be looking at in future editions of Enlightened Journey.

Till then…

As I always say, do the best you can based on where you are right now and allow that to be OK.

When fear speaks, do the best you can to get to the core of WHY. It’s ALWAYS a limiting and often times self-sabotaging belief.

But…”When Love speaks, move and DO something with it.” The tangible and measurable results are beyond profound in an indescribably pleasing kind of way.

In the meantime, just do your very best to “allow what is” to be as it is or not. That includes you, others and the events, conditions and circumstances that reveal themselves in your life. The “better you do at "allowing”, the more awesome, joyful and fulfilling life becomes.

Keep on keepin my friend and Thank You again for sharing.

The Best of The Best of The Best For You Always,


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