Welcome To The Key To Effortless Creation

As I mentioned in a previous e-mail I have a gift for you that I've been "playing" on for some time which I am EXTREMELY excited and at the same time grateful to say is complete...ALMOST.

I hope and trust that the information shared throughout The Key To Effortless Creation will prove to be equally as beneficial, perhaps even as life changing for you as it has proven to be for me.

Although ALL phases aren't all the way complete, due to a number of e-mails received recently combined with the many received over the past few months asking specific questions regarding the creation of wealth…"tangible wealth", I've decided to send this portion of it out prior to full launch.

As I mentioned in a previous e-mail, I've been "playing" behind the scenes for several months now not only writing and creating the Key To Effortless Creation, but I have also been testing and am EXTREMELY excited about another aspect of "The Key To Effortless Creation", a "physical and "tangible" aspect that will address and provide those of you who have requested, with the "tangible" means to begin producing the "tangible wealth" that so many have written and asked questions about that I have found to be as powerful and equally as important, as "effortless" as anything I've EVER seen before for creating the "tangible" wealth that so many who write to me are seeking.

Before we get into that though, it's important to understand as you may already be aware, that the acquisition of tangible wealth can't and won't happen unless and until you have the "inner beingness" that harmonizes with "attracting" whatever aspect of wealth is important to you whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

That's one of the reasons for my excitement. I believe that The Key To Effortless Creation addresses how to harmonize with ALL aspects of wealth and will not only assist you in becoming more keenly "aware of" the necessity of developing the necessary "inner harmony" that "allows" and is essential for "attracting" this wealth, whether tangible or otherwise, but also address the "physical" aspects or "physical doingness" that is also necessary to begin experiencing it for yourself.

In other words it will enable you to begin "consciously, purposefully and intentionally putting the Law of Attraction in action for you and in addition, if you choose to utilize them, provide you with the tangible tools which I personally utilize which can provide you with the "tangible results" that you're seeking both internally AND externally.

In other words it will serve as a means to answer ALL of the countless questions received over the past months AND enable me to continue to create additional resources that will serve to assist you in achieving Abundance, Happiness, Harmony and Fulfillment in your life.

This attraction, which is always at work in everyone's life although not everyone is "consciously" aware of it OR as a result of continually and "unconsciously" attracting un-desired outcomes and not sure as to how and why they are, sometimes…often in fact, "perceive" that these "things" that they're attracting and experiencing are just random occurrences which they have no control over and "perceive" to be happening only by chance or fate.

This "attraction thing" isn't just limited to the area of acquiring "tangible wealth", but equally as active and just as precise in every area of your life whether it be physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

Since the mass majority "believe" that happiness and fulfillment come as the result of being "successful" in the physical world let's take a deeper look into this area of "success" and discover how and why some people "become" successful while others "believe" it to be outside of their ability to achieve and as a result never experience it.

Its really no wonder that of the countless numbers of people that join a fitness center or gym, only a handful have huge success. Its not that they are really any different, its because they have different habits. Success is a habit. It is achieved by developing the ability to "consciously, consistently and intentionally take the absolutely essential steps that lead you closer to it.

The first step is becoming aware of how to do it…how to use the equipment that is available to you.

It's not "hard" as many perceive. It's not difficult unless you choose for it to be difficult. That's one of the true beauty's about life. Although many choose to remain unconscious of this fact…YOU get to choose what you experience in this life for yourself.

That's not to imply that some things won't happen in your life that will challenge and enable you to grow further, because they will. What I AM implying is that you have the ability to choose whether you will respond or react to them which will determine how much and how long you will remain in the lesson that your intended to learn. Life is all about growth…continual growth. In a "physical sense you're either moving forward and growing or digressing and dying. There is no standing still.

You get to choose.

You get to choose what to think…you get to choose what to believe…you get to choose what you will or will not do. Each of the outcomes that you personally experience or don't experience are simply a result of those individual and specific choices that YOU choose to make or not make.

You get to choose to move forward or to digress.

In the same way you get to choose to be successful or not. Success is a choice just as choosing to run down to the local grocery store for a gallon of milk or not is a choice. Not choosing to do so is merely a choice that results in you not getting the milk that you were initially going there for but due to a change of mind chose not to. It’s not good or bad…right or wrong unless you choose to "perceive" it that way.

Just as easily, you can choose to be successful or not successful. Although many perceive the attainment of "real wealth" and success to be difficult, in reality it's not difficult at all. It's only difficult if YOU make the choice to make it difficult. In fact by making the "conscious choices" that harmonize with the acquisition and attainment of "real wealth" and success it can become effortless to attain all the success that so many desire, but far too few ever attain…in fact as you're about to discover it can be fun AND seemingly effortless which is precisely how creation was intended and is "suppose" to be and IS…UNLESS you make choices that go against the "effortless" flow of creation.

You only need to become "aware" of how to go with this flow to make it FUN and Effortless for you.

That's what theThe Key To Effortless Creation" is about. As it continues to unfold it will provide you with more and more awareness and as a result more and more opportunities to choose from or not.

It's about achieving success and having fun…A LOT of fun while you're doing it as well as providing you with the necessary awareness to assist you and enable you to experience for yourself just how fun and "effortless" the attainment of this "success" can and will be IF you choose to "allow" it to be.

That is one of the biggest elements to achieving "real wealth" and success in life yet one that many overlook…just "Allowing" success to be and learning to go with the "flow."

Most "perceive" the attainment of success to be difficult, require hard work, struggle and never come to the realization that it is precisely these things, this perception, this mindset, this attempt to "force" and continually paddle upstream which continually pushes away and keeps success and fulfillment just outside of their reach.

For the past 3 years I've been contributing in the best way I knew how, through Abundance-and-Happiness.com as well as The Enlightened Journey newsletter, what I've discovered, personally experienced and understand to be the "internal" aspects of wealth creation and success which I, through my own personal experiences have come to believe are crucial…absolutely essential in fact in the attainment of the success and "real wealth" that so many desire.

As I've sought out ways to provide more value to you…to contribute to you in bigger and better ways, due to the flood of e-mails over the past months since the December 07 edition went out titled "Wealth Consciousness" it dawned on me that although I was providing much information with regard to the "Inner" work necessary for experiencing outer success and wealth, a key aspect was missing.

This key was that I was missing and not addressing what perhaps you and countless others who "think" this same way "perceive" to be the "Real Life" experiences that we each experience with our "physical bodies" existing in a physical world.

So…as a result of this new "Awakening" I began "playing" on and have ALMOST completed "phase one" of my NEW baby which I've chosen to call… "The Key To Effortless Creation." I say "almost" because there will be additional things added as time goes on.

The Key To Effortless Creation expounds on the knowledge shared in the monthly edition of "Enlightened Journey" and at the site which I believe does a better job of harmonizing the essential aspects of wealth creation which is the "inner work"…the "beingness as I like to call it, with the outer or physical aspects of life which are equally as important in experiencing tangible results as so many of you have expressed an interest in experiencing.

The Key To Effortless Creation consists of a 2 part "series" if you will that will enable you to develop the necessary "inner awareness" as well as provide the physical "tangible" steps and resources which are equally as important and which will clearly reveal and "Awaken" you to the crucial nature of harmonizing the "inner" with the "outer" that is necessary…crucial in fact for experiencing "tangible wealth" and success in EVERY aspect of your physical life.

I discovered a long time ago that in order to experience success, "true success"…what I like to refer to as "Real Wealth", it's important to contribute to and assist others in attaining that same experience...to assist enough others to get what they desire which will with unwavering certainty and what I sometimes "perceive" to be delivered in "miraculous" ways, the outcomes which I desire.

The countless e-mails received over the past months helped me realize and become more "aware" that I wasn't fully addressing what it was that you were looking for which is the "tangible wealth" that enables us to enjoy the "physical world to the fullest.

That's what The Key To Effortless Creation is intended to do and then some. To assist you in discovering the importance of becoming "keenly aware" of the necessity of developing this "internal harmony" and then harmonizing your inner beingness…this new awareness with "real life" actions which will provide the external results and experiences that you desire to experience.

The Key To Effortless Creation is being designed to and will IF you'll allow it, assist you in achieving "true" success and "Real Wealth" in EVERY aspect of your life including the financial aspect of wealth and success that so many "perceive" to be what wealth and success are.

Regardless of your current "perception" or "belief" with regard to what wealth and success is for you individually…

You deserve success. Its your turn to have huge success. More importantly it's crucial that YOU know that you have every bit as much right, ability and potential to achieve success as anyone else.

The Key To Effortless Creation will level the playing field and assist you in attaining it.

Yes, you can come up with all types of reasons why you don't currently or can't experience success personally if you choose to, but those reasons are merely "perceptions." They are NOT real. They're merely illusions unfolding, appearing and being experienced in your life and are "appearing" as real based on your current beliefs, judgments and perceptions with regard to them which only serve to create more of the same. Without sugar coating it…They're just reasons that you currently "believe" are keeping you from achieving the success that you deserve.

Let's take a closer look at reasons and expose them for what they "truly" are…

Basically reasons are merely disguised excuses given a name that doesn't sound so negative but at their core reasons for not experiencing the success that is and always has been readily available to you and everyone else are nothing more…they're simply excuses.

Before you get angry with me let me also say that these reasons…these excuses that you have for not becoming successful in your own life in MOST cases aren't your fault. You've been conditioned throughout life to "Keep" success and "tangible wealth" away from you due to what you have been taught and developed beliefs about throughout your life.

Although they are not your fault, at some point in time it is going to be necessary to become aware of them and make the choice to replace them with different beliefs that will enable you to begin experiencing the "Real Wealth"…an important part of which is the "tangible wealth" that so many have sought and "desire" to experience, but due to their beliefs have never been able to experience.

At some point, IF you "truly" desire to experience this material aspect of wealth, the money…the things…the houses…etc., and more importantly the time freedom to fully enjoy them, you're going to have to come to the place where first of all you become "aware" of why this is happening in your life and second that you make the sometimes initially difficult and sometimes "Painful" but extremely beneficial choice to begin accepting responsibility for where you are currently if you ever hope to change it.

Accepting responsibility is a two part process. First you accept responsibility then begin to enhance your response-ability.

Although there are countless different individual "reasons" or "excuses" that people have for making these excuses which inevitably leads to NOT experiencing success in their own lives, the reality is that they all boil down to one very simple yet powerfully creative aspect.

Your underlying "beliefs" concerning successLet's look at one aspect of success that seems to be the most sought after…"money."

One might have and honestly "believe" that the reason that they are unable to achieve monetary success in their life is because they don't have the money to create more money. They fully "believe" that it takes money to make money.

Another possibility is that someone might say that due to their background…their history…their genetics…the kind of family they come from…the country where they live…their limited education in traditional schools…their lack of a diploma that they weren't able to acquire due to their family's lack of money, that they don't have the "credentials" for acquiring the job that they "believe" is necessary to earn and acquire this "money" that they feel is necessary to succeed.

Still another might "believe" that due to the state of the economy, the government, lack of available opportunities, low self esteem, etc etc etc. blah blah blah blah blah. Is the reason why they can't personally achieve success.

Although there does exist a seeming less endless list of these "excuses", they all…I repeat ALL boil down to one very simple yet very dis-empowering reason.

What is this ONE reason?…..

Simply a lack of "Awareness" with regard to who and what you "truly" are and the creative power that has been provided to you.

One of the first things necessary to begin experiencing success in your own life is choosing to give up all the "stories" as to why you aren't or feel you "can't" experience it for yourself because regardless of what you might currently believe to be "truth" with regard to your inability, there is a "Higher Truth" that says you can do whatever you "believe" to be true.

Theses excuses and/or "stories" are merely solidifying your "belief" that you can't.

Although each of these excuses, stories or reasons, whichever you prefer to call them, can be and will be true IF you choose to continue to believe them, there DOES exist this "Higher Truth." Part of this "Higher Truth" is that you will receive and experience whatever you "Believe" to be true. Whether the belief is becoming successful or choosing to believe in lack and limitation, It WILL become true for you.

If you're NOT experiencing what you desire to experience it's only because you don't "BELIEVE" that you can which is only due to a lack of awareness of "Higher Truth" that without fail will ensure that you're absolutely correct.

Regardless of what "reason", story or excuse you may have for not achieving the level of success that you desire is only due to a lack of awareness plain and simple. Sorry if that is a bit painful but I would be doing you a tremendous disservice if I weren't candid about it. Don't get me wrong…you don't have to quit making excuses and develop this awareness that I'm talking about. You have the free will to choose to do whatever you like. But that would be a choice that will continue to keep wealth and success out of your grasp.

It's my intent…my passion and purpose in fact to do everything within my power to see to it that you achieve whatever level of success that you have a desire to attain. Some things I share and say may initially be a little painful…perhaps even anger you a bit but know this…that isn't my intent. I ONLY share them because I care and it's my intention as well as my desire to assist you in becoming successful.

Believe me….I LOVE receiving those e-mails!!

Now you might be asking yourself…why does he care? I care because I understand from a bit deeper perspective that by caring about and assisting you I am also at the same time caring about and assisting myself. We'll cover that in a bit more detail later but for now just know that I DO truly care.

OK, back on topic with regard to "awareness" and excuses…

It's my intent as well as my hope that "The Key To Effortless Creation" will enable you to become not only aware of the "reasons" that you haven't yet attained the level of success that you desire, but provide you with the steps that you MUST take…the actions that will create success for you both the "inner actions" that are necessary to experience success as well as the "external actions" that are equally as important to create the "tangible" wealth that so many desire but which so few ever attain and do so in the most "effortless" and quickest way possible..

To achieve success…real success…the first thing that needs to be done is to quit making excuses for why you can't or haven't achieved success. They won't serve you…they won't get you any closer to success than you are right now and will only serve to keep success from you. Excuses…like everything else that happens in your life are merely choices…very limiting and disempowering choices. If that hit’s a nerve with you one of the first habits that you're going to have to break if you ever expect to become successful is to recognize the importance of quitting the destructive habit of making them and get your "focus" off of why you "can't.".

Although they may somehow make you feel better about what you haven't accomplished, choosing to continue to make them although they might make you "feel" better temporarily WON'T bring you any closer to the success and "real wealth" that will make you feel "Really" good for a long time.

Again, I hope that doesn't sound or come across as harsh, because it's not intended to. It's merely a realization…a life changing realization that's absolutely essential that you arrive at IF you truly expect to acquire and experience success in your own life. Although it might sound harsh initially it's a necessary aspect and the first step in the awareness enhancement process required. It is a powerfully creative aspect of creating success and one that I personally came to years ago which as I would later discover, was one of the "MAJOR" roadblocks which kept me from achieving success for myself.

It will continue to be a roadblock for you as well unless and until you develop the habit to change it.

What brought me to that realization was someone, someone who I have the utmost respect and gratitude for, who brought it to my attention, making me aware of what it was doing to me...more specifically how it was impeding me from experiencing success in my own life, I may NEVER have realized what it was that was keeping me from experiencing it. Perhaps sometime down the line you'll say that I was that someone for you…who brought it to your attention as well and what a difference it made in your own life.

Believe me, I use to have ALL the excuses and as a result "allowed" them to keep me from what I most desired to experience and even more importantly kept me from providing those that I love with what they had a desire to experience which was my driving force…my why.

That's all they'll do for you as well, so the first thing that we need to do is develop the habit of eliminating and replacing excuses with taking one small step toward achieving whatever it is that you might have a desire to achieve.

If it will make it less painful and a bit easier to do, we can look at it like a game if you'd like. Let's call it the "No More Excuses To Success" game. So now that we're playing this "No More Excuses To Success" game let's have some fun with it shall we?

OK…now that we understand the importance of developing the right habits and eliminating all the reasons…or should I say the excuses that have impeded success, let's cover another essential aspect of success which consists of doing the necessary internal work which when combined and harmonized with the physical action…the doingness as I've developed the preference to call it, that will without fail and with unwavering certainty create success for you in the "physical" world and begin providing you with the "tangible wealth" that so many desire.

To achieve success in life…REAL success…it's absolutely crucial that you understand the importance of harmonizing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of you. In other words you can't expect to just close your eyes, visualize yourself as a millionaire and expect to become a millionaire overnight, right?

Although countless thousands have tried, it's NOT going to provide tangible results. It's PART of the process but it is only a part. Although It does assist in a MUCH larger degree than most understand and is an important part of the process…this internal work process…and IS necessary, there are more ingredients that have to be mixed in our success bowl which will begin to produce these "tangible results.

This internal work will automatically take care of the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of success which only leaves the physical actions that will allow it to show up in physical form.

Although this "internal work" is absolutely essential, the physical aspects of success…the "physical actions" that you take or don't take which create or deter success are equally as important.

This is an extremely important understanding for you to come to. Like the inner work that is necessary for the attainment of real and tangible wealth the external work…these necessary physical actions, although EXTREMELY important as well are too only a part of the success equation. That's why SO MANY work SO HARD for so long and NEVER achieve the success and "tangible wealth" that they desire. They choose to remain out of harmony, engaging in one more than the other and never develop the awareness of the importance of both…to harmonize both which is the key to experiencing "Real Wealth."

Both the inner and the outer…the spiritual AND the physical are equally important in the attainment of "Real Wealth" and a choice to attempt to sidestep either one will only serve to make the journey MUCH longer and FAR MORE difficult than it has to be…but of course you get to choose which path you'll take.

Make NO mistake…

Success takes action…consistent, "focused" and "intentional" action. Part of this action requires doing the "internal work" as well as taking the physical actions that build upon your internalized vision…your hopes, dreams and desires that you envision… enabling them to materialize…manifest if you will into the success…the "tangible wealth" that you're seeking. It's ALL about developing an "internal" harmony that "attracts" to you the ways and means to take action on and create the "external" harmony which materializes into the "tangible wealth" that you're seeking.

Attempting to eliminate one of these necessary elements of success will continue to provide you with ALL the physical evidence you need to solidify and substantiate your "belief" and as a result provide you with additional "reasons" as to how and why success is "hard" enabling you to continue to make excuses as to why you aren't yet successful.

It's ALL about making a habit of consistently harmonizing the inner with the outer…the physical with the spiritual…or if you prefer the seen with the unseen or metaphysical.

Where many make a HUGE mistake is "believing that they must FIRST get this "internal thing" down before taking any physical action. That they must somehow "Improve" themselves. It's why so many spend countless thousands of dollars on "personal development" products yet never advance in their quest to achieve the success that they are doing this "personal development for. It's also why so many "Super Spiritual" people have such a difficult time paying the electric and phone bill.

They choose to remain mostly or in some cases totally in the spiritual that they forget to take or are unaware altogether of the necessity of physical action which results in a less than desired experience or disharmony in the physical.

By entering into this spiritual realm, although they do develop the "inner" or spiritual aspects of success and come to know, understand and clearly see what's truly available to them, the limitless and "Infinite" potential that is equally available to EVERYONE, they spend so much time there exploring, visualizing and imagining that they end up spending too little or no time at all doing the physical things that are essential for survival and continually find themselves experiencing financial challenges.

Some become so wrapped up and "addicted" to the internal aspects that they often overlook and fail to take the physical actions necessary which they "attract" to them and provide the ways and means to achieve success. Sure you can choose to do that if you'd like but it won't provide the tangible wealth…the physical results that you seek.

You can spend hours and hours per day immersing yourself in personal empowerment material and meditating like a Buddhist monk and although admittedly it can and does provide incredibly profound insight and deeper understanding opening your "spiritual" eyes to what's possible and makes you feel incredibly empowered as you're doing it, although it is necessary, when the phone starts ringing and the mortgage company wants to know where the past due payment is, it will snap you back into the physical world REALLY fast

I know first hand what that feels like too. I've also "Been there and done THAT" so to speak. It's a very sobering realization to come to and NOT a fun place to be no matter HOW spiritual you are!!

The point being is that although we are spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body, to keep the physical body alive and functioning and to properly care for our physical needs and fulfill our obligations we MUST perform "physical" actions if we "truly" expect to produce and experience "tangible wealth."

BUT…by the same token, choosing to immerse yourself in the physical without the internal work will make success and wealth…"REAL success and wealth" impossible and solidify a "commonly held" belief that life is "hard."

If you watched the blockbuster DVD "The Secret" that came out a few years back, which took the world by storm, you're probably aware of the impact it had on countless millions of peoples lives. Although it was an extremely powerful production and served as a great introductory "awareness enhancement" tool, due to the length of the production…the time constraints that a 90 minute production is limited by, it wasn't able to fully cover and delve into everything necessary which fully explained in the detail necessary what is required to fully experience in a conscious manner what the Law of Attraction can and does provide.

Although the Law of Attraction DOES exist…is VERY real and IS at work 24/7 without fail, even though it may be undetectable with the limitations of the 5 physical senses it IS a very real and powerful Law which IS ALWAYS at work, every bit as much as the law of gravity. The Secret was "perceived" by many as something different than it was attempting to convey and due to various reasons only provided a glimpse of it's unwavering power and wasn't able to fully address the other aspects of creating "tangible wealth" which are equally as important in their attainment.

OK…with that out of the way let's discuss the 1st "physical" action that you'll need to take. The first "physical" action that needs to be taken in this "No More Excuses To Success" game is called taking the first step.

To achieve success whether it be financially or otherwise it's necessary to take the first step. As the old Chinese proverb says…"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." If you "truly" expect to become successful…You MUST take that first step.

This first step is is as simple as making a commitment to yourself right here and now to doing the "internal work" which is essential and will produce the external results desired.

But it's important that you NOT get stuck here. Once you begin to learn what is necessary for doing this "internal work" and you begin doing it, it's necessary to keep taking the forward steps.

That's what A LOT of people do…or should I say don't do. They hope and wish and visualize and dream for such and such an outcome yet fail to take the next steps that will bring them closer to it and enable them to experience it.

They have their dream boards all assembled, do their meditations, visualize some more and become discouraged when their desire doesn't just "show up." It becomes nothing more than "wishful thinking." That's one of Infinite reasons why some people give up and develop the "beliefs" that this stuff doesn't work…not realizing that it does IF you'll take the steps, the "physical steps" that present themselves in the way of people, events, conditions and circumstances that show up as a result and transmute it, this unseen desire, and activate it in a "physical" sense which allows it to unfold in ways that can appear as magical and effortless.

Remaining open and alert for these ways and means is essential, and taking action on them when they do is equally as important.

There's some fairly new insight and direction that's readily available to us which provides us with the knowledge and understanding of how important taking this second step is and it goes something like…

"Faith without works is dead."

Sound familiar? Ok, that's ONE reason or should I say excuse for not experiencing "tangible" results...not recognizing and taking action on the ways and means.

Another reason, I believe that many don't take that first step is because rather than looking at the attainment of their desired outcomes as a step by step process they attempt to look at the end result exclusively. For some this end result is just TOO BIG…there's TOO MUCH to do…it's TOO FAR to go and admittedly looking at it in this way it can become quite literally overwhelming. Been there done that too. J

Looking at it this way, it "appears" to be and is "perceived" as a thousand mile journey. Admittedly that's A LOT of steps to take!!

So the best way to begin the game of No More Excuses To Success from a physical perspective…the simplest and most "effortless" way is…

Don't look at the thousand mile journey…stay focused on taking just ONE step at a time. That makes the journey far more simple…less intimidating, easier and FAR more "effortless."

The when and how can show up in an instant and in any number of ways. That's not our job to determine. Just taking one step at a time.

This accomplishes 2 things actually. It enables us to break down our inevitable success into bite sized chunks AND assists us in staying in the now which too is extremely important. Staying focused and concentrated on what we are doing here and now which if done consciously and consistently eliminates any possibility for looking back or forward and assists us from falling back into another silent killer of hopes, dreams and desires which is "FEAR" To eliminate fear you stay in the NOW. It's all about discovering the importance of staying in the NOW…what you can do right now to advance you toward the success that you hope to experience and just do that one simple step at a time.

Staying in the now sharpens our senses and enables us to more easily recognize and take action when the how and when shows up.

Is focusing on your past mistakes, "perceived" failures or the undesirable events that you may have experienced in the past going to assist in moving you forward? Is worrying and wondering what tomorrow MIGHT bring going to strengthen you and assist you in achieving success NOW? NO!!! Not only no but NO…NO…NO…NO…NO. These are the types of actions that drain you physically and emotionally…create fear which drains you further…and ultimately keep you trapped in your own self imposed prison…a prison that YOU'VE created for yourself.

Fear is merely an illusion when broken down and analyzed closely is nothing more than self induced stress which keeps you from recognizing and taking the necessary steps for producing "tangible wealth" and success now.

Fear is one of the biggest deterrents to success next to inaction which keeps so many from taking the necessary action that's required to experience success.

Sure…there are other things that deter success as well like…procrastination, doubt, low self worth, etc. etc. etc. but if you'll look at each closely you'll begin to see and understand that all of them fall under the category of either fear or inactivity.

As you've probably discovered through the Enlightened Journey newsletter as well as the site, there are no "externals" keeping you from achieving whatever you might personally "desire" to experience. It's only the "choices" that YOU have made and continue to choose to make which have, do and will continue to determine that. The moment by moment choices that YOU have been provided the inalienable right of free will to make or not make for yourself.

There are no right or wrong choices, only those that bring you closer to or take you further from what it is that you have a desire to experience which in this case is creating and achieving "Real Success" which is achieved by developing "internal harmony" resulting in experiencing "tangible" wealth.

Success or non-success is merely a choice that you have the ability to choose or not. As I've shared countless times, in reality there is no such thing as failure. What many "perceive" to be failure is merely a successful creation which happened as a result of an individual choice or choices made which created and resulted in non-success.

Creation is ALWAYS successful. It NEVER fails. It NEVER rests. Something is ALWAYS being successfully created. The "What" that is being created is based only on the choices that you choose to make or not make although not choosing to do something is also a choice.

The point being that choices…the choices that you choose to or choose not to make are extremely important if you truly expect to win this "No More Excuses To Success" game. You only need to become "conscious" of those choices.

You have the free will to make choices that strengthen you AND you have the free will to make choices that weaken you.

The choices that we will be discovering and developing the habit of making here will serve to strengthen you and bring you step by effortless step closer to the success and creating the "tangible wealth" that you desire to experience.

I learned many years ago the importance of immersing yourself in knowledge and activities that "strengthen you" and avoid at all costs those things that "weaken you." Fear, worry, and anxiety are THE greatest deterrents to success. They'll paralyze you, lock you up, dumb you down, quite literally drain you physically, mentally and emotionally and keep you from taking the necessary steps that will lead you where you want to go.

I know that first hand because as I mentioned earlier I've "Been there and done that" too as they say. I know first hand what fear feels like…intense fear. I know from personal experience what fear can do to keep you from experiencing your dreams and visions and by "allowing" it to dominate your life, what it can keep you from being, doing and having in your life. In fact it's fear that keeps so many in wishful thinking mode their ENTIRE lives always wanting, desiring, dreaming and wishing…thinking that if they could just get some of this success, if they could only acquire some of this tangible wealth then they wouldn't have to be fearful any more.

That's another important aspect of achieving success in life and one that we'll be covering in more detail which will further enable you to begin attracting the tangible wealth that we'll be discovering how to consciously attract as we progress through the Key To Effortless Creation.

There are successful people, then there is everyone else. Its really no "secret" how successful people become successful. They simply make a choice that other people aren't willing to make and do the things that other people are not willing to do which creates that success for them.

Even more importantly…They simply DO things that they Love, enjoy and are passionate about doing.

Success leaves footprints. To BE successful, you only need to follow the footsteps of those who have created success for themselves.

Make NO mistake…

Success is NOT an accident!! Let me repeat that to make sure that you really GET IT… Success isn't an accident. Contrary to what many think, success isn't about being in the right place at the right time…about being "lucky" or for whatever other reason you might currently "perceive" that success must happen.

Achieving success isn't dependent on your age, heritage, gender, the color of your skin, the economy, the government or anything else for that matter.

There IS a science to success. Learning it will provide you with a life that few are willing to live. Oh sure most everyone I know WANTS to live it…to enjoy the fruits and benefits that success can assist in providing, but few are willing to do what it takes TO live it and experience it for themselves.

Which brings us to another and potentially life changing question as we progress through this No More Excuses To Success game…

Are you willing? Are you open and willing to take the necessary action…to do the necessary things that will lead and guide you down the pathway to the success you desire and provide the "tangible wealth" that you "claim" that you would like to experience?

That's an extremely important question that only YOU can choose the answer for.

Although this doing isn't strenuous…although this doing doesn't have to be difficult, it IS going to take some doing on your part to attain it. In fact if what you're "doing" is difficult…if you find that the current type of doing that you're "doing" is unpleasant, hard and leaves you feeling hopeless, fearful, drained and dreading doing more of it, it's NOT going to bring you the success that you might think it will REGARDLESS of how hard you might work at it and wish that it would. Sure you might make some money along the way, but success is about A LOT more than money…A LOT MORE.

Success…REAL success is about doing what you love…about being able to do for those you love what you like to do when you like to do it. Real Success is about not being limited in any way shape or form.

Success makes you "FEEL" good.

Success is about developing and experiencing a harmony in each and every area of life, physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

I know A LOT of people who have money, a lot of money, but I know far fewer who are "Truly" successful. Why? Because they are "doing" things that they dislike to do or at best "tolerate" and the "time" required to make this "money" that they "think" at some point in time is going to make them "happy" and which they currently "believe" gauges and determines their level of success keeps them from being able to "do" the things that really determine "Success" which is "doing" what they Love and enjoy doing, spending time with those they Love and with ample "Time" left over to enjoy all the other pleasures that life has to offer which is the very thing that keeps real happiness and fulfillment just outside of their grasp.

I used to be one of those people. I made a lot of money, but I certainly wasn't successful, happy OR fulfilled. By choosing to go against the "flow" and continuing in making this money that I "thought" equated to being successful, I encountered a series of what I "perceived" at the time to be a number of very unpleasant "growth lessons" that would eventually lead me to discovering and understanding what "Real Success" was all about.

Success…real success is about experiencing harmony and fulfillment in EVERY aspect of your life NOT spending all your time making money. It's NOT difficult to succeed…to REALLY succeed in life. In fact if you DO something that you LOVE…something that you're passionate about, it becomes almost "effortless" and enables you to acquire all the "tangible wealth" to "Do" all these other things which DO determine success AND have more than enough time to FULLY enjoy ALL of them.

That is REAL success.

I created Abundance-and-Happiness.com back in 2005 to contribute to you. To assist you. To share what I'd discovered regarding the attainment of "Real Wealth" and success so you might also become empowered to create success for yourself.

Although I can and do provide information that will lead you to that experience, I can't do it for you. YOU must make that decision to do what it takes to become successful for yourself.

This is your life. This is your school. To pass, you simply need to show up, attend and do a little homework. Sorry to tell you the truth, but action is important. Part of this success equation is action…focused, consistent and intentional action. Developing an "inner harmony" IS important…EXTREMELY important. Physical action is too EXTREMELY important. Learning to harmonize the two will provide you with a quality of life that most can only "wish" for.

Learning how to do this is a skill…a learned skill. You learn it by developing habits…different habits than you have now.

Success just like non-success is simply the result of which habits you are choosing or not choosing for yourself. Developing the habit to be successful will provide you with IMMENSE rewards for the rest of your life.

Yes, you have to utilize a little discipline initially to consciously change the habits that have kept you from success but it's a skill that will provide long term benefit that is miniscule in comparison and cost to the rewards experienced as a result.

Once you learn this skill…this success skill, it too becomes effortless just like tying your shoe or driving a car. It doesn't take strenuous effort but becomes totally natural to you.

Once you learn this skill:

You will never want for money or ANYTHING else ever again You can live how and where you want You will never have a boss again You will never commute to a job in traffic again You'll live your life on your terms, living your passion, fulfilling your purpose AND become enabled to do with and for those you love whatever YOU choose whenever you choose.

Is it worth exercising and utilizing a bit of discipline and consciously doing a bit of habit changing to experience that? You bet!

But guess what? It gets even BETTER!! That's not even the best part!! In fact it gets MUCH better!! How so you ask?

The real beauty is that once you begin to experience it, once you begin to see for yourself just how great this success thing is to experience, you begin to discover and understand that there is always more and more to experience. Something else to do…somewhere more to go…someone else to meet…some grander experience left to experience.That what is available for you to experience is quite literally "Infinite" in nature.

And yes, whether you currently realize it or not, YOU have the ability to experience for yourself as much as you'll ALLOW.

But it is important to take the first step. To focus on the now and take one simple step at a time which before you know it will enable you to experience the success and tangible wealth that not that far back up the path you couldn't even conceive and "believed" was impossible for you to experience for yourself.

Just take one step at a time and "allow" things to unfold.

It doesn't matter where you currently find yourself in relation to your physical outcomes. It doesn't matter if you’re a floor sweeper or a 7 figure earner as the CEO of a fortune 500 company. There is ALWAYS something more to experience, some grander vision to be experienced, some additional event, condition or circumstance that you can choose to elevate your individual experience in life as long as you hold that vision for yourself and develop the necessary beliefs that will enable and empower you to experience it, whatever it might be for you individually.

Which brings me to the next point. Just as there is ALWAYS more to experience…

There is always more to Learn.

Ask the most intelligent, educated and prosperous people in the world if they know it all and most will tell you they feel quite the opposite. Now that they have achieved great success and have amassed the knowledge they have, they realize how much more there really is to learn.

Amazingly, as you reach one peak of knowledge, you will see larger and far grander peaks ahead than the one you have already conquered. There is always more…more to experience and more to learn. As you progress forward and think that it just can't get any better…that your knowledge and understanding can't get any deeper or profound, that life could,nt possibly get any better or more fulfilling…the horizon just keeps expanding. The more you learn, the more you begin to discover and understand that there is more to learn, discover and understand and as a result…experience.

Which brings us to the next phase of our "No More Excuses To Success" game which is….

The 4 Most Dangerous Words in the English Language.

What are they…

"I already know that"

I've got a son that just turned 14 today. He's an incredible kid. Loving, smart, caring, popular. He's the youngest of the Danes clan.

When I attempt to sit him down and give him some advice regarding such and such, he's gotten in a habit of saying…"I Know." At first I'll just kind of let it go by but after about the 4th or 5th I know I just can't keep myself from saying…"Well son, if you already "know" why are we having this conversation?" If he "truly does know, one of 2 things is going on.

The first is…

He really doesn't know but just thinks he does.

The second is…

That he really DOES know but is simply not "applying" what he knows.

It's almost funny…ok it IS funny that when I tell him that "You don't know what you don't know until that what you don't know is presented to you", he'll sometimes just kinda look at me and then maybe not even realizing what he's doing because it's become such a habit, say….you guessed it….

"I know."

My point is that I, you, my mentors, the most successful, wealthiest and most prosperous people in the world don't know even a fraction..a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of what there is to know.

What I do know is that what I have come to know, I know can assist you if you're willing and will allow me to share what I have come to know with you and you apply what you come to know as a result. Keep in mind that what I know is only my perspective…what I personally "perceive" and "believe" to be Knowing.

The reason that I have developed this "perceived" knowing is because I know through personal experience that it enables me to experience far more of the desired outcomes and live the kind of "physical life that is far more pleasing than I was able before I "knew" it and I have developed an "inner knowing" that I'm suppose to share what I "perceive" myself to know with those who are willing to listen and perhaps have a desire to know who aren't yet aware of this knowing that I "perceive" myself to know….OK….I was just having a little bit of fun….I'll stop now.

On a very serious note…

If you're at the place that you're ready, I'll provide all the help I'm able to assist you in fulfilling your desires both "inner" and "outer." I'll be there as your coach and guide. I'll contribute to your success in the best way I'm able. But you are going to have to do some of the lifting for yourself. It's not heavy lifting but it does require some action on your part. I'll assist you but I CAN'T and WON'T do it for you. That would not only be counter productive to your growth but would be a disservice.

Just like the old saying goes…"Give them a fish you feed them for a day but teach them HOW to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.

So far that has proven to be a very true and empowering statement for me so it's my intent to continue to "do" just as it states.

My passion and purpose…what I "truly" LOVE to do is to teach others how to fish. I'd like to and am willing to teach you how to fish as well IF you're willing to allow me to. That's what I do…more importantly it's what I LOVE and am passionate about doing. It's what provides me with fulfillment. It's what makes me "feel" successful.

The Key To Effortless Creation is the best way that I know to do that currently.

I love you…I cherish you and I am extremely grateful for you and the support you've given to make Enlightened Journey Enterprises and Abundance-and-Happiness.com what it has become. Without that support, without you, I would be unable to fulfill my passion and purpose of assisting others and teaching them how to fish based on my understanding thus far.

I'm no guru and I don't have all the answers. What I do have are countless thousands of hours of research and seeking under my belt combined with many years of personal experience and "growth lessons" with regard to what does and doesn't work as it pertains to the attainment of success and receiving "tangible" results.

Through all of that I have also developed an "inner Knowing regarding the limitless possibilities and the Infinite potential that are available to you.

This "knowing" hasn't come without MANY growth experiences along the way.

I've been through the experience of having the lights and the phone turned off. I know what it feels like to come home and have no water. I know what it is to have your car towed in the middle of the night because the payments couldn't be made. I know what it feels like to work at a job that you despise feeling trapped and hopeless because you don't know what else to do and "perceive" there to be no other way to feed your family. I know all too well what 14, 15, and 16 hour days can do to your physical, emotional and spiritual health. I know the utter humiliation of going through bankruptsy proceedings and far more than there's room to possibly cover here.

As difficult as it might be for you to understand I have learned to be extremely grateful for that period of my life and the important role that gratitude plays in EVERYONE'S life.

I also know what it's like to connect with that place that provides an assurance…a "knowing" so powerful…so incredible…so literally indescribable that has kept me going and enabled me to progress to where I am today and as mentioned earlier, I have discovered it to be my purpose as well as my passion to share with you what I have discovered during those times.

But I also know that sometimes for some people, regardless of your willingness to assist them in finding this place, that they must do so in their own way, in their own time and that choosing that way must be done based on their own choices.

In fact, as I discovered for myself after choosing to ignore some advice that I received so many years earlier…the same form of advice and guidance that I share today, led me down a path that I "perceived" to be very scary, extremely unpleasant and at times very dark and lonely. But as I have since discovered it can be and was for me a necessary and ultimately very enlightening place to experience.

I do what I do so that you might learn from my personal experiences and bypass some of those experiences. So you might not have to know and experience for yourself what some of those experiences feel like as you go through them. But I can only offer. I can only contribute to you based on your willingness to "allow" me to. You must make the deciding choice as to whether you will "allow" me to or not.

Should you make the choice to accept…

I'll be doing that in a number of ways as we progress through The Key To Effortless Creation. I'll provide what I presently "perceive" and believe to be the best of both the inner as well as the outer knowledge and resources that I've personally discovered and successfully utilized in my own experience thus far which have provided me with the growth and experiences that have without fail led me ever closer to my "desired" destination.

I do so with the hope and intent that it will provide you with more of the fulfillment and harmony that you seek in your own life and that it might also enable and empower you to do for those you love what you have a desire to do as well as pass on what you discover with still others that it might also be passed on and benefit still others.

I like to think of it as planting seeds. They always produce a harvest and ALWAYS multiply…exponentially.

As I have discovered it's ALL about contributing. It's ALL about giving. It's ALL about assisting enough others to get what they want, which with "seemingly" effortless ease provides you with those things and experiences that you "prefer." It's ALL about "Doing unto others as you would have done unto you."

That's how success is obtained…that's the easiest and best way to acquire the "tangible wealth" that so many are seeking…it's the best way to begin experiencing the "feelings" of wholeness and fulfillment which are experienced as a result…through contributing. Through assisting others or as spiritual text states to "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

That's an eternal, extremely powerful, fulfilling and rewarding truth. I would suggest and recommend that as you progress in your own journey that you use it whenever you can. It will, as I have discovered make what is already effortless all the more effortless and make the "flow" that much more fulfilling.

To this day I am still amazed as to how simple…almost magical…just how "effortless" it can be.

In closing…

As many of you are aware I provide recommendations throughout the site that I believe can provide value to you based on my own experiences.

Contrary to what many "perceive"…

I am NOT nor have I ever been an internet marketer. What I am is an author, writer, Awareness Enhancement Coach who is passionate about assisting those who are seeking assistance in achieving in their lives. I am simply someone who makes others "aware" of resources that I have and still do personally utilize which have provided tremendous benefit in my own journey thus far and which have raised my level of awareness and served to improve the kind and quality of my own life in ways that are impossible to accurately describe with the limitations of the English language.

I share them and make others aware of these same resources with the hope that it might enable others the ability to experience the same. They are presented as a potential contribution…NOT a recommendation

The Key To Effortless Creation contains some of those tools. If you "feel" inclined to take action do so and I'll be there to assist you in the best way I'm able. If you don't, then simply ignore them. I don't "Need" your money. I don't "Need" you to take action to benefit me. YOU need to take action to benefit YOU and hopefully along the way, learn and discover ways to further assist and contribute more to others which will provide you with even more to contribute.

The text portion of The Key To Effortless Creation is my contribution to you. The tools are simply effective ways that I have personally found which have assisted me in becoming enabled and empowered to do what I am passionate about and have discovered to be my purpose for being here They're intended as an additional contribution to further enhance your awareness and enable you to do the same if you choose..

Only you can decide what is right for you to accomplish that for yourself and discern if it's time for you to start taking those steps.

This Key To Effortless Creation is the best "physical" way I currently know to provide you with an awareness of the often unrecognized power that has been provided and is available to you, the essential understanding of the importance of doing the "internal work" as well as the "tangible" means to begin amassing the "financial wealth" that so many who write in are looking for.

although there are other aspects in the attainment of "Real Wealth" that are equally as important as many of you will discover as you progress through The Key To Effortless Creation if you're not already "aware."

If the attainment of monetary wealth is something that you desire for yourself I encourage you to check out the resources provided and decide for yourself if it might not prove to be the vehicle that will enable and empower you to create, experience and enjoy the "financial wealth" that you're seeking as well as provide you with the "tangible wealth" to live out your most heartfelt dreams and enable you to live your passion…fulfill your purpose and experience for yourself the fulfillment experienced as a result as I have been so blessed to be enabled to do..

I hope that each of these "tools" as well as the information shared throughout The Key To Effortless Creation proves to be a contribution that serves you in a profoundly desirable manner for the rest of your life. I know it can if you'll choose it for yourself and take the step by step action that has been so clearly and simply laid out for you.

It's as close to effortless as anything I'm currently "aware" of or have ever seen or experienced before.

It's my hope as well as my intent that The Key To Effortless Creation and the phases that follow, provides you with the ability…the encouragement…the knowledge…the insight…the tools…the "awareness" and yes the "tangible wealth" to begin experiencing and "knowing" for yourself the Infinite supply of Love, Joy, Fulfillment, Profound Inner Peace and Limitless Prosperity that is and always has been yours if you'll only make the choice as well as the commitment to choose it for yourself…a life of "Infinite" proportions.

What I personally "perceive" to be and choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

Enjoy The Key To Effortless Creation...You Deserve It.

To Your Inevitable Success And Fulfillment Today And Always,

Chuck Danes




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