by Marshall Barnhouse
(Charleston, WV, USA)

Hello Chuck,

I have known for some weeks now that I am heading into a new chapter of my life. I am a composer, pianist, and teacher who has always been involved in service to others and fulfilled in so doing.

Though I have had success in publishing my piano pieces, one accomplishment I still desire to achieve is writing for and playing with fine orchestras.

As you can guess this is a challenging arena in which to enter and I have not pushed the door open to this arena! I have now made the decision to do the composing and hire the players myself so I can not only enjoy the collaboration but give a gift to the community in which I live and work.

This is an ambitious undertaking considering how much time in my schedule is spent teaching and serving others, but I know it will be a labor of love and I will find the time. I am excited to have made the decision.

I recently discovered your site while on a trip with my wife to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. We both felt at the time that we would be headed home for some new directions in our near future. We were not wrong! We both feel the energy and your site has been part of my daily "food."

I am looking forward to your thoughts and advice. Synchronicity is alive and well in my life. I feel very alive and believe you are to be a part of it. Thank you for what you do in following your "Soul Purpose" which will in turn help me realize more of mine!



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