Leslie Fieger Quotes

Leslie Fieger Quotes

Leslie Fieger Quotes Convey A "Profoundly" Enlightening Look At The Necessary Understanding That Is Essential For Experiencing "Real Wealth", Harmony and Fulfillment In Life

Leslie Fieger, who I personally consider to be one of the most influential, empowering and enlightening mentors in my personal journey, shares a depth of understanding as well as a no holds barred approach to enable and empower anyone who chooses to apply what he has discovered and personally experienced for himself, the path to attracting, creating and experiencing a quality of life that most would "perceive" to be unattainable.

Leslie Fieger is the author of countless personal empowerment works that have touched and impacted the lives of countless thousands around the world.

His latest creation 'Your Prosperity Paradigm' 11 Steps To Creating A Super Successful Life, provides not only an IMMENSE contribution to those seeking to create and experience a more fulfilling quality of life but is a must have for anyone truly serious about achieving an uncommon depth of understanding regarding the underlying principles that enable wealth and success to be achieved.

Enjoy the immensely empowering and enlightening Leslie Fieger Quotes.

Leslie Fieger Quotes

Your true wealth is not measured by what you are able to accumulate, but by what you are enabled to contribute. - Leslie Fieger

What good is a road map with a destination clearly marked if you do not know where you are starting from? And, of what purpose is the desire to become more if you do not understand who you are already? - Leslie Fieger

The 'how' of life may be complex, but the 'why' of life is simple; it is to revere, relish and contribute. - Leslie Fieger

A person without a definite purpose in life is more handicapped than the most disadvantaged or disabled. - Leslie Fieger

The future is a mystery; the past is a myth/story; only the present exists as real. - Leslie Fieger

You have the power to create anything you desire. The only limitations to your maximum beingness are those arbitrary and self-imposed beliefs which you can choose to release and replace with empowering beliefs. - Leslie Fieger

lightAny idiot can run towards the light; it takes a courageous master to turn and shine his or her light into the darkness. - Leslie Fieger

Most people hear the word discipline and think of a hard or difficult regimen; change your mindset--self-discipline is the act of becoming a disciple unto your higher self. Discipline is self-reverence. - Leslie Fieger

Wisdom is the understanding that what you know is nothing at all and what you imagine is everything else. - Leslie Fieger

When you use only the evidence of your five physical senses to inform you as to the nature of reality, you are building beliefs and intellectual concepts based upon the ignorance of 95% of what is really going on around you. - Leslie Fieger

Like everything else on the path to mastery, gratitude is a choice. You can choose to wait for some meaningfully pleasant situation to arise and then feel gratitude in response, or you can choose to be grateful at all times, in all circumstances, and watch as the world conspires to assist you in your path. - Leslie Fieger

Regret of the past and fear of the future steal your present. - Leslie Fieger

No matter how much you go shopping, you can't buy happiness. It is, however, available for free. Since most people don't know that, I've decided to start selling it. Send me $1.00 for every hour's worth of happiness that you want. Volume discounts are available. Unconditional money back guarantee. Go ahead, send me money; you'll be happy you did. - Leslie Fieger

A life without passion is not a life; it is merely an existence. - Leslie Fieger

kidsPeople often equate wisdom with age. This is claptrap. A child of three years has more innate wisdom than 90% of the aged I have met. Wisdom is not granted by or through time or experience. It comes from insight & imagination; a sense of not knowing, a willingness to explore, to learn, to venture into the unknown. Kids have it. Adults usually don't. We educate that out of our children, ourselves. How can we expect to regain it just by getting older? Wanna be wise? Always, like a child, ask why, why, why. - Leslie Fieger

Ideals and fanciful philosophy are of no value to you unless they are directly applied to your day-to-day choices about how and why you live your life. - Leslie Fieger

Courage consists of facing and embracing your fears, not in denying or avoiding them. Fear denied imprisons you within the fear itself, fear embraced liberates you because you prove yourself to be greater by encompassing that which you fear. - Leslie Fieger

Character is built by the congruities between one's ideals and one's words and deeds; destroyed by the incongruities. - Leslie Fieger

Many people lose their minds and souls by forgetting that happiness is to be found in their hearts, not in their accumulations or accomplishments. - Leslie Fieger

Everyday reality is a crutch for those who lack the courage to explore other options. Shamans, seers and visionaries throughout history have proven that everyday reality is reactionary. It is those who defy common reality who define the future. Opt out of the cult of your culture. Turn on, tune out and create your own reality...with conscious intent. Get proactive about your experience of life on planet earth. What the hell have you got to lose? In the end, you are likely going to die. Live it up. What are the risks for indulging and exploring? Death. Big deal. That's your result, no matter what you do. Die bored with a boring life behind you or die knowing that you LIVED. What's to lose...another 3,000 boring breathes or heartbeats? Try living instead of just existing. - Leslie Fieger

Desire is the metaphysical equivalent of gravity; it draws to you those things necessary to realize your ideals. - Leslie Fieger

In-sight, in-tuition, in-tellect, in-spiration, in-finity; the answers are always inside yourself; if you are looking elsewhere, outside, then you will never find what you are looking for. - Leslie Fieger

Be sane; remember this: your beliefs, including your most profoundly held beliefs, are nothing more than your opinion. - Leslie Fieger

I don't spend a lot of time or energy worrying about what my neighbor thinks; I am very curious about what and how the earth and the sun think. I exist at their whim. - Leslie Fieger

You can sit and stare at your navel all you want, but if you don't actually pull the lint out, it will still be there tomorrow. - Leslie Fieger

You only have two really valuable assets: the time you were given (& use wisely); the ideals you create (& strive to uphold). All else is of lesser import. - Leslie Fieger

Prosperity is the abundance of all things held ideal in mind and dear in heart. - Leslie Fieger

Each of us must make a meaningful difference today or we will be made meaningless tomorrow. - Leslie Fieger

The universe is a gigantic hologram, a virtual reality, an illusion. The ultimate reality is not the image that is illuminated by the light of your consciousness. What you imagine to be real is just the waveform created by the interference pattern caused by the interaction of your individual consciousness with universal consciousness. - Leslie Fieger

Victims of circumstance complain about the hand that life has dealt to them; creators of circumstance figure out how to deal from their own deck. - Leslie Fieger

Failing to persist means persisting to fail. - Leslie Fieger

You don't need a priest, guru, ayatollah, preacher, credo or dogma to find the divine. The kingdom is within you. Creator is omnipresent. That means she is in the brothel or bar as much as in the church or temple. More importantly, he is in your heart. If you dare to look, you'll discover that the sacred is in you. - Leslie Fieger

Purpose + Passion + Persistence = Prosperity. - Leslie Fieger

Gratefulness to life brings a great fullness to life. - Leslie Fieger

Politics is a gigantic self-employment pyramid scheme for lawyers. They get elected to write laws that only their brethren in the courts have authority to enforce and their brethren in private practice can interpret. - Leslie Fieger

Fate is the word people use to make excuses for the results of their thoughts, beliefs and actions.

There is no greater hypocrisy than that espoused by the sanctimonious, religious, right-to-life idiots who rant on about about the sanctity of life and protecting the unborn while they run off to murder live babies in other countries in order to secure another barrel of oil to run their pollution spewing machines that are destroying all life on this planet.

I've considered starting a religion. The cash flow would be great. But I'd have problems keeping a straight face making up all those rules and telling all those lies. Tell you what, just send me the money (say 10% of your income...a good tithe) and I'll let you make up your own credos and delusions.

Evolution is important in explaining the growth of life, to be sure; but everything really important that has ever happened is a result of mutation.

The word culture is an extension of the word cult. For most people, their culture is their cult. They are brainwashed into believing that the codas of their culture are the truth. If you want to be intellectually and spiritually free, you will have to de-program yourself from the cultural memes that have been forced upon you. The problem you face is that, like most members of cults, you have been brainwashed to believe that those who have not 'bought into' your belief system are in error and not you.

Socrates commented (in the world's first democracy) that the punishment for not getting involved in politics was to be governed by those with lesser intelligence and fewer scruples than yourself.

Buddhists say that desire is the source of all suffering. They neglect to mention that it is also the source of all pleasure.

Affirmations are misunderstood. They are not just some pretty idealistic words of self-image or accomplishment repeated at odd moments. Everything you believe, everything you feel, everything you think, everything you do and everything you say is an affirmation of who you are and who you are becoming.

I once attended a seminar put on by a famous trans-personal psychologist. He said the path to happiness is in the acceptance of who you are and what you have. BS, I say. Happiness is found in the acceptance of who you can become and what you can contribute.

When you think or act in such a way as to gain the acceptance and approval of other people, you are giving away your power, your essence, to some supposed standard that does not actually exist. Work instead to gain your own approval and acceptance.

There are two seemingly contradictory beliefs that a person must hold to master the game of life: first, that everything, no matter how insignificant it may seem, is crucial; and second, that all things, no matter how critical they may seem, are trivial.

A woman who rescues a kitten is more of a hero than a man who hunts big game.

Einstein said that he considered imagination to be more important than knowledge. He was considered a genius. Funny that our educational institutions place so much importance on knowledge and turn out so many non-genius graduates.

Everything great and wonderful has its genesis in imagination. So does all the bad crap that ever happens.

Karma was declared complete, over and done with, repealed, in 1996. Of course, the residual effects may take several lifetimes to dissipate.

In the first few years of our lives, we learn some incredibly profound things from our teachers. We also learn some profoundly stupid and useless things. We then spend the rest of our lives figuring out which is which.

The earliest forms of money were tokens representing cattle. One token equals one bull. I guess that's why there is so much bullshit associated with money.

Isn't it funny that the people who find a naked body offensive are usually the same ones who support the real obscenity of war?

Have you ever noticed that the people who hold the most vehement opinions about things are usually those who have the least knowledge?

Ever consider that God invented the universe for the same reasons man invented TV...to watch the soaps, sitcoms and discovery channel?

There are three separate things: reality, perception and theory. Almost everyone confuses them, mixing one with another until it is all a muddle.

Whenever you come across anyone who purports to know THE TRUTH, run away quickly before they steal your mind, your soul and your wallet.

There is an exact mirror of this universe. It is called u-inverse.

This present moment is all you ever have. Live it to the max. Be present in the here and now. Rather than focusing on yes-ter-day, say yes-to-day.

Life is not a test you must pass to achieve some reward. Life is the reward for some test you have already taken. I'll let you decide whether you passed or failed.

Your life is a work of art. Will you create a paint-by-numbers velvet painting or an original masterpiece?

"Your brain is a computer. Your mind is the operating system..." Leslie FiegerYour brain is a computer. Your mind is the operating system. Your beliefs and thoughts are the software. Who writes your programs?

Freedom must be earned. It took me years to become unemployable.

I once got arrested for DUIII. Driving Under the Influence of Infinite Intelligence. I was sentenced to permanent probation.

To change from being scared to being sacred, just move the 'c' ing.

Little things count big time. It is the littlest things, gluons and quarks that create the biggest things like galaxies and quasars. It is those small persistent repetitive thoughts running through your mind that control the big things you accomplish in life. Pay attention to the small details.

A truth is a lot like a diamond. It is rare, hard to find and is therefore valuable.

When some non-evidencial idea is known by 'everyone' to be true, you can be sure it is a load of BS that has been intentionally and successfully sold and is most likely a deliberate lie told to dis-empower and distract people from some greater truth. So when someone says to you "everyone knows that", turn up your discernment quotient and ask why, why, why.

Half the population is taking antidepressants. I do not. I am an antidepressant. Gift a smile to someone else. Go ahead, you'll feel good.

Do your own brainwashing. Turn off your television and turn on your inner vision.

Lighten up. Even if you can remember, 5 years from now, what is so critically important today, you'll likely wonder how you could have been so foolish as to place so much importance on it.

Enjoy the ride. It is highly unlikely that you are going to survive the experience of life on planet earth. So stop worrying about it and start enjoying the thrills.

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