Finding Your Life Purpose

Finding Your Life Purpose - A True To Life Poem About Life's Journey, Navigating The Path and Remembering Your Life Purpose

By Chuck Danes

Recalling Your Life Purpose

Each of us arrives here with a purpose to fulfill
We’re granted too a precious gift, to choose what paths we will
Upon arrival we’re well in tune with what's to be unfurled
But as we grow we learn, adopt the teachings of the world.

You’re taught about the things in life, what’s real and right and true
You’re told by those that love you most what you’re suppose to do.
You're taught about what’s right and wrong based on what they believe
Too often shown your limitations, not what you can achieve.

Through this ensuing process your memories get weak
Your once held purpose since replaced, with all the "stuff" you seek.
The plan that you were sent here for, but a distant memory
It’s the earthly teaching you’ve received that makes it faint you see.

You navigate the paths you choose and do the best you can
To follow this direction, these established ways of man.
You stay within the boundaries of these things you're told are true
Knowing little of the damage long term that they can do.

As life goes on you start to sense that you have lost your way
Not knowing yet that false beliefs have brought you here today.
Achieving all that they have claimed would bring you happiness
Yet there’s still this hunger, an empty space, that "things" cannot suppress.

You search for deeper meaning, you long to find the truth
Not just what others say is right and taught you in your youth.
But true answers to your questions that point you toward the light
Which lead you toward that once known path, brings your purpose back in sight.

You’ve come upon a place in life, there’s unrest in your soul
The path that you’ve been following leaves you feeling less than whole.
In your heart you know there's more, a path you haven't walked
You know it's there and can be found, this Higher Truth you've stalked.

You long to find this purpose, that which you were sent to do
Reflecting on these things you’ve learned but few of them ring true.
A Higher Truth you know exists yet mind resists this change
Yet in your heart you know it's there and well within your range.

You make the choice to look within and you begin to see
There's more to life than you were taught, much more that you can be.
The fire stirs within you as you seek to fill the void
Dispelling much of what you've learned, that has you so annoyed.

So many things that you were taught you find to be untrue
Innocently by those you love who taught you all they knew.
The more you learn the more your mind resists this new-found news
It goes against your "learned beliefs" and creates conflicting views.

Emotions stir your thoughts run wild they shout for you to "Cease"
But the more you seek, and the more you find, the more you feel at peace.
Your search goes on new truths revealed with every passing day
How could it be those childhood lessons have caused you to lose your way?

Confusion mounts frustration grows as you seek to find what’s right
The road seems dark and lonely as you journey toward your plight.
But soon the fog starts lifting and as you learn to still your mind
A faint little voice within you says "Keep seeking and you’ll find."

You heed the voice within you, you know the answer's there
You ask your Source to help you, and say a little prayer.
And then one day that inner voice speaks up once again
"The answers that you're seeking, can be found within."

"It's outside interference that keeps truth from shining through
Keep going within, grow quiet child, and you'll discover what is true.
Your struggle to awaken is due to your own choice
It's due to all the noise out there that drowns the "inner voice."

"Discern and differentiate the teachings of your youth
The limiting and false beliefs you once perceived as truth.
It's due to man made teachings that make your spirit tire
For they are such that interfere with fulfilling your desire."

"You've been told the dreams you hold are far beyond your means
That what you long to experience is reserved for kings and queens
Your only limitations are based on what you believe
Shed these limitations learned and you will soon achieve."

"Awaken and become aware of all you say and think
Doing so will provide you with that one last missing link
For it is these that shape your outcomes each and every day
Learn to change them starting now and you'll have found your way."

"As you learn to still your thoughts and noisy rambling mind
Each answer that you seek today, you will surely find.
Then learn to recognize the voice that leads you on your way
Take action on it's guidance, and do so without delay."

"Discern and choose to separate what you perceived as truth
Those false beliefs that you were taught and accepted in your youth.
Now walk the path and take the steps I've shared with you today
Be persistent, persevere and you will find your way."

"There will be days that you will doubt what you have heard today
Just understand that life will throw some obstacles your way.
But as they come just realize and deep within you know
Each of them is happening as a means to help you grow."

"The guidance you've received today will lead you toward your dream
Just follow each and every word, no matter how things seem.
Keep your dream and vision focused, see the outcome in your mind
Ignore those who'd belittle you and your treasure you will find."

An "Inner Knowing" lights your path as you're shown what is to be
The steps you'll take are very clear, your vision plain to see.
You start to take the steps toward your ever perfect plan
With assured and "KNOWING" certainty, uncommon for a man.

The excitement that’s within you grows as your dream starts taking form
Some days seem so effortless while some you bare the storm.
But on those days you persevere, stay focused and believe
Remembering the voice within that promised you'd achieve.

Those times the dark clouds gather and it seems you can’t get through
And all those in your circle say, "There’s nothing you can do."
You dig down deep within you, find energy to spare
You keep on trudging forward cause you know you’re almost there.

Those seeds that you’ve been sowing seem to sprout so slow
So much time and effort spent with so little fruit to show.
With the tools that you’ve discovered, you nurture them with care
You keep on planting more and more, knowing soon you will be there.

Regardless of what others say, you think back on that day
Reflecting now upon the price you knew you’d have to pay.
You refocus on your vision all the good you have to share
And keep your fire burning cause you’re sure your almost there.

When you’re feeling worn and tired and you’re ready to give in
Your worldly thoughts start telling you there’s no way you can win.
You visualize the sunny skies don’t fall into despair
And keep on taking baby steps, you’re sure you're almost there.

And then one day it happens, the light starts breaking through
The effort you’ve put forward starts producing what you knew.
The joy you feel inside you shows, excitement fills the air
You're proud of your accomplishments cause now you’ve made it there.

Through your determination and the guidance that you sought
The answers came upon you, when you were least distraught.
The guidance that you longed for could never make it through
When the sabotaging doubts and fears were indwelling you.

When you look back on the challenges this goal has put you through
You see them now as benefits, it’s because of them you grew.
You’ve learned that fear and anguish block the guidance that you sought
That those few times you felt cut off were due to your own thought.

You think of all that you have learned and how you’ve come so far
The dream that you are living now was once a distant star.
The obstacles you made it through, the blood and sweat and tears
How the faint small voice within you helped to overcome your fears.

And now it’s time to rest you think from all that you’ve been through
But that still small voice within you says "You’ve another job to do.
For there are those who long and hope to see their dreams someday
So share your words, help clear the path so others find their way."

"You have so much to offer now, it’s a shame to let it lay
Go within you, find the strength, begin it now, today.
Use those sweet life lessons, with others you can share
Assist as many as you can to also make it there."

This guidance rings within you, knowing deep you can’t ignore
It’s this same small voice that got you through when you felt so weak before.
You go within and seek the strength to help all those out there
Who also seek your guidance and the following you share....

"The answers are available to any who will seek
Just take the time and go within when you are feeling weak.
The blessings are unlimited with so much left to spare
When things seem hard just persevere, and you too, will get there."

"Find within you Gratitude no matter how things seem
Express it each and every day while working toward your dream.
And magically as you express all things your grateful for
The key you seek will then appear that opens up the door."

"Your life long dreams will be attained if only you'll believe
Just focus on them daily and soon you will achieve.
All the things you long for and all you dream to do
Just persevere and keep on going and soon you’ll see it through."

"All these things will manifest that you have dreamt to do
If you will only follow through, on this plan that’s laid for you.
Just keep it fresh upon your mind and daily go within
Above all else don’t ever quit and you will surely win!"

"And when you reach that pinnacle, stop a while and rest
But jump back in and show the way to all those who request.
By following this guidance and helping all you can
You will have fulfilled your purpose and the Universal Plan."

We each are sent here for a time, a mission to complete
False teachings learned along the way you must face and then delete.
And each must search and find within their own unbiased truth
And recall the reason you were sent, which you knew once in your youth.

Copyright © 2005-2012 Chuck Danes. All rights reserved worldwide.

Chuck Danes has been assisting individuals for the past 25 years in the areas of self improvement and personal development. His passion is assisting others in becoming aware of and fulfilling their unlimited potential. He is currently assisting individuals worldwide with life changing tips, techniques, and resources, through his monthly life enhancement ezine, Enlightened Journey as well as his website,

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