The Love and Fear of Money

The Love and Fear of Money Can Either Serve and Empower,
or Confine and Restrict Desired Expansion...for You and Others

the love and fear of money

Money is neither good or bad, evil or saintly, the savior or the saboteur. It is however, an expression and extension of whatever you believe, perceive, choose and decide that it is, which Love always provides an abundance of...unconditionally - Chuck Danes

If you could have any amount of money, how much or how little would you choose?

That may seem like a silly question. But there are a lot of people in this world who don't believe they have a choice. They do. You do too. We ALL do.

The fact is, how much or how little you have is a mirrored reflection of whatever you're choosing.

Many say that money is hard to come by, that all they need is "enough", that money isn't important and some even believe that it's the root of all evil.

When someone says that to me, the 4 BIG questions I often ask are...

  1. What makes money hard to come by?

  2. What is important?

  3. How much is enough?

  4. What is evil really?

What do you think? As it pertains to you, that's ALL that's REALLY important.

Whatever you think and wherever you are, it's my hope that The Love and Fear of Money might get you thinking in an expanded kind of way and empower you, so you might have "more than enough" of what you love, materially or otherwise.

Regardless of what you think, you CAN, once you know how, and choose to apply what you know.

What follows is a continuation (an extension if you will) of what we've covered previously in the Love Seed Series. If you haven't yet read the previous installments, it would prove beneficial, since the Love Seed Series is an ongoing dialogue, with each Love Seed building on the previous.

If you've been following along, you're well aware that the entire series is a "how to" for moving you from wherever you are, to where you'd truly love to be, whether physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

In The Love and Fear of Money, we'll be discussing, looking at, dissecting and carefully examining the many beliefs, views and perspectives held about money, which unbeknownst to most, keep them from getting where they claim they'd love to be.

We're going to continue the dialogue we started in Love Seed #5 - and take a close and potentially transformational look at how The Love and Fear of Money can create either expansion and harmony, or "perceived digression and disharmony" specifically.

Really, whether it's money or anything else, the outcome always stems from what we believe to be true.

Although this may sound crazy, unbeknownst to MOST, very few things in life ARE "definitively true." We've learned and honestly believe many things about money (and life in general for that matter) that are VERY limiting, restrictive and self sabotaging.

The fact is...what we "think we know" provides a mirrored reflection of what is...whatever that is, materially or otherwise.

Yet regardless of how limited or expansive you might believe things are, it's not definitively true and it's certainly not, all there is.

What is definitively true REGARDLESS, is the FACT that what you align and harmonize with mentally, emotionally and physically, determines without fail and with unwavering certainty, what you receive in life.

It applies to money and everything else too.

Another "definitive truth" is that any lack, limitation or disharmony in life is an illusion. Any "perceived disharmony", materially or otherwise, is really nothing more or less than our mental, emotional and physical faculties conflicting with, resisting, and sabotaging the materialization of whatever our heartfelt desire/s might be.

Many of the beliefs we've acquired throughout life (money included) don't serve us, or anyone else, in the capacity or to the degree that's possible. Beliefs that conflict with what we love or desire in life, regardless of how conscious or unconscious they might be, often keep what we desire from us.

Any conflict between what we love and actually have, stems from internal conflict, meaning it's self inflicted. That's the good news. The bad news is, until it's recognized, dealt with and resolved, it can only serve to create more conflict and "perceived disharmony" in one, or many aspects of our lives.

Throughout our lives, we've acquired a number of "beliefs" that do just that, especially in the area of money. Yet, aside from what we've learned or believe to be true about money or anything else, the Higher Truth is, the reality we experience is a mirrored reflection of whatever we're choosing for ourselves.

Granted, in the tangible world of shape and form, there are a very diverse number of things unfolding simultaneously. Some we love and some we fear. That's obvious. What's not so obvious, is the FACT that our choices provide us with tangible and measurable things which we come to our own individual conclusions about. which ultimately play a defining role in what "seeds" we're planting in that moment and ultimately determine the future harvest we receive, whether loved or feared.

Which brings us to another "definitive truth."

Love is real and fear is imagined

We can choose to think, speak and act in loving ways just as easily as we can choose the opposite. Whatever we choose, Love provides. We ourselves choose what we do, how we do it and ultimately, what we have or don't have.

Without realizing and certainly without being aware, we learn, choose and DO many things during the course of our lives that conflict with and keep the amount of money that we'd "love" to have from becoming a tangible and measurable reality.

There are MANY social and cultural beliefs, which are widely held and adhered to, including but not limited to various religious ideologies, extreme and conservative alike, that play a huge role in keeping what we'd love from us.

It isn't limited to MONEY. The consequences of dis-empowering and self sabotaging beliefs, regardless of their origin, adversely impact many aspects of life. As it pertains to money, We CAN have MUCH or we CAN have little, the outcome of which is based on an infinite number of factors, all of which point back to us and what we believe to be true about money.

The good news is, each of those factors are happening within you and because they are, they're within your control. The bad news for many is, they don't realize it. Whether we realize, or even believe it or not, how much or how little we receive as we make our way through life, materially or otherwise, is a matter of choice.

That's WHY both The Love and Fear of money can either create havoc or harmony in life. The choices we make, which stem from our beliefs, draw to us, one of 2 things...

  1. More of what we love

  2. More of what we fear.

Anything and EVERYTHING we think, say or do, can be sub-categorized under one of these exceptions. In most cases we choose a bit of both, which only serves to water down and limit the infinite number of really awesome things we could have...including but not limited to money.

So what's love got to do with money? Everything.

When LOVE is the choice, we thrive. When we
mix it with fear we survive.

Since it's such a sought after, feared, loved and in MANY cases despised commodity, facing and addressing the money topic head on is important. It's important that is, IF you have a sincere desire to do and have more of what YOU love as you make your way through life.

Based on how I see things, when you're able to do and have more of what you love, money included, you're able to contribute more to others, and ultimately, receive and EXPERIENCE even more Love and happiness, materially and otherwise.

That's what the Love and Fear of Money and the entire Love Seeds Series is all about. Assisting you to move ever closer toward Love, have more of what you love, so you might EXPERIENCE life mastery. The closer you get to Love, the more "loving" your choices are, the more you move toward mastery. The more you become a "conscious master" of life, the more you direct and control all that happens in yours. But first, it's necessary to understand what keeps you (and the vast majority of others) enslaved at varying degrees.

Let's talk money specifically...

  • Some believe that money is ALL important while others honestly believe that it isn't important at all.

  • Some believe it's awesome, while others think it's the root of all evil.

  • Others claim it's not necessary and others know it is.

  • Some claim it provides happiness while others swear it can't.

There's a razors edge to walk for sure. But I'll assure you of one thing. Once you understand that this "razors edge" exists, and you choose to hone your inherent ability to navigate it masterfully, you'll never want for money or anything else, ever again.

Let's begin the money conversation with a statement that MANY are aware of and believe to be true, namely that...

"The love of money is the root of all evil."

Have you learned, do you hold, and equally important, do you adhere to the mindset that "The love of money REALLY IS the root of all evil?"

I'll submit that it can be, but it doesn't HAVE to be. To support and substantiate that fact, let's look at how the word "love" is often used, outside the context of money.

  • Is there a food you love the taste of and love to eat?

  • Is there an activity that you love engaging in every chance you get?

  • Is there a song that you just love that you can't wait to hear next time?

  • Is there a person or people in your life that you absolutely love hanging out with?

  • Is your "love" for any of these things the root of all evil?

Of course not. There are a number of things, people and places we love that are anything but evil. So why would it apply to the love of money?

The Higher Truth is, it doesn't. But our perceptions of "truth" can certainly limit how much of it we receive.

Believing that money is the root of all evil or the root of all good, stems from a lack of awareness and a limited understanding about the vastness and unconditional nature of Love.

the love and fear of money

Which brings us to an even BIGGER question which we'll be looking at and addressing in depth as we move through the Love Seeds series...

"Is the love (or fear) of anything REALLY and truly good, bad, right, wrong, saintly or evil?"

If you've been following the Love Seed Series since day 1, you're already aware that the answer is neither YES or NO definitively, but both YES or NO are equally possible. It ALL depends on what YOU believe, think, do and say YES or NO to.

That's what determines what you receive in life materially or otherwise.

No answer is definitively true, whether it pertains to money, or life in general for that matter...period. Life is and becomes however and whatever YOU choose to make it physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Let's do a really quick review of what we've already covered, so we can tie in how and why that applies specifically to money.

In Love Seed #1, we addressed the fact that Money Can't Buy You Love. That's "true." It can't. Money isn't necessary to give love, receive love, feel it or keep it.

Love in the biggest sense of the word is free. When we give love freely we receive it freely. When we choose to restrict the outpouring of it, whether mentally, emotionally or physically, the inflow (what we receive) seems restricted. It's neither really. What we give at each of these levels, and as a result receive, is nothing more than a reflection of our beliefs, choices and actions.

If you'll recall we previously covered the fact that "love is all pervasive" and The Big Love (however you label the Source of your understanding) says yes...always in ALL WAYS unconditionally.

When we restrict the outpouring of love via WHATEVER we believe, think, say and/or do, we receive what "seems like" restricted quantities. But it's NEVER restricted. The kind, quality and quantity of love (or anything else) received, is only dependent on how aligned and harmonized, or how misaligned and un-harmonized we "believe" we are with it.

That also determines how much or how little we "give." or anything else.

This alignment (or perceived misalignment) is happening simultaneously at the mental, emotional and physical levels, each of which are the result of what's happening within YOU.

If what you receive "seems" restricted in any way, shape or form, it's only a matter of becoming aware of the kind of seeds you're planting. That requires a close examination of how we engage in the dance of life. That includes and requires becoming keenly and consciously aware of how we're showing up in the world, mentally, emotionally and physically.

The more "aware you become and are" of that, the more you can sow the "right kind" of seeds (determined by how, what, and WHY you GIVE) and the more you open the floodgates to the kind, quality and quantity of harvest that you'd "love" to have.

Whatever we receive or "believe" we don't receive in life, tangibly or intangibly, is a reflection of how aligned or seemingly misaligned we are mentally, emotionally and/or physically with whatever the "desire" might be.

Although we're often out of alignment with what we desire in life, misalignment or being out of harmony with Love isn't possible since EVERYTHING, materially or otherwise, ALWAYS comes from A Place Called Love...remember?

That INCLUDES money and EVERYTHING nothing.

Any misalignment that results in what we see as disharmony in life, is nothing more or less than a misalignment and disharmony within ourselves. Beliefs that conflict with a desire, create "perceived disharmony", lack and limitation.

That's why it's so vitally important to acquire and develop the kind of beliefs that have you thinking, speaking and acting in unconditionally loving ways..regardless.

You certainly don't HAVE to. You have the right to "believe", think, say and do whatever you choose. And whether you give conditionally or unconditionally isn't really good, bad, right, wrong, saintly or evil. But whichever you choose, determines the kind and quality of what you ALWAYS receive back...unconditionally.

Even when we give love (or anything else) unconditionally, not everyone reciprocates. The reality of it is, MANY individuals won't reciprocate. Not everyone HAS to for you to give in such a way that provides what YOU love.

You're ALWAYS giving ALL the time. Mentally, emotionally and physically you're ALWAYS putting something out there. The awesome or the bad news is, Love ALWAYS reciprocates and provides a mirrored reflection of WHATEVER you choose.

Give conditionally you receive a harvest that mirrors the conditions. Give unconditionally you receive a harvest that mirrors the unconditional nature of the giving.

In either case, it's Unconditional Love that provides it in whatever kind, quality, or quantity that YOU choose.

The reason WHY is because Love is all pervasive and infinite in nature. EVERY possibility, an infinite variety exists in the Place Called Love. What we have to choose from and receive is of an infinite variety as well. The seeds we have to choose from, and CAN sow, are also of an infinite variety.

We sow MANY seeds unconsciously and unintentionally. Sometimes we DO much in a physical kind of way, but due to the quality of our beliefs, which impact and determine what we DO and how we do it, they don't always provide a "desired harvest."

But they ALWAYS DO provide one, unconditionally
and YOU are choosing it.

Since that's "true", I'll ask you to "think objectively and carefully" about the widely held and accepted belief that "the love of money is the root of all evil."

If I believe that, what am I putting out there? Who in their right mind wants anything to do with what's "evil?" Not me. Yet if I've learned and choose to hold that belief, whether consciously or subconsciously, can you see how that might affect the quality of my harvest to some degree?

Since money is such an emotionally charged topic, let's use something other than money as an example, so you might see how such a belief can limit us financially. Let's use vegetables.

Let's assume that you LOVE veggies. If you were dependent on growing and getting your daily supply of veggies from your back yard garden, would you do any of the following?

  • Would you expect a harvest of veggies at all if you've planted crabgrass seeds?

  • Would you expect to have a variety of veggies, if you've planted only a single seed?

  • Would you sow the seeds at all if you honestly believed that what you were going to receive was the root of all "evil?"

Of course not. You could love, hope, wish, pray, feel entitled and even "expect" a huge harvest of veggies all you want. Not going to happen unless and until the right kind, quality and quantity of seeds are sown.

Makes sense right?

Yet that's what the overwhelming majority do in life. We WANT, hope, wish and pray for MORE of what we love, yet don't sow the kinds of seeds that provide it. There are many people in the world thinking about, wanting, hoping, wishing, praying and expecting to get more money (or something else they love), yet they hold underlying beliefs that keep it from them. They knowingly or unknowingly, choose NOT to give (put things out there) in such a way that provides their desired harvest...whatever IT is.

Some do MUCH physically speaking and get little. Some DO little and expect much. Some do nothing, feel "entitled" and bitch, moan and complain that they aren't getting their share.

If you expect to get love, money or anything else back first, in order to GIVE it, you're going to continue looking for and wanting more of it, but never receive the kind, quality or quantity that you CAN, REGARDLESS of how hard you work, or how much you want, expect or feel entitled to it.

Let's replace the words money and love with value. The more "value" you give, the more value you receive back. The more you expose others to, and spread that value around, the bigger and more plentiful the harvest becomes. The bigger the harvest becomes, the more seeds are automatically produced from that harvest, enabling the harvest to become even bigger.

The quality of that harvest can be AWESOME or horrific. That depends on the quality of the seeds you choose to sow, MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY and PHYSICALLY.

It applies to money, love and everything else in life NOTHING. The value received back is always a reflection of the value given.

That's how it works in nature and the same applies to life. You ARE a part of nature, and the same Laws of nature apply to you, your life, and what you receive or don't receive as you go through it, whether you "believe it" and are aware of that or not.

Not receiving is impossible. We're ALWAYS receiving something.

We ARE because we're always giving value (sowing seeds)...mentally, emotionally and physically...ALWAYS. The kind, quality and quantity of that value varies of course, but we're always putting something out there. What we put out there determines the kind, quality and quantity of what we get back.

To sow seeds of the greatest possible value, which provide the greatest possible harvest, it's of VITAL importance to become aware of how valuable YOU are. You ARE extremely valuable and every seed you sow is equally fertile, regardless of what you may have learned and believe to be true.

In the "bigger scheme"...meaning what you give and receive from the Place Called Love is ALWAYS flowing, something is always being given back and what is received is ALWAYS in ALL WAYS aligned and harmonized with whatever choices you make...

...including those (and perhaps ESPECIALLY those) that determine how you view YOURSELF.

What's more, what we receive, is being provided with unerring, unwavering certainty and being provided to us with precision and in perfect timing, unconditionally...regardless.

When our mental, emotional, and/or physical processes conflict with what is loved and desired, it seems as if nothing, or less than we love is received.

The ONLY reason WHY what is received might "seem to be" lacking or conditional, stems from what it is that YOU are giving. Many engage in "unconscious forms of giving", and ARE receiving less than they love, yet the harvest ALWAYS mirrors the seed.

The "fix" is simple. Give more love unconditionally, (to yourself and others) ensure that it's aligned and harmonized mentally, emotionally and physically with what you "desire" (love) to receive, and you'll receive more of what you love...unconditionally.

The opposite also applies.

Tangibly speaking, most people in the world have any number of "seemingly justifiable" reasons for not giving, or place conditions on what or why they give. They also have any number of "seemingly justifiable reasons" as to why they can't, don't, won't and shouldn't "give" in a way that provides their desired harvest.

One BIG reason is due to what we believe about ourselves. We don't "see ourselves" as being ENORMOUSLY valuable. Another is what we believe to be true about what we love or are "taught" that we shouldn't love. A REALLY BIG factor is what we believe to be true about Love...the Big Love.

Tangibly speaking we often don't "give" because this person, that person or this organization didn't "give it" first.

What others think, believe, say, do or don't do, is not important as it pertains to you and what you receive in life. What's important, IF you're to EXPERIENCE Love, money or anything else in the greatest possible quantities that you CAN, is to give FIRST in an aligned, harmonized, and "conscious" way.

A KEY part of doing that to receive what you love, is doing so unconditionally...regardless.

We ALL make mistakes and we ALL stumble. EVERYONE does. Forgive yourself, forgive others and let go of things that don't serve you...unconditionally.

When you DO that consciously, intentionally and consistently at the mental, emotional and physical level, what many "call and refer to" as miracles start showing up. The REALLY AWESOME and over the top AMAZING kind.

That most DEFINITELY includes, but certainly isn't limited to MONEY.

money is NOT evil

The point of that entire dialogue is, the term "The love of money is the root of all evil" is NONSENSE and is OFTEN misunderstood and taken out of context, ONLY because of what we've "learned, believe, think we know, and DO", which KEEPS many from receiving it in the quantities that they'd "love."

There's another statement that's often used and "thought of" as being true about money. It even "seems" wise and noble to say it. I don't personally believe it's as "true" as many think. In fact, I KNOW it's anything but "true" in most cases.

The statement is, "Money can't buy you happiness."

I'm not sure who coined the phrase "Money can't buy you happiness." What I'm pretty sure of though, is that they had plenty and may have been thinking only of themselves.

They DEFINITELY overlooked the FACT that the giving of money (or anything else for that matter) can and DOES provide greater levels of happiness and fulfillment, for yourself and others, when you GIVE it and the underlying intention for giving (and receiving) it, is aligned and harmonized with love.

While it's true that money can't BUY you love, or in and of itself will never provide you or anyone else with real and lasting happiness, it can SURELY be exchanged and given to create greater levels of it...for yourself and others.

Even if you "choose" to stand firm that "the love of money is the root of all evil" and it can't and doesn't provide YOU with any form of happiness, it can most DEFINITELY be used to contribute to, enhance and create greater levels of "happiness" in the lives of others who have little or none.

There are many people in the world today, "religious, spiritually minded and otherwise, who "claim" that money isn't important. Just as many (if not more) honestly believe that "the love of it, is the root of all evil." For whatever reason, they often REFUSE to accept, acknowledge and SEE that money CAN BE given and used for ENORMOUS GOOD which DOES provide happiness to the GIVER and RECEIVER.

I'll assure you, as much as they might believe otherwise, and aside from how noble and well meaning their intentions might be, those who hold "less than true" beliefs about MONEY (or anything else) ARE NOT as "happy", being as "loving" as they think they are. Nor are they GIVING or receiving as much "love" as they COULD be...that we ALL can.

No, it's NOT money that provides that. As it pertains to RECEIVING love or money, it all depends on what you do and how you do it. How open you are to receive whatever it is, is of equal importance too. Once received it depends on WHAT you do with it. As it pertains to GIVING it, (or anything else) it's the INTENTION that determines the kind, quality and quantity of what's received back.

Make no mistake, Intention has EVERYTHING to do with everything...whether in giving or receiving.

There's a quote in the Judeo Christian Bible that supports and substantiates that FACT. It's a way of giving and doing things that I KNOW opens the floodgates to receiving more love, money or anything else. It's this...

"God loves a cheerful giver."

That certainly doesn't mean that God/Love (however you define He/She/It) loves and rewards cheerful givers more, or dislikes and get's pissed off at those who give begrudgingly or don't give.

Nor does it only apply to what we GIVE in tangible ways. It applies mentally, emotionally and physically.

Cheerful giving or giving begrudgingly (out of guilt, shame, fear, obligation, anger, resentment, etc.) are 2 very different kinds of seeds. Different seeds provide a different harvest.

There are MANY "religious teachers" in the world today who attempt to guilt, shame and scare people into giving money. They teach that we MUST GIVE to the church, to others, or else.

I'm all about giving, but that's NOT cheerful giving. It's FEAR based giving. They are VERY different and the results received are as well.

The seed ALWAYS determines the harvest...unconditionally, REGARDLESS of it's kind or quality. Fear, guilt, shame, or obligation acts as a "pre-emergent" to seeds sown. It CAN and often does sabotage "love sprouts."

I for one KNOW that "cheerful giving" provides happiness. I also KNOW from personal experience that DOING it unconditionally opens the flow to more "stuff" that you love too.

Let's go back to money specifically...

There are MANY people in this world who HAVE a lot of money, but they're far from being happy. The WHY behind it is either their "intention" as they do whatever they do to get it, and/or HOW and WHY it is they give (or spend) it.

Self serving intentions equate to "less than loving" methods in HOW money is acquired AND used. Nonetheless, it's their love of money followed with action that provides money...regardless.

You could say, Love provides it...unconditionally.

In many cases, those with less than loving intentions USE people to get money. They love money and USE people to get it. It doesn't necessarily limit the money they receive. Doing it in the "less than loving" way they do, CAN and often does provide money. Sometimes A LOT of it. No doubt or question about that.

Yet those who choose that way of doing things, will never experience the kind, quality or quantity of love, happiness, or fulfillment that they can, due to their "intention" and what they are "giving" at the mental and emotional levels.

And NO, it's NOT because "the love of money is evil" or that "Love" get's pissed of, angry or upset and doesn't or won't allow them to. It's because they "choose" that and Love ALWAYS says YES. Love says yes to them just as Love says yes to YOU, me and everyone else...unconditionally.

The quality of the YES is determined by the quality of what we love AND give mentally, emotionally and physically. The same applies to receiving.

While it's true that using people to get money won't make you happy, loving people and using money as a tangible tool to assist in expressing your love, caring, empathy and compassion toward those who have little to none, certainly plays an important roll.

Let's go back to seeds. Sowing seeds that increase love and happiness, provide a harvest of greater love and happiness, right? It never fails, errs or wavers...EVER.

So, in a sense, regardless of what anyone "claims, thinks, believes, teaches, DOES, or "thinks they know", when the INTENTION that underlies giving is aligned with love, service and contribution, money not only CAN, it DOES assist in making you and others HAPPY.....happier at least.

The point is, money DOES play A VITAL and necessary role in creating a wholesome, fun, joyful and fulfilling life. It most definitely enhances our ability to give, receive and experience greater levels of freedom too.

That especially applies to those who have little or none.

Those who do HAVE plenty of money, and those who have little or none, who also have the wisdom and understanding to see money as and for what it truly is, KNOW that money isn't important in all cases...but it DAMN SURE IS in some. Both of these groups realize something of vital importance that MOST don't.

It's this...

The only time money IS important, is when you don't have enough...or any.

Which brings us to a "very touchy" topic which led to the titling of this article...The Love and Fear of Money.

There are many HUMANS, spiritually minded and otherwise, who claim to like or even love money, yet have little. The biggest reason WHY, the ONLY reason in fact, stems from various forms of fear.

the fear of money

While it's often been said that the greatest fear that most humans have is death, if you look at the graphic to the right, that may not be as "true" as many think and believe it is.

A recent poll revealed, that of 3,257 people surveyed between the ages of 44-75, a staggering 61% have a greater fear of a lack of money than they do of death itself. WHOA!!!

So what does that prove? Think about it. Money doesn't alleviate fear. There are many beliefs held about money that create more fear. By the same token, money can be used to enhance and expand "love."

I'm going to digress to a previous Love Seed where we covered the FACT that Love provides a harvest, whether the seeds are aligned and harmonized with fear or love.

That's one huge factor that determines why so many experience just enough, or in many cases A LACK of money. It's due to how they go about getting it. In more cases than not, it's because they're engaging in what they DO in begrudging ways. You could say the value their "giving" through their work, is being given in ways they "don't love."

  • They work at jobs and engage in vocations that they don't like.

  • They work for some ungrateful knucklehead that has little to no appreciation for them and treats them poorly.

  • They "fear" if they don't DO that...regardless, they won't have any money.

The belief, the thoughts, the "intention" and the ACTION is aligned and harmonized with fear. They do what they do so they can "survive and get by." They like and in many cases even love money, but their fear of a lack of money, combined with their "non-cheerful method" for giving the value they do to get it, limits how much is received.

There's an internal conflict between the love and fear of giving, receiving and keeping enough, which limits the potential harvest that is, at varying degrees "desired and loved."

In other words, they do what they do for the money specifically, fearing they won't have enough or any, if they don't. It's a fear based way of seed planting on ALL levels. They fear not having what they like or love, so they do what they "think and believe" must be done, begrudgingly.

They are most definitely NOT "giving cheerfully."

The "seeds" being sown mentally, emotionally and physically are fear based, the harvest received is sparse and limited, yet it's aligned and harmonized with their "chosen way" of believing, thinking and doing things.

The bottom line is, there's a misalignment between what they "truly desire" and the mental, emotionally and/or physical activity they engage in.

Here's something that's worthy of careful consideration...

Any fear we hold that we will not have enough is really a belief that we are not enough.

Self love plays a HUGE role in what we have or don't have in life. That's not limited to money. It applies to everything in life. We'll address that head on and in greater depth and detail in the next and future Love Seeds.

Let's take a closer look at those who "claim" and stand on the belief that money isn't important and/or that it's the root of all evil.

There are a number of people in the world who have learned, believe, claim and, for any infinite number of other reasons, hide behind the "money isn't important" mask. But that's all it is...a mask. I'm not implying that anyone does so on purpose or intentionally. The intention and purpose of truly spiritually minded people (religious or otherwise) is, for the most part, very loving.

And I'll wholeheartedly agree that when the LOVE of Money becomes stronger than the LOVE for people and doing "good things" in the world, money CAN and DOES create any number of "perceived" problems in life.

But it's HUMANS who DO that. Love doesn't create or allow "problems" any more than money does. It's our beliefs and attitudes about it, how we go about getting it and what we do with it, that does.

Love provides a harvest that mirrors the seed...always in ALL ways...unconditionally.

Regardless of the outcome, and aside from how it's "perceived", it's Love at work. Yet at the same time, many spiritually minded folks have learned, believe, think and often pretend that money isn't important, that it's of the "devil" and constantly state that "the love of money is the root of all evil", ONLY because they've learned, and it "seems to be", the spiritual thing to do.

They've also "learned and believe" that having or getting too much money is "sinful."

It isn't true. It's certainly not definitively true. On one hand there is a morsel of truth in that statement, yet on another, those who make such "claims" are either hiding behind a mask or unknowingly and unintentionally fooling and lying to themselves.

Case in point...

  • Tell the mother of 2 starving and malnourished children on the brink of death that money isn't important or that their love for nourishment and survival is evil.

  • Tell the young couple with 3 children to care for, who can't get to work because they have no gas, or their only car broke down, that money isn't important or that their love for having adequate transportation is evil.

  • Tell the homeless person enduring subzero temperatures without shelter, a coat or blanket, that money isn't important and that their love of warmth, safety and a sense of security is evil.

  • Try to tell the electric or mortgage company, the grocer that provides food, or the many other service givers who provide the necessities of life, that money isn't important, or their need to have it to continue providing service is evil.

I fact I'm pretty certain they'll disagree.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

That includes and especially applies to those who "claim to be" and honestly believe they are spiritually mature. Perhaps ESPECIALLY those. There are MANY in the world who honestly think they're spiritually mature, close to God, yet without knowing, believing or realizing it, they ARE missing the mark.

No point in going over "missing the mark" again since we covered it in detail in Love Seed #5 - The Love and Fear of Giving and Having.

There are MANY "spiritually minded" folks in today's world who are "fooling and lying to themselves" AND "missing the mark" too, ESPECIALLY in the area of money and finances.

You can have a heart as big as Texas. You can have ALL the best "intentions", but if you have no money or "just enough" for yourself, how can you possibly give to those who don't have much, or any, yet truly NEED some?

Granted, it's not money in and of itself that's important, but what money can DO; more specifically, what it can be exchanged for is certainly important REGARDLESS of what you, your preacher, your neighbor or anyone else might have "learned", believes, claims, or "think they know."

In the process, they're beliefs, thinking processes and what they DO in matters pertaining to money, only serves to deprive them, their ability to SERVE AND those who could use a hand up who know better.

What about loving, caring and goodhearted people who have a sincere desire to change the world in really big ways? There PLENTY who are doing the polar opposite.

There are MANY dark minded people in the world who have "less than loving" intentions. They have and use A LOT of money to carry out their dark and self serving agendas and have very "dark intentions" at the cost of many. There are trillions upon trillions of dollars used and spent to create VERY UGLY things in the world.

Yet in far more cases than I care to think about, those who have awesome intentions, a sincere love for people, a sincere desire to serve, and who would love to have greater levels of freedom, either fake it, claim to be, or honestly believe they are "spiritually wise", who choose to hold their "less than loving view that "money isn't important or is the root of all evil."

Due to their "choice" to believe and adhere to such nonsense, they limit the "inflow" of money and have little to no material resources to expand their own AWESOME and contributory agendas.

They often hope, wish, pray and claim that they really WANT to, but they CAN'T in the way that they COULD. They COULD but they are "getting in their own way" and keeping themselves from it.

Forgive my blunt and candid approach, but that's why I call bullshit on the "money isn't important" or "the love of money is the root of all evil" lie.

Is the love of serving and contributing "good things" to the world evil? Of course not and neither is "the love of money" when it's used to give and contribute greater levels of love.

Evil stems from fear. Fear exists within and flows from the minds of men.

Many very noble, ethical, awesome, well intentioned, hard working, and/or spiritually minded people fear money. That's why they don't HAVE much and WHY lack, limitation, and/or just enough becomes and remains a tangible reality.

It's also why so much ugliness in the world continues to expand. Those with dark self serving intentions have money and use it, while those who truly desire to serve and contribute in "loving ways" fear it and don't have the resources to serve and do what they COULD to counter the evil and the ugliness.

As we covered in The Love and Fear of Giving, in either case, expansion is occurring. Expansion is the way of life. It's always underway. Love ALWAYS expands...unconditionally.

You can certainly disagree and you have every right to believe, think and DO whatever you choose, but if what you believe, think and DO, leads to acquiring less money than you CAN, you ARE actively participating in the "expansion" of what many view as lack, limitation and YES, evil too.

Let's get to the heart of WHY so many ARE missing the mark and continue to enable and allow such "bullshit" to happen, all the while depriving themselves and others of what COULD be.

It goes back to what we discussed in Love Seed #1 - Money Can't Buy You Love.

It all stems from programming and indoctrination.

Whether it's dark minded folks, those who believe you must do whatever it takes to survive and get by regardless of how you feel about it, or the most loving, well intentioned and spiritually minded people, programming and indoctrination underlies WHY you believe what you believe, think as you think and do what you do.

In the VAST MAJORITY of cases, (99.999% actually) some, much and in some cases ALL of what we've "learned and believe", keeps us from "giving love, expressing love and receiving as much love as we can.

Many have learned and will quickly refer to and quote spiritual texts such as the bible without realizing that MUCH of the wisdom, insight and direction in it has been lost through translation, leading to "less than true" and certainly "less than loving" interpretations that are more aligned and harmonized with fear than "love."

Unless and until you trace translated texts to their origin, you'll never understand "intellectually" what is truly being said, or benefit from the kind of message that was intended.

Cases in point. As we covered in the previous Love Seed, many have been taught and honestly believe that the term "want for nothing" in the texts, means that desire is "sinful."

Once again I call BULLSHIT.

WANTING, by YOU or anyone else is sinful. It "misses the mark" in providing what we could ALL have and experience.

When EVERY person in this world is fed, clothed, has adequate shelter, when all the children of the world are rescued from senseless violence, needless pain and poverty and EVERYONE on this planet has "enough" to lead and live "happy and healthy lives", then I'll go along with the bullshit that many believe and "claim" to be "enough" money.

Unless and until THAT happens, those who "claim" otherwise are MISSING the MARK in a big way, even if they honestly believe and think they're not. They ARE...regardless. That's not a judgement. It's based on accurate observation and making a "choice" to explore, understand and EXPERIENCE what I KNOW to be a Higher Truth.

Unconditional Love is the "mark." It's a way of believing, thinking, BEING and DOING things that provides us and others with what we each love and certainly need. The more we hit the mark in ALL we think, say and DO, the closer we get to hitting the "unconditional Love" bulls-eye, the more we receive what we and everyone else loves.

The less we DO that, the further away we "choose" to get, the more we feed and receive what we fear.

How can you possibly GIVE and ASSIST in DOING that in material ways, when you don't have enough to DO it?

Remember, EXPANSION is The Way of Love...ALWAYS in ALL WAYS...regardless. Love has no boundaries, borders, ceilings, conditions and MOST DEFINITELY knows no digression.

In the "tangible world" of shape and form, love, fear and evil are most definitely expanding and revealing itself in MANY ways. You are participating IN the expansion. We ALL are. But in the vast majority of cases, the expansion being experienced is of a "less than desired", and most certainly a "less than loved" kind.

It looks, feels, smells, tastes and sounds like "digression" but it's not. Love is ALWAYS expanding, yet it's the short sighted "unconscious and fear based choices" that HUMANS make, which enables and allows evil to expand and "perceived digression" to "seem real."

It's the "evil" that flows from the minds of "men/women" that creates "less than desired" tangible and intangible results and enables them to continually expand.

NOT giving and shining your light in the way we ALL can, materially and otherwise only enables and allows the darkness, shadows and "evil" to grow.

But it's only happening because so many who COULD do otherwise, are "choosing" to Miss the Mark, which results in the "tangible expansion" of more hunger, more grief, more sadness, more sickness, more starvation, more senseless deaths, more lack, more limitation, more struggle and last but DEFINITELY not least, the "expansion" of what many call "evil."

We have ALL KINDS of varying beliefs as to what evil is, many of which TOTALLY miss the mark.

Evil traced to it's Hebrew root means trouble, calamity, adversity and disaster. There are MANY self serving people in the world with VERY dark intentions who have a lot of money and who are creating plenty of that. There are just as many genuinely loving, caring, empathetic and compassionate people in the world who are "enabling and allowing" that, yet have no desire to and aren't even aware that they are.

A "choice" to NOT open yourself to receive and have what can serve you and others is a choice to "allow" wanting, trouble, calamity, adversity and disaster to expand.

Unless and until more wake up and smell the coffee, and DO something differently, this calamity, adversity and disaster that's revealing itself all around this planet, is going to continue to expand.

The world needs more loving, caring, contributory, successful and PROSPEROUS people who are ready, willing and ABLE to serve unconditionally in BOTH material and non-material ways.

A choice to GET what only serves and sustains you and yours, or DOING whatever you do, at the cost of others, is a choice to never fully EXPERIENCE the awe and magnificence of the kind, quality and quantity of Love that we can ALL experience and GIVE.

My point is this. If we sincerely desire to hit the mark, first and foremost, it's VITALLY important to become "keenly aware" of how and why we're missing it. Once we are aware of that, it's equally important to DO whatever is necessary to "get over it, go around it, move through it and DO whatever needs to be done so you might shine YOUR light, spread more love around, enabling and allowing you to GIVE and receive more in both tangible and intangible ways.

Then and only then can you GIVE more and receive even more.

The doing begins by unlearning the bullshit, then relearning and replacing it with a Higher Truth. Then we can begin thinking, speaking and acting as the "loving, wise, caring, compassionate and empathetic" beings that we CAN be.

That's what "truly wise", truly caring, truly spiritual, and truly aware people who are "truly seeking" greater ways to experience Love, DO.

I'll close with this...

The consequences that stem from both the love and fear of money is ALL around us. We don't have to participate in the ugliness, the poverty, or the "perceived digression" and we CAN change it into what we love.

It's our birthright, our choice, our responsibility and our "obligation" to change it, if we're ever to see and experience the change that so many hope, wish, pray for and claim to want.

To SEE the change you must first BE the change. It applies individually and collectively. Whatever we choose to BE is what we'll SEE and it NEVER errs, fails, changes or wavers.

Yet sadly, many...most actually, are waiting on the world to change FIRST and/or for someone else to DO something.

I hope you'll watch and listen. If you're "waiting" it may serve you and others.

It's my personal hope and desire that you'll consciously participate in the expansion of what you and others love, rather than "enabling and allowing" calamity, adversity and disaster to continue.

One more thing...

I'm certainly not sharing what I have in The Love and Fear of Money to piss you or anybody off.

I share and contribute what I do today, so you might become an active and "conscious" participant in the expansion of love on a global and universal scale, in a way that "serves" and enables EVERYONE to experience a life that's more aligned and harmonized with what they love, physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It's my intention to serve in that expansion, rather than the "perceived digression" that most perceive, see and experience when it "seems as if" Love isn't in charge.

Love IS in charge. He/She/IT or whatever "label" you choose to define the Source of your understanding, ALWAYS is, always has been and always will be...unconditionally.

In the next installment of the Love Seed Series, I'll be revealing the many "faces or levels of love" so you might take yet another "step" toward SEEING, KNOWING and EXPERIENCING just how all pervasive and unconditional Love "truly is" for yourself...intellectually speaking at least.

Soon after that, I'll be revealing how to move from an "intellectual understanding" of love into an awesome, awe inspiring and literally indescribable EXPERIENTIAL one, that is NEVER forgotten and NEVER goes away.

We ALL can and we all could if we only chose to. It's ALL up to you, simply because, as I've stated before, whatever we "choose" Love provides...unconditionally, because "That's how Love rolls."

Stay tuned. It gets mind boggling AWESOME...and then some.

Watch the video below and you'll see that the love of money is NOT the root of all evil and how money CAN provide greater levels of happiness to others when we "choose" to use it to prosper others. It provides tangible and measurable proof that an intention to "serve" is most definitely a choice that can magnify our own personal prosperity many fold in many ways. Materially speaking, contrary to widespread opinion, money CAN BE used to spread the love around in enormous and truly meaningful ways.

Here's to You, Love and the Giving and Receiving of More Money or WHATEVER You Desire More Of,

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK. 73099

He's made his billions. Now he's investing nearly all of it into changing the world for the better. (via Billions in Change)

Posted by Upworthy on Monday, November 16, 2015

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