by Alicia

It is true, love is a miracle.

I started to smile at people and wish them a good morning when I bring my son to school or when I walk to my work. When they pass by, you see their faces (worries, in thought, happy or in a hurry) but most of them smile back.

I do this every day and it gives me a good feeling to be nice to others without expecting something back. I start the day positive with a smile on my face. I tell myself that whatever situation I am in, it will be better.

It is a learning process so I will grow. I < href="" target="_blank">accept the situation, I tell myself that at this moment (this minute) or the now, I don´t have problems, and I don´t. I see that I created the problems because of fear of the future. And because of the fear I created it.

I was not happy, so I changed. That´s the reason I started to smile to everybody, be nice to everybody, be respectful, treat everybody equal, when somebody drops something pick it up.

By doing these little things it is giving me a good / positive feeling and I see the changes in my life, little by little and I am grateful for every person I am in contact with, they are my mirror and I learn a lot from them.

I am grateful of all teachers who want to teach us how to love. So for me Love is a Miracle, it changed my life.

Thank you Chuck for your experience and that you are sharing it with us.

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