42nd Edition Of "Enlightened Journey" Ezine

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Some Will...Some Won't...
So What...NEXT!!

Here's Some Potentially Transformational Advise That 99.9% of People Globally Are REALLY Trying To Figure Out But As They DO, Are Overlooking What's Truly Important To Figure Out

That may "seem" to be a rather strange title for a personal empowerment newsletter...

Some Will, Some Won't, So What...NEXT!! I mean.

And maybe it is. But at the same time, it's where I love and need to be personally to keep me from getting, sad, mad, fearful, anxious, judgmental, etc etc.

Actually I don't NEED to be there even. It's where I choose to be and stay as often as possible so love and happiness stays with me. So I consistently "feel" loving and happy I mean...unconditionally.

It also fits what I'll be covering this month. I also know it will meet some where they are...wherever that is, which is my intention for doing what I do. To meet as many people as I possibly can right where they are.

I currently DO that in the best way I'm able. It's my intention to convey to anyone who's open, willing and ready to listen, that regardless of where they are, aside from where that might be and irrespective of what anyone "thinks" they might be capable or incapable of, there's greatness and immense power inside each of us.

Yes, you too...regardless. Unconditionally might even be a better fit than "regardless" for some.

Since it's my intention to reach and touch as many as I possibly can and contribute in some way shape or form to their life, regardless of where they are on their path or in their understanding currently, you'll find that I use different "labels" to describe various things.

A small change in the wording of a statement...meaning using a different label in place of another can often provide significant meaning where it may not have if another label is used. So although you'll see me doing that often, the underlying message is one and the same.

And I LOVE DOING that.

That's why I've written this edition too. With the intention of reaching and touching someone who might be ready to see and experience what so many "want and desire to" but so few do.

Although individual "wants, needs and desires" vary, just as someone's understanding through use of various words and labels does, what you'll gain this month COULD assist you in getting your individual hopes, dreams and desires fulfilled.

Regardless of what I write about or how I write it, for some it will. For some it won't. And, once you've read through to the end of this edition of Enlightened Journey, you'll know and fully understand what "So what...NEXT" means and why I say that.

It's in essence, an attitude...for me a necessary and very important attitude and a way of being that although it may not be apparent on the surface, although some may "perceive it" and/or even perhaps judge and label it as being a flip or "bad attitude" initially, it's anything but that.

It's a form of detachment and/or allowing that enables my "true power" to surface, shine through and be "used" consciously and intentionally. It's an attitude that I believe and perceive will enable ANYONE'S Real Power to shine through and empower them in FAR GREATER ways than than most "believe" it can be.

Here's why...

It's a "letting go" of sorts that enables you to tap into and FULLY utilize the power we've all been freely provided.

Real Power that creates Real Freedom physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

Should you choose to adopt it as your attitude that is and detach yourself from needing, expecting and stressing over everything that you "perceive" as being anything but "good."

That's a vitally important aspect of getting more of whatever you might "truly desire" to be, do and/or have in life. At the same time it's not widely practiced by those who are looking, seeking, scrambling around, clingy, attached, judging, labeling, complaining, condemning, working and "trying" really really hard to get what they want, whether it's a desire to be, do and/or have something other than they already have.

Doing so though, enables you to "attract" amazing things, amazing people, amazing EVERYTHING in fact.

Life becomes amazing, meaningful and good...unconditionally. Your "heartfelt desires" stop being desires and become real, tangible, measurable and an everyday way of life in EVERY area of life.

But there's a small thing that many overlook which keep their desires from becoming real. As small and simple as it is, it IS often overlooked. It also keeps many from ever having their heartfelt hopes, dreams and desires fulfilled.

And it's as simple as DOING the best you can in a way that aligns with Love. In other words BE Love in the best way you can, DO what you do because you LOVE to do it in the best way you can and then simply let go and "allow" where you are to be OK as it is.

Loving it actually. Loving where you are so you can be, do and have more of what you Love.

It's really as simple and complex as "falling in love"...unconditionally.

Contrary to the many "airy fairy" close your eyes and attract your dream life into being teachings "out there" today, aligning with Love doesn't mean that you don't DO things to get whatever your desire might be.

But it does mean DOING the "inner work" first. The inner work enables you to tap into, see, know and focus on Love...unconditionally.

The DOING must be done on "different levels" so to speak. It consists of becoming conscious, awake and aware of what's going on inside and then DOING what you Love...unconditionally. Once you're "doing that, then you just "allow" Love to take over...unconditionally.

The rest just "flows" to you and you'll HAVE what you Love...unconditionally. You begin "attracting it." You start "attracting" what you want and Love, rather than what you don't want and fear.

That's all you need to do. If you're ready and you're willing to DO those things, no need to read further. That's all you need. Now just go DO it. You'll see how real, "true", powerful, transformational and life changing "choosing to DO things" that way is.

And it "truly is" that simple.

Most people don't "get that" though. Most people don't "know or see" just how simple it is. But the only reason MOST people don't is because most people want and are trying to get there without changing anything about themselves.

Sure they change jobs, change spouses, change their residence, change external activities etc etc. That's how most attempt to create change. It's how we're supposed to do it right? That's what we've been taught is necessary to bring about the kinds of change we want and desire to see.

That approach isn't working out too well for those who consistently DO things in that way which is MOST people. They find themselves constantly needing to do and change something else "out there" and neer get what they "truly want and desire."

So how you do it must change if you're "doing it" as most are in their futile attempts to "get it done" and HAVE what they claim they want.

In the most succinct way I know how to put it, creating Real Freedom is as simple as aligning with Love "inside", doing what you Love on the outside, detaching from "expectation" and "clingy attachment" and you'll GET and HAVE what you Love and USE TO want, need and desire.

Want, need and desire become a thing of the past.

If you have a desire to "get" something that you don't currently have, it's going to be necessary to "do some things" that you haven't previously done.

That's "logical" right?

We'll be getting into the "what needs to change and be done" soon. It's the Main Thing in my opinion. For anyone who's walked the same paths I have, it's the main thing in their opinion too. I'm certainly not "alone" in how I see things.

And it truly is as simple as aligning and harmonizing with Love on ALL levels.

That's the short version of how to do it.

If the short version isn't enough for you, read on and we'll get into the "longer version" of what I "feel" is important to convey this month. It's my hope that it will assist you in figuring out all you need to figure out to have whatever desires YOU might have fulfilled.

It's the single most important and POWERFUL thing I've ever personally "figured out."

I’ve spent the past 6 years and thousands upon thousands upon thousands of hours (literally) writing, reaching out, connecting, sharing and doing the best I possibly can to assist as many seekers around the world as I possibly could, to "figure out" what I have found and believe most everybody is trying so hard to figure out.

Don't misunderstand, as many paths as I've walked and as many experiences as I've had and as much I've explored and studied the nature of reality as I've walked down all the paths I have, I certainly don't have it anywhere close to being "figured out."

Far Far Far Far from it in fact.

But at the same time, I HAVE figured out the one and only thing I needed to "figure out." And I personally believe it's the ONE and ONLY thing anybody needs to figure out to get what they Love and experience an AMAZING quality of life.

And THAT my friend is THE SINGLE most important, simple and FREEING thing I've EVER figured out...

That I don't HAVE TO figure it out!!!

It's also the "thing" that enables me to DO what I love and experience a quality of life that I love. But until I figured this SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing out, I couldn't...or at least I "perceived" that I couldn't DO what I love and create a life that I love for myself.

I didn't "think" I could at least because of what I thought I knew and had "figured out" prior to discovering and figuring out something different. And what that "different thing" was is that creating a life that you love is not hard, doesn't require excessive displeasing effort and can become a way of life any time WE choose to "allow" it to be.

And it truly is as simple as getting out of your own way, choosing to consistently move toward Love and "allowing" WHATEVER you desire in life to show up.

The single biggest obstacle standing in my way personally was THE FEAR that I might not be able to "figure out" and do all the hard physical stuff...you know, the action, the systems, the processes, the doing, doing, doing that "I knew" must be done to get what I wanted but didn't think I could get.

I blindly did things for a number of years fully "believing" I knew and could clearly see what was necessary to get what I wanted and become happy in life.

I did really well at the doing part too. I did what I had set out to do. I worked really hard, got a bunch of stuff and figured out that it didn't and couldn't make me happy.

I worked really hard, made a lot of money, and acquired a lot of toys. But the way I was doing it and what I got as a result didn't "feel" very happy to me.

I liked the money and the toys and liked what I was able to do with those "things" but it just didn't "feel" like Love on all levels. Even though I GOT a bunch of stuff,, I was, in a sense, still looking for love.

The way I "thought" I had to do it, didn't feel very good. It felt REALLY crappy actually. :) I felt stuck. I "thought" I was stuck because I allowed the money and toys to lead. They became my master.

I liked the money and toys but at the same time, I wanted to FULLY enjoy and savor life. Not spend my life DOING what I "thought" I had to do to get the money and stuff I liked yet be worn out, anxious, stressed out, tired and sometimes just flat out miserable as I was doing it.

I wanted to be free. Really free.

I wanted to...I tried to...I REALLY and TRULY desired to...and I worked REALLY REALLY hard trying to make it real, but until I figured out that I didn't HAVE to figure ANYTHING out, with the exception of moving toward, aligning and harmonizing with Love on ALL levels, my "dream life" remained a distant dream somewhere off in the future.

Love was ntohing more than a novel idea. A fantasy.

That's something else I've "figured out." Most aren't experiencing their dream life for the very same reason. They do what they do because they "think" they have to rather than because they Love to.

They are "allowing" life to master them rather than becoming the master of their life.

They see their "dream life" off somewhere in the distant future. But, do you know what? If that's where you are currently, that's actually a really great place to be whether you "see that" or not.

It's better at least than NOT having a dream at all.

Having a dream...holding a vision is eons ahead of where many people find themselves. Many people have "given up" on their dream simply because they've concluded it's futile to try. And they're partially right in one way and absolutely correct in another.

They're partially right for the simple fact and because in making a dream "real and tangible" there is no try. You either do or you don't. There's no wrong or right choice. There's just one or the other. Either you do or you don't.

And they're going to find that they're absolutely right for the simple fact that they've resolved that they CAN'T make their dream real. They get to be right.

Henry Ford made it very clear as to why that's true...

"Whether you think you can or whether you think you "can't" you're right."

There's profound wisdom in that short statement that most can't see.

Most people at some point have a dream and continue to DO things to create it. Some try really hard too, in their attempts to make it real just like I did. They work really hard. They work at and do things intensely and consistently but, because of how they "feel" about what they do, the dream doesn't show up. Then at some point they give up turning their once held dream into nothing more than a fantasy.

And since I do what I now do and connect with so many people, I've come to "know" that this "dream life"...a kind and quality of life that so many are hoping, wishing, praying for and "trying" so hard to figure out how to create for themselves is a "desire" that many hold.

But sadly, it's a distant dream for most and will remain just that. For some it's become nothing more than a fantasy. But I also know that it doesn't have to be a distant dream or a fantasy for you or anyone else for that matter, any more than it HAD to be for me.

That is, unless YOU choose for it to be and allow it to be.

I know I was personally choosing for it to be without even "knowing" or realizing that I was "choosing" for it to be. But I was. And to change it I discovered that it was going to be necessary to choose something different.

That's when I began to really work toward "figuring things out."

The first thing I figured out is that I needed different data. I needed to enhance and shift what I knew to be true about myself...about life and about the world in general.

That's was a helpful thing to do and "figure out" actually. It enabled me to begin seeing things differently so I could "figure things out" with more empowering data than I previously had.

And that's the choice that so many are making which is keeping their "dream" a distant fantasy. They're attempting to "figure out" how to make it real but the data they have and the way in which they are "trying" to figure it out and DO things is creating the polar opposite of what they claim they want.

So they too, are "choosing" without "knowing" that they're choosing a different path than they want to walk down and experience. They're attempting to "figure things out" with a kind and quality of data that can NEVER provide the desired result.

And all this "trying" to "figure things out" keeps many from doing anything at all and others from ever reaching where they truly desire to get to.

So they keep on keeping on trying to figure things out and the path they are trying to find and walk continues to elude them...so they think. But it's not eluding them at all. Not really.

The path is there, they just can't SEE it.

But their ability to see it is there. They just need different data that opens their eyes so they CAN see it.

But they choose not to acquire this "new data" in a number of cases. Usually because they "think" they're too busy and don't have time. But the reason they don't is because they keep doing the same thing over and over with the same data that never worked before which keeps them too busy and preoccupied to acquire this "new data."

So, they keep trying to find it. They keep looking. They keep searching. They keep trying. They keep working and trying and getting more "stuff" only to find that it doesn't create "Real Freedom" or "Real Happiness" in the way so many are "trying" to get it done.

And for many, the "once held dream" becomes nothing more than a fantasy and they quit. They quit dreaming. They quit doing and many end up DOING what they "feel" is necessary to survive and get by for the rest of their lives.

They begin to think that Happiness is reserved for the "lucky and fortunate" few.

And you can stay there. But it's NOT necessary. In fact it's a choice that leads to self sabotage. It IS self sabotaging. It's the very reason so few DO experience a kind and quality of life that they "claim" they WANT and SO DESIRE to experience.

You could say the vast majority of people in the world are looking for Love and Happiness in all the wrong places just like I was.

It's kind of a double edged sword.

One edge of this sword has people DOING what they don't like and in many cases HATE, trying to find and "get" what they Love.

The other edge of the sword is this...

They're "trying" to figure out how to get where they WANT to be rather than accepting and learning to Love where they are...unconditionally...and doing the best they can to consistently move toward Love rather than away from fear.

Because as I "figured out"...you, I and/or no one else "out there" has to "figure anything out" except for that.

And that's the Higher Truth that needs to be figured out...or not. It doesn't HAVE to be figured out. It only needs to be figured out by you if you "truly desire" to get to wherever you dream to be. Where you "truly want, desire and would Love" to be I mean.

It's the very idea of "trying to figure things out" that keeps so many from BEING and getting to where they "TRULY WANT" to be.

Because the data they have is based on fear rather than Love.

I don't have to want or need or desire anything anymore. But I don't have to because of "knowing" what I now know and that "knowing" is as simple as, knowing that I don't have to figure it out.

That's not to say that there aren't grander experiences that I have a preference to experience at some point. I certainly do. I'm just not clingy, anxiously expectation and "trying really hard" to make them real.

Unlike in years passed where I was always "attempting" and "trying" and "struggling" to figure out how to GET from here to there, how to GET what I wanted but DIDN'T HAVE, I NOW know that I was "creating" (or if you prefer co-creating) more of the same. Because I've since learned all that I have...that my choices were creating my reality...and so I was precisely where I was suppose to be.

And I was "choosing" where that was. I didn't "know" I was choosing it at the time. But I was.

And I walked down MANY less than desired paths as a result. I'm grateful for them now. EXTREMELY grateful. They were a necessary and significant part of me "figuring things out."

My "perceived" problems happened as a result of "Unconsciously choosing." I was looking for Love in all the wrong places. The FULL scope of Love I mean.

And that's what those who are trying to "figure out" how to make things better are "doing too" in many cases.

And THAT is another KEY understanding to internalize and adopt if you want to achieve the greatest possible results in the shortest amount of time with the LEAST amount of pain, discomfort and effort on your part.

Where you are is precisely where you're suppose to be. Everything is the way it is because that's the way it's suppose to be and it is because YOU are choosing to be there...wherever that is.

Hey, trust me when I tell you I KNOW it SOUNDS "out there." I KNOW it SOUNDS very illogical. I KNOW it sounds WOO WOO to some. I know that. I really and truly GET THAT.

But if it does, you just need to acquire some more data regarding how powerfully creative you are. Different data than you have currently.

And it's OK if YOU think that it's "out there" or airy fairy. I'm not "trying" to convince you or change what you believe, but I am doing the best I can do to point those with a sincere desire to create meaningful change in their lives toward the path where their desires can become real and measurable with the least possible amount of frustration, pain, fear and discomfort.

Some have to go through that first. Perhaps most do.

But no one has to. It's quite simple. Doing so is as simple and complex as "choosing" to consciously align and harmonize with "LOVE" on ALL levels.

Mentally, emotionally and physically. To experience Real Freedom requires nothing more than thinking, speaking and acting in such a way that aligns and harmonizes with Love.

And doing so requires nothing more or less that quit trying to figure it out, do the best you know how based on where you are and simply "allow" everything to be OK just as it is...unconditionally.

Because that is where your TRUE POWER is found. You don't HAVE to find it in fact. It's already there. It's just laying dormant inside of you, waiting for you to discover and USE it....consciously I mean.

But get this too, because it's TRULY important...

I say "use it consciously" on purpose. Your power is NOT really dormant. You're already using it. A LOT of people...perhaps even you are just using it in such a way that is creating the polar opposite of what you CLAIM and BELIEVE you want and "perceive" yourself as being separate from.

I can only assume that you're here with me and reading my words because you "perceive" in some way, shape or form that you yourself are somewhere other than you "truly want" to be.

You want and/or desire something more in your life.

I can also only assume that you're here because you trust, or at least "want to trust" that I have something of significant value to share that might assist you in being, doing and/or having whatever that something more that you desire is. You're looking for answers that will enable and empower you to have your "hopes, wishes, dreams and fantasies" become a tangible reality in your life.

What that is for you is immaterial. We all want something and those wants are unique to and for each of us. But what many of us want isn't really what we want at all. We think it is and that's OK.

And that's what I've figured out. How to DO that without all the hoping, wishing, praying, trying and struggling that so many are DOING in their attempts to get what they want.

That's why I share what I share. That's why I DO what I do. To convey to as MANY people as I possibly can...to convey to you...that you don't have to figure it out.

It's simply a matter of doing the best you can based on where you are, letting go and "allowing" the process to take care of itself...unconditionally.

When you begin DOING that, when you begin seeing, understanding, mastering and consistently applying that process, you begin to see that nothing's wrong. Nothing's broken, nothing's flawed.

The world...YOUR world is unfolding just as you're choosing and everything is harmonious just as it is.

That's hard to see. That's hard to fathom based on where MOST people are. The reason that's "true" is because they place all of their focus on what they're currently seeing and not realizing that they are "allowing" what they are seeing to create their way of BEING in such a way that can NEVER produce what they desire to see.

They get trapped in a "seemingly inescapable" cycle.

They "want" to be, do and/or have certain things yet at the same time what they are being and doing doesn't align with what they claim they "want" to have.

They create a self repeating and self sustaining cycle that they "perceive" as being inescapable.

Because getting what you want isn't and doesn't happen "out there." It begins as an INTERNAL shift that is then reflected in your OUTSIDE world.

In other words when you quit focusing on and attempting to "figure out" why this is broken or this isn't working or why you don't have this or can't have that, things begin to shift. You quit wondering and fretting about why your bank account is depleted or why your relationships are in shambles, or why you HAVE to work at a job you HATE and you get into a place of "allowing" what is to be as it is, things get "better."

Because if and when you do, the focus shifts...the perception shifts...the paradigm shifts and so do "tangible results."

And they SHIFT and more desirable experiences start "showing up" in ways that can SEEM like MAGIC!!

Tangible and measurable results that align and harmonize with your NEW choice start "showing up." No they don't fall in your lap as you visualize and meditate your "dream life" into being. But things start "showing up" for you to take pleasant, fun and pleasing ACTION on to make the "hope, wish, dream and/or fantasy" real and tangible.

These ways and means "feel" like Love. They're not dreaded, hard and difficult to do.

And then you move. You do something. You shift internally and external things begin to shift. Then you move.

But for this INTERNAL shift to happen, it's necessary for you to "show up" to. Consciously and intentionally "show up" and QUIT placing all your focus on the want for...the desire for...the "lack of" "tangible stuff."

I didn't invent this technique. Far from it. It's been around since time began. Yet most "perceive it" as being some new and BIG SECRET. It's not difficult or hard to find. Some "believe" it's impossible to find. But it's NOT. It's profoundly simple too.

As the master of the Christian faith put it...

  • "Judge not by appearances."

  • "Want for nothing."

What does Buddha, the enlightened master from another culture say?

  • “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”

  • "Desire is the root of evil, illusion is the root of evil.”

I hesitated to use that last quote because of what so many "believe and perceive" evil as being due to what most of us have been taught. So real quickly when you trace the word "evil" to it's origin, it means "calamity, disaster and/or adversity."

So "desire", the simple fact that you desire something other than you have can and more often than not DOES enable and "allow" you to "perceive" calamity, adversity and disaster simply because you're implying, thinking, believing and seeing that you don't have what you want.

Evil isn't some demonic being or an entire team of them out to steal your joy and make you miserable. You choose evil. Evil is a product of mind as everything else is.

Enough about "evil."

How about what another master, Lau Tzu had to say about life...

"To see things in the see, that is genius."

We are ALL genius's whether you "currently know that or not. YOU TOO!! We are in more cases than NOT, using that genius unconsciously and and "perceiving" and seeing what we often label as being these "stupid results" that show up and are perceived as bad or evil or wrong or something else other than what they are which is US using our genius "unconsciously."

We just haven't yet chosen to get to, recognize and understand what "the seed" is that makes life what it is. We choose not to explore enough or deeply enough so we can SEE that.

Here's a crash course in "Life Horticulture." The seed is what you're thinking about most. The field that we plant those "seeds in" is Love. Unconditional Love. EVERYTHING exists within this Field. There's nothing that it's NOT.

The seeds we choose to plant within it, it provides. The kind and quality of our "chosen seeds" determines the kind and quality of our "chosen" harvest. That's how "unconditional" Unconditional Love is. It "allows" us to choose and gives us what we choose...unconditionally.

There's an exact science behind how "true that is" but we don't have time to delve into that this month. For now let's stick with Life Horticulture and choosing to plant the "desired seeds.

When we choose to start sowing our seeds consciously and intentionally, we rediscover our genius. Our inherent genius. We begin to see, in tangible form the desired harvest showing up.

We begin to see and experience the desired harvest.

I also know that what EVERY master from EVERY culture, through their teachings, were attempting to convey and direct people to DO certain things that doesn't make logical sense to most people. But it doesn't make sense only because they don't know what they don't know.

They don't recognize the power...the Real Power that Unconditional Love provided to ALL of us "unconditionally."

What they don't know is nothing more or nothing less than getting into their hearts where Love is and getting out of their heads where the fear is. It's in essence choosing to pick and plant "Love seeds" that are found in the Heart packet, rather than picking and consistently planting fear seeds that are found in the "head packet."

Because doing things that way...planting fear seeds, always has people yielding a harvest that they "don't want." It has them moving away from what they want and love (the desired harvest) and toward what they hate, fear and/or don't want. (the thorns, thistles and weeds)

They're in essence planting "fear seeds" rather than Love seeds. And the harvest received always harmonizes with their choice...unconditionally.

And whatever that harvest is produces more seeds of the same kind and quality MULTIPLIED which produces more of a harvest of the same kind and quality...multiplied.

In the vast majority of cases "consciously creating" desired results in life requires some serious "de-weeding."

Fear makes you struggle. It produces an "undesirable harvest." You try really hard. You see the harvest. The harvest produces more seeds of the same kind and quality MULTIPLIED and you "fear" more.

Love seeds produce a harvest that you love. You see what you Love grow which produces more seeds and you get more of what you Love.

Planting Love seeds is the way to go. Love is free and flowing and easy. It doesn't require "trying" or struggle. It's an incredible flow that's indescribable.

But love drives it all. Love provided you, me and everyone else with the free will to plant our seeds as we will. We get to choose that. The harvest we get always aligns and harmonizes with our choice.

That doesn't make Logical sense to most people. But it's very logical.

At one point it didn't make logical sense to me. It wasn't rational, feasible, logical or possible to quit struggling, quit trying, and quit attempting to "figure out" why things weren't working the way I "wanted" them to based on what I knew to be true about what was necessary to make what I truly wanted REAL, tangible and measurable.

And as irrational, illogical, non-feasible and impractical as you might currently "perceive" such an approach to be, it's the very same approach that enables those who "figure out" how powerful it is to start succeeding and producing extraordinary intangible AND measurable results in ways and quantities they'd never previously "dreamed of" or "believed" were possible.

You just have to begin consciously planting" your seeds and accepting the harvest as it shows up. If you don't like the harvest that's OK. Allow your harvest to be OK as it is and just choose to begin "de-weeding" and "planting" a different kind and quality of seed.

You'll "get" a different kind of harvest. One that you Love.

It's a way of doing things that makes Real Harmony real. It makes Real Wealth real. It makes Real Freedom real. It enables you to see and experience Love in tangible and measurable form.

My point for that entire dialogue is I don't KNOW much with the exception of what's NECESSARY to "TRULY KNOW" to begin Being, Doing and Having "whatsoever ye desire" and have it start "showing up" in your life in ways that you may not be able to see currently.

You DO have to "show up" too, but once you "figure out" the BEST WAY to show up, you begin DOING things in a much different way than most DO simply because of how they've been TAUGHT to DO them.

Because the most profound, rewarding and fulfilling experiences you'll ever have in life don't happen because you're trying so hard. They don't come when you're frantically and unconsciously picking and planting seeds.

They come when you quit trying so hard. They come when YOU consciously sow the seeds that harmonize with the desire and "allow" them to come. And sometimes they come in "seemingly" miraculous ways and transcend space/time in many cases.

In other words, as I know through experience SOMETIMES you can skip the growing season and see the desired harvest show up.

And it's as simple and complex as "choosing" to plant "Love seeds" unconditionally and if the harvest is yielding anything else, don't start freaking out. Just make a "conscious choice" to start planting new seeds...MORE Love seeds.

Because Love always provides WHATEVER harvest YOU choose.

And I "know" that because I've experienced that. Miracles start "showing up." I share one such experience in The Greatest of These Is Love.

But that experience as well as a number of others happened because I got out of my own way and "allowed" them to happen. And they happened because I quit trying in the way that I'd been trying prior to them happening which is the very thing that KEPT THEM FROM HAPPENING.

I came to the conclusion that it's as simple as quit trying to judge, label and condemn my harvest. Quit trying to figure everything out and just allow what is to be what is as it is and plant some new seeds.

That's all I or YOU need to know. That's all we have to "figure out."

The harvest we're seeing today doesn't have to be the harvest we'll have tomorrow. It can be, but it doesn't HAVE to be. It's only necessary to become a more conscientious "Life Horticulturist."

So...do you GET the fact that I don't know much? Do you GET the fact that I don't HAVE TO?

And I don't. I don't know much at all. I've figured out the only thing I need to figure out.

But what I do know is that what I've figured out to this point can assist A LOT of people to bypass A LOT of "undesirable" or "LESS than desired paths" that they haven't yet "figured out" how to bypass and will very likely walk down prior to figuring out the one and ONLY thing that needs to be figured out.

Let's relate it to "path walking." Choose your paths consciously. If it doesn't feel like Love for YOU and others, don't walk it. But Love yourself enough that loving others doesn't mean not also Loving and honoring yourself.

A lot of people walk down the fear, guilt, judgment, you should and/or you shouldn't path and as a result don't Love and honor themselves.

And although A LOT of people are going to walk down these paths FIRST before they "figure out" how powerful and TRUE what I'm sharing here is, as necessary and important as those paths are at times, they are the very paths that nearly EVERYBODY tells me they REALLY don't want to walk down.

But they do anyway...unconsciously and "unaware" that it's those same paths that they themselves are choosing.

They often do only because they don't see the simplicity of "not trying so hard", enjoying the scenery, planting Love seeds as they go and just doing the best they can without expectation or clingy attachment.

But most will fight and struggle and try real hard before they "figure it out."

They will walk some scary and undesirable paths and they'll benefit without question from the experience, whether desirable or undesirable, but it might be a little more painful and challenging than they consciously desire and/or "consciously claim" they want.

They haven't yet "figured that out" yet, and they might even "THINK" they want to get it figured out, but when someone points them to the path that can and will make it real and true for them, they "believe and perceive" that doing things in that way is just too simple. It's just too easy. It just doesn't make rational or logical sense.

So they don't DO it.

They keep walking the same path, planting the same seeds and getting the same harvest...multiplied. The scenery stays the same...the harvest doesn't change.

And they get to experience whatever it might be that they choose to experience until they "choose" to do something different.

They either walk a different path and start planting new seeds or they don't. The scenery and harvest changes or it doesn't.

Nothing right or wrong with either. It just is what it is and we each choose...YOU choose what that is.

And for those who "choose" not to see the simplicity and perfection of the process, at some point they find...in many cases, that they wish they'd have listened and heeded the advice of someone who had "figured out" the short path for getting those who are ready, open and willing to listen and DO what's truly necessary to find the short path so they can get to wherever it might be that they "truly want" to be.

Once they begin to grasp and understand that it's important to heed the advice of someone who's already "been there and done that"...someone who's planted the seeds and walked those paths already and figured out that a lot of people are blindly and unknowingly walking down paths and planting seeds that are going to create some "undesirable" events, conditions and circumstances in their lives without "consciously wanting to."

So do the best you're able to understand that's where I'm coming from in this edition of Enlightened Journey. It's my intention...my only intention as well as my passion and soul purpose, to DO the best I'm able to assist you in shortening or making your path the shortest, quickest and most pleasing it can be as you move toward wherever it might be that you "truly desire" to go.

And wherever that is, is OK...unconditionally. Perfect in fact just as it always is.

And this may, depending on where you are in your understanding, throw you a curve ball.

And the reason it might is because there is no place to go. You have no place to get to. You're already there. There is no there. There's only here and now. If you think you have somewhere to go or something to get or something more to do so you can become more, get more or "fix things" that you "perceive" as being wrong and needing fixed, that's the very thing that is going to insure that you keep looking, trying and struggling to get what you "claim you WANT so badly, yet already have.

Based on where you are now, chances are good that the BETTER way to say that is so you can stop looking, trying, struggling to get what's already AVAILABLE to you.

It's already IN the field.

You may not SEE it in tangible form yet but it's only because you haven't opened your eyes to see that it's already there, right in front of your eyes. Your eyes just aren't focused in a way that enables you to see it. It's because of our eyes...our physical eyes that often keeps it from "showing up."

So the best way to get to where we "truly desire" to be, is quit using our "physical eyes" and start "feeling" with our hearts.

It's because we try so hard to create what we "don't have" that keeps us from "seeing it" in tangible form. We're not focused on BEING what's necessary to get what we say we want but rather struggling to create what we don't yet see simply because that is what we are CHOOSING to consistently keep our focus on.

It's an "unconscious way" of planting seeds and walking our chosen paths.

I’ve spent the past 3 decades on a somewhat "conscious path" accumulating the knowledge, experience and insights that I’ve written about and based the 6000 pages that make abundance-and-happiness.com on.

And I use the phrase "somewhat conscious path" intentionally. There's a very good reason.

My understanding has evolved, over the years. It's grown immensely since I began sharing what "I know" with the world at the level that I do today.

I've concluded and "figured out" that it always will evolve. There's always something more to know and a deeper understanding to be acquired REGARDLESS of how deep you go or how much you might "think" you "know" and understand already.

It's kinda like this...

Let's assume you've been blind all your life and your provided the ability to see just by opening a door. When you walk through that door and the lights come on, you might get really excited. You might also initially "think" that's as bright as the light gets.

Being completely in the dark previously and then opening that door and seeing the light might have you thinking, believing and maybe even "knowing" that one intensity of dark and light is all there is.

You perceive that there's just dark and light. You LOVE seeing the light since all you knew previously was darkness. So you "think" you're there. You think that's all the light there is and that's as bright as it gets.

But the intensity that it's capable of is MUCH greater.

The same holds true in your early years of evolvement, (yes I made that up) You may have heard about what's being called The Law of Attraction or have had some transcendental experience and you begin to think you've arrived.

You think you've "seen the light" and that's all there is.

If you ARE in that place or ever get to the place where you "figure out" and "know" that, understand you might be in for a surprise.

A REALLY BIG one. You've got some more to discover and "figure out."

I currently know a lot of people that "think that." They really and truly "think" they've arrived. But I also know, based on personal experience that those who "think that" truly don't understand. They just don't "get it." They really and truly "think" they do, but they don't.

They just "think" they do. But it's only because what they know is all they know. They simply don't realize that what there is to "know" is infinite in nature. The intensity of the light is far greater than they know.

They just aren't aware of the fact that they don't know what they don't know.

And I'm good with that. I accept that. In fact I love that. But I have to laugh sometimes. I didn't always but I've evolved over the years and I do now even when those who "think" they've got everything "figured out"...those who "claim" to have "seen the light" begin to judge and blame and condemn and point fingers at those who don't "see things" as they do.

And it's important to understand...this isn't a judgment, it's an observation that you may benefit from...or not. Either way I'm OK. And I'm OK because of what I've come to know.

Those who "choose" to do that haven't seen the intensity of light that they often "think and believe" they have. Because what those who "choose to do that are actually doing is keeping the light from coming on as brightly as it can. They fail to realize that judging, blaming, condemning, finger pointing etc., that they aren't helping or hurting anyone.

But they are in a sense hurting themselves. They're dimming the light that's available to them.

In human speak...They're "unconsciously" limiting their own results. I don't have the room to get into that this month, but we will another time.

Here's my point and why I mention that...

I received an e-mail recently from a lady who I'll leave nameless who told me that she liked this and that about what I do, but to STOP doing this other thing.

It was "wrong" she claimed.

She felt that I should DO things her way. The way SHE saw life. She implied (actually demanded would be a closer fit) that I should DO what she thought I should do in the way she "perceived" that it should and NEEDED to be done.

And based on the communication, she really and truly "thinks" she has it all figured out. But the simple fact that she was telling ME that she was right and I am wrong clearly showed me that she doesn't have anything "figured out" in such a way that is going to fulfill her most sacred and cherished heartfelt desires.

How could I know that? Simply because she couldn't see that everything is just as it should be. She wasn't "allowing" what is to be as it is. She wasn't OK with the way I choose to do things. She has a way of doing things and my way isn't and wasn't being done in her way.

And chances are good that she's "doing" the same with others. I can't "know that", I can only assume.

But I'm good with that. I don't care for or love her any less. Although I did and DO choose to love her from a distance. I have no desire to change what she believes. I have no desire to debate what I've come to know. I don't have to. I have no desire to. I love where I am and I love what I do. I love what I get because of what I do.

I love how I feel, who I am, what I stand for and everything else about myself. And I LOVE being in that place.

So I choose to separate myself from those who "try" to get me to think and see things otherwise. I LOVE where I am and I LOVE where everyone else is too because I know they are precisely where they are suppose to be.

I wasn't always good with that. Based on what I had "figured out" at the time when I wasn't "good with and accepting of that" I didn't think it was OK at all. It used to push my buttons a bit. Sometimes A LOT. I used to even get mad sometimes. REALLY mad.

Now I just laugh. I LOVE being able to do that. I LOVE being able to just laugh when someone attempts to push my buttons.

It "feels" A LOT better than what I used to do which is get mad and pissy. In my younger years, I'd get SO mad at people sometimes, that I'd kick somebody's ass if they pushed my buttons too hard. (Men I mean)

Once I got mine kicked...hard.

That REALLY made me mad. It hurt too. So I've figured out that laughing is MUCH better than getting mad and pissy and arguing and getting mad and maybe even getting your ass kicked.

It's A LOT better. I quit doing that. I chose to start walking a "new path."

Now I just let everybody BE who they are. I let everything BE what it is to the best of my ability. I've "figured out" that's all I need to do to get and experience what I truly desire to experience.

That's not to say that I wouldn't defend those who I love. That doesn't mean I wouldn't defend myself from someone who might try to hurt me or others through their "unconscious choices." I definitely would.

But because I've chosen to walk the Love and acceptance path...since I've chosen to start planting "love seeds", I can count on one hand the times that's been necessary. I just don't "attract it" like I used to.

I don't hurt anyone else and I don't get my ass kicked.

It's a lot healthier too in a way far beyond what most "know" and think they have "figured out." Pretty simple thing to "figure out."

But the way many have got things "figured out" is how to get in and sustain a cycle where LIFE keeps kicking their ass. Some people are getting their ass kicked financially...some getting their ass kicked in their relationships...some with their health or any mix of those.

Some are kicking ass in one area of life but falling short and getting theirs kicked in others.

If you examine why, you find that those areas are working better than another because they are more relaxed, comfortable and not always trying to "figure out" why it's not working. They're not always "fighting against" it.

They're closer to love in those areas rather than consistently "trying" to run interference and remain stuck in fear.

In the areas they are getting their ass kicked in consistently is simply because of the fact that they keep looking at what they're getting, "allowing" their buttons to get pushed, getting mad, falling into fear labeling these "less than truly desired" results with MANY labels other than what it truly is...namely BAD or horrific or horrible and due to their focus, judgments and "perceptions" combined with their choice to react out of "fear", life keeps "kicking their ass" in those areas.

But they can "choose" something different anytime they "choose." It's only necessary to figure out that another choice needs to be made IF they want to experience more "desirable results" that feel more like Love.

And this an important point to make as well. Both Love and fear and ALL things they draw to us in life are ALL an integral part of Unconditional Love. There is NOTHING...NO THING that Unconditional Love is not.

We can ask Unconditional Love for a good ass kicking or we can ask Unconditional Love for more of what we want...Love.

Having the "free will" that Unconditional Love provided to ALL of us...unconditionally, we get to choose what we draw from what scientists call the Infinite Field of probability and potential that is in more "spiritual terms", Unconditional Love.

We can respond in Love or react out of fear and Unconditional Love says YES...YES..YES..here you go as YOU choose.

I get that now. I've figured that out. And I choose Love in the best way I can. And when I slip, I laugh and do the best I can to get back to Love. I just allow whatever is to be as it is.

Try it you'll see. You'll fall in and stay in Love. You'll start attracting what you Love.

That's an AWESOME place to be.

That's not to say that I won't continue growing and as I do on occasion "get mad" and have my buttons pushed as I continue walking down this path I've chosen and am walking now.

No question I will. Chances are better than good that I am going to get mad at some point in the future when someone who "thinks" they have things "figured out" attempts to tell me what I should or shouldn't do. More specifically, as this lady I mentioned earlier did...what I must or mustn't do.

Although I've evolved beyond the "I want to fight or debate or change your beliefs or kick your ass part", no doubt, on occasion I'm pretty sure at some point I'll "allow" someone to push my buttons.

But based on what I have "figured out" and "know" to be true, I also know that I'll regain control of the only thing that's important for me to control, which is myself and when I do that I'll come back to Love.

I'll accept things as they are...allow others to be who they are...allow whatever is to BE as it is...unconditionally.

When someone tells you you should or shouldn't do something...that's OK. Most people who say you should do this or you should do that, are in more cases than not doing so with the best of intentions.

The You Must or You mustn't thing usually comes from those who think they've got everything "figured out" and attempt to tell me that because they've figured it out in the way they have, that I should see things as they do and I should be smart enough to know and "figure out" that they are right and I am wrong.

Admittedly, that still pushes my buttons a bit. Maybe it pushes yours. But I catch myself before I get too mad and find myself laughing instead. Maybe that's something that will work for you too, if you're getting your buttons pushed and allowing others to steal your power.

Wanna know why that's so important? Because when I choose something different than allowing life and everybody in life to be OK as they are, it can get to the point where it seems that life is kicking my ass.

It doesn't "feel" very good.

So you could say, I've evolved A LOT since my younger days. I got to the place I can laugh at almost anything.

I finally started being "aware" of how I feel from moment to moment and tuned into why I'm feeling that way. That's an important part of becoming conscious and awake too. That's when you discover that the light can come on, be adjusted and get much brighter than you "thought" you had previously figured out and "thought" it could.

But for now I laugh. Really...BELLY LAUGH. Where I find myself in my growth process currently is "laughing", ESPECIALLY about those who "think" they have everything "figured out" but REALLY don't.

And there are many levels to that. People in different places with all kinds of varying beliefs and perceptions fully believing that THEY and THEY ALONE have it all "figured out."

Don't misunderstand. I'm not laughing at them. I'm laughing FOR them. I'd say laughing WITH them but so many don't think it's funny so I laugh for them hoping some of those "vibes" might go their way so they can lighten up and laugh too.

They can, we ALL CAN...most just haven't "figured out" how to do that yet. Unconditionally I mean. But when you get there it's almost amazing. Life quits kicking your ass.

They also haven't yet figured out, that's the best thing to do when someone says or does something that doesn't necessarily align with their way of thinking and seeing things.

Here's what I've figured out as it pertains to you...

Many will tell you that because they understand and have everything "figured out" that you should stop doing this or doing that because it's wrong or bad or evil or some other ignorant bullshit label they place on what they're judging and labeling, based on their "perception."

And you have to be really, really careful there IF you're at the place that you allow them to form what they claim you SHOULD or MUST have "figured out" based on what they've figured out and think they know.

Those are the dangerous ones. They CAN BE if you "allow them" to be that is. I know because I walked that path. I allowed that at one point. The one's that think they understand, tell everybody else what they too should understand because they've got it all "figured out."

Take some really good advice. Think about it at least and ponder it. Love and accept them for sure. But my advise based on the paths I've walked so far is Love and accept those people from a distance. If you want to find and walk the shortest possible path for "figuring things out" I mean.

Because judgment, labeling, fear, fretting, worrying, anxiety, etc. etc. etc. will insure that you walk a much longer path than necessary to get to where EVERYONE is desiring to get to. So just don't DO that. Laugh, play, enjoy, savor life and have fun...unconditionally.

Just let everybody BE who they are and "allow" what is to be OK as it is.

You don't have to obviously. I'm not telling you that you should or must...I'm just sayin. (Put a belly laugh here) :)

Here's why that's so important based on where I am and have already "figured out."

Those who don't become so arrogant that they "think" they've arrived and have got everything "figured out"...those who know and keep looking for doors with the heartfelt intention of seeking and finding the doors that lead the way to Higher Truth, it doesn't take long to "figure out" that at the edge of that understanding...as you move through the space that the last door you chose to open and walked through revealed...there are more doors.

There are ALWAYS more doors. There is ALWAYS a Higher Truth than someone thinks they know and have "figured out" REGARDLESS of how far they "think" they've progressed.

Here's how to tell the difference. The most favorable doors that provide the greatest tangible and intangible results ALWAYS "feel" like Love. They always have you "feeling like" DOING loving things. Nobody loses. The choice and the intention is to serve the greatest good.

The Higher Truth doors ALWAYS feel good to you. There might be some fear initially as you walk through the doorway that leads to what you Love, but initially they feel really really good and right. You know that the light that's leading you there is good and right. It just feels right. You know it's right.

And as you do that, be aware that there are those out there who will tell you that you shouldn't do what feels "right" to you.

Some will tell you they have THE truth. Understand they have A truth. NOT THE truth. If they really and honestly "believe and perceive" they have THE one and only truth, they're still blind to Higher Truth. They haven't yet "seen the light."

So just be careful...or not.

Which leads into something else that I think is important based on the paths I've walked and what I have "figured out" to this point.

Initially, due to what we've been taught and indoctrinated to believe, most people are looking for doors that will assist them in getting what they want and so desire to get. What they think and claim they want and desire comes in the form of "tangible stuff."

If you've been on the planet long enough you can equate it to the Let's Make A Deal game show that was aired on TV and hosted by Monte Hall many years ago. It might still be on. I don't know. Monte Hall doesn't host it if it is. Anyway, it was a game show where contestants got a chance to win a bunch of stuff.

People in the audience would show up wearing these funny costumes and get picked from the audience to play Let's Make A Deal.

They'd do different stuff throughout the show hoping to make it to the finals. The finals were called the Big Deal of the day I think.

There was Door #1, Door #2 and Door #3 that the contestant who made it through the preliminaries of the game got to choose from. Each door had stuff behind it. 1 door had crappy stuff, one door had a little better stuff and the other door had the really expensive and cool stuff.

Obviously, the idea was to make it to the finals and pick the door that had the most cool and expensive stuff.

In that setting it was fun. It was a fun game. A lot of people got a lot of cool and expensive stuff.

Some got the crappy stuff if they didn't pick the right door. But in that setting it was still fun...usually. It depended on how that person looked at things I guess.

That's how many play the game of life. That's how MOST everyone chooses to live their lives. Many think it's stuff they want initially as they begin exploring and choosing doors.

And they think there are only a few doors to choose from which determine what kind of stuff they get or don't get. Some get the cool stuff and figure out it wasn't the stuff they wanted. Some keep on picking the same door without even knowing it and don't get the "stuff" they want and so they keep looking and trying to get more stuff that they think they want.

Some pick the door where they keep getting the crappy stuff.

It's a part of the game.

But unlike Let's Make A Deal, in life there's more than 3 doors to open which determine what you get. There are an infinite number of doors.

But as you explore, discover and open more doors that you knock on in life...doors that exist beyond the doors that you "figure out" and believe at some point will make you happy and fulfilled, at some point you begin to understand that it's not stuff you're after at all.

Depending on what doors you open as you explore, although when you "figure things out" you discover that the stuff isn't the Main Thing. You still enjoy and like the stuff, you still have a preference for opening doors where the cool and expensive stuff is in many cases, you just figure out stuff is not nearly as important as you once "thought, knew and believed" it was.

You figure out that it's not "cool and expensive stuff doors" that you were looking for and hoping to pick. You begin to understand that it's the Love door you were looking for all along. You might initially think that the doors with a ll the stuff is going to bring you the Love but it never does.

When you open the Love door though, when you see the awe and magnificence of what lies beyond the Love door and choose to follow it's lead, all the "stuff" is added unto you.

You quit allowing your eyes to lead you and you move into the place where your "Heart" becomes your eyes. You start making choices that "feel like Love" regardless of what your physical eyes might be looking at and seeing. You begin to "feel" your way through life rater than "blindly navigating" based on what your eyes see.

In a phrase when you open your heart...follow your heart...close your eyes and allow the feelings that come from the heart to lead, you find the doors where all the "stuff you desire" and have been hopelessly, blindly and unconsciously looking for are there. They were there all along, you just couldn't see then because you were using limited sight. You were attempting to use outward sight and remained blind to what's "truly avaialable to you.

When you begin following your heart you go from "outward sight" to in-sight. You feel within rather than look without. You begin getting insight that leads you to doors where the "ALL the stuff is" that your physical sight Loves.

When you "look without" you go without what you've always been looking for. You learn to consciously and consistently pick the door where you look within and ALL the doors open. The lights come on at an intensity that you never previously knew they could.

And that is when you find and see that all the doors lead to Love. ALL doors exist within and are an integral part of Love. It's when you discover...remember actually...that Love is all there is. Then you know you're home.

There are others who choose doors that once opened and walked through, they find yet another door and they choose to walk through it. They find a "classroom" where some of the people "claim" they've got things all figured out.

They claim and tell you it's the door to the light. Walk through this door and you'll see the light.

This door is, in many cases opposite of the I want, love and enjoy more stuff door. There are many teachings in this classroom that stuff...whether money, toys or whatever are bad and evil. That certain people are bad and evil. That certain actions are evil. That certain things, whether you do them and/or have them are evil.

Money and stuff are often thought of as bad/or evil behind this door. That they'll make you do bad things and open additional doors that you don't want to open, but you will open them because you have MONEY and stuff.

They'll tell you and attempt to convince you...some will even demand that you not open that door.

And some will stay there in that room for the rest of their lives believing they've seen and found The Light. But they only believe it because someone who they trust, respect and/or admire told them this is the way to the Light. They try their best to get others to enter into that same classroom and stay there with them.

They truly think it's the "safe" room. Sometimes they'll even attempt to convince you that it's the ONLY safe room.

But they've never seen or felt the intensity of The Light in such a way that they understand that The Light is all there is. There is no good, bad, right, wrong, saints or demons, there is only Light. And The Light is Love...Unconditional Love.

There's nothing "wrong or bad" about any of that. That's one thing that I believe...or at least wish that more people would figure out.

Being where they are and looking for wherever or whatever that and might be for them is OK. It may even be where you are right now and it's OK too. It's perfect in fact if that's where you are. Point being if you Love where you are, don't "allow" others to convince you that you're wrong or broken or flawed or that your life needs fixed or it's wrong, not OK and/or anything but perfect.

Because it is. Either one is. Wherever you are is. You might not "perceive it" as you open the various doors and experience the space in the room that the door reveals, but it is still perfect...regardless.

I personally love stuff. I enjoy stuff. It's cool. It's serves a great and meaningful purpose just like everything does. It CAN BE used for the opposite for sure.

But contrary to what certain classrooms will attempt to convince you, it's not BAD or evil.

It can be and is in fact, really really good and fun too when you get it and use it in a way that expresses love for all involved.

But I also know after thinking it was what I was after a number of years ago, after getting a whole bunch of money and stuff, that it's NOT the main thing.

I've also walked through the door and hung around in the classroom where those in that class, "claimed they had "figured out" that money is evil. Not for very long though. They tried to convince me of that. Some still do to this day. They truly believe that having money and getting stuff is evil.

Granted, when you open certain doors and get to the place that you "figure out" that money and stuff isn't the MAIN THING it does become far less important. But that doesn't mean it's bad or evil to have some.

Quite the opposite.

When you "figure out" what the MAIN THING is the stuff becomes secondary. And when all the stuff becomes secondary and you begin focusing and moving toward the Main Thing, that's when all the "stuff" you "truly desire" starts "showing up."

And the Main Thing is Love. That's what The Kingdom is. Love...Unconditional. When you seek first the Kingdom, all these things are added unto you.

Money and stuff and EVERYTHING else is a part of the Kingdom. It's all an integral part of Love which reigns the Kingdom.

That's when trying and struggling and judging and blaming and finger pointing stop. You want to know why? Because you "figure out" that ALL the stuff...ALL the experiences...ALL of EVERYTHING is an integral part of Love.

The ONLY thing that makes it "seem" any different is our choices. It's how we choose to look at, label, perceive and believe things to be. That's the ONLY thing that can make what is...ALL that is...LOVE...anything else.

Because it IS ALL THERE IS. Even the money and stuff. Even the "perceived hardships and difficulties. The only reason we experience anything but is because we take our eyes of off ALL there truly is and start to look at, judge, label, condemn and DO things based on fear.

Fear dims The Light. Love intensifies The Light. It doesn't "truly" dim or intensify simply because Love is The Light and both Love and Light are ALL that is. Fear only exists and only becomes possible because of Love. Fear is an integral part of Love just as EVERYTHING is and Love allows us to choose whichever we will.

And whichever we choose, Love...the Light...the ruler of The Kingdom says yes and delivers to us just as we choose...unconditionally.

If the probability of fear didn't exist, we couldn't know fully what Love was. To know something there has to be something to compare it to.

But when we choose fear the light "seems" to dim only because we are choosing something other than the Highest Love which is a far more Intense Light than we can possibly conceive. It's infinite in nature.

But what's within the Infinite...within the ALL THERE IS...fear too is a choice.

But fear creates "perceptions" of less light...sometimes darkness but only because we choose it for ourselves. We allow others to choose it for us and we believe they've seen the Light so we follow them into the room where the Light may be and often is brighter than we knew prior, yet it's still limited. Not because it is, but rather because we are "choosing" to allow it to be.

Here's why...

Often times those who have claimed to see The Light, begin judging, condemning, throwing stones and placing labels on others who they claim aren't in The Light and are at the same time dimming and/or limiting their own light.

But you have to keep opening doors to get from where you are to where you truly want to be which is "feeling" the Love...unconditionally.

Enough about all that. Here's what I'm leading to...

If you’re like most, (a close estimate would probably be about 99.9%) you’re still trying to “figure out” how to get more tangible or intangible stuff too. You’re trying to figure out how to get from where you are to where you want and desire to be.

You're attempting to "figure out" how to make life more loving, joyful, meaningful, harmonious, prosperous, rewarding and fulfilling.

How you do that is your choice. You have that right. What's more, however you're doing that is alright too....regardless. It's ALL-right regardless of who might see and perceive things differently.

And hopefully if you’ve followed the more than 6000 pages that make abundance-and-happiness.com what it is, and read these long winded newsletters I’ve written over the years in my best attempt to "figure out" how to convey in the best way I could, the best way to lead and assist you to sort through and figure things out, you’re 1 of those .01% who finally did figure it out.

REALLY figured it out I mean. If you're one of those you "know."

You may, if you have "figured out" the Main Thing, read this newsletter just for the simple fact that you love to read. Maybe just for a reminder. There’s no need for you to read further. I hope you will. I love you being here. That's why I write it. So people might enjoy it and benefit from it.

But if you've already figured it out...REALLY figured it out and you're busy or have other things to do, there's no need to read further. You’re there. You already know.

Your only job now, as you know, is to enjoy what you know. Play with what you know. Laugh about what you know. Savor, give heartfelt thanks and love what you know.

It goes without saying that if you DO know, you’re already doing the best you can to assist others in opening their eyes, their hearts and elevating the data in their minds to that of "heart based direction" rather than attempting to convince them or tell that your way is THE only way.

Your passionate about assisting those who are open and willing to develop the understanding, enhancing their awareness with the heartfelt intention of assisting them to figure out and know what you already do know.

And if you're there and you know that, you also know there are A LOT of ways to do that. An infinite number of ways.

My way certainly isn't the ONLY way. It's not even the best way. I know the best is yet to come. I know I'll NEVER arrive at seeing, enjoying, loving and savoring what's Infinite in nature. But it's my way and it's good. It's my love, passion and purpose to share what I've "figured out" with those who are "truly ready" to wake up from their "eyes wide open" sleep.

But it's only my way.

There are an INFINITE number of ways to serve, spread the Love and shine your light.

And if you're "doing that" in a way that YOU love, you know what it means and the joy you get from doing the best you know to assist others to be, do and/or have more of what they "think" they want.

You're assisting them in the best way you "know" to enter into the dream...whatever their dream might be and assisting them to make the shift out of the "perceived" nightmare.

You're one of a small percentage. You've figured out all you need to "figure out" too.

If you’re one of the estimated 99.9% that hasn’t figured it out yet, I’m going to share something with you that COULD enable you to do so and experience what the .01% already are experiencing.

You know what that something is? I've been sharing it all along.

Quit trying to “figure it out.” You don't have to figure it out. It’s already been “figured out.” And when it was figured out, the systems, the processes and the tools were all created and the automation put into place for one reason and one reason only.

That was done so you didn’t have to “figure it out.” So you could love, enjoy and savor life as well as everything in it without having to “figure out” how to do that.

EVERYTHING in life. EVERYONE in life. ALL THINGS in life.

Trying to "figure things out" and experiencing the feelings and emotions that so many are as they're scrambling around trying to figure things out and "fix" what they "perceive" to be broken has the things, people, events, conditions and circumstances that they see, hear, taste, touch and smell in a fearful place all the while trying to "figure out" how to escape from it.

And because of the way they are "choosing" to do things based on what they've got figured out to this point, they can't yet see that Love is all there is.

Based on what we've learned and what we've been taught to believe we often really and truly think we've got it figured out that we must escape where we are so we can get to where we "think" we want to be.

It's a game really. It can be a really really fun and enjoyable game or it can be a very unpleasant, brutal and seemingly inescapable one. But you get to choose that. That's what I've learned to LOVE so much about the game.

But, I didn't ALWAYS love it. I didn't always see or feel the Love. In fact at one point, you could say I hated and deespised the game. It was scary. That is, until I figured out that there's nothing to figure out or be scared about except for staying in that "space" of "thinking" we have to figure it out so we can escape from whatever it is that we think we need to escape from.

Because as those who already "know" will tell you with a smile on their face, love in their hearts, a twinkle in their eye and in many cases belly laughing about A LOT of stuff that you don't currently think is or find very funny will tell you...

There's nowhere to go. There's nothing you need. The game you're playing is the only game there is. You simply can't NOT play the game, so you might as well enjoy it and have fun as you do.

And when you do you begin seeing and experiencing the Love.

And the creator of the game who “figured all this stuff out”, whatever you might label the Source Creator as, surely must have an awesome sense of humor as He/She/It watches over what’s already been figured out and put in place.

I can only imagine that He/She/It is belly laughing although with an immense and indescribable sense of Love, compassion and empathy for those who are scurrying around, freaking out, frantic, fearful, running here and there, doing this and that in their blind and futile attempts to figure out how to figure things out.

Because it’s this attempting to figure out what’s already been figured out that’s going to keep the 99.9% on the path of worrying, struggling, fearing, doubting, wondering, hoping, wishing, blindly praying and futilely attempting and trying so hard to figure out how to figure out how to get what they want and SO desire.

And they’re going to stay on that path until they figure it out too. Until they "shift" to and start walking down a new path, the scenery is going to stay the same.

Maybe what I share next will assist you in “shortening your path” and assist you in figuring out what so many...perhaps even you have been “trying” so hard to figure out.

Maybe, maybe not.

Before I share it, let me say this. I do what I do because I care. I care immensely in fact. I've learned to love unconditionally. I suppose I have because I've touched that "Love Space." I can't accurately describe it so I'm not going to try.

You're just going to have to take my word on that one...or not.

And it's because I care so much that I've also had to get to the place that once I've done all I possibly can, once I've done all I can do to contribute and share and present what I've "figured out" to this point, it's important that I let go and not give a damn.

That's where Some Will...Some Won't...So What...NEXT comes into play.

I know. That may sound contradictory, but it's not. It's because I care so much that I do what I do but I have to let go once I've done all I can do because some people aren't ready to see, won't listen, tell me I've drank too much of the Kool-aid or WHATEVER people do.

And because of their choices they continue to stay "seemingly trapped" and still experience so much of the fear, pain, struggle, hardship, judgment and finger pointing that exists "Out There."

The human side of me still doesn't like seeing people struggling, fearing and being in pain. That's why I do what I do. I do the best I can based on where I am, but at some point I have to let go and not give a damn.

People have their own choices to make and it's not up to me to tell them what they should or shouldn't. So I do the best and can and let go.

I let go and don't give a damn in a sense.

Here's something else I've figured out...

I’ve come to the conclusion that as a human species, all of our wanting and desiring and hoping and wishing and praying that we'd get this thing, be able to do that thing or get this, that or this other thing comes down to WANTING to be loved, accepted and appreciated.

We want to Love, accept and appreciate ourselves and we WANT to love, accept and appreciate everyone else too. Most don't have the second part even close to "figured out" yet. But they do have the part figured out" about wanting to be loved, accepted and appreciated.

Most don't love accept and appreciate themselves unconditionally which is why what's out there keeps showing up in their lives.

In our attempts to “figure out” how to do that, we get caught up in a loop…a cycle if you will doing our best to achieve that.

We're always looking for more out there.

And as we're looking for this more, we encounter others who, due to how we are choosing to DO things, don't love, accept and appreciate us. So because we haven't yet fully "figured out" how to love and accept ourselves, we try to do more, get more, find more and experience more. We try to please more, hate more, get mad at more, judge more, label more, yadda, yadda yadda.

And we think we have to do more and look for and scramble around to get it.

But we don't. We just have to look within ourselves because ALL we're looking for in all our blind attempts to find it is LOVE.

And it doesn't HAVE TO BE found. It's all there is. We just need to open our eyes and our hearts to see that.

If you’re one of the .01% and you’ve arrived at the place that you could care less what others think or say about you because you love, accept and appreciate yourself enough that you already “know” how loved, accepted and appreciated you are in the way that REALLY matters, you’ve come to the healthy and wholesome place of loving, accepting and appreciating yourself AND others...unconditionally.

It doesn't matter to you. You're whole.

For the 99.9% who perhaps hasn’t arrived there yet, here’s all you need to know. Learn to love, accept and appreciate yourself and quit fretting and worrying about anything or anybody else.

Quit judging, labeling, condemning and calling things good and/or bad. Just do the best you can based on where you are, let go and allow Love to take over.

When you DO that...when you TRULY do that...loving, accepting and appreciating others becomes automatic. It's a given. You simply can't NOT love, accept and appreciate others when that happens.

There's no one out there that NEEDS to love, accept and appreciate YOU once you do that. It's automatic. You might currently "think" that's not the case. You really and truly might not think it's true, but it's not based on a "Higher Truth."

You TRULY don't NEED anyone to love, accept and appreciate you to be whole.

Which is why I hope you'll adopt the mindset and the attitude that I have...

Some will, some won’t, so what, NEXT.

That doesn't mean you don't care. But it does mean you get to the place that you don't give a damn. You Love the best you can and just let go.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t love accept and appreciate others as well. It just means that you love, accept and appreciate YOURSELF enough to know that it's important to love, accept and appreciate others who try to take you off your game from a distance.

When you learn to love, accept and appreciate YOURSELF you automatically begin to love, accept and appreciate EVERYTHING unconditionally. You just begin to choose consciously what you’ll engage in, “allow” and/or not “allow” into your experience.

Know what happens? Your vibe shifts. What you attract to you shifts. Your experience shifts. Your entire life and everything in it shifts.

You’ve "figured it out."

You've "figured out" how to experience Real Harmony, Real Joy and Real Freedom physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

You begin to REALLY LIVE and "know" what REAL FREEDOM is.

You've figured out that the only thing to figure out is to love, accept and surrender to WHATEVER is unconditionally. REGARDLESS of what it is.

For those who don’t yet “get” what that means or how to do that yet, keep your eyes peeled for future additions of Enlightened Journey.

I’ll be doing the best I can to continue "figuring out" the best way I know to assist you in figuring things out. (Insert another belly laugh here)

Rest assured, the ultimate conclusion is, there's nothing to figure out with the exception of who and what you are...who and what you TRULY are and that you're loved, accepted and appreciated at the level that matters most...unconditionally.

It's just a matter of you opening that door that enables and empowers you to "know" how "real, right and true" that is.

Have an incredible month and if you’re committed and serious about “figuring things out” until next time, just do your best to love, “allow” and surrender to what is and simply do the best you can for now to unconditionally accept whatever it is. :)

Because that's good enough for now. It's perfect in fact...REGARDLESS and Unconditionally.

If you haven't yet but you'd LOVE to hear me talk about how to figure it out in a round about way, I think you'd enjoy and benefit immensely from The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation.

Obviously, I'm going to "allow" and let you figure out if you would or you wouldn't benefit from it. Just follow your heart and let it lead.

That's a choice that only you can and must make. It may assist you in getting out of your head and into your heart where you find that "figuring things out" isn't important.

That's when "desirable miracles start "showing up" and become predictable.

As I've shared...

Some will, some won't, so what...next.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments below. Take a few minutes and share whatever is on your mind as it relates to this edition...or not.

I'd love to hear it what you have to say...or not. I'll "figure that out" after I read what you have to say.

Have an incredible (or if you choose an AWESOME) month...or not.

It's ALL good.

To Your Health, Wealth, Success and Happiness,

Chuck Danes




Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099
Phone - 405-494-7593
Fax - 405-494-7604

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