Miracles ARE Everywhere

Miracles are Everywhere Yet Often Perceived as Being Limited to and By Some Supernatural and Extraordinarily Pleasing Event.
Look Below the Surface and You'll SEE...Really SEE Life...All
of Life in ALL It's Facets for The Miracle That it Truly Is

Miracles are Everywhere

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is
as though everything is a miracle.”
- Albert Einstein

I'm going to share a statement that will, without question go against the grain of traditional teachings and the widespread beliefs that are predominantly held in modern cultures and societies throughout the world today.

The statement and the rationale behind it; which may initially "seem" to be quite irrational depending on what you've been taught and believe to be true is what led to the title of this article actually...

Miracles ARE Everywhere.

They really and truly ARE although most don't SEE things that way.

If that statement "seems to" go against your grain a bit...or even a lot, entertain me and play along for just a few minutes will you? I KNOW you'll benefit IMMENSELY if you'll choose to do that. Although I KNOW you CAN, whether you will or won't benefit is up to you really. A more accurate and fitting statement would be to say that you CAN and WILL find IMMENSE benefit should you remain open, receptive and "choose" to.

A paradigm shift may, and more than likely will be necessary to see just how true it is that Miracles ARE Everywhere, yet it's a shift that can change not only the dynamics of life but EVERY aspect of life...YOUR life in ways, kinds, qualities and quantities that the vast majority has no awareness of. In seemingly miraculous ways in fact.

It's my hope that you'll do your best to let down your guard and disarm any limiting and/or conflicting beliefs that you currently hold which may keep you from SEEING how true it is that miracles are everywhere...literally.

Due to the Infinite number of miracles that are unfolding ALL around us ALL the time, 24/7/365 in fact, although no small task due to the Infinite number of probabilities that exist and reveal themselves (the various kinds and qualities of miracles that exist as unseen probabilities of Infinite proportion), I'm going to do my very best to explain both HOW and WHY I KNOW miracles are everywhere yet at the same time, keep it as simple, down to earth and as easy to grasp and digest as I possibly can.

If you'll play along, maybe you'll SEE for yourself that doing so will lead you to the place where you can SEE that miracles "REALLY and truly are everywhere." Then, once realized and understood, perhaps you'll choose to begin personally utilizing the miracle creating power you already possess so you might begin SEEING and experiencing for yourself just how FUN, exhilarating and awe inspiring it can be to "consciously create" more of the kind and quality of miracle/s that you "truly desire."

Actually the fun, exhilaration and awe will come later should you choose to grasp, understand, internalize and apply what follows. Let's take it a step at a time though. The first step of the process is coming to the realization that Miracles ARE everywhere.

What Do YOU Believe to Be True About and
How Do You Define the Word Miracle?

First and foremost, I think it's important to address the fact that the "word" miracle has a VERY limited meaning to many...most in fact. MOST perceive a miracle as being some "seemingly impossible", awe inspiring and/or incomprehensible event, condition or circumstance that reveals itself without apparent cause or reason and/or happens without any individual participation on the part of the receiver.

The fact of the matter is, there's a "cause" for everything. Without a cause there could be no effect. Most are just "unaware" of what this cause is. As it pertains to YOU, YOU are at cause. The process of creation, which was created and put in place by The Cause (Source) is merely the tool...the mechanism that creates each effect which in turn reveals itself in YOUR life in such a way that aligns and harmonizes with the cause.

That's only one of many reasons why becoming "consciously causal" is so vitally important for enabling and allowing desirable miracles to become a tangible reality consistently.

The process of creation itself uses no logic, rationale or reasoning. This process in and of itself doesn't possess any reasoning ability. The logic, rationale and reasoning stem from cause...in this case YOU. The quality of logic, rationale and reasoning that you utilize determines the quality of each miracle.

The process of creation is, in and of itself a miracle. Everything that flows from this process and reveals itself in tangible and measurable form is too in fact, a miracle.

The kind and quality of each and every miracle revealed once the process which creates it is complete, finds it's root, it's source, it's cause in consciousness. The kind and quality of consciousness utilized, whether individually or collectively determines, without fail and with unerring and unwavering certainty, the kind and quality of the miracle.

Point being, every event, every condition, every circumstance, every object, every "chosen way of BEING", every thought, word or action engaged in by YOU or anyone else for that matter stems from consciousness. Consciousness is at Cause. Without consciousness nothing could or would BE.

There are various levels of consciousness without question. God (or whatever the Source of your understanding might be) is The ALL Pervasive Consciousness. Let's refer to this All Pervasive Consciousness as God Consciousness aka and often referred to as The Super Conscious. This God Consciousness is literally ALL PERVASIVE. There's nowhere that it's not. You could say It's an omniscient, omnipresent, all pervasive consciousness that contains EVERY conceivable and currently non-conceivable outcome that was, is or ever will be.

You too have...actually ARE an integral part of this ALL PERVASIVE Consciousness. That's a difficult one for most to grasp in an experiential kind of way due to many factors, so let's use one of the ancient texts to assist in validating this FACT.

As the timeless wisdom clearly states, "YOU were created in the image and likeness of God."

Perhaps the BIGGEST reason most don't comprehend the fact that miracles ARE everywhere as well as the fact that they CAN and DO create them is due to what they think and believe God is.

First, let's do some exploring...more specifically some "self exploration" and lay the groundwork so you might SEE and KNOW that miracles ARE everywhere.

I'm going to ask you a few WHAT and WHY questions that "could" make our little "play along with me game" not only really fun at some point, but mind boggling fun too. At the very least our little "self exploration exercise" will prove to be eye opening and revealing; if not now, at some point, if and when you should decide that you're ready to enable and allow that "expansion of consciousness" to take place.

Ready to play along?

First the WHAT questions...

  • When you think of the word miracle, what immediately comes to mind?

  • What do you perceive as being true or untrue as it pertains to the tangible or intangible materialization of what are often called miracles?

  • What individual definition would you give that best describes and/or defines the word "miracle" for you?

Now I'm going to ask you a few WHY questions that not only deserve, but are going to require further contemplation, exploration and study if you're sincere and serious about getting to the place where you might CLEARLY SEE and KNOW that miracles ARE in fact EVERYWHERE.

You may or may not deem further exploration and study as being important or necessary. But, if you don't currently see that miracles ARE everywhere, it's most certainly going to require, at a minimum, some contemplation; perhaps DEEP contemplation to get to the place where you CAN not only SEE but KNOW just how true it is.

Here are the WHY questions...

  • WHY does whatever come to mind regarding the word "miracle" come to mind?

  • WHY do you believe and perceive that miracles are only limited to and by what you judge, label, believe and perceive as being a miracle?

  • WHY do you suppose that you perceive, believe, describe and/or define the word miracle as you do?

A more important, pertinent and perhaps potentially transformational question for you is this...

Is it possible...just possible that there's more to KNOW and understand, well beyond what you've been taught, believe, perceive and think you know regarding miracles if you're unable to see and DON'T currently believe that miracles are everywhere?

I hope so. The reason I do is simply because that's the first vital step toward enabling and allowing yourself to not only SEE, KNOW and UNDERSTAND that "Miracles are EVERYWHERE" but also the first essential step for understanding HOW to begin consciously directing YOUR consciousness in such a way that enables and allows YOU to begin "consciously creating" (or if you prefer co-creating) and seeing more "desirable miracles" in your own life.

You could call consciously directing YOUR consciousness as an "Awakening" which is the first necessary miracle creating step toward transformation...more specifically self transformation which inevitably leads to "life transformation" as a whole. But make no mistake, life transformation BEGINS with self transformation.

Self Transformation isn't nearly as difficult to achieve as many think. Really and truly, self transformation requires nothing more or less than an expansion of consciousness.

Everyone would LOVE to see a miracle, yet VERY few are aware that they CAN and/or are unwilling to DO the "inner work" which leads to the kind of self transformation that is necessary to enable and allow miracles of "desirable proportion" to become a way of life.

If you think and believe as most do, the statement "Miracles are Everywhere" is almost certain to create some form of resistance; perhaps even disagreement between you and I. Not you and I specifically but rather between what you currently believe and what I've come to KNOW to be true as it pertains to the immutable, unwavering and unerring FACT that Miracles ARE Everywhere.

If you DO disagree at this point, don't feel alone. You're certainly not. Again, most do disagree. But I would ask that you do your best to keep an open mind as you move through what follows so you might SEE and KNOW just how "true it is.".

OK, hang on a minute. The more I "think about" the wording in that statement...Scratch the "open mind" request.

I would ask that you do your best to "quiet and/or shut off your mind" and do your very best to make a conscious, intentional and purposeful choice to shift focus from the "seemingly uncontrollable, mindless and consistent chatter" that comes from the mind and "get into your heart" instead.

Put another way...

Get OUT of your head and INTO Your Heart

I ask you to DO that because the mind is limited to a degree. A GREAT degree in MOST cases. Not that it's limited really, but rather it CAN and in the vast majority of cases has become limited due to what we've been taught, have bought into, believe and "think we know." It CAN become "unlimited" for sure, but first it's going to require that you DO something differently than MOST do. It's going to require that you DO something different than you HAVE done if you're sincere about seeing that miracles truly are everywhere.

This DOING is going to entail nothing more or less than "getting out of your mind and tuning into your heart" just long enough to reprogram, recondition and reorganize the conscious and/or unconscious aspects of your mind in a way that aligns and harmonizes with the heart before you'll become enabled to transform it and SEE just how powerful, awe inspiring and unlimited it CAN become.

You could say that miracles are a product of "The Heart" and based on what most "think they know", the HEAD more often than not suppresses and sabotages the kind and quality of "miracles" that we ALL desire.

Since that's "true" it's necessary to get into your Heart long enough to SEE the tangible and measurable results that follow, aka "Desirable Miracles", so the head follows suit and miracles become a consistent reality.

One thing I can assure you of is the FACT that when Heart and Mind are aligned and harmonized miracles that were once "thought of" as being IMPOSSIBLE become not only possible but commonplace.

You already KNOW that. We ALL do actually. Through the programming and conditioning that MOST have received throughout life, we've simply forgotten. To remember, it's going to require a willingness to stretch outside of the programming and conditioning we've ALL received. To become enabled and empowered to SEE and KNOW that miracles are everywhere, in MOST cases it's going to require that you remember just how "real and true" that is before you can enable and allow it to become true for you in a "tangible" kind of way.

Perhaps the biggest, greatest and most difficult step is stretching beyond your currently held beliefs and perceptions regarding YOURSELF.

The reason that's "true" is because, unbeknownst to MOST, we were ALL born into greatness and have been conditioned into mediocrity. In the process we have also become programmed and conditioned to see, perceive, judge and label the events, conditions and circumstances in our lives as something "less" than the miracles that they "truly are."

So, getting back to the place where we were and remembering just how "true" that is, is going to require some "unlearning" and/or "deprogramming" first.

That's why "getting into your heart is SO vitally important. To eliminate the fear based programming and conditioning that the mind consistently processes which determines the kind and quality of miracles that we see and experience in our lives.

I've found the "shortcut" for doing that is to make a conscious and intentional choice to get out of your head and into your heart. It's also going to be necessary to tune into and listen closely for the whispers that come from the heart where the mind can't and doesn't limit and complicate things. It can't and doesn't because the heart follows "feelings", not learned and programmed logic, reasoning and rationale.

But it's going to require tuning in and listening closely. The reason is because the head screams and the heart whispers. Silencing the "head junk" and following those "whispers" will enhance the logic, reasoning and rationale and get the "head" SEEING how "good" that is. The heart whispers intensify and the mind screaming quiets.

Life becomes full. Truly full.

But it requires listening to what the heart directs you to DO first, NEXT is allowing yourself to make the mind shift and following through on what the heart has directed you to do.

Not long after the Mind and the Heart align and harmonize. Life becomes "good." REALLY REALLY Good. But it requires "following your heart" FIRST.

That's what keeps so many from SEEING life for the miracle it is. We CAN though by heeding the timeless wisdom and actually DOING something with it. That's what transforms lives REGARDLESS of what "Life Transformation" might mean for you.

It's clear and it's simple. Granted, it's NOT always easy but you CAN do it. Anyone can....regardless.

That Timeless Wisdom clearly and succinctly states and instructs us to "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind." That's a necessary first step to become enabled to not only SEE that miracles are everywhere, but equally important for consciously creating the kind and quality of miracles that YOU "truly desire" to see.

The REALLY good and pleasing kind.

That timeless wisdom certainly "sounds simple." It IS in fact VERY simple. But as I've mentioned, it may not be easy initially. In fact, for some it CAN prove to be the hardest thing you've EVER done. NOT following it though won't change anything. What has been and what is currently will remain that way until you understand how important it is to "unlearn, disarm and deprogram" much of the "fear based" nonsense that's been programmed into your mind.

To DO that in the simplest, quickest and EASIEST way possible, it requires getting OUT of your mind simply because it's your MIND; more specifically what's been programmed and conditioned into your mind that keeps so many; perhaps even YOU from believing let alone seeing that miracles are everywhere...literally. It's also what keeps so many from SEEING and KNOWING that miracles not only CAN BE but ARE being either consciously or unconsciously created every second, of every minute, of every day, of every week, of every month, of every year into Infinity.

The determining factor as to the kind and quality of miracles that we experience individually is based on the quality of consciousness that we hold which determines how and what we think, believe, say and do. Our beliefs determine the quality of each of those choices.

Put simply, as we believe we receive.

That holds true for YOU, ME and EVERYONE else too. You could say it holds true for ALL of us unconditionally. Always has, currently does and always will.

Regardless of whether you see it, believe it, understand it or not right now, miracles ARE being created all the time, all around you. They ARE unfolding everywhere...literally. The kind and quality of those miracles is being determined by the kind and quality of data that you are "enabling and allowing", HAVE enabled and allowed or will at some point in the future enable and allow to mold and shape your beliefs which again, dictate and determine how you think, feel and what you DO (or don't do) as a result.

Each of these "stages" are infused within the creative process itself which determines the kind and quality of the tangible result....the miracle. Any misalignment or conflict between beliefs, thoughts, words and actions will most certainly provide a tangible result that will "seem to" conflict with the fact that miracles are everywhere yet it's only through a "lack of understanding" and/or an unwillingness to align and harmonize thought, word and deed in such a way that enables and allows the "desired result" to reveal itself.

The missing link that keeps MOST from "consciously creating" the desired kinds of miracles we ALL desire to see and experience is the intentional infusion and conscious expression of Love in ALL they think, say and do.

Do you disagree? No worries. Wikipedia apparently disagrees with me too on the "miracles are everywhere" topic. To a degree at least.

Here's how Wikipedia describes and defines miracles...

"A miracle is an event not ascribable to human power or the laws of nature and consequently attributed to a supernatural, especially divine, agency. Such an event may be attributed to a miracle worker, saint, or religious leader. A miracle is sometimes thought of as a perceptible interruption of the laws of nature. Others suggest that God may work with the laws of nature to perform what are considered miracles. Theologians say that, with divine providence, God regularly works through created nature yet is free to work without, above, or against it as well."

Based on my own "miracle experiences" that are far too many in number to share here, I'll have to "somewhat disagree" not only with much of what Wikipedia claims, but anyone else who has adopted and adamantly stands by their belief that...

  • ...A miracle is an event not ascribable to human power or the laws of nature

  • ...such an event may be attributed to a miracle worker, saint, or religious leader

  • ...a miracle is thought of as a perceptible interruption of the laws of nature.

  • God regularly works through created nature yet is free to work without, above, or against it as well.

Those statements would lead MANY to believe that every aspect of life most certainly IS NOT a miracle and/or that it requires some "special power" to become a miracle worker or requires acquiring some "title" such as saint or religious leader.

I STRONGLY disagree. Before I explain WHY I do disagree, I'll share this quote...

"Miracles happen, not in opposition to Nature, but in opposition to what we know of Nature." - St. Augustine

Just in case you're not aware of WHO he was, St. Augustine was an early Christian theologian whose writings are considered very influential in the development of Western Christianity and Western philosophy.

Don't allow the "Christian theologian" title to sway you though. The fact that miracles are everywhere has NOTHING to do with religion of ANY kind whether Christianity or otherwise. In fact, in MANY cases, it's through "religious teachings", numerous translations of the original text and the man made LAWS that are often Believed and perceived" as being "God's will" which keeps so many from SEEING and KNOWING their power to create (or if you prefer co-create) the kind and quality of "miracles" that we all aspire toward.

Today's Christianity is of a MUCH different kind, quality and caliber than "original Christianity." The original meaning of the word Christianity simply meant to be "Christ Like."

I believe...in fact I KNOW that St. Augustine got it right. Right in an understanding how and why miracles do happen kind of way and in a more subtle and not so direct way; namely WHY miracles are everywhere also but why so few believe, judge or label them as being miracles. I also believe that he got it right in revealing why MOST simply don't understand what a "miracle is", HOW they're created, WHY they're created and WHAT it is that enables and allows them to be created at all.

It seems to some degree, nearly EVERYONE has a conflicting belief regarding miracles, what they are and HOW they come to be. That's really where all disagreement stems from in ANY area of life. They stem from "conflicting beliefs." So, if that's the case with you, if you find yourself in total disagreement regarding miracles or doubt the fact that miracles are everywhere, including the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life, hang with me for just a few more minutes, will you?

I ask that, because as I hope to show you, Miracles are EVERYWHERE. Truly...they're everywhere. Why is it that most overlook and are unable to see them?

The reason and the answer to that question is one and the same actually; both of which are quite simple really...PROFOUNDLY simple in fact which is why so many never get to the place where they can not only see but KNOW that miracles are everywhere.

Let's digress and revert back to the WHAT and WHY questions I asked earlier. Have you ever questioned WHY you believe what you believe and why you define things as being "true or untrue?"

Most haven't "thought" much about that let alone made a conscious and intentional choice to enhance the beliefs they "unconsciously hold" which is the ONE and ONLY thing that keeps so many from seeing that miracles TRULY ARE everywhere. Here's WHY most DO believe what they believe.

Throughout our lives we've been programmed, conditioned and indoctrinated to view, judge and label events, conditions, circumstances, people, ourselves, God, etc etc. in ways that keep us from SEEING...truly SEEING the miracle of life. It keeps us from SEEING, realizing and KNOWING that ALL of creation begins at the level of "consciousness."

In essence we've become blinded to the miracle of life through adopting, believing and adhering to a very broad and very diverse range of short sighted assumptions. Those blinding and self limiting assumptions stem from and are based on a series of very diverse and equally limited beliefs...learned and/or inherited beliefs leading to individual perceptions which in 99.99999% of the cases, keeps so many from SEEING...Really SEEING life...ALL of life, for the miracle that it is.

The PROCESS of creation itself never errs, wavers or fails. The quality of consciousness that this PROCESS utilizes does err, waver, change and "seems to fail" at times due to a misalignment between the belief and the desire.

We tend to judge and label events, conditions, circumstances, people etc. as good or bad, right or wrong, awesome or horrific, evil or saintly, etc. etc. etc., yet where do those judgements and labels come from?

What we've been taught, learned, bought into and believe.

I'll take it a step further...

The process of creation itself is a miracle. EVERYTHING that stems from it....which too is EVERYTHING, is a miracle.

Granted MOST don't see that. Most CAN'T SEE that. Which is WHY most don't believe that. It's also WHY MOST overlook and never get to the place where they SEE and KNOW that miracles are everywhere. Their inability to SEE or believe creates FEAR which begins a "cycle"...a less than desired and seemingly inescapable cycle that keeps so many from EVER SEEING or believing it, let alone making the shift from FEAR to LOVE to become better enabled to "consciously create" a more desirable kind of miracle consistently.

The 388 GAZILLION dollar question is WHY?

That's quite "simple" too.

Most never explore outside of WHAT they've been taught which has molded, shaped and defines their currently held beliefs, the perceptions that stem from them and the paradigms they create. MOST "choose to live" in a fear based paradigm; a quality of "consciousness" that can only mirror and create what appears as being less than miraculous due to the beliefs and perceptions we hold regarding what's necessary for a MIRACLE to take place.

They don't look below all the surface level stuff and allow themselves to enter into the space; the stillness from where ALL things come...ALL things; the magnificent, the awe inspiring, the profound, the awesome, the grand, the good, the not so good, the bad, the downright ugly and yes, even the "seemingly horrific."

Those are all nothing more than labels really...inadequate, self limiting, self sabotaging and shortsighted labels for describing the Awe, Grandeur, simplicity, unerring perfection and literally indescribable and infinite form of Love Consciousness that is ALL PERVASIVE, infused into; permeates in fact, the creative process itself.

This "process"; more specifically the laws that govern the process; Universal Laws or Laws of Nature are what I like to refer to as The Perfect Plan. The Creator of this "Perfect Plan" also has MANY labels depending on how and what you were taught. Beliefs and perceptions regarding this Creator combined with a lack of awareness as to what drives and sustains this perfect plan are also broad, diverse and in many cases conflicting.

Here's what I've come to KNOW after learning, believing and consistently doing the same thing at one point.

There's an ALL PERVASIVE Love Consciousness that permeates and is infused within this Perfect Plan...an All Pervasive Essence that God (or whatever label you choose to define Source) is, which drives, sustains, enables and allows life to be at all.

And because it is, you are an integral part of as well as an active participant in the kind and quality of "miracles" that you create.

The fact of the matter is, YOU are a Miracle. You are a "miracle worker" too, each miracle seen, touched, tasted, heard and/or smelled by you is an experience; a tangible creation which reflects the kind and quality of YOUR consciousness. Each and EVERY experience YOU have in life is equally as profound, awe inspiring, perfect and MIRACULOUS as the grandest of grand events, conditions and/or circumstances. The ONLY defining factor between the awesome and grand and the "seemingly horrific and despicable" is the kind and quality of consciousness that YOU hold and consistently project.

That's what determines the kind and quality of "Life cycle" that you see, witness and experience.

But MOST don't SEE that. MOST can't see that simply because most refuse to DO what's necessary to break their "fear based cycles" long enough to KNOW just how powerfully creative we ALL are.

The kind and quality of miracles that we create individually are only of different degrees, intensities and take form as we choose, which due to what we've been taught, what we believe, HOW we perceive things and the paradigms that we CHOOSE to exist within, has us judging, labeling, condemning and doing things in such a way that only serves to sustain the less than desirable miracle creating cycle but keeps us from believing, perceiving let alone SEEING just how true it is that EVERYTHING is a miracle.

That's the ONE and ONLY thing that suppress and keep the desires of the heart from becoming real and tangible.

When you SEE that...when you KNOW that, when you make a "conscious choice" to direct and project YOUR consciousness in a more "Loving kind of way", you'll EXPERIENCE life...your life as it was designed and intended to be...as and for the miracle that it is...unconditionally.

So, with that said I'm going to reiterate. Miracles ARE Everywhere...truly EVERYWHERE. Your only "job" to become enabled to SEE just how "true" that is, is to DO what most simply choose NOT to do.

What is that?

Step 1 - Get out of your head and into your heart. Look below the surface and you'll not only SEE...you'll KNOW just how unwaveringly and unerringly "true it is" that Miracles are EVERYWHERE.

The fact of the matter is, they are, they always have been and they ALWAYS will be...unconditionally. It's simply a matter of YOU making a "conscious choice" to unlearn what keeps you from SEEING how true that is, deprogramming the "fear based beliefs" you've been programmed, conditioned and believe are "true" and relearning what I like to refer to as a Higher Truth that enables, allows and empowers you to both KNOW and SEE just how "real and true" that is.

So, where do you begin? What do you DO next so you might SEE and KNOW for yourself that miracles are everywhere?

My personal recommendation based on personal experience would be to take time from your hectic and busy schedule to BE STILL just long enough to make meditation a daily habit. It's a habit that will enable and empower you to not only validate the timeless wisdom, "BE Still and KNOW that I AM God" but provide and indescribable sense of peace, assurance, joy and Love that that enable you to SEE and KNOW for yourself that miracles "truly are EVERYWHERE."

If you're not quite there yet and can't see the benefit or the power that entering into the BE Still place can provide and you'd like to understand more about the mechanics of HOW and WHY what I've shared here is true in an intellectual kind of way, perhaps The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation can assist you with that part too.

One thing is certain, both will serve you and assist you in the process of Being transformed by the renewing of your mind and making the necessary paradigm shift to clearly see that miracles are everywhere...regardless of their kind and quality and aside from the many beliefs we hold, the judgments, labels and conditions that stem from them and the kind and quality of miracles that we EACH...ALWAYS in ALL WAYS are personally or collectively creating.

Now it's simply a matter of choice...your choice as to whether you will or won't DO anything about it.

I hope you will...for you, for me and for the world at large.

I'm Finished With Miracles are Everywhere
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