by Babajis Disciple

Miracle occurred when my guru Babaji of Radha Soami Sat Sangh gave me Naamdan Blessed me. Since then it has been a lovely ride through life, even your appearance for example. We all have our lives to live, we go in search of some mundane things. Better to become a practitioner of Love. May your inner power develop into pure Love.

Chuck's response to Babajis Disciple...

Not sure how to respond Babajis Disciple since I'm not really clear on exactly what you're saying due to, perhaps a bit of a language barrier. So I'll just say, from my perspective, the mundane, the profound and everything in between is Love and comes from the same Love in the bigger scheme.

It tears down all barriers regardless of language, borders or which paths we might choose to walk individually when we allow it to.

It's the only game in town or in the cosmos for that matter. Just how I personally choose to see things.

Thank You for sharing your thoughts,


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