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The More Love Seeds You Choose To Sow via Your Beliefs, Thoughts,
Words and Actions, The More You'll Love the Harvest Received

Your seeds determine your harvest

If you recall, in the previous Love Seed, titled Money Can't Buy You Love article, I shared the titles of a few songs that I personally love. Each of those, convey a powerful and useful message about love.

In this article, we're going to cover a bit more territory on the Love topic. I like to think of it as planting more Love Seeds. I'm also going to share another song that I didn't list before.

It's a song that I REALLY love personally. We'll get to that in a few minutes. For now I'll just say, there's a powerful and potentially transformational message in it also.

In this Love Seed, we'll be looking at love in a bit more down to earth way. Rather than seeing love as an infinite, all pervasive thing, we'll look at it in a more tangible and measurable kind of way.

The way most see it.

The reason why, as I mentioned previously, is because that's how we've been taught to see it, meaning in a very logical, practical and realistic way, as we understand and define those words.

In other words, we see it in limited ways. Last time I specifically mentioned that we often see love in a relationship kind of way. There are a number of other ways we see it too, that are equally limited...sort of.

Here's what I mean.

We often say that we love things that we have, things we do, things we eat, movies we watch, etc.

You say that too right? We all do. We love our home. We love our car. We love or cushy leather recliner, our big screen, that new suit, that awesome dress, that fantastic pair of shoes that were on sale.

We say we love a lot of things that we have or get to do.

We also say that we'd love to do or have any number of things that we don't currently do or have. We often think about how we'd love to have what this person has, do what this other person does, or be more like the kind of person that someone else is.

And we would love to have, do or be those things at varying degrees. We really do. I definitely love having cool stuff and experiences.

We all do.

We'd love to have a perfect relationship. We'd love to have perfect health. We'd love to have $10,000.00, $100,000.00, $100,000.00 or more in the bank, like so and so does. That encompasses a lot of areas and the specifics vary from person to person. No chance of covering everything we love here, so let's move on.

As much as we think and talk about love and things we would, or do love ALL the time, in the majority of cases, we think of love in surface level ways.

I don't mean that what you say you love, or would love, is superficial, but rather that when we think about what we love or would love, we see it as a tangible expression, a thing, a hoped for event, or some event or circumstance we'd love to experience.

We see it in our lives or we see it in our minds eye as something tangible. But we seldom, and sometimes never, really think deeply about love in the all encompassing way that it can be SEEN, KNOWN, EXPERIENCED and understood.

I place those words in all caps for reason. The why will become clear soon enough, when the time is just right.

The important point is, in MOST cases, the depth in which we see and perceive love is limited. We seldom if ever think about, let alone understand where those thoughts, or where this "stuff" that we love or would love, comes from.

They're things that we often think about, dream about and/or aspire toward, but we never really think about WHY we think what we do, or why we'd love to have this thing or things, other than that we love, or would love to have, do, or be something.

Although the specifics vary from person to person, the one common thread is, that we do love or would love to experience that...whatever it is.

But here's the kicker and the painful truth rolled into one...

In many cases; the vast majority of cases in fact, as much as we think about it, we don't have many of the things that we say we'd love to experience.

Have you ever wondered why?

Why do you suppose you would HAVE some desire and think about, dream about and often talk about something that you would love to have, do or be, but you're not experiencing it or don't yet have it?

That leads into many possibilities. An infinite number actually.

Since the possibilities are infinite, obviously we can't possibly cover them all here, but let's look at a few...

  • Maybe you're working toward what you would love and it's on it's way.

  • Maybe you've been working toward a number of things, but they still seem to be somewhere off in the distant future.

  • Perhaps you've been thinking about getting started doing whatever needs to be done, but you haven't done so yet.

  • Maybe you did start, you worked real hard at it, but you couldn't seem to make any headway, so you quit.

  • Or maybe, your intentions are good, you WANT to get started, and have wanted to, but for whatever reason, you haven't gotten around to actually doing it yet.

  • It's also possible that, as much as you'd love to have something, you don't know what to start on so you CAN have it.

  • Or maybe...just maybe you're doing what many do and just hope, wish and pray that someday, something might happen or change, so you can.

Think about that for a moment. Where are you?

What are thinking or not thinking, doing or not doing, being or not being as it pertains to getting and having what you love?

Is it possible that whatever it is you're doing or not doing is the very thing that conflicts with where you say you'd love to be?

If you do love the thought of it; I mean really love it but you don't have it, or aren't doing what's necessary to get it, it's more than possible.

That's why you don't have it.

Let's shift to the other end of the spectrum and cover another topic. It's one and the same "topic" really, but it's the polar opposite of thinking, saying or doing things that provide us with what we love.

As many possibilities as there are to have, do or be what we'd love; any infinite number of things, there's another side of the coin.

It's something we often DO, yet don't realize. In many cases, we aren't really aware that we are doing it. Or maybe we are aware, but we don't fully understand the consequences that stem from DOING it in the way we do.

Think about this.

What is it that you don't want? What is it that you don't love, wouldn't love or perhaps hate or despise even?

What event, condition or circumstance are you experiencing or "don't want" to experience, that may be in your life right now? What do you fear experiencing now or at some point in the future?

What are afraid of?

Maybe there's something that keeps showing up over and over again in your life and it seems like it's never going to change no matter what you do.

You don't want to argue, fuss and fight with your spouse or mate. You don't want your kids doing this or that. You don't want to lose your job, you don't want to be broke, you don't want this, that or this other thing.

A lot of people do that A LOT, or in some cases, ALL the time. They think about, talk about, avoid and are trying to run away from what they don't want, all the while hoping wishing and praying that they might get what they love.

Here's the point.

Do you remember in the first Love Seed, I talked about how big love is and it couldn't be put in a box or 37 gazillion boxes? Do you remember me saying that love is all pervasive? Do you also recall me stating that love applies to everything in our lives, whether physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

It does. It really and truly does. As true as that is, in 99% of the cases we're unaware of just how big love is. Because we are unaware of that FACT, we often do the polar opposite of what it takes to receive what we love.

In other words we "fear" what we don't want, rather than think about, focus on and move toward, what we'd love.

It's not our fault and we don't do it on purpose. We DO it because we've learned to. In MOST cases, we do it because we can't see or don't believe that love is as big and vast as it is.

The reason why, is because in more cases than not, those we've "learned" from can't see or don't believe it either.

Because of what we've been taught, it's difficult to fathom, let alone SEE that love truly is all pervasive.

Because of what we believe, how we think about and see love, we're not sure that it can or does apply to every single area of our lives.

In may cases, we're SURE that it CAN'T and most definitely doesn't.

Hopefully you remember that I also asked that you start thinking about our thoughts being "seeds?" If you do, you also remember me saying that the kind and quality of the seed, ALWAYS provides a harvest the same in kind and quality.

It does. Think about how it works in nature. Nature is an awesome teacher. She can be at least. Things at the "unseen" level work pretty much like nature does, but we don't often think about that because of how we've "learned" to think about and see things.

We believe that because of the many less than desired things that we have gone through, go through or see here in the world, should be and need to be feared.

We don't want that...for sure.

But here's something to think about and consider that COULD eliminate any unfounded fears for good.

  • A don't want "seed" can only provide more of what we don't want.

  • A want seed can only provide more want.

  • A seed or seeds sown that mirror what we love, provides what we love.

Because of what we've learned, believe, think, and do, on the surface life can seem really complex and chaotic.

But it's not really. It all stems form a seed. Seeds provide an abundance of something. That's how nature works and that's also the nature of the creative process. You could say, she's always providing an abundance of something that mirrors the seed.

I also stated that the quantity of the seeds that you sow determines the size and quantity of the harvest you receive and that EVERY thought you think is a seed.

They are. Love is all pervasive. Love DOES apply equally in the various areas of our lives with ZERO exceptions. Our thoughts ARE seeds.

Here's a really BIG thing that you may, or may not be aware of. You, me and everyone else on this planet ARE planting, on average, 60,000 thought seeds per day...each and every day.

As true as that is, we're "unaware" of what MOST of them are.

That leads to a simple conclusion. We are for the most part unaware of the kind of seeds we're planting because we are, and in many cases remain, unaware of what we think about most.

But one thing I can assure you of, is this. Most aren't aware of that and never think about it. Most don't KNOW the importance of knowing and thinking about it. Due to many things we've been taught, many don't and won't believe it, regardless of how "true" it is.

Maybe you do and maybe you don't. Maybe you "think you do", but you don't really. Maybe you WANT to know, but you're not sure how to go about finding out, so you REALLY can KNOW in your heart of hearts that it is true.

I can assure you after working with MANY people over the years, A LOT of people "claim" that they do know. And to some degree they do, but often never do what's necessary to think about what they're thinking about.

In the same way, many think and claim to know what love is.

Many do, intellectually. They understand it conceptually at varying degrees. But only a small handful KNOW Love EXPERIENTIALLY, in the vast, awe inspiring and literally indescribable way that it CAN BE KNOWN.

That's why all the books, songs, etc. in the world don't come anywhere close to describing Love's vastness, regardless of how awesome, on target, or articulate they are.

Maybe you do know love in an EXPERIENTIAL kind of way, but you still don't HAVE what you claim you'd love to have.

Forgive me for saying this if it rubs you the wrong way. If it applies to you, please understand I have ZERO intention to do that. Quite the opposite. But if it does apply to you, it must be said.

If you're unable to SEE and KNOW love as the infinite, all pervasive, awe inspiring force that it is, you don't KNOW it in the way it can be KNOWN.

If you did KNOW, if you REALLY REALLY did, in the scope and to the degree that love can be KNOWN, chances are good that you wouldn't be here reading this right now.

The search would be over. No more seeking out what you WANT, hope, wish and/or anxiously pray for would be necessary.

If that is the case, take heart. We're going to take a step that may assist you in getting to this KNOWING space.

Today, I'm going to plant another "love seed", that may assist you with that.

Unlike in the first email where I asked you to think about love in a very broad and general sense, I'm going to ask that you DO something today that will get you thinking and perhaps SEEING love in a different context than you currently do.

In a more real, tangible, laser focused and very specific kind of way, that may assist you in seeing love in a different way than you currently do.

Rather than just thinking about love in a broad sense though, it's going to require a bit of action on your part that's going to require about 5 minutes of your time.

It's simple and only requires you watching the video I've placed a link to below. More than just watching it, I'm going to ask that you LISTEN closely and allow your mind to go wherever it may as you listen.

Then I'm going to ask that you THINK about what you hear and what I've shared today as often as you can until I send out the next Love Seed.

We'll discuss more about the message in the video, the next time we connect.

It's an IMPORTANT step, so I hope you'll do it.

This may all seem a bit crazy and out there, so I'll say this...

There's a method to my madness and I KNOW the process we'll be going through, both NOW and in the future, can serve as stepping stones which CAN move you consistently and ever closer toward really KNOWING the size, scope and magnitude of love.

What's equally important though, is that it can assist you greatly in opening yourself to receive whatever it might be that you'd LOVE to have, do or be, either now or at some point in the near future.

I say CAN because it CAN. I KNOW it can. But it will...and only will if you DO what's necessary. One thing that is necessary to receive it in the quickest, simplest and most pleasant way possible, is moving from wanting, hoping and wishing for what you would love, into KNOWING you already HAVE it, even though you may not be able to see it yet.

That requires undergoing a process, because it's difficult to think you have it if you can't see it, touch it, smell it, hear it, or taste it.

That's why the steps are important. This step is no exception. Each and every step we'll be taking now and in the future is necessary and important.

I'll close with this...

I don't know specifically what it is that you'd love to have, do or be. I don't care what it is for that matter. I don't NEED to know that. What I DO KNOW is, if you'll follow through and go through this process, as we progress, the light bulbs will start coming on and you'll begin to SEE...I mean REALLY SEE that there's no need to WANT, hope, or wish for anything.

You'll also begin to understand and SEE how doing so may be the very thing you're currently doing and/or have been doing, that is keeping, or has kept what you would love to experience from you.

It's my heartfelt hope and intention to assist you in changing that. In fact, as I mentioned in the first Love Seed, that's WHY I do what I do. It's my Soul Purpose to assist as many as will allow me to, to KNOW Love and have what they love in every area of life.

Let me be clear. I can't promise you that you'll get what you love. What I can promise you is that the process we'll be going through is powerful and effective. Following the process and taking each step is important and CAN provide it.

But DOING it is up to you.

Here's what I can tell you based on personal experience. Getting what you love isn't nearly as difficult or impossible as MOST think it is. Experiencing miracles in your life all the time CAN BE a moment by moment experience.

But to SEE that, KNOW that and start HAVING more of whatever it is that you love, is going to require DOING what MOST don't.

Since you're reading this right now, chances are good that you're different. You've already DONE something that most won't. Kudos and congratulations to you. I mean that sincerely. You're doing what most won't.

Now, do yourself and the world a favor. Keep DOING that. Watch for future Love Seeds. Read them. Follow the process. Take the steps. Commit and follow through until the end...regardless.

I KNOW you'd love to HAVE an awesome harvest, and if you're like most, you want it now.

We all do.

But if you're where most are in their thinking, it's going to take some doing to "undo" some of that. We're going to be planting some really awesome seeds as we progress through the Love Seeds Series, that may enable now to happen sooner than you think.

Watching and listening to the video below is a really important step because it may assist you in seeing love in a bit (and perhaps A LOT) different way than you currently do.

So there you have it. The DOING starts here. Watch the video, think about the message in it and ponder what I've shared today.

We'll connect again soon and get into more depth and detail regarding the message the video below conveys as well as other things I've shared soon.

Here's to You and Having More of What You Love,

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099
Phone - 405-494-7593
Fax - 405-494-7604

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