The 2 Sides of Mount Rushmore

If you live in the US and even if you don't, chances are good that you're familiar with of or at least heard of Mount Rushmore and the Mount Rushmore National Memorial located near Keystone, South Dakota.

It's a monumental structure with the heads of 4 U.S. Presidents...George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln carved into a mountain.

It's really a magnificent granite structure.

In case you haven't seen's what it looks like...

Mount Rushmore USA Side

I've always thought of the Mount Rushmore Memorial as quite a magnificent creation and although I never really gave it much thought I was quite UNAWARE of what Mount Rushmore looked like on the North Dakota, Montana, Canada side until I visited the southern part of Canada one summer.

It was difficult for me to even fathom the amount of work necessary to carve the Presidents heads in solid granite with such detail.

It wasn't until after seeing the other side that I was really quite blown away.

I would have assumed that it was just another mountain and would look as most mountains do.

Man was I shocked. Maybe you will be too...I took a picture so you could see it for yourself...

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I'm Finished With Mount Rushmore
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