On The Inside or On the Outside

by Richard
(Columbus, Ohio, USA)


Thank you. Beautiful first comes to mind regarding what you share here.

You helped me many months ago, sending information. I too have been "touched" by God!

I won't go into detail about my less than desirable circumstances except to say that you and three other people knowingly and unknowingly saved my life.

Again, I won't go into detail about it at this time. All I can say is that I have 7 years probation to return $40k, that I was accused of "stealing" by two family members, it matters not.

What matters is I am writing two companion books, "On The Inside" and "On The Outside" from the concept of Spirit on the inside, the glass is full, and from the perspective of ego on the outside and the glass is empty.

Your newsletter bridges exactly what my books are about.

Currently "I AM NAKED", and have been stripped of everything! For me it only begins again, The Creation, that is: I AM Allowing what I already AM to manifest at the right time.

"You cannot manifest what you want, only what you already are!"

This has been the journey of my life and despite the current circumstances it was all consciously and unconsciously delivered!

My entire life living around and in dysfunction is a direct result of my taught and learned Self-Concept!

I could go on with much, much more, just want to thank you for TRUTH!

You, I and others KNOW this Truth and for those who seek, there are many we shall serve and give!

I AM...


Chuck's response to Richard...

First and foremost Richard...you're welcome.

Thank You for sharing your thoughts and experiences. That takes courage...MUCH courage especially when some of what is shared conveys personal experiences of a "less than desirable" nature.

So sincerely...Thank You for that.

And Thank You as well for sharing how "my work" has played a positive role in your life. I'm the vessel, but the work truly isn't mine. It just comes through me and I do the typing.

This "work" is MUCH BIGGER than me and is simply my way of giving back.

I think (in fact I'm pretty sure) you KNOW what I mean. :)

With regard to what you share...specifically...

"I too have been "touched" by God!"

I personally believe as "I think" you do, that we are ALL touched by God (Or whatever the Source of someone's understanding might be) ALL the time. It's simply a matter of us not realizing or KNOWING that which in essence builds a "perceived and imaginary wall" that we ourselves build and which in so many cases, keeps us from SEEING just real and true that is.

But to me, that's the real beauty of it. Because sometimes as I've personally done in my own life, it requires building a wall so high and so thick that we get to a place where we feel so isolated, alone and separate, that there's no other choice but to tear it down only to find that is WAS US who built it without "realizing" that we did.

And then, once we do that we're able to SEE...REALLY SEE that we were actually BEING touched the entire time.

Immersed in fact.

I know personally, that some of the most "seemingly horrific" and literally terrifying experiences I've personally encountered in my own life; although I was unable to SEE it at the time; and although it CERTAINLY didn't "feel" very good, also turned out to be the "greatest and most precious gifts" I could have EVER received.

That evening in the hospital was only one of many...believe me. :) I'd have to write a mega thousand page newsletter to accurately and fully describe all of them...maybe more. :)

But nonetheless, they were eventually recognized and seen as the gifts that they are and have proven to be a VERY IMPORTANT part of enabling me to DO what I do today which I absolutely LOVE as I share in my writings. They were an important, necessary an integral part of my personal journey which served to help me find my own "desired path" and played a HUGE role in defining who I am today and enabled me to FINALLY do what I DO today.

With regard to 40K...

Whether it's $4.00, 40K or 40 Million or more, there is no amount too big or too small that can't and won't be received when the timing is right. From my perspective Source knows no amounts and delivers as much or as little as we allow.

It's clear, based on your message that you KNOW that too. No beginnings or endings; only additional experiences to enjoy and savor or begrudge and condemn...our choice.

Being "stripped naked" was one of my "gifts" as well. And many others who I know personally also learned and moved forward to achieve great things and serve MANY people in some form or fashion.

Ahhhhh...the "gift" of nakedness. :)

I LOVE and wholeheartedly agree with your statement...

"You cannot manifest what you want, only what you already are!"

What a liberating truth to KNOW and understand. What I like to call, think of and see as a "Higher Truth."

Congrats on your books as well. AWESOME concept and it sounds as if they'll meet people where they are. They sound VERY interesting and if you would, I'd like to know when they're released so I can have the privilege of acquiring and reading them.

Our paths are similar in a sense and I'd be willing to bet; although I'm not normally a "gambling man", they'll resonate with my own experiences.

Thank You again Richard for sharing. I KNOW others will benefit as well.

The Best of The Best of The Best Always,


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