The Optimist, Navigation and Children

Now You'll Understand Why Positive Thinking
In and Of Itself Isn't Enough

"Exploring the field of positive change"

The Optimist Eric Pepin and The Higher Balance Institute

The Optimist, Navigation and Children

The Optimist, Navigation and Children - $69.00 purchased individually

How can people with seemingly the same resources and opportunities reap such contrasting rewards?

Do you have a tendency to see the glass half full or do you see it half empty?

What is the root cause of pessimism?

Higher Balance founder, Eric Pepin answers these questions and more.

Listen in this course as you fully explore...

  • The secret of optimist thinking.

  • Learn to diagnose core causes of pessimism and discover how to vanquish them.

  • The role of happiness and its function as an energy flow.

  • Ways your perspective directly affects your growth

  • How much your biology influences your path.

  • How to utilize your biology and compromise for experience.

  • What it is to become a great teacher.

  • Powerful concepts to make a White Cell awaken.

  • Teaching the art of awareness to your children.

  • Techniques that will prepare your children for their own spiritual journey.

Plainspoken and to the point, Eric Pepin takes on topics that have been brought up by many Higher Balance participants. He will return with eye opening answers that will empower you to dramatically and positively impact your reality!

From an unfinished topic from Thought Reflection, He relates the difference between an optimistic and pessimistic person and how each viewpoint directly affects the outcome of their advances. Do you find yourself in either camp? Eric will show you how to correct your thinking with practical tools that empower you for real change.

He isn’t going to stop there! Eric delivers a vivid projection of what truly marks a superb teacher which will inspire you to rise to the occasion and find what lies inside you to become just that.

Ever wonder if someone else has a biological advantage over you or if your own biology is keeping you from developing? Use this class as your scalpel and dissect exactly how much biology has an influence on your spiritual growth and life experience.

How will we teach the future generations so they will have the advantages they need? Learn techniques that you can teach your children to help open their minds up to experience a greater reality much earlier. The best part is that you don’t have to just use these techniques with children, but you can use them for yourself!

Eric pulls from powerful personal experience and shares them with you to speed up your own awakening… And so you will share with others. This is a must have if you have ever felt a calling to teaching this knowledge to others or if you are currently raising a young White Cell!

This knowledge is living!

Order The Optimist, Navigation and Children - $69.00


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