Our Standards for Life

by Don Quigley
(Allen, TX)

A few days ago before reading this article I read something else that I believe each of us must appreciate. I thank you for your sharing your experiences with us, for so many of us, have simply never comprehended our "true potential" and won't unless we willingly accept ourselves.

The question I am speaking about is, "What are your standards for your physical, emotional, spiritual, financial life and for your relationships?"

The answer I chose was,"Maximum benefits for each, for there are no limits to life, only those we create for ourselves."

Your articles have helped me tremendously to appreciate that reality and while I'm still not there yet, I am convinced I am on the right path.

Thank you!

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Chuck's response to Donald...

Hi Donald,

You are very welcome and I appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts, comments and experiences here for all to benefit from.

And I agree with your answer wholeheartedly. You could say we are of “like mind” as it pertains to that.

And I also KNOW, based on our few conversations that you are most definitely, without question on the right path. You’re a very wise and knowledgeable man in my opinion with a very gracious air about you and a warm, caring heart.

Where our opinions might differ just a bit is based on your statement that you’re “not quite there yet.” That’s OK of course since we all have our own choices to make and our own paths to walk in our own unique way. And acceptance of ourselves as you stated always happens in perfect timing.

Where my opinion differs a bit from yours comes through KNOWING that we are all “there” already. It’s just “allowing ourselves” to see that we are and KNOWING all is well.

It’s through our “belief and perception” of “not being quite there yet” that I believe keeps so many from seeing and being where we ALL are already. Where literally EVERYTHING is. We just don’t KNOW that because we are, without realizing it, at some level, choosing not to.

That’s where it “seems to get” a little tricky simply because of what we see and experience with the physical senses. And due to those “little rascals” it’s quite easy to make judgments and place labels on what we see in ways that are contrary to what our physical selves would “truly desire” to see. And because of that, we tend to react out of fear and anxiousness “trying to get there” rather than always choosing to respond out of Love and accepting where we are. But we can make the shift, whenever we choose. But at the same time it’s “allowing our current choices, actions and results” to be OK as they are as well…truly OK and simply making adjustments in our physical actions if what we’re seeing is something different than we truly desire to see.

Yet at the same as we actively engage in those changes, still remaining conscious and aware of the importance of doing our best to detach from any expectations of receiving that may arise from those changes that we do choose to make.

It’s an allowing and surrendering of sorts with Love being the intention and the focus on “all levels” (mentally, emotionally and physically) for ourselves and others…regardless, while at the same time detaching from expectation as to what we think we need to receive, think we should receive and remaining open and receptive to receive in ways that we may not be aware of or “think we can.”

To repeat a quote I placed on my Facebook page today, “We often tend to react to others choices and actions with dis-empowering and self-sabotaging judgments and labels such as bad, stupid, negative, wrong, evil etc. when the most beneficial response for all involved would be to make a "conscious choice" as to who we'll love up close and who we'll "love from a distance."

The very same Higher Truth applies to us. Although we can’t “love ourselves from a distance”, it’s a matter of loving and accepting ourselves enough as well as the events, conditions and circumstances that we encounter, create and experience in life…regardless.

That precipitates a “letting go” or an allowing; a surrendering of sorts which enables the light to shine through in much brighter and more amazing ways than most can “conceive or imagine.”

I personally believe “Love is all there is” (or as science labels it, light) and any perception, belief, judgment, label etc. that is contrary; whether toward ourselves, or others or the tangible stuff we see, is what also enables us to see, feel, believe and perceive something “less than” an awesome and magnificent Love and/or Light that we and EVERYTHING else is an integral part of.

It is still that, but due to our choices we stay “seemingly stuck” in; for lack of a better phrase the shadow of Love. But even “allowing that to be OK and “good” as it is, enables and allows the perceived shadow to dissipate and disappear revealing the Light and Love that we all so desire to see, KNOW and feel.

There is no need for want or desire simply because what we choose to want and desire is an integral part of “The Light” too. Literally EVERYTHING is, which modern day science has also discovered.

As the ancient text states clearly, “You are the light of the world.” It also states, “Thou shall decree a thing and ‘the light’ will shine upon your ways.” When the light we project is a kind and quality that we know as “love”, for ourselves and others…unconditionally, the light DOES shine upon our ways just as we decree.

The opposite also holds true. We just judge and label it as something “less than light.” But it is light every bit as much as what we desire mentally, emotionally and physically is.

I’ve personally discovered and come to KNOW that it’s our want and desire that keeps “want and desire” a tangible reality just as we decree.

That’s why I choose to give freely, cheerfully and as much as I possibly can without expectation and in seemingly “magical and miraculous ways”, the rest takes care of itself. The Love goes out…unconditionally and comes back in exact proportion to the kind and quality I choose to “put out there” while doing so in a way that I absolutely Love as well.

Everybody wins, or at least has the choice to, including me. Point being, we ARE there already. It’s just accepting, embracing and allowing that unwavering fact to shine through so we can see it and KNOW it for ourselves.

Our bodies do have to exist here yet our minds and hearts CAN exist in a “space” that transcends the limitation of what we see here. I know that sounds crazy, but that’s as close as I can possibly get to describing it. Even that falls far short.

What’s truly amazing is regardless of how much we might KNOW that; the more we DO KNOW it, the bigger it gets. There are doors beyond doors beyond doors that we’ll perhaps never fully experience. Who can KNOW that? 

In other words, regardless of how much we know and understand, it’s infinitesimal in comparison to what there is to KNOW and understand. That’s simply amazing and awesome to me.

I share all that for those who might read and benefit from your contribution and your willingness to share your thoughts and sentiments as openly as you have Donald. So Thank You for that.

Be Well My Friend,


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