Your Paradigms Are "Perceptions Of Reality"
That "Appear" As Very Real To You

Are You "Unconsciously" Allowing Yours
To Be Controlled and Manipulated?

Wake Up World!! Become Aware...

While You Still Have A Choice

The Dark Side and The Light - Both Exist In Actuality...You Choose Your Path and Collectively We Choose The Path Of Our Nation and Our World

Are You Awake or Asleep As To What's Taking Place?

Restore The Republic - The Home of the Freedom Movement!

It's both my passion and my purpose as well as the intent of Enlightened Journey Enterprises to awaken, enable and empower individuals to both recognize and utilize their "true" power and their inalienable right of free will to create and experience a kind and quality of life that harmonizes with their desires.

Our primary focus is on enabling and empowering those attracted to our site to become "consciously aware" of their individual power and discovering timeless wisdom to begin "consciously exercising" their inalienable right of free will in such a way that serves "the light"...The Greater Good.

That process begins with awareness. A "Conscious Awareness" of Both Self and your surroundings.

True awareness happens through understanding accepting the fact that for there to exist light there must also exist darkness.

Regardless if you study modern day science, ancient spiritual text, or understand the power provided through the common household battery, the fact that polarity exists is an indisputable fact.

For a battery to power a flashlight there must exist a positive poll and a negative poll. It's what gives the battery it's power.

In the same way, in our everyday life, for there to exist what we "perceive" to be positive there must also exist the "probability" of it's polar opposite to also exist.

Everything in life is made possible due to energy. Physical outcomes are the result of "consciousness" which energy responds to.

The photon, which is the basic building block of EVERYTHING in the Universe contains a positron which is the positive poll and the electron which is the negative poll.

Polarity is a fact of life. It transcends "perceived" reality. In actuality it exists and is VERY real. It is an integral and necessary part of the creative process.

In order to fully experience life there must exist the probability of what we perceive as positive as well as what we perceive as negative.

That choice combined with the action that we choose to take or not take does without fail determine what is created and what we "perceive" to be "reality."

Without the "awareness" and existence of darkness there could exist no light.

Without the awareness and existence of slavery and bondage there could exist no freedom.

Becoming aware of the polarity that exists in our "physical world" and learning to constructively and effectively take "conscious, focused and intentional action" is essential in experiencing a life of Abundance and Happiness.

Without freedom, Abundance and Happiness is nothing more than a pipedream and "wishful thinking."

This portion of is designed to awaken those who may be asleep to and unaware of the existing polarity around them and to make you "aware" of those in places of "finite" physical power who would utilize their free will in an attempt to diminish your power for the sake of gaining more physical power for themselves...It's time to become aware...awaken...and take action.

It's imperative that you NOT resist but rather respond.

It's essential to keep your ATTENTION on freedom and NOT on the war against slavery, bondage and domination.

Your ATTENTION states your INTENTION and does without fail determine your experience.

Take A Stand...Join The Grassroots Movements Designed To Restore Your Freedoms and Create For ALL...Abundance and Happiness.

WAKE UP and Become Conscious.

The following presentations are intended to enhance your awareness with regard to what is happening around you enabling you to become "conscious" of the polarity and provide the awareness necessary to take conscious, focused and intentional action to intensify "the light."

Zeitgeist Will Prove To Provide A Profound Paradigm Shift and "Hopefully" Open Your Eyes To The "Reality" Of What's Really Going On Behind The Scenes

Wake UP World!!!

Become Conscious...Become Aware

Zeitgeist will open your eyes to the existence of MANY things going on in our world that you have been blinded to. AWAKEN...

Water...Your Lifeline Controlled By Corporations