The Law Of Polarity

The Law Of Polarity Provides The Means To Fully Experience Life. Become Aware Of It, Accept It, Express Heartfelt Gratitude For It and You'll Experience Abundance and Happiness In The Physical World...Unconditionally

The Law Of Polarity : Within the darkest of life's perceived trials and hardships
lies the means as well as the ability to find and experience the light. - Chuck Danes

The Law Of Polarity. What is it, why does it exist, and how can it be utilized to achieve Abundance and Happiness in your life? That is what we will cover here.

Learning to fully understand, comprehend and Master The Law Of Polarity is necessary in achieving the sense of harmony, fulfillment and well being that you consciously desire and have the potential as well as the ability to fully explore and experience in your life.

The Law Of Polarity was created and exists as a means to enable each of us to explore and experience life to the fullest. A life experience absent of the Law of Polarity would deny you the ability to fully experience your life.

As an example, if what you perceive as bad did not exist, would you know when you were having a good experience? If poverty did not exist would you know what it was like to experience wealth? If failure did not exist would you know what it was to experience success? If there existed no such thing as death we could not fully enjoy and appreciate what it means to experience life.

The Law Of Polarity contains a full spectrum of possibility ranging from the extremely light to the extremely dark and any number of points in between. By developing this understanding and learning to fully accept and surrender to whatever may show up in your life in the way of events, conditions and circumstances and learning to understand that ALL THINGS, regardless of how perceived, work together for good, you will have made incredible progress in your given ability to mold, shape, and achieve a quality of life that you consciously desire to experience.

Regardless of where you may currently find yourself within that spectrum of possibility you possess the potential as well as the ability to experience harmony and fulfillment in each and every area of your life.

The Law Of Polarity exists as a means to enable you to learn and discover that within every perceived problem lies its solution, within every perceived failure also lies to succeed.

As I convey in the Law of Attraction article , that which you place your predominant focus on will attract to you additional energies which are of a harmonious vibrational frequency with those thoughts and beliefs, resulting in what is manifest and experienced in your life. That predominant focus which you have been provided the free will to choose, quite literally acts as the seed that will produce the harvest. In order to manifest and experience the events, conditions and circumstances that you perceive as pleasing or good you only need make the choice to place your predominant focus on that which is pleasing or good.

ALL things including the events, conditions and circumstances experienced in EVERY aspect of your life are the result of consciousness . The quality of consciousness that you hold with regard to any given circumstance will determine, due to the unwavering and immutable Law Of Polarity which end of the spectrum you will experience. To change an existing circumstance to one that is more in harmony with a desired outcome it's only necessary to change the quality of consciousness which created the circumstance initially.

When you are able to fully grasp the unwavering truth of this reality and learn to accept personal resonsibility for whichever end of the spectrum of polarity that you are experiencing you will have made one major and very crucial step forward in achieving what is known as self mastery.

What is extremely important to understand regardless of where you may currently find yourself in relation to the events, conditions and circumstances that your experiencing in your life, is that within each experience regardless of how it may be perceived lies the possibility as well as the ability to experience the polar opposite.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, within that perceived hardship lies the ability to experience financial plenty simply by you making the choice to experience it. If you are currently experiencing difficult and unfulfilling relationships, within that situation lies the possibility of experiencing healthy and harmonious relationships by simply changing your mind with regard to it.

If you are experiencing illness and disease you also have within that situation the potential and possibility to experience vibrant health by making the conscious choice to do so.

Within ANY event, condition, or circumstance which you may be currently experiencing lies the opportunity as well as the probability of experiencing the opposite. The only thing that determines the likelihood of that probability or the end result, resides only in a choice. More specifically "Your Choice" as to which end of the spectrum that you will experience. The only determining factor which lies between these two seemingly opposite circumstances is what you believe to be true.

Your focus, what you give attention to produces a vibrational resonance which based on the perfectly and unfailing laws of the Universe can only attract to you energies of a harmonious frequency based on The Law Of Resonance .

In reality there is no good or bad, right or wrong etc. but only Unconditional Love that states "whatsoever ye ask ye receive." This asking is done through the resonance or vibrational energy that we project and as a result determines what it is that we will receive or attract based on that resonance.

Put another way, what you place focus on serves as the seed and just as surely as as an acorn produces an Oak tree, your focus, more specifically, your predominant thoughts can and will only produce a harvest in exact correlation to the seed planted. Any other outcome is absolutely impossible and would defy EVERY law of nature.

You do have a choice to experience whichever end of the spectrum of polarity that you choose to experience. If you are experiencing what you perceive as unpleasant circumstances you only need change what is causing those circumstances within yourself.

The Law of Polarity exists without judgment and makes no determinations as to what you will experience but rather exists so that you might know what it means to fully experience life.

Understanding this, how do you go about experiencing the opposite? How is it that you can develop the belief necessary to experience the polar opposite of that which you are currently experiencing in your life? Through education and experience. One of the first and most important steps in this process is Self Awareness . Discovering who and what you "Truly" are and dispelling any false beliefs which are contrary to the limitless power provided to you.

The fastest and least painful path is to learn the life changing power of acceptance . Acceptance of whatever you may be currently experiencing acts as the polar opposite of resistance and will attract to you more of that which you consciously desire. Resistance in essence is placing your predominant focus on that which you choose not to experience and as a result of that focus is attracting to you more of that which you are resisting. Learn to accept and express sincere and heartfelt Gratitude for whatever your current experience may consist of and you will soon discover that those things which you choose not to experience will dissipate.

Just as pain and suffering exist so too does opportunity and betterment exist within the full spectrum of the Law Of Polarity. What you experience within that spectrum is only dependent on your choice and willingness to experience another outcome.

Like all Universal Law , you cannot change the fact that The Law Of Polarity exists. It always has and always will continue to exist into infinity. You cannot manipulate, fool, or escape it. Regardless of your depth of understanding of it or ignorance to it, it will continue to exist and operate with unfailing and unwavering certainty, non-prejudice in it's perfectly executed operation.

The Law of Polarity like all Universal Law is eternal. The good news is that through discovery and correct implementation you can learn to harmonize your thoughts, beliefs and actions with it which will provide you a life of Fulfillment, Joy, Profound Inner Peace and Limitless Prosperity in each and every area of your life.

What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

Vibration and Attraction Determine
The Kind and Quality Of Your Life

Discovering how to harmonize with and "consciously" utilize them consistently creates outcomes that "many" perceive to be miraculous.

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