Planting Miracle Seeds

Seeing, Experiencing and Creating Miracles Isn't Nearly as Uncommon, Difficult, Far Fetched, or Impossible as Many in Today's World Think
and Believe It Is...Unless of Course They Think and Believe It Is

miracle seeds produce miracles

In the previous articles that make up the Love Seeds series, I've been preparing you and setting the stage for what I'll be revealing here.

You could say, it's a "how to" for creating miracles...literally.

The fact is, you don't need to learn "how to", because you already are creating them all the time. What you're creating may not "seem like" miracles based on how you're doing things, but they are. So I guess the really BIG and important question is, are you ready to see that, so you can start doing what's necessary to create more "desired miracles" in ALL aspects of your life?

I mean really ready?

Let's take the next step toward doing that.

In the previous articles which make up the Love Seeds Series, we covered A LOT of ground on the topic of love.

Do you remember me mentioning early on, that there is a method to my madness? There is. Based on my own experience and the experience of MANY others, it's a powerful and life enhancing method too...when it's used and applied as it CAN be.

It's a method that creates a consistent flow of "desired miracles"...REALLY BIG and awesome ones too.

The method I use (and pay forward) is quite unique in many ways. There's good reason for that and rest assured, there truly is a method to my madness.

Each article you've read so far was designed and intended to get you "thinking about" love. If you recall, I also asked that you think about it in a more expansive way than normal and do your best to plant as many "love seeds" as you could, both tangibly and intangibly.

In other words, I asked that you think about love and do some "loving things" as you went about doing whatever you do.

I've received a number of Thank You's since. Many have had some major ah ha moments and are excited about what's yet to come.

For now I'll just say, hold tight. It gets better. MUCH better.

I'm also "keenly aware" that many think it's madness. I "get it", believe me. I thought it was all madness at one point too. I really and truly believed it was all quite insane actually.

In fact I was SURE it was, until I discovered it's not.

Because I've been there and done that, I know it can "seem that way" initially. It CAN be, and often is, looked at that way. For most it does seem and is looked at in precisely that way. Some even get mad about my method, because it conflicts with what they've learned and believe to be true.

Because that's "true", I'll share this.

I'm not here to spread or share "madness", nor make anyone mad. What I am here to do is assist anyone and everyone who will allow me to, to simplify, demystify and enhance what seems, looks, and is often perceived as being a random and chaotic world filled with madness and insanity.

It's my hope and intention to transform that way of seeing and perceiving things into clarity and simplicity.

The WHY behind that is because I've learned and have come to KNOW the importance of doing my part and everything in my power to transform the "madness" into happiness. The "unconditional kind." That's WHY the site I made freely available to the world nearly 11 years ago, is called

After personally experiencing plenty of "madness" in my own life, I discovered the futility of it all. How I discovered it, is quite unique. No point in going into that now. What I will say though, after SEEING and EXPERIENCING what I did, I KNEW it was my Soul Purpose is to assist as many as I possibly can to EXPERIENCE and experience a life of Abundance and Happiness.

And yes there is a HUGE difference between EXPERIENCE and experience. A really huge difference too. I'll be revealing that difference in a future Love Seed.

In the same way, there's also a HUGE difference between abundance and happiness, although they're intricately connected. Happiness is intangible and abundance, as I use it is tangible.

KNOWING and EXPERIENCING that difference is what enables and allows an experience of abundance AND happiness to become a way of life for everyone, in ALL none.

And as I've shared a number of times over the past week or so, ANYONE can KNOW, experience and EXPERIENCE just that...IF they'll only choose to.

It's not nearly as difficult as most think it is. It only requires understanding more about what love truly is, becoming more "loving" and making a choice to spread more "love" around...regardless.

Initially, doing that can SEEM hard. Transforming what you don't want into what you love can "seem" really complex initially too. But it's not once you understand some things that MOST don't. It's simple, anyone can DO it and those who choose to DO it consciously, intentionally and on purpose, not only KNOW how simple it is, they experience a life that they personally love.

More so than most can conceive or imagine.

I for one LOVE the thought and the idea of that. We ALL do. I can't think of anyone who would want a life they don't like, don't want, or hate, can you?

We don't have to. We CAN choose to, (and many are) but we don't have to. The reason why is because living a life we absolutely love is nothing more than a choice. By the same token, living a life we don't like, don't want, or hate even, is a choice as well.

But we choose that only because of what what we've learned, what we believe, how we think and how we go about doing things and we get a harvest that mirrors those choices.

That's how Love rolls. It enables and allows us to choose what our lives will be like. When we learn HOW and WHY that's "true", begin using what we learn in the right way, and start DOING what needs to be done, it empowers, is ENORMOUSLY powerful and when we learn more about it and consciously align with it, it provides us with what we love.

Thanks to the all pervasive nature of Love, we have the ability, the tools and the power to DO that RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

The reason we don't DO that is simple really, although it doesn't seem like it. But it is.

The only reason it doesn't "seem" that way, is because there's another side to the coin. There's another side to EVERY coin here in the tangible world. The thing is, based on what we've learned and "think is true" about love, we sometimes (and in many cases often) experience this "other side."

And in far too may ways to list here, the harvest isn't pretty. In fact it can be downright ugly, horrific, and at times, really scary too.

Because of that, it CAN also create a lot of fear in the minds of those who allow it to. Like what we love, the ugly, scary and horrific things are all around us too. The reason WHY is simple.

Just as there are "love seeds", there are "fear seeds" too.

Many call the harvest that fear seeds create, evil, bad, horrific, unfair, etc. etc. Many even "believe" it's some dark entity that creates those ugly things.

But is it really? I mean REALLY? I say no. I say that because I KNOW it's not true, although at one point I "thought" and honestly believed it was.

Here's what I've since come to KNOW.

Love is NEVER evil, horrific, or unfair. Nor is it ever dark, ugly, or scary, unless and until we enable and allow it to become that.

You may be thinking, "But Chuck, there is most definitely A LOT of ugliness in the world. There's starvation, corruption and all kinds of horrific things happening all around the world."

There are. I agree. But where it comes from is simple. We've talked a lot about it in previous Love Seeds.

It ALL comes from Love regardless. Love provides what we choose...whatever that is. Love provides what anyone chooses, whether awe inspiringly awesome or ugly, scary and horrific.

There are MANY ugly, scary and horrific things happening in the world, but where does it all begin? It ALL stems from seeds. The seed determines the harvest, right?

But who plants those "seeds?" You do and everybody else in the world does too.

The kind and quality of those seeds begin in our minds. The quality of the seed stems from consciousness. With that being true, it's safe and accurate to say that dark, ugly, scary, horrific and even evil things, stem from the minds of men. Sorry ladies but that applies to women too.

Those "seeds" are sent to the "place called love" and they sprout. That's where it all begins. What we do or don't do following the sprouting of those "love sprouts" determines the quality and quantity of the harvest we receive.

We have ALL kinds of labels we choose to identify the harvest, but there's only ONE that's accurate.

The only label that's really true and accurate is "miracle." That's how Love designed things.

The fact of the matter is, life is a miracle. Love sprouts "nurtured", create miracles. Love sprouts not nurtured, and those which begin as "fear seeds", often create what we call and see as something less. Sometimes, many times in fact, we get the polar opposite.

But regardless of what we believe, think, or how we see things, everything that reveals itself in the tangible world of shape and form is a miracle...EVERYTHING without exception. It doesn't seem like, look like or feel like it at times for sure. But it is.

The kind and quality of the miracle is determined by the kind and quality of seeds that we ourselves and the whole of humanity choose to plant. The harvest mirrors those choices with unfailing, unerring and unwavering certainty.

The point is this. We're ALL equally powerful. We're ALL creative. We ALL have the inalienable right, the gift and the ability to create whatever we choose, whenever we choose, whether it's awesome, amazing, and awe inspiring, or ugly, bad and "seemingly" horrific.

There are many "humans" in this world choosing awesome things and many others choosing ugly things. Most fall somewhere in the middle. The middle ground is what many call "average" or mediocre. But it's not "truly" awesome, ugly, average or mediocre at all.

It's ALL a miracle that we ourselves are choosing both individually and collectively as a species...regardless. You could say, we are creating, seeing and experiencing those miracles unconditionally.

That's the nature of Unconditional Love. That's what Unconditional Love does. That's how it operates. That's how it rolls. Always has, always will...ALWAYS. We choose it and Love provides it. I'd say that's pretty awesome and "unconditional" rolled into one. I can't be certain how you see it, but in my mind that's the REAL meaning of Unconditional Love.

You could say that you get to choose the kind, quality and quantity of miracles that you create and experience and Love provides it...unconditionally.

Depending on what you think, believe and do...or not, that can be AWESOME news or "bad" news. That depends on you. The fact is, it ALL depends on you.

You may be, and chances are good you ARE wondering HOW what's happening in the world could be dependent on you. We'll get to that soon enough.

That's enough for now. If you believe, think and see things as MOST in the world do, you've got plenty to think about already.

I'm going to ask that you do that. Think about this and everything else I've shared previously for a few days. Review what we've already covered too.

I've placed all the Love Seeds in one place, so you can go through them again if you feel you need to. Maybe you've missed some. No worries. You can gain access to each of them as they're activated and/or catch up should you need to.

For now, I'm going to ask that you tune in and become more "aware" of what you're thinking about as you look at, see and experience the "good" and what many call the "bad" things that you see and/or experience as you go through the next few days.

As you do, tune into yourself, think about what you're thinking about, become keenly aware of the quality of seeds you're planting and how you're nurturing them.

It can be, and hopefully will be, quite revealing. If you'll do it, it WILL be. VERY much so actually. It gets better. The revelations become clearer. We'll be getting more into all that soon.

In a few days, I'll be revealing how you can rise above all the ugliness. You may be thinking that you can't. You may honestly believe that there is no way in hell that you can possibly rise above the multitude of "ugly and seemingly horrific" things happening in the world.

That's certainly your right and you CAN believe and do that if you choose to. If you find yourself thinking that, "I get it."

But know this. If you think and believe that, you'll get to be right. Plant those kinds of seeds and you'll continue to reap that kind of harvest.

Choose fear, doubt and worry seeds and that's what you get. Choose those that are more aligned with love, you'll begin to see a different kind of harvest. It works both ways. There's 2 sides to the coin.

If you're sincere and serious about enhancing the quality of your harvest, I'm going to be revealing more about how you can do that soon...regardless...and in a tangible and measurable kind of way too.

No need to wait though. You have all you need to begin, right here, right now.

Think about that and we'll connect again soon.

Here's to You, Love and Rising Above All the Ugliness,

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
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Yukon, OK 73099
Phone - 405-494-7593
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