The Power of Being

If You're Doing Much But Are Consistently Getting, Having and/or Settling For Less Than You "Truly Desire", Perhaps It's Time To Consciously, Intentionally and Purposefully Initiate The Power of Being

Choosing to do so "allows" heartfelt hopes, dreams
and aspirations to unfold right before your eyes!!

The Power of Being

The Power of Being isn't rational, logical nor feasible in a way that most "perceive"
rationale, logic or feasibility. It is a Force of Infinite proportion that transcends
"common logic" and makes Real Wealth, Real Success, Real Joy, Real Fulfillment and Real Freedom quite "real."

"Be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi

If you've found your way here, chances are good that you're either looking for potential solutions, some form of guidance, and/or are SERIOUS about and "truly ready" to do and have more of whatever you "truly desire" for yourself and those you love.

If that's the case, chances are REALLY good that it's going to require "doing" some things that you perhaps haven't thought about, done or even considered "doing" until now.

I will say up front that what we'll be delving into here is in no way, shape a form a "common way" of doing things. That's for sure. At the same time, I can and will say with absolute certainty, based on "personal experience" and "trying things" both ways, that it does yield extraordinary results.

A kind and quality of result that many...MOST perhaps never receive.

Because the form of doing I'll be suggesting and "strongly urging" you to at least consider, is how to consciously, intentionally, purposefully and consistently initiate the Power of Being in such a way that enables and allows you to consistently achieve FAR greater tangible and measurable as well as "intangible" results in any and EVERY aspect of your life.

And quite frankly that's something that many...most in fact have no idea how to do or simply choose not to. As true as that is, I've discovered that it's an essential and necessary way of doing things if you're serious and sincere about achieving and receiving the greatest possible results.

It's also not a form of "doing" that most associate with and "perceive" as being necessary for getting more of what they desire. It's a form of doing that requires nothing more or less than consciously, intentionally and consistently initiating the Power of Being.

Due to the fact that most place so much emphasis on "doing" and as a result of "choosing" to do things that way, most have little or no time left to explore, discover and understand the Power of Being, I'll provide those who find themselves in that situation with a very short, quick, simple yet profound 5 word solution for initiating the Power of Being in a way that will free up much of your time and will transform your entire world should you choose to heed the message and do what it conveys.

The short, quick and simple 5 word solution to consciously activate this Power of Being in the most desirable kind of way is this...

Love, accept, allow and surrender...unconditionally.

Choose to consistently "apply" those 4 simple yet profoundly powerful ways of being UNCONDITIONALLY into the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life and I KNOW you'll be well on your way toward creating and experiencing the life of your dreams.

It "truly is" as simple as that.

If the short, quick and simple version leaves you scratching your head and wondering what it means specifically, if you're unsure about HOW to apply it in EVERY aspect of your life, or you find yourself "believing and perceiving" that it can't possibly be that simple, yet you're "curious" enough to spend just a bit of time to explore and find out that it could possibly be "true", I'd strongly recommend finding and taking the time to read through the "longer version" that follows.

Because it IS really and truly that simple and the more lengthy version may assist you in clearly seeing that. It "should" provide a crystal clear, concise and thorough explanation of not only how the Power of Being works, but WHY it's such a vital aspect of consistently producing "desirable results" of a scope and magnitude that many "perceive" as being unreachable, unachievable and/or unattainable.

So let's get into the "longer version" of exactly how it works and why it's advisable to consciously, purposefully, intentionally and consistently apply the Power of Being in your life, if you're serious about creating greater results.

So many misunderstand and/or overlook altogether the indescribable power of surrendering, allowing and letting go. It's through "consciously choosing" and consistently "applying" this way of "being" that enables and empowers you to open the think, speak and act in such a way that aligns and harmonizes with what is "truly desired" without fear, doubt, worry, resistance and "clingy attachment."

And ironically, it's those very choices...fear, doubt, worry, resistance and "clingy attachment" that initiates the Power of Being in such a way that has so many "believing and perceiving" that the flow is somehow blocked.

But it's NOT, NEVER has been and never will be.

It's our individually chosen way of "being" which enables and allows us to do and have whatever we choose. That is determined by whether we choose "consciously or unconsciously." Whichever of those we choose; whether to BE conscious or remain unconscious in turn determines whether what we do and receive is perceived and as a result judged and labeled as being "good" or "bad", right or wrong, magnificent or horrific, etc. etc. based on our broad and expansive or short sighted and limited perspectives.

And as I've already stated, although it's an often overlooked approach for doing and having more, consciously, intentionally and consistently applying the Power of Being is a form of "doing" that will transform your entire life.

Everything that follows becomes much easier, more simple, fun, joyful, fulfilling and you find that you begin to Love what you do as well as what you receive.

It's a pretty cool and profoundly powerful way of "doing" things in my opinion which provides what are often "perceived" as being "seemingly magical" and/or in many cases "seemingly miraculous" results.

Let's Look at HOW To Consciously Initiate The Power of Being So You Might Experience This "Coolness and Magic" For Yourself

The first thing required and necessary to "do" is to look deeply within yourself with the "heartfelt intention" of discovering and understanding what is creating the current outcomes that are consistently "leaving you" in the place of "wanting more."

If you're in the same "space" that many find themselves in, all that may be necessary for you is to discover the power behind wanting what you have rather than frantically scurrying about, looking, seeking, hoping, wishing and praying that what you "want", are so "attached to" and are so "fearful and frantic" about NOT finding or getting is only a choice away.

Because doing so is really just a matter of discovering and consciously "applying" the Power of Being in EVERYTHING you DO...unconditionally.

Here's WHY the Power of Being works as it does...

The Power of Being determines, without fail, what you'll see in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. And the kind, quality and quantity of what you'll receive and have is without fail, a direct reflection of that choice.

The Power of Being is perhaps the single most important success principle to understand as it relates to you, your life and the kind and quality of events, conditions and circumstances that you'll experience in life.

How so?

Simply because The Power of Being is where it all begins. It's the "seed level" that determines the kind and quality of life that we experience individually as we journey and venture through life "DOING" whatever we do. Everything that follows, aligns and harmonizes perfectly and precisely with this Power of Being...more specifically our individually chosen way of being.

Confused? Let's simplify things.

Lau Tsu, the founder of Taoism said it best...

"To see things in the seed, that is genius."

To put it in everyday language...DOING isn't the "seed level" as so many perceive unless what your DOING is consciously aligned, harmonized and leads to initiating the Power of Being in ALL you think, say and do.

Since so many DO so much yet "perceive" themselves as receiving so little and always leaves them "wanting more", let's address DOING head on.

First and Foremost Let's "Clear The Air" About The Role Doing Plays Once We Begin Consciously Utilizing The Power of Being

There's no questioning the fact that creating tangible and measurable results requires "DOING" something to create them.

But most...the vast majority in fact place so much...and in some cases ALL emphasis on "blindly DOING" or fearfully DOING that without even realizing it, they "allow" what they do, how they feel about it, and the intensity in which they engage in whatever they do to shift and initiate a way of BEING that is in direct contrast to attracting and providing the "tangible result" that they hope, wish and pray all their DOING will create.

In other words, what they're BEING and doing conflicts with what they "claim" they'd like to have.

Many find themselves "BEING" busy...BEING out of time...BEING stressed out, anxious, fearful, doubtful, worried, in many cases because of what they "do" all the while wondering why they're receiving what they are and consistently asking when in the hell things are going to change and get better.

Yet it's that very way of "being" and "doing things" that is "keeping" what they so desire and are "trying so hard" to achieve from becoming a tangible reality.

They utilize the Power of Being in and unconscious and unintentional way.

They choose to do things in such a way that conflicts with a consciously aligned and harmonized way of "being" that enables and "allows" the desired result to "show up."

It's a self created dichotomy...a form of self sabotage.

Crazy huh? To end the "craziness" it's important to understand the boundaries that the Power of Being is limited by.

The Power of Being Transcends The Physical and Finite That Most Focus All Their Time, Attention and Doing On

If you talk to the vast majority of people in the world, they "perceive" and honestly "believe" that doing of a physical nature is all that's necessary to "get what we want." They really and truly "believe" that doing is the "only path" to walk if we're ever to "have" whatever it might be that we have a desire to have and/or experience in life.

And although true to an extent...although doing is a "portion" of what's necessary to create and receive desired outcomes, The Power of Being is what enables and empowers those who choose to slow down long enough from all their intense, frantic and fearful "DOING" just long enough to look below the surface where it becomes clearly apparent and they discover that "blindly doing" regardless of what they "think" or how they "feel" about it, is in and of itself a quite limited way of doing things.

It's limited and produces limited results because DOING in and of itself is "finite" in nature. It's all this form of physical doing can create...physical and finite results.

To tap into greater possibility and potential it's necessary to harmonize what you do with what you're choosing to be which "allows" the Power of Being to deliver the greatest and most pleasing result.

Because when you "consciously" align and harmonize the Power of BEING with what you DO, you open doors to the Infinite possibility and potential that's available to EVERYONE. Things become much more "simple", clear, easy even, as you begin to "attract" the ways and means that make your "Doing" FAR MORE productive as well as rewarding.

The Power of Being isn't limited to the physical and finite. It's "infinite" in nature. It's what we are choosing to BE at any given moment that determines the kind and quality as well as the quantity of what we DO as well as what we "receive" as an exchange of value for our doing.

The physical body being what it is, which is "physical and finite" can only DO so much. The physical body depends on the "physical brain" to do what it "needs" to do. The brain is an important and magnificent tool. It's necessary for the physical body to survive. But there's too much emphasis and dependence placed on it. The brain is limited to "perception and possibility" based on and limited by "perception" which is limited by the physical senses.

The mind on the other hand has the ability to tap into the infinite, to stretch outside of what "appears" to be real and right and true enabling us to imagine, see and conceive what the physical brain can't.

You could refer to the mind as the brain/tool of Universal Intelligence capable of conceiving and imagining possibility and potential of Infinite proportion. It's not limited to the physical and finite world in any way, shape or form unless we "choose and allow" for it to be.

Which brings us into another vitally important aspect of consciously initiating the Power of Being which is understanding what the Infinite is...more specifically, what exists within the Infinite and what is possible and/or probable for us.

Napoleon Hill, the author of the timeless classic 'Think and Grow Rich' said it best...

"Whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve."

It's what we conceive...what we imagine...what we focus on and give our attention to that determines and initiates the Power of Being which also determines the kind and quality of our achievements.

Get this because it's VERY important and not something you'll commonly hear in the many Law of Attraction circles.

The Infinite is NOT limited to what we might refer to as the "good stuff." It's infinite in nature. Within the Infinite exists polarity/duality meaning although what we desire for ourselves does exist there, the polar opposite of what we desire...what we "claim" we don't want ALSO exists there.

And because of that fact, what we achieve...regardless of how BIG or small we might choose to judge and label those achievements individually, although we don't often refer to the "bad stuff" as achievement...they ALL exist within the infinite.

There are many labels for the Infinite.

21st century science refers to the infinite as the field of "infinite probability." As Quantum Physics clearly shows, ALL probabilities exist there.

Spiritual text refers to the Infinite as the Kingdom. We draw from the Kingdom what we "believe" we will. That's why we're instructed so many times in spiritual text to "fear not." It's why it alos instructs us to "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and ALL these things will be added unto you."

When you grasp and comprehend the Infinite nature of "the field or "the Kingdom" you begin to discover there is NOTHING to fear although we ARE provided that choice which initiates the Power of Being and draws from The Field or The Kingdom whatever we choose.

Regardless of which you choose to lean on for your own understanding is immaterial, the fact remains...

The kind and quality of what we achieve and receive is a matter of choice. That choice is reflected in what we "believe and perceive." And whatever we choose, the Power of Being automatically kicks in and insures that's what we receive.

The Human Mind is a powerful tool. The way in which we choose to use, direct and focus the mind is the determining factor as to what we are choosing to BE which determines what we draw and receive from the Infinite.

The reason so many overlook the Power of Being is simply because the masses allow the mind to be their master rather than learning to master their mind.

The mind serves as the bridge between the physical and finite world of shape and form and the Infinite. The more we allow our minds to expand beyond the limiting borders of the physical and finite, the more it is able to see and comprehend what is Infinite in nature and the more likely it becomes that you'll ATTRACT and receive the REALLY BIG hopes, dreams and desires that most "perceive" as being irrational, illogical and in far too many cases completely impossible.

Yet it's that "chosen way" of being, believing, perceiving and "seeing things"...whether it's limited or Infinite...that initiates and activates the Power of Being which provides us with outcomes that align and harmonize with our choice.

Put another way...

Once you discover and choose to consciously "apply" the Power of Being in your life in a conscious and intentional way, you transcend the finite, open the door to and enter into the infinite. It enables you to see beyond the physical and finite...the lack...the limitation...the illusion and "perceived" realness of the physical events, conditions and circumstances that so many place so much focus on and give so much time and attention to.

They "allow" what's going on "out there" to keep them from "being" what's necessary to BE if they're ever to recognize and utilize the simplicity and perfection that sustains life and can, should we utilize the Power of Being consciously, intentionally, purposefully and consistently provide an Abundance of "desired results"...effortlessly.

But effortless doesn't mean that doing isn't necessary as many Law of Attraction gurus claim. Effortless means loving, enjoying, savoring and relishing what you do to create the "desired result"...the choices of which are Infinite in nature, which creates "tangible and measurable" results that can "seem" effortless in comparison to what and how so many choose to "DO" whatever they do to produce limited and finite results.

So doing is necessary but consciously, intentionally, purposefully and consistently initiating The Power of Being is the starting point from where ALL results and achievements flow from.

The Power of Being Encompasses and Supersedes All Success Principles

I've written extensively about the many success principles that we have the choice to use or not as we journey through life "doing" whatever it is that we do.

The Power of Being is perhaps THE most important.

The Power of Being encompasses all of them and serves as the umbrella if you will that all other success principles reside under.

I'd recommend going through each of those principles once you're finished here so you might be better able to "consciously choose" and differentiate what ways of "BEING" provide you with the greatest "tangible" as well as intangible outcomes.

The reason I recommend that is simply because The Power of Being encompasses such a vast array of many unconscious choices that we make, overlook and unconsciously engage in without even realizing that we are choosing at all. And all too often we're doing so in a way that is counter-productive to "receiving" what we claim we want.

Here's how and why that happens...

In a physical sense the power of being is based on how you present yourself in the world and how the world "perceives" you. In a non-physical sense, it transcends the "physical appearance" of things. It's what's happening deep within you which in turn determines HOW and WHY you present yourself the way you do which is the "underlying cause" of everything that follows.

What you're "choosing to be" and portraying yourself to the world as, isn't necessarily an accurate reflection of what's going on "inside."

The Power of Being get's to the core of who and what you "truly are." It's what you're "truly being" projects and determines what makes up the authentic you. The you that has what is often "perceived and labeled" by you as well as the world at large as "good and bad"...positive and negative...right and wrong traits.

Here's a specific example to clarify my point...

Forgiveness for example is way of BEING just as unforgiveness is a way of being. We can, and many do offer "forgiveness" on a surface level...we even at times do our best to "act as if" forgiveness has been granted, yet at the the very essence of our "being" we often "choose" to hold onto some aspect of what we "claim" we've forgiven which keeps us from "truly forgiving."

And although someone might honestly believe we HAVE forgiven them, at our core we are emitting and projecting vibes if you will that the Infinite uses to determine our communication...what we are asking for and due to the immutable and unwavering Power of Being and the Laws that oversee and govern it, the Infinite provides a direct reflection of our choice in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual aspects of our lives.

You can't escape the Power of Being. You can can "try" to fool the can "try" to fool yourself but what initiates the Power of Being and determines what is received goes to the heart and soul of who you are and what you're "truly" being at the deepest levels.

Our choice to express forgiveness or non-forgiveness doesn't and can't effect those who we express it toward without their consent. But it can and does effect and impact us individually and the events, conditions and circumstances that show up in tangible and intangible ways in our lives is a direct reflection of that choice.

Put simply...

It’s our chosen way of “being” in the world...what we're "truly being" and how we choose to respond or react to what we encounter and experience in the world that determines everything else.

When you begin "consciously utilizing" the Power of Being in every aspect of your life, what happens in the world is of little or no consequence to you.

If you find yourself in the same boat as the vast majority, it’s highly probable that you believe and perceive that getting what you want is more about “doing” than anything else.

And although a widely held “perception” it’s a very short sighted and limiting approach to life. Hence why so few in today’s world experience what Real Wealth, Real Harmony and Real Freedom is like.

Our lives are determined by what we choose to BE at any given moment NOT by what we DO or how the world "perceives us." The Power of Being is activated and although it determines in great part what we do, The Power of Being precedes what we do, impacts WHAT we do and what we'll have a result of that choice.

We'll explore a bit deeper as to why the Power of Being has the power that it does, but I think it's important to begin with a very simple yet profound equation that illustrates the Power of Being in a very simple, clear and concise way.

It's perhaps THE simplest yet at the same time THE single most important equation you can learn and choose to "consciously apply" in life...


And the reason it's so important that you begin there and SEE that, is simply due to the fact that most have the equation backwards. They "perceive" their lives as...

HAVE = DO and BE more.

Most "believe" that if they could HAVE something, they'd be able to DO more and as a result could BE more.

They have an "I'll believe it when I see it" mentality for the most part. Their in essence "unconscious" of the Power of Being and as result never SEE and HAVE a fraction of what they "truly desire" to have simply because they choose NOT to consciously initiate the Power of Being in a way that can provide it.

Being is where it ALL begins. The Power of Being is initiated at the level of consciousness and the quality of our chosen way of being is in direct correlation with that choice.

So let's look at that next.

The Power of Being and It's Connection With Consciousness

Let's look at the correlation between the Power of Being and what we are choosing to "think", conceive, believe and perceive at any given time.

What makes these "chosen ways of "being" possible is consciousness.

Everything in life...what was, is and will be at some point in the future was and is made possible as the result of consciousness. Your individual consciousness is what determines what you're being individually and initiates the Power of Being as it relates to you.

We're ALL without exception BEING something and using the Power of Being every second of every minute of every day. Most are just using it in an "unconscious" kind of way, and without realizing it, are creating outcomes that they often "perceive" as being random and often times "settle" for whatever the world chooses to throw their way.

So you could say that the Power of Being is "The Main Thing" that determines EVERYTHING that we do and the quality of that DOING finds it's root in whatever we are choosing to BE at any given moment.

And yes, I think it's important to emphasize, “doing” is a necessary and important component of the HAVING equation, yet there’s often way too much emphasis placed on what we do and as a result, The Power of Being, and more importantly “consciously BEING” in a way that aligns and harmonizes with DOING things in such a way that opens the floodgates to receiving MUCH MORE of what you desire is overlooked.

I'll repeat that because it's SOOO important...

THE single most important thing that you can do...consciously and intentionally initiating the Power of Being is more often than not overlooked altogether.

Because ultimately, it’s the Power of Being that determines everything else…LITERALLY...EVERYTHING else including what we do and what we’ll have or not have in life as a result of that one simple choice.

There are no limits and no exclusions as to what you can be, do and have in life with the exception of the limitations and exclusions that you "allow" at the level of consciousness which determines the quality of your "being" which in turn initiates the Power of Being and determines what you "receive" as a result.

Yet at the same time, getting what's "truly available" to and for you...tangible results that FAR EXCEED what most "perceive" as the norm, requires becoming "aware of" and consciously utilizing the Power of Being so that your individual desires...your BIGGEST and most sought after heartfelt desires...can be experienced in the simplest, quickest and most efficient way possible.

And contrary to what you might currently "believe or perceive" as being true, "believing" anything less is a way of BEING that will keep the REALLY BIG and extraordinary desires you might have and "truly desire" from becoming a "real and tangible" part of your life.

To condense the importance of the Power of Being in a phrase...

Our chosen way of being is what determines what we’ll experience in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives.

So, needless to say The Power of Being is an important subject and learning how to "consciously and intentionally" BE in a way that aligns and harmonizes with the tangible creation of “desirable outcomes” is THE single most important thing you can understand, “consciously apply” and master if you “truly desire” to experience the greatest possible result in the quickest and simplest way possible with the least amount of pain and physical effort.

And when you use the Power of Being consciously, intentionally, purposefully and consistently you'll LOVE and accept everything you receive.

Abundance, Happiness, Harmony, Fulfillment and unshakable Joy become a way of life...regardless.

Consciously BEING could be referred to as "the short path" that leads to MUCH MORE of what you want and FAR LESS of what you don't.

So let's take a closer look at the Power of Being on a bit broader scale so you can begin DOING just that as quickly and simply as possible, shall we?

The Power of Being and It's Correlation To Allowing, Resisting, Responding and Reacting

Hopefully you "get the fact" that what we are choosing to be goes below the surface and encompasses much more than the physical activities that we choose to engage in on a moment by moment basis.

So next let's look at some specific ways of being that we engage in.

There are 2 predominant ways of being that we have the right as well as the ability to choose from as we make our moment by moment choices and what we do as a result.

One of those ways of being is resistance and the other “allowing.” Resisting is in essence a choice to react to the various external events, conditions and circumstances that we encounter in life and allowing is a choice to respond in such a way that creates a more "pleasing and desirable" outcome.

Responding and reacting are both determined by our emotional responses.

For the sake of time we won’t delve in to the Power of Emotions here and the all encompassing role they play in determining the kind and quality of lives we experience individually. But do yourself a favor and explore the the Power of Emotions for yourself. It will shed additional light on the importance of "consciously and intentionally" utilizing the Power of Being in your own life as well as assist you in understanding how your emotional responses and/or reactions play such a vital role in determining the kind and quality of outcomes that you receive.

There’s a vast difference between reacting and responding. The difference is revealed and shows up in “tangible form” in the various aspects of life and the kind and quality of what shows up is determined by what you are choosing to be.

If you’ve explored The Law of Resonance and the The Law of Polarity, you'll have a better understanding of how and why responding and reacting determine the quality of result that you experience but the kind and quality of result can be and often is of a different kind and quality.

Here’s a visual to show you in a very simple way what the polarity scale looks like…






The difference between responding and reacting although they do exist on opposite ends of the same scale, is as measurable as the difference between love and fear, light and dark, hot and cold, and life and death.

Although they exist on the same scale, depending on which ened of the scale we choose, they can and do provide completely different results.

Let’s use a tangible real life example that portrays opposing ways of being…

If the doctor tells you that your body is reacting to a medicine that he/she has prescribed to you, your first thought is more than likely going to one of major concern which ignites emotions that are “fear based.” You "react" in a less than desired way.

If on the other hand the doctor tells you that your body is responding to the medicine, your first thought is more than likely going to be one of pleasing and positive change or improvement. It provides a sense of assurance and well being that "feels better" and ignites a totally different kind of emotional response.

Although both probabilities existed on the same scale your choice to respond and/or react provides a completely different "emotion" depending on your choice.

And that is where the Power of Being becomes intensified. The kind and quality of our "chosen" emotional response determines the kind and quality of the "attraction" that determines the kind and quality of our "tangible" result. But the Power of Being BEGINS at the "intangible" level and is reflected and intensified based on our choice to respond and/or react.

Because everything in life triggers a positive and pleasing emotional response or a reaction depending on whether it's "perceived" as being good and pleasing or bad and displeasing.

Good or bad are nothing more than "perceptions" based on what you "believe and perceive" as being "true." That is only determined by what you've learned and the experiences you've had based on the beliefs formed due to WHAT you've learned.

The Power of Being is best and most consciously utilized by developing the understanding that what you're choosing to be is based on your interpretation of the experience (your perception) at any given moment which ignites and determines the quality of emotion you stir and experience which in turn determines the quality of what you do and how you do it which is always revealed in direct proportion to what you’ll HAVE in life.

The Power of Being is essentially determined by your individually chosen "perceptions" and the emotions those perceptions ignite.

Who determines what you "perceive" as being "true?"

YOU do!!

Which also determines what emotions...whether responsive or'll ignite as you experience the various external events, conditions and circumstances that you encounter in the physical world.

Consciously being really boils down to accepting responsibility for ALL things in your life and working toward the ultimate and most powerfully effective thing we can do which is make a conscious and intentional choice to achieve emotional mastery.

The Power of Being and Moving Toward Emotional Mastery

What could achieving emotional mastery possibly have to do with getting what you want?

Emotional Mastery leads to life mastery. Making a point…a priority to consistently check…and when necessary adjust your emotional response in everything encountered in life...choosing to respond rather than react, enables you to be, do and have more of what you desire for yourself and less of what you don't want.

How so?

Once you become aware of the Universal Laws that oversee, govern and determine every aspect of your life as well as every event, condition and circumstance on a Universal scale, it becomes much easier to see how and why your chosen way of being and the emotional responses that follow determine what you’ll receive or not receive in life.

You’ll clearly see and understand why and how The Law of Attraction works and how your chosen way of “being” determines the kind and quality of result that you’ll "attract to you" and receive at some point.

I've heard a lot of people say that the Law of Attraction just doesn't work for them.


Those who “claim” that The Law of Attraction doesn’t work for them simply don’t understand that it’s their chosen way of being...their emotional choices that attracts and determines WHATEVER it might be that they’re receiving and often times this "unconscious choice" prevents them from accepting responsibility which, as we've covered, is necessary for taking the next steps toward initiating the Power of Being consciously and intentionally.

And don't downplay the importance of "accepting responsibility" and the interconnected role it plays in consciously initiating The Power of Being.

Accepting responsibility is an important part of mastering your response-ability.

Mastering your response-ability and attuning it to love and acceptance is a way of BEING that always has, always does and always will greatly enhance the quality of your life in both a physical and non-physical...yet at the same time a measurable kind of way.

There is no limit to what you can be, do and have in life with the exception of the choices that you make for yourself. The kind, quality and quantity of what we receive individually and the quality of our experience, whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually is determined by our chosen way of being in the world which is determined by how we respond and/or react to the various things that show up in the world.

Enhancing your response-ability is a choice and it IS your responsibility.

Reacting out of fear or responding out of love both produce results, yet the kind and quality of result experienced exist on opposite ends of the polarity spectrum. (See the Law of Polarity)

The single most important thing that you can do to begin “consciously being” is to move beyond and transcend the predominantly held "fear based" beliefs, perceptions and opinions held by the vast majority and come to the place that you understand, internalize and grasp the REAL facts concerning who and what you “truly are.”

What's the best, fastest and simplest way to do that?

It's as simple as understanding the importance of choosing to DO things in a way that you come to "Know Thyself."

To “Know Thyself” and to consciously direct and control what you are “Being” at any given moment is the most beneficial thing that anyone can do, yet few do for any infinite number of reasons.

The BIGGEST reason is due to the fact that MOST overlook and never "choose" to discover the power they have to mold and shape their lives. They see themselves as nothing more than human and overlook what drives, fuels and makes the "human aspect" of them possible.

You’re more than a human meat suit created to do, do and do your way into survival and getting by. You're MUCH MORE than a "fear based" REACTOR created to dodge, hide from and fear the possibility and potential of the unpleasant things you MIGHT encounter in the physical world. Yet that's what MOST do. It's a way of BEING that MOST choose.

And although they DO have that right and that choice to make is theirs and theirs alone, it's NOT a way of BEING that will enable The Power of Being to bring them what they desire.

The Power of Being and Judgment, Blame, and Finger Pointing

It saddens me at times to read or hear those who simply don’t understand nor grasp the power of being, who in some way, shape or form are "attracted to" this kind of information and choose to judge, blame and condemn those who attempt to “light their path” and enhance the quality of their lives. It's THE single most important form of education ANYONE could receive, yet due to their cynical, pessimistic and self limiting “perceptions” resulting in judgment, name calling and placing ugly labels on those who hold the intention and keep their attention and focus on enhancing quality of life for those with the desire to learn and grow, they never benefit from it.

The BIGGEST judgment I see is those who are SO short sighted to "seeing" the quality of the education that these "teachers" provide and for whatever reason overlook the fact that these "teachers" must survive as well.

I see that ALL the time. I even EXPERIENCE it sometimes. I suppose it's a "test" if you will to ensure that I'm remaining "aware" and keeping a check on my "response-ability."

We won't get into all the hows and whys that happens here, but it's only because of one of 3 reasons. One being just sheer ignorance of the Power of Being, another being an entitlement mentality that someone owes them something, and the other being that they may have fallen for some hyped up get whatever you want by tomorrow Law of Attraction program based on quick, cheap and easy "airy fairy nonsense" and because they found it DIDN'T work for them, choose to look outside of themselves and blame others for their own choices.

Let's be clear, those aren't "judgments"...they're observations that I convey to assist you in remaining "aware and conscious"

The best and most productive choice someone can make in these situations which activates and initiates the Power of Being in the most beneficial and desirable kind of way is to GET OVER IT...REGARDLESS, and move forward.

Are there those who "claim" to be teachers and gurus with “less than desirable” intentions? Do there exist others who make choices and DO things strictly for their own advancement and benefit regardless of the cost? Absolutely. But it’s not my job nor is it beneficial to judge, blame and condemn ALL for the "blind and shortsighted choices" of a few.

It IS my job and it IS beneficial to accept responsibility for my choice, GET OVER IT and CHOOSE not to fall for the quick, cheap and easy "cookie cutter approach" hyped up airy fairy nonsense that WE ourselves chose.

We learn, we grow and we simply choose that we won't "allow" ourselves to make the same mistake again. And then we "let go" and move forward.

DOING things such as judging, blaming and condemning others...REGARDLESS of what they've done...isn't a way of DOING things that is going to "allow" us to get what we want. It IS going to "allow" us to get the polar opposite though.

The most beneficial choice we can make for ourselves as well as others to initiate the Power of Being in a desirable kind of way is learn to Love and Accept Unconditionally. Granted we may have to "love and accept some from a distance" but making certain that our individually chosen way of being is projecting Love is initiating the Power of Being in a way that we LOVE which shows up in the way of both "tangible and intangible" results that align and harmonize with WHAT we love.

In other words The Power of Being insures that we "attract and receive" what we Love.

That's the ONLY WAY to enable and "allow" the Power of Being to draw to us WHAT we Love. It's NOT dependent on others. It's IMMATERIAL what others DO or DON'T DO.

It's what YOU do that matters and doing whatever you do "consciously and intentionally" is a VITAL aspect of activating the Power of Being in a desirable kind of way.

In a physical and hectic world of DO, DO, DO and get, get, get with a focus and intention of "What's in it for me", we often times overlook and/or never grasp the simplicity, perfection and the power of Being.

More specifically because we attempt to DO so much and “perceive” ourselves as having so little time to get it all this "DOING" done, we often overlook and/or lose sight of the importance of BEING…consciously, intentionally and purposefully being…in such a way that aligns and harmonizes with what we "truly love" and “truly desire” to do and have as we journey through life.

Yet it’s often what we do which conflicts with the way of being that would enable, empower and allow us to have the desires of the heart fulfilled which we so often “perceive” that our doing will create.

But as important as DOING is to complete the cycle that makes the tangible creation of any desire complete, the single most important thing you can DO is to become keenly and consciously aware of what you’re being at any given moment.

Whether you choose to explore and understand the science behind it or lean on the teachings of the sages, mystics and masters of the past, one message stands the test of time and proves itself over and over and over again with unwavering certainty…

“As you think, so shall you be.”

“As you believe you shall receive.”

"Judge not and you will not be judged."

"Treat your neighbor as you would want to be treated."

"Love your brother as you love yourself."

There is NO amendment included by any of that conveyed wisdom.

There is no but, or unless or anything else.

Most place far too much emphasis on what they see and experience and due to the emotional reactions and/or responses that happen as a result, emotional responses that WE OURSELVES choose, it’s more often than not that most continue to get and see more of what they don’t want.

Become aware of the temptation to base today's decisions upon what you see now or have experienced in the past. The facts, events, conditions and circumstances that you’re “seeing and experiencing” today are nothing more or less than what you have chosen to be…meaning the decisions that you made and what you did at some point in the past.

Instead, base today's choices and decisions upon the facts and circumstances as you “desire them to be”…in a way that they will inevitably be and "allow" yourself to experience how you'll "feel" once your fondest hopes, dreams and desires have already taken tangible form.

To do that though requires nothing more or less that initiating the Power of Being...consciously, intentionally and consistently BEING, a kind and quality of which aligns and harmonizes with whatever you might desire to have.

In a phrase...

Consciously and consistently utilize the Power of Being.

You can choose as the majority does to overlook, remain ignorant and oblivious to the life creating power behind The Power of Being and consistently repeat the same habitual patterns…a way of being, perceiving, believing, thinking, speaking, acting, judging, blaming, condemning, labeling and finger pointing as you engage in your day to day “doing.” You can engage in such a way that supports, substantiates and creates a reality, a kind and quality of which mirrors their choice. But these choices are more times than not based on and determined by their often times fearful, short sighted, cynical, pessimistic views of the world which is the one and only thing that determines how things unfold in their world at some point in the future.

And that's what the vast majority in the world do. It's why we were were provided with the transformational wisdom to "Be in the world, but not OF the world."

Those who are OF the world allow what they’re “seeing” and experiencing to determine what they’re “being” which can only self replicate, sustain the never wavering or failing cycles of life and create more of the same.

Their unconscious and shortsighted way of “being” keeps them “seemingly trapped” within a world of less than desired and “seemingly inescapable” events, conditions and circumstances that aligns and harmonizes perfectly, precisely and without fail with their chosen “perceptions” of the world…of others…of themselves…of the events, conditions and circumstances that they experience which are in turn “perceived and judged” as being random, chaotic, scary and inescapable.

It’s without fail that our chosen way of “being” in the world that determines everything that follows. Whatever we choose to “be” determines what we’ll do and have in the world.

It’s profoundly simple, yet most “unconsciously choose” and as a result consistently receive the polar opposite of what they hope, wish, pray and “claim” they want.

They solidify and substantiate the “less than desired” events, conditions and circumstances through their own judgments…based on what they see, hear, touch, taste and smell.

Yet all things…ALL things stem from and show up in tangible form based on the choices we make.

The Power of Being Is Expressed and Projected In Everything You "Choose" To Think, Say and Do

Hopefully you understand the Power of Being based on what we've covered. It's my hope as well as my intention that you not only understand but will make a conscious, intentional, purposeful and consistent choice to utilize the Power of Being in EVERYTHING you do.

You simply cannot NOT choose what you are being. You’re always “being” something. You can…and most do choose “unconsciously”, yet a choice is being made nonetheless.

Choosing consciously isn’t a requirement. It’s 100% optional. Both choosing and Being are inescapable acts. We are ALWAYS in all ways choosing to be something and what we see as a result, whether in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual aspects of our lives is a direct reflection of this one inescapable choice.

What you are “seeing” now enables you to recognize, understand and become keenly aware of what you have chosen to “be” at some point in the past. If what you are “seeing” is less than desired, isn’t it common logic that in order to “see” what you desire in the future, it’s going to be necessary to enhance your chosen way of being?

Of course it is.

But it’s not what most DO. What the vast majority “choose” is to change or increase the intensity of what they DO simply because they fail to grasp the Power of Being and although they might do much, what they receive is small and finite in comparison to what’s “truly available” to and for them should they recognize that it’s our chosen way of being that determines everything else.

And as we've covered, the first place that we can begin to see and experience just how “true” that is, is through our emotional responses. How we feel at any given moment can serve as a bright and flashing neon sign. We can and must become consciously aware of that choice if we "truly expect" to receive more of what we want and less of what we don't.

A choice to unconsciously react or a choice to “consciously respond” can be and will be “seen” as a direct reflection in some aspect of our life and will always reveal what we have chosen or are choosing to be.

The most desirable and powerful way of being that we can and must choose for ourselves if we truly expect to see our fondest and most heartfelt desires take “tangible form” is to Love, allow and surrender…unconditionally.

So profoundly simple…so immensely powerful…so awesome, perfect and precise...yet so often overlooked and never acted on by the vast majority.

There is no right or wrong in that. There is no judgment.

At the “being level” there is no positive or negative. There is no good or bad. Right or wrong are nothing more than individually chosen judgments and perceptions regarding what is. It’s simply a choice to be what we choose which determines what we see and will consistently experience based on that choice.

There is no one who I’ve ever encountered who doesn’t convey a desire to “do and have” more. Yet the vast majority are unaware of the power they hold to do and have whatever it might be or are in their “unconscious way” attempting to DO, DO and DO themselves into “having” with little or no conscious focus on their chosen way of “being” as they do whatever it is they do. They consistently choose not to enhance and elevate what they are “being” which is the one and only thing that can “allow” whatever is “truly desired” to become real and tangible.

They “choose” to remain where they are and consistently get more of what they are “unconsciously choosing” to get all the while “perceiving”, justifying, supporting and solidifying the under the radar “beliefs” that the world is random, cruel, chaotic, evil, cold, scary, unfair which is the very way of “being” that sustains the “undesirable cycle” that they themselves are “unconsciously and unknowingly choosing to sustain and remain “seemingly trapped” within.

They simply choose to judge by appearances which is the one choice that determines the kind and quality of their “being” and is reflected in what they get…without fail…without judgment…without discernment…without interference and with unwavering certainty.

The process of creation is always consistent. It’s always perfect, precise...the MAGIC is always being revealed and MIRACLES are unfolding all around you every second of every minute of every day.

To see and experience more of the “desired miracles” is as simple as choosing to enhance and elevate your way of “seeing and perceiving” the miracles that are, always have and always will continue unfolding all around you just as you choose.

The Power of Being is the greatest gift you could have ever received. When you combine that with the inalienable right of free will…a right that was freely provided to you, me and everyone else on this planet and you choose what you are “being” consciously, intentionally, purposefully and consistently, you’ll see the world…your world fall into alignment and perfect harmony with whatever your individually held desires might be perfectly, precisely and with unwavering certainty.

There is no “right or wrong” way to be or DO things, but consciously “being” is the key to having anything and everything that your heart “truly desires.” What follows is nothing more or less than a bi-product of that choice.

It’s simply a matter of recognizing whether you are choosing to respond or react to any given occurrence in life. Reacting is to “allow” fear, doubt, worry, stress, anxiety, apprehension, anger, etc. to take place based on what you see. Responding is to become and remain “conscious” of and tuning into what you are choosing to be at that moment, making the necessary adjustments should you find that your way of being is anything less than carrying you one step further down the path to where you desire to be.

So ask yourself what do you "truly desire" for yourself?

If your desire is to see more material wealth…be materially wealthy

If your desire is to experience more robust health…be healthy

If your desire is to receive more Love…be and give more Love.

It ALL begins at the “being” level and unfolds perfectly, precisely and without fail based on that choice.

Make a choice to explore, learn and understand the other Success Principles and if it's not already, perhaps they'll assist you in SEEING how the Power of Being can enable you to consciously BE of a kind and quality that enables and empowers you to attract, do and have more of whatever it might be that you desire to attract, do and have more of.

I also offer as well as recommend a number of personal empowerment resources that can be utilized to enhance your understanding as well as your results.

For those who prefer a more "personalized approach", I also provide individual one time consultations as well as both short and long term mentoring/coaching packages custom tailored to each individual based on their individual hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations.

Whatever your desires might be, do your best to Choose Consciously...utilize the Power of BEING consciously, intentionally and purposefully and before you know it, you'll "know" and just as importantly personally experience what it means to "really live."

You'll know in a tangible and experiential kind of way what Real Success, Real Wealth, Real Joy, Real Fulfillment and Real Freedom REALLY and TRULY is in a very real and tangible kind of way.

Whatever you choose, it's my sincere and heartfelt hope that you might experience the fullness of life and the Love, Joy, Harmony, Peace and Limitless Prosperity that WE ALL without exception have the choice and the ability to make real in each and every aspect of life.

What I personally choose to refer to as as a quality of life that enables and allows you to experience Abundance and Happiness physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

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