The Power of Compassion

The Power of Compassion Expressed Consciously Can and Does Make A Tremendous Impact On and Difference In The World

The Power of Compassion

The Power of Compassion is a form of power that can and will change the world
should we exercise it consciously, intentionally and choose to allow it to

We're all quite familiar with and have heard the word compassion, yet due to a widespread lack of understanding concerning the vital role The Power of Compassion plays on a universal scale combined with widespread apprehension to openly express it, few ever fully experience the far reaching benefits that the Power of Compassion always provides. And while it's true that some do practice compassion in their day to day lives, doing so unconsciously can result in "less than desirable" results.

And in a number of cases it's only a word...or at least it's often "perceived" that way.

But compassion is more. In fact, experiencing the power of compassion is MUCH more than simply being consciously aware of it. It's not enough to see compassion as just another word in the English language.

Meaningful and Heartfelt compassion properly expressed and utilized can and does transform lives in far greater ways than many unerstand.

Here's what I mean by that...

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines compassion as...

"Sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it."

But to me expressing and engaging in heartfelt compassion means much more than that. To me to express and really show fully initiate The Power of Compassion requires more than "thinking about" and "desiring" to alleviate distress.

To me, to experience the far reaching Power of Compassion in our own lives as well as those we are expressing compassion for requires intentional, conscious and heartfelt action. To fully express and experience the power of compassion requires the combination of a sympathetic consciousness and yes a desire to alleviate distress...but it also requires conscious and intentional action as well. A form of action that will further assist in alleviating the distress of another when possible and when it's helpful and healthy for all parties involved.

To me that's what "real compassion" is. That's what I personally believe is necessary to fully express as well as experience the Power of Compassion in our lives. Meaningful, heartfelt caring combined with a desire to alleviate distress, but followed up with action.

Otherwise it's nothing more than a noble thought that really doesn't alleviate anything or assist anyone in a tangible and truly meaningful kind of way.

To experience the real power of compassion requires action on our part.

The type of action necessary to fully convey, express and exercise compassion can vary depending on the situation of the person or people you are having compassion for.

Initiating the Power of Compassion could be simply offering a gesture of support. Just verbalizing the fact that you're there should someone need you.

But it's more to me that just a thought. Although conscious intention is a powerful ally, the work isn't complete...the Power of Compassion isn't realized until we follow it up with action.

It's about loving people, truly caring about them, accepting them unconditionally and remaining open and willing to truly understand them...where they are...where they've been and where they desire to go. But most importantly, to fully engage the power of compassion requires, if you're able, a willingness to assist them through conscious and intentional action in getting to where they desire and may need assistance in getting to.

It doesn't mean taking them there. It doesn't mean carrying them. It means supporting and assisting them to get there on their own. To support and encourage them when necessary. To instruct when they ask. To do what feels right for you to do when they ask.

And that's key. What "feels right" for you.

For the power of compassion to be fully initiated and beneficial for all parties requires a willingness to love and honor yourself as well. To not become so caught up in the issues that you are powerless to change individually that you allow it to effect your own health. What I mean by that is to allow stress...physiological stress to elevate.

As I cover in detail in my complimentary e-book, The Miracle Of You And Your Cells, internal physiological stress ignited in the autonomic nervous system can and does create problems in our own lives individually and is far reaching. It literally impacts the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects that collectively make up our lives.

It's what allows illness and disease to flourish in our own bodies, limiting the immune system functions and keeps our bodies from healing themselves. (Learn more about the effects of physiological stress through this recorded conference with Dr. Bruce Lipton PHD.) So it's vital for our own health and well being to employ the power of compassion in the lives of others yet at the same time exercise compassion for ourselves...becoming conscious of the importance of loving and honoring ourselves enough to insure that we express and engage in a healthy form of compassion and keep ourselves whole and healthy.

I suppose you could say The Power of Compassion is a 2 way street. We care enough to assist, we project compassion for those we meet, we do what we can, accept the fact that we can't do it all, and equally as important express heartfelt gratitude for the gifts we've been provided to make a difference.

And then, when you combine this caring...this depth of compassion with the action outlined, then and only then do I believe you've done all you can to exercise, clearly convey, reveal and initiate the power of compassion to others.

Point being, it's more than "thinking about" assisting others. As one of the masters so eloquently and correctly stated...

"Faith without works is dead." Fully initiating and experiencing the power of compassion requires works...doing the best we can when we can in a way that feels right for us. A type of action that extends beyond consciousness.

So for me, from my perspective, it's also about "doing" in such a way that feels good to you, that resonates with you at your core, feels good and at the same time is done consciously in such a way that truly benefits those you are feeling and expressing compassion for.

When you show and express that kind of caring and compassion, you've made a tremendous difference in someone's life individually even if it goes unexpressed by those who you've chosen to exercise and express compassion toward.

The benefits are far reaching and extend far beyond those you choose to assist as well as yourself. In fact they impact the world and elevate the quality of consciousness on a Universal scale.

Consciously Exercising The Power of Compassion
Is More About Empathy Than Sympathy

It's also vital though to understand the difference between an empathetic and sympathetic form of compassion. Sympathy is often confused with healthy compassion which can, if left unchecked, drain your energy which only serves to dis-empower rather than empower, energize and serve in the way intended.

It's also vital to have empathy and compassion for yourself. To love and honor yourself.

A healthy form of compassion serves us individually as well as those who we are expressing compassion toward. It's vital that a harmonious balance is achieved.

There are those who would attempt to take advantage of our willingness to help, who would attempt to push us beyond compassion and into co-dependency. There are those who might attempt to use us a crutch rather than a means of support and strength.

Healthy compassion isn't about becoming co-dependent. It's not about allowing others to become weak and dependent on our strength. It's about providing the necessary compassion...a leaning post if you will enabling them to heal and regain their own strength. To support and allow them to lean when they find it difficult to stand on their own. It's not about carrying them. It's about assisting them through difficult and trying times that we all inevitably experience at some point in our lives.

That's healthy compassion expressed and it can and does impact the world in a profoundly powerful way.

Choosing to experience the power of compassion in your own life is without question an individual choice. Yet it's a choice that I've come to know through experience is one that will enable, empower and assist you in experiencing a life filled with love, joy, harmony, fulfillment, and limitless prosperity in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.

What I personally choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

I'm Finished With The Power of Compassion
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I'm Finished With The Power of Compassion
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