Random Generator Experiments

Do Random Generator Experiments Point To The Fact That We Can Consciously Alter Our Individual Realities Through Conscious Intention?

Does intention somehow determine reality? Based on the findings that random generator experiments reveal the one word answer is…Absolutely!!!

So what could that POSSIBLY have to do with the the science of success?


There have been hundreds of random generator experiments performed since the 60s which provide tangible evidence as to just how “true” that is.

Ironically it’s our individually held “perceptions” of truth that determine if what we “perceive to be true” is in fact true for us or not.

To me that’s all the proof I need to grasp and understand the fact that Creator…whatever you might “perceive” Creator to be individually, has quite a sense of humor.

Discussing such things it’s quite easy to get off track so let’s get back to the subject matter intended…namely random generator experiments and what these experiments have shown…

What are random generators? They are quite simple measuring devices that measure intention.

There have been countless experiments performed with random generators at both the individual level of consciousness as well as on a much larger scale known as the collective consciousness.

Believe it or not there’s a scientific name for this and it’s called Retropsychokenesis.

What exactly is Retropsychokinesis?

Retropsychokinesis is the claimed ability of certain subjects to alter random data generated, but not examined, prior to the time the data are presented to the subject.

Conventional physics would call such things crazy and far fetched. To get to the core of this understanding it’s necessary to delve a bit deeper than conventional physics and explore the world of quantum physics.

I’ll warn you up front though. REGARDLESS of how deeply you might dig into any of the scientific modalities available to us, REGARDLESS of how much quantum scientists might “claim” to know with regard to the nature of reality, the more you explore and discover the more you begin to understand just how little anyone knows INCLUDING quantum physicists.

Ironic isn’t it?

Not really when you “truly grasp” the idea that reality is Infinite in nature. If it weren’t the term Infinite and it’s “true meaning” would become obsolete. The Infinite is just that Infinite.

The infinite has no beginning and no end as we perceive in a Newtonian Reality. There are no borders or ceilings. The Infinite is actuality where anything and everything that is, has been or ever will be in our Newtonian Reality is derived from.

Many scientists refer to this Infinite place as the infinite field of probability where ALL probabilities already exist.

The more everyone attempts to figure it out and understand this “filed”, the more they understand that there is more to figure out and understand. In other words, what there is to figure out keeps expanding. So in “actuality” the best thing to do is quit attempting to figure it out and learn to enjoy and savor the journey.

Something else that’s ironic though is that it’s sometimes necessary to get to this place of enjoyment and the savoring of life in the Newtonian world by expanding our intellectual mind which inevitably leads us to the “Higher Truth” that to truly enjoy and savor life in the Newtonian world, it’s necessary to transcend the intellect and what the mind “perceives.”

In other words we discover that the mind is the tool that we must use to ultimately discover and come to the intellectual understanding that we must get out of our mind to experience the fullness of all there is to experience.

Doing so requires developing a “knowing” that transcends both the individual mind and the intellect. In essence it’s a transcendence into the One Mind…the field…the kingdom or whatever you might choose to “perceive” the Infinite to be.

It’s this Infinite essence that contains pure and untainted data of Infinite proportion that is absent judgment, rationale, prejudice etc. but at the same time contains within itself the probability of anything that we choose to imagine.

What random generator experiments have shown is that we have the ability to utilize our mind to alter the field based on our individual intention and create something observable in the Newtonian reality.

In the case of random generator experiments what is created is observable numbers 0 and 1 that the intellectual mind can look at study and “perceive” as producing specific results.

I'm Finished With Random Generator Experiments
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I'm Finished With Random Generator Experiments
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