Releasing old Beliefs and Old Programing of Poverty and Lack From Childhood and Past Lives

by Anonymous

I am 72 years old, I love life and love to help others, and share my gifts. But I never seem to have the money or income to have the things that are good for me.

I now owe 2000 thousand dollars debt, and want to be free of debt and have the cash money to live and take care of myself.

I would like to know how to release all energies from my past that keeps me here, without.

I need help. Thank you for reading this and getting back to me. I am grateful.

Chuck's response to Anonymous...

Hello Anonymous,

Thank You for sharing your thoughts here. They are certainly valued and I might add touching and deeply moving as well.

As much as I would love to, obviously I nor can anyone else "fix" what you perceive as being a "problem" but I'll do what I'm able here in the best way I can.

Based on your statements...

"But I never seem to have the money or income to have the things that are good for me."

Another word you use in the second sentence is "WANT."

and in the 3rd...

"I would like to know how to release all energies from my past that keeps me here, without."

3 statements stand out for me as I read those. In the first sentence "things that are 'good' for me."

In the second WANT...

...and in the 3rd sentence "release the energy that keeps me here, without."

Energy is very literal. VERY VERY literal in what it delivers. Both the kind and quality of energy projected through our thoughts and emotions as well as what is "attracted to us" as a result of the quality of energy that we project through those thoughts and emotions is ALWAYS a mirrored reflection of the energy projected.

It's never "bad or good." It's what we choose, meaning the "energy" we choose to project. Good or bad is nothing more or less than a judgment and label based on what we believe and how we view life individually.

In other words the cause (the energy projected) always determines and mirrors the quality of the effect. And it ALWAYS aligns and harmonizes...perfectly, precisely and unwaveringly. It's not discerning in nature in any way, shape or form. It's VERY literal.

Let's look at the word in your second statement "want" as a seed and the polar opposite statement "already have" as a seed also.

If I plant WANT seeds I receive a harvest of WANT.

If I plant a seed of ALREADY HAVE I receive a harvest of ALREADY HAVE.

If I plant a different kind and quality of seed I receive a different kind and quality of harvest.

In essence planting WANT seeds is the same as planting an apple seed and WANTING an orange tree.

In energy lingo, WANT is a resistant type of energy to ALREADY HAVING what you currently WANT.

Another statement that stands out...

"good for me"

In the context I'm seeing it, you are saying "good for me" as in that you are, in a sense stating that where you are currently ISN'T "good for you" and you WANT TO BE in a place that is "good for you" or "better for you" based on what you believe a good or better place is.

There is a very fine line there. A "razors edge" if you will. So it requires a slight paradigm shift.

At the energy level, everything is already connected. There is no separation. It's an infinite "field" of energy if you will joined as ONE. There's no beginning or ending in this Infinite Field and there is no separation.

It simply consists of ONE Infinite field of energy consisting of an Infinite number of frequencies. Both the tangible world of shape and form as well as the "unseen types of energy" in this "One field" are ALL energy. It's just of different and varying frequencies.

It's necessary to emit and project a "frequency" that aligns and harmonizes with whatever the desire might be.

Perceived separation only becomes real, tangible and measurable in the Newtonian world of shape and form based on the frequency of energy that we emit and project.

It attracts energies of a "harmonious frequency", transmutes in form and becomes real and tangible.

Which brings us to the statement "release the energy."

It's not so much a "releasing of energy" as it is a shifting of energy. We can't be "released from energy" simply because everything IS energy. We ourselves are energy as is everything else.

We can't release or escape from ALL there is. There is NOTHING that energy is not.

What we can do is shift the quality of the energy that we project through our thoughts and emotions (change what we're asking for) and as a result shift the kind and quality of tangible and measurable results that we "think, believe and perceive" that we don't have.

Doing so requires enhancing the quality of our beliefs and perceptions. What I share in each edition of Enlightened Journey is designed to assist with that.

Perhaps the following articles can also assist you in seeing and understanding, in a clear way what I'm sharing here...

Wanting What You Have

Faith and Abundance Is All There Is

Quantum Physics

I hope these prove helpful to you in some way shape or form.

It's a journey Anonymous. The more loving and accepting we become the more fun, fulfilling and tangibly rewarding the journey becomes.

That loving and accepting begins with ourselves. It's perhaps the "main thing" for the simple fact that the love we give comes from us. If limited we in turn limit the the love we're able to give.

Which leads into one final question. You mentioned that you love to give and to share your gifts. That's awesome. Are you asking for and see yourself as worthy of receiving an exchange of value for the gifts you give and contribute?

Are you loving yourself enough to allow the exchange of value? Giving is awesome. But giving to ourselves is equally necessary.

It's the nature of people to take as much as you'll give. We must love ourselves enough to provide a way for them to give back, because many...perhaps most, NEVER will unless you do.

And if not what can you DO to change that?

That's something to consider as well.

The Best For You Always,


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