Religion, Quantum Physics and Everything :)

by Shelley K.

Hi Chuck,

I believe what you say 100%! :) Man Made religion has always rubbed me the wrong way. The fear factor and "GOD" just did not make sense to me. Church scared me. So all my life I always saw the positive side of things unconsciously.

Since I arrived at, and read about Quantum Physics, I understand (and believe it 100%) that the Universe (my label) is real...OMG!!!!

When I told my husband (who has always believed in the Higher Truth) about what Quantum Physics and the mad scientists have just touched the surface of, all he could say was " I #%&^:*! knew it!

Finally!! LOL :)

Thank you so much Chuck! Its like getting 100% permission to finally use and live and create with all the wonderful gifts that we receive continually without being crucified for it.

Of course to some its going to take more convincing but that's OK. It is what it is. For now my husband and I are seriously thinking consciously and as I am writing this, I know 100% that all of our dreams and desires are coming true. Some in a blink of an eye!!

I do Love you Chuck and thank you for sharing your heart...its working!! :)

I'll keep you posted. So many things are happening so fast!! :) Very exciting.:)

Abundance and Happiness always,

Shelley K.

Chuck's response to Shelley...

Hi Shelley,

Thank You for sharing your awesome story. I can't begin to express what it means or how it feels to be enabled to empower others. As you may know, I refer to what I do as my "Soul Purpose."

I do because it is!! :)

It's amazing to me, although in some cases sadly amazing, that so many can't move beyond what they "think they know" only because they're unable to see that some, much and in some cases ALL of what we've learned about ourselves, others and life in general is nothing more or less than "less than empowering" beliefs and perceptions handed down from generation to generation. Their beliefs and perception stem from and are based on what previous generations (our parents, grandparents, great grandparents, teachers of various kinds, etc) taught them.

As a human species, we have a tendency to take things at "face value" and believe nearly everything we're told without ever exploring and discovering for ourselves if what we've learned and developed "beliefs" about is "Really True."

That's also what I LOVE about Higher Truth. The fact that WHATEVER we choose to "think and believe", we "get to be" right...unconditionally.

I'm personally ecstatic that I made the choice to do that. That didn't happen prior to personally experiencing a LOT of needless fear, pain, lack and limitation in my own life though.

Discovering the importance of breaking free from the "commonly held worldview" who choose a "sheeple people" mentality was the most freeing and liberating thing I've EVER done.

That's why I created the site, write and freely distribute the Enlightened Journey Newsletter and offer programs like The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation.

I LOVE the fact that everything I "get to do" today, is a contribution to others who are sincere, serious and committed to creating "desirable change."

Although everyone has their own views about things, my intention, hope and purpose is to DO what I do, so others might not "needlessly choose to" experience the same lack, limitation, fear, and pain that I "thought" was "just how life is" based on what I was taught, believed and for so many years experienced due to what I "thought I knew."

Sheds a whole new light on the old saying "You don't know what you don't know" doesn't it? :)

What's truly exciting about all this to me is that what there is to know is quite literally "infinite" in nature and we get to determine how "good or bad" it gets for ourselves.

Cool and amazing stuff FOR SURE.

Again, Thank You for sharing Shelley and please DO keep me posted on your progress.

The Very Best For You Always,


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