The Science of Love - Part 2

Profound Yet Practical Insight and Knowledge Regarding Awakening, Heart Centered Choices, Consciously Directing Your Consciousness, Responding in Love, Creating a Prosperous Life AND Personally Experiencing "Completion"...Regardless

Science of Love - Part 2
As individuals and as a human species, we have become programmed and conditioned to allow what we've learned and stored
in our "heads" to call the shots and determine how we respond or react to life. What's in the head is learned and flawed.
What's in the heart is our "on target" navigator. The choice for experiencing what we LOVE in life is obvious. Get out of your
head and into your heart...strive toward BEING "unconditionally loving" regardless and "allow" what many call miracles to
become a normal and natural part of your life. - Chuck Danes

If you've been following the Love Seeds Series and you've already reviewed Part 1 of the Science of Love, you're prepped, prepared, ready and will receive the greatest possible benefit from what follows here in the Science of Love - Part 2.

If any of the previous information we've covered seemed irrational, illogical or a bit "out there" due to how you've learned and "choose" to view life, the Science of Love - Part 2 may, and hopefully will, reveal to you in a more grounded and scientifically validated kind of way, just how "real, true and powerfully transformational" what we've covered is.

Maybe you're already aware and maybe you're not. Regardless, what we've been covering has far reaching benefits that apply to ALL aspects of life. Yours and EVERYONE else's too. One thing is certain. The potential benefits go way beyond the tangible and measurable aspect of life and getting more "stuff."

The Ultimate purpose and intention of the Science of Love - Part 2, as is true for the entire Love Seeds Series, is to expand your awareness and understanding to the degree that you KNOW that EXPERIENCING an unshakable sense of peace, trust, confidence, assurance and what I like to refer to as "completion", is not only attainable for you, it's your birthright.

Birthright or not, due to MANY things we "learn" throughout life, in 99% of the cases, it must be reclaimed. Reclaiming what's rightfully yours begins by simply realizing that many things we've learned throughout life, via our government funded and controlled "education system" and a number of other venues is patently false. I say patently false, because there's a HUGE difference between Higher Truth and perceived truth.

Perceived truth is learned and limited and Higher Truth is all pervasive and infinite

We learn, believe and perceive that MANY things are "true" which only serve to keep what you love from you rather than providing it to you. It's the self limiting and self sabotaging "perceived truths" that MUST be recognized, acknowledged and unlearned.

Once achieved any desire for more "stuff" becomes secondary. That doesn't mean that receiving "stuff" that you love isn't part of the reclaiming your birthright process. It MOST DEFINITELY is.

"Stuff" is necessary and a very real part of life. Stuff is what enables you to fully enjoy and experience life to the degree that we ALL can. But, contrary to what MOST believe and how we're being "programmed and conditioned" to THINK, our search for and ways of going about getting our "desired stuff" is NOT the "Main Thing."

The "Main Thing" is understanding Higher Truth to the degree that "the stuff you'd personally love to have" becomes a given, a certainty if you will, rather than remaining a hope, wish or passing fancy.

When you "truly understand and APPLY" the Main Thing, the kind, quality and quantity of "stuff" you desire and "feel is necessary" to fulfill you in YOUR life takes back stage, simply because, when "applied", it transforms "desire" into tangible experiences.

The kind, quality or quantity of your personal desires really don't matter.

What I mean is, it really doesn't matter how big, small or in between your immediate or long term desires in life are. Maybe you're trying to lose a few pounds. Maybe you've been trying to reach a long-held goal. Maybe getting a better job, starting a business, or expanding your current business has been on your list of "want tos." Perhaps for you, experiencing a sense of peace, contentment, assurance and well being is your desired end goal. Maybe you feel you need a "miracle."

There are an infinite number of desires we could have. The desires we each DO have as individuals are vast and diverse. It doesn't matter what yours is really. What truly matters as it pertains to physical life, is that you experience it, rather than hope, wish, pray for and WANT it.

One Thing is CERTAIN. Wanting is No Fun...Having Is

If you find yourself always WANTING and you just can't seem to break through the illusory fog, or there "seems to be" an impenetrable wall between you and what you "truly desire" in life, it's NOT that you CAN'T have it, but rather a belief that makes it "seem that way."

I know MANY people who are "trying" to fix some circumstance, "trying" to fix themselves, trying to get more stuff and "trying" A LOT of other things without realizing that the "Real Fix" is in your mind.

You fix your mind by raising your awareness and inevitably the level of your consciousness.

We have ALL kinds of "seemingly justifiable reasons" WHY we CAN"T do this, that, or some other thing. But they're nothing more than short sighted EXCUSES which keep our desires from becoming real. Making "excuses", REGARDLESS of how "seemingly justifiable" they might SEEM, is a state of "consciousness" that keeps you from experiencing whatever your personal desire is.

Regardless of what your objective is, the Science of Love Part 2 COULD provide you with the missing piece of the puzzle. It COULD and very well may provide you with the insight and understanding that moves you to the next level of achievement, regardless of how much or little you've accomplished already or what your current desire/s might be.

Although it COULD, it's equally possible that it may not.

The reason WHY is because achieving or NOT achieving what we truly desire in life ONLY depends on how willing we are and how skilled we become at getting out of our own way. We "want and often try" to overcome many things, yet really and truly, how successful we are at doing that is really just a matter of overcoming ourselves.

The Science of Love Part 2 isn't as much a how to on fulfilling a specific desire as it is understanding the importance of what to do on the INSIDE so you might start DOING what's truly necessary to BEcome the kind of person that "enables and allows" the desires of your heart (whatever they might be) to take form in the simplest, quickest way possible. The ultimate purpose of the Science of Love Part 2 is to show you in a scientific kind of way HOW and WHY your desires can become tangible and measurable experiences, rather than hoped or wished for outcomes.

If you've bought into the hyped up ridiculous nonsense that you can simply visualize, kick back in your recliner and "wait" for your desires to be dropped in your lap, as SO MANY have, maybe you've realized, (or at least are beginning to see) that some "new choices" are going to be necessary.

Contrary to many push button easy claims, Real and Lasting Success requires and is built upon effort and commitment. Persistence and patience are sometimes necessary. The amount of effort, commitment, persistence and patience is totally dependent on YOU. That is dependent on and determined by the quality of choices you make.

The Science of Love - Part 2, is one of many ways to assist you in making "informed, intelligent and conscious choices" that CAN speed up the process exponentially and actually provide you with the kind, quality and quantity of tangible and measurable results that you love.

The Rapidly Evolving Discoveries of 21st Century Science Reveal, in a Very Digestible and Simple to Grasp Kind of Way, the Spiritual Nature of Physical Life

While MOST in the world honestly believe that science and spirituality are "separate topics" with ZERO connection, it CERTAINLY doesn't make it "true."

Both science and spirituality hold profoundly enlightening clues that provide what many would call an "unfair advantage" in acquiring whatever it is that you love. They CAN also provide enormously transformational insight into HOW and WHY we can ALL do that, starting right where you are. Becoming willing to learn, understand and SEE that (or not) is oftentimes the only thing that "seems to divide and separate" those who achieve extraordinary things from those who don't.

the spirituality of science and the science of spirituality
Another "label" we COULD use to describe what the Science of Love Part 2 is, is the Science of Spirituality. We could just as easily call it the Spirituality of Science.

Either label would be accurate. As I hope to effectively convey in the Science of Love - Part 2, when you make the choice to learn, explore, understand and combine the insights of both timeless wisdom and the latest scientific discoveries about the HOW of life and where you fit in, you begin to SEE things; awesome and amazing things that you either weren't aware of or simply overlooked.

Perhaps the biggest and most beneficial realization we come to by "choosing" to do that is this...

The Smallest Internal Shifts Can and Do Make the BIGGEST Difference in Determining What We Receive and Experience in Life

If you've been following the series from the beginning, by now you're either keenly aware (or at the very least beginning to see) that the whole intention of the Love Seed Series has been to reveal how the Power of Love transforms...unconditionally.

It DOES transform, is transforming and will continue doing so every second of every minute of every day. We don't often see it or recognize it as transformation which is why we've also discussed how it's ALWAYS present and at work even when it "seems as if" it's not.

As the Science of Love - Part 2 reveals, in a very grounded, digestible and easy to grasp kind of way, Love and the workings of the cosmos, can be observed, understood and utilized to provide you more...MUCH more of what you love and desire in life.

Here's what so many miss and overlook. We CAN and often do choose the opposite. Although we don't realize and have a difficult time accepting the FACT that we are choosing or have "chosen" something "less than desired", we often do and ARE, even though we don't want to and have NO awareness that we are.

The good news is we CAN become aware. The exciting thing is, we DO determine our realities and ultimately our own destinies. The less than good or exciting news is, we often refuse to stretch and expand beyond our current "perceptions of truth" which keep us bound, enslaved and experiencing a life we "claim" we DON'T want.

Because of the conditioning we've received throughout life, we don't often learn or even think about doing things as "effectively and efficiently" as we could so we might achieve these feats in the time frame, scope or magnitude that we CAN.

The most common thing we overlook is the importance of DOING the "inner work."

The determining factor as to WHAT we receive in life stems from what we believe to be true or untrue. Our beliefs about who we are, what we can achieve, the "best way" to do it and what we perceive as being possible or not possible for ourselves creates the fact.

That difference in our outcomes stems from a "choice" to either "unconsciously or consciously" direct our "consciousness" in ways that either enhance and elevate us into greater and greater levels of health, happiness and success, or cause what we "perceive as being" shortcomings, digression and failure.

Receiving results that we Love, empowers and invigorates us while those that we fear deplete and drain us.

Taking out any holistic suggestion and put in strictly scientific terms, it's not so much about thinking, speaking and acting in loving or fearful ways as it is realizing that whatever ways of BEING we choose for ourselves determines the kind and quality of frequency and vibration that we emit and project.

That is what determines the "quality" of what is received. You could refer to the creative process as an "unconditional" delivery system that provides to us WHATEVER we choose.

As we'll be covering in greater detail soon as we make our way through the Science of Love - Part 2, Love and fear emit and project different qualities of frequency. The vibrational intensities of both vary too.

The simplified way to state it would be to say that fear emits and projects a lower and more dense frequency than love. Fear has it's place to be sure. Healthy fears are a necessary part of life.

The frequency and vibrational intensity of fear reduces, diminishes and in some cases completely sabotages our ability to DO what we must to receive what we love.

We HAVE learned and LOVE taking credit for the "good things" that come our way, yet in the majority of cases we habitually look for someone or something "outside of ourselves" to judge, blame and point fingers at, when things aren't as "good" as we think they should be.

That's a fear based approach to life.

In the vast majority of cases, we're unwilling to accept responsibility for it ALL. The reason WHY, is because we haven't been "taught" that our choice to think, speak and act in loving or fearful ways ALWAYS provides us with outcomes that mirror our choice. learned to take.

We simply don't know any better.

What we HAVE "learned to do" is look for and lean on reasons and excuses outside of ourselves as to why we can't, won't, shouldn't and perhaps never will experience the kind of life that everyone "claims" they'd love to experience.

Little do we know, it's a less than empowering "fear based approach" that reveals itself in our lives just as we choose.

As the science of Love - Part 2 reveals, although we CAN do things that way, it only serves to adversely impact US as individuals, as a collective people and ultimately limits and/or sabotages what we "claim" we'd desire to experience.

For the most part, we've "learned" to do that. We think it's normal, natural and HOW we're supposed to do things. There is no "right or wrong" way to do things really. But there is a "better way" that we CAN learn and USE to experience more of what we call "good and right."

Here's what few who "choose" the common way of DOING things fail to realize and SEE...

What is happening...whatever that is...can be traced to a cause or source. The effects (what we're experiencing) always aligns perfectly and precisely with that "cause."

is what is "supposed to be" happening. That doesn't mean it MUST happen, that we MUST consistently endure and go through painful encounters, or that we can't change things. We CAN.

Since the outcome of these "happenings" can ALWAYS be traced to a source, it's of vital importance to learn, recognize and acknowledge what that source is. The source of our beliefs, thoughts, perceptions, words and actions can be traced back to ourselves.

The Source that transforms those "chosen things" into tangible and measurable experiences has many "labels", so for the sake of simplicity we'll refer to this Source as The Ultimate Source.

The nature of this "Ultimate Source", however YOU choose to define it, or what you "believe to be true" about it, is unconditional Love.

Less than desired outcomes are NOT intended for our demise or as "punishment" for our shortcomings, but rather a call and an opportunity to take a closer look at what's taking place within ourselves, becoming keenly aware of HOW and WHAT we're projecting into the world, and if we choose, use those insights and discoveries to fine tune our approach in such a way that enhances rather than diminishes the quality of our results.

Even the scariest, darkest and most disheartening experiences CAN BE used for further growth and expansion. It's easier for some than it is for others to recognize and SEE the "truth" of that, yet we ALL can.

I've found it's easier for some than others for one simple reason.

Through a combination of direct EXPERIENCES followed by a choice to explore, study and develop an intellectual understanding of HOW and WHY we experience what we do, I've come to KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW that ALL things work for a "greater good"...unconditionally.

I haven't always KNOWN that. I'd heard it time and again throughout my life, but I couldn't SEE and certainly didn't KNOW it was true. The fact is, because I'm a slow learner, it took me MANY years to arrive at that conclusion. There was a point in time when I would have told you that such a notion was ridiculous. Chances are that I'd still hold that "less than true" perspective had some of the scariest and darkest experiences in my own life not turned out to be the greatest gifts I could have EVER received.

I share one of those early experiences in a previous newsletter titled The Greatest of These is Love.

No, it didn't "seem like" something that I initially believed and saw as being such a terrifying experience COULD or WOULD transform into a "greater good" at the time. But in hindsight, that's precisely what happened and that's a FACT.

As it turns out, it became a "transformational FACT" that led me through a period of many years, unlearning and relearning. That process required shifting from a "victim mentality" to learning the importance of accepting responsibility. It was form of DOING that has changed my views, perspectives and HOW I look at and approach life.

After more than 3 decades of research, experience and acquiring what many would view as an uncommon form of intellectual understanding of the workings of the cosmos via many areas of science, philosophy, dissecting the spiritual texts and a number of other areas of study, too great in number to list here, my conclusion is this.

Love always says yes

Love is all pervasive. It's not Love in and of itself that decides and determines the quality of our experiences, but rather how we ourselves choose to align and harmonize with this "all pervasive" Force. You CANNOT be misaligned or unharmonized with "unconditional love." Love merely responds, provides us with and we DO receive whatever we're choosing and asking for....unconditionally.

No, we definitely don't "choose" less than desirable things on purpose and we certainly don't do so consciously OR intentionally. Yet even when we're unaware and refuse to acknowledge that it's US doing it, at a deeper level; what many call the subconscious level, we are asking for and choosing our experiences, good, bad or in between.

As we ask we DO receive...unconditionally.

The KEY and the FIRST step to transforming what we view as less than desirable outcomes into those that we love, requires learning and understanding HOW the asking is being done.

That's what the Science of Love - Part 2 reveals. The unconditional, unerring and unwavering nature of the universe and how it delivers to us, events, conditions, and circumstances that mirror the kind and quality of frequency and vibration that we "choose" to project, via our beliefs, thoughts, words and actions.

Although there is empirical scientific data that proves how real and true that is, my personal preference for seeing and describing it's unerring, unwavering way of providing outcomes, is unconditional love.

Describing how and why we receive things in that way has it's downside. But the only "downside" is, it's difficult to get the masses to SEE that the nature of Ultimate Source is to love and provide "unconditionally", simply because of WHAT we've "learned" and believe to be true.

Humanly speaking, it's difficult to fathom a Love that is so "unconditional" that it enables you to believe, think, do, create, respond, react and receive as you will, including choosing your beliefs, your life path, charting your course and experiencing whatever you will in life based on those choices, regardless.

But it does just that, because that's how Love rolls.

In Life Good and Bad Seem Real, But There is NO Fear, Doubt, Worry, Scarcity or Duality in the Place Called Love

Although duality is very real and present in the world of shape and form, in the place where ALL tangible things come from, "prior to becoming tangible, measurable and observable", there exists nothing more or less than an infinite number of probabilities which CAN and DO become real in YOUR life depending on your OWN beliefs, thoughts, words and actions.

The quality of our "chosen" beliefs, thoughts, words and actions determines, without fail and with unwavering certainty, the quality of frequency and vibration that we consistently emit and project into the world.

The quality of the "tangible thing" which takes form and reveals itself in life, always mirrors the choices we make and the way in which we choose to engage ourselves...mentally, emotionally and physically.

How "aligned and harmonized" we are at each of these levels with WHAT we desire to experience in "tangible and measurable form" is the determining factor as to whether we "receive" the desired outcome or not.

Not receiving isn't possible. We are ALWAYS receiving something. We ONLY receive less than we desire to the degree that we're "choosing" to BE less. To HAVE more of what we love in life, it's only necessary to BEcome more.

Whether scientifically or spiritually speaking, BEcoming more begins by "choosing" to become more aware. Scientifically speaking, when you BEcome more aware of how things "truly work" rather than how most "perceive things", you raise the vibrational intensity of the frequency that you consistently project.

BEcoming more requires more than merely hearing, learning about and even understanding that the Law of Attraction exists in a limited "intellectual" kind of way.

If it "seems as if" we aren't, can't and perhaps NEVER will receive what we love, or we consistently find ourselves settling for less, it's simply a matter of changing the quality (and perhaps the quantity) of what we're "putting out there" so we CAN.

That's where things get a bit tricky and many become confused. The ONLY reason for the confusion is due to a lack of understanding of the level where it ALL begins which we have little to no awareness of. Perhaps the biggest reason is because we learn little to nothing about the science of life in our "religious circles" or our "government regulated" school systems.

Just as religion and spirituality are 2 VERY different things, the science of life and the science we "learn about" are very different as well. The fact is, the focus of what our children and grandchildren learn in today's science class is an outdated form of science that's more than 300 years old. It's which focuses on the physical and finite world.has evolved much since being introduced nearly 350 years ago.

It's called Newtonian science. It's limited to a physical and finite view of ourselves, life and the world. The Science of Love reveals the infinite nature of what's possible AND where the physical and finite comes from...REGARDLESS of it's quality.

Our beliefs and reactions create the fact. Continuing on in the same way we have creates a cycle that we can't "seem" to escape.

The point is this...

There is no "duality" in Love. The probability for duality in the world exists for the simple fact that, without it, we wouldn't be able to fully experience life. And we wouldn't be able to, simply because there wouldn't be a "polar opposite" to compare any given event, condition or circumstance to.

Case in point...

  • If the "probability" or the experience of "bad" didn't exist, how could we know what an experience of good is?

  • If the probability and the experience of "wealth" didn't exist, how could we know what poverty is?

  • If the probability and experience of fear didn't exist, how could we know when we were being courageous?

The obvious answer is, we couldn't. Polarity/duality is necessary so we might fully experience life in whatever way we choose.

Love is all pervasive. Any "perceived duality" begins and exists only in the mind. Our "learned and inherited" beliefs have us making judgments, labeling things and coming to "less than factual" conclusions about a given event, condition or circumstance based on what we've learned and believe to be true.

Our "perceptions of truth" create strong emotional responses or reactions which determine the quality of frequency and vibration that we emit and project.

Once you understand that, it becomes much easier and definitely much faster to look, SEE above and beyond the dis-empowering illusion of randomness, chaos and scarcity that we've learned to FEAR, avoid, resist, run away from and react to, even when there is nothing physically harmful to fear.

Since we've learned to react out of fear and it's developed into a "habitual reaction" over time, we can "unlearn" what causes that, reverse the process and DO what's necessary to "consciously align, harmonize" and begin DOING things in such a way that we consistently receive what we love.

Doing that is simply a matter of learning the importance of and choosing to think, speak, act and respond in loving ways unconditionally. When we learn and clearly understand how and why reacting out of fear or responding in love provides the quality of results it does, we're better equipped to see the importance of making the necessary inner changes to enhance our measurable results.

To DO that requires changing, enhancing and elevating the "belief" that is causing this "fear based habitual reaction."

It's a choice that enables and allows you to begin planting the kind of seeds that align with the kind and quality of harvest that you LOVE. It frees and liberates you to begin DOING what's "truly necessary" and most beneficial in and for the world (and yourself) which provides YOU with a kind and quality of life that you EVERY way.

That DOING begins at the mental level, ignites a response or reaction at the emotional level, both of which impact WHAT you do, how you do it AND what you receive in the way of tangible results at the "physical level."

When the mental and emotional aspects of you are "out of alignment" with the tangible creation of the desired result, regardless of how much you do, how hard you try, or how much you might hope, wish and pray for a given outcome, moving beyond "mediocre results" can seem difficult at best and at worst, seem impossible.

When things are "believed to be" and "seem" impossible, they become that...just as we choose.

When you master your ability to align and harmonize your thoughts, emotions and tangible actions with what you'd LOVE to experience, what MOST call miracles start showing up.

And you can if ever and whenever you choose to learn, understand and then, "consciously align" with Love, in all you think, say and do...unconditionally.

As I've shared many times in Part 1 of the Science of Love and throughout the Love Seeds Series, you CAN...we ALL can. MOST do not. The reason WHY has nothing to do with not wanting or being unwilling to in MOST cases. If you KNEW you could do that and you understood the power behind such a choice, you would, wouldn't you?

Well, you CAN, although it's equally "true" that most don't realize that they can. They simply haven't "learned" how to. As a result MOST don't.

No one HAS to. You don't HAVE to. But you CAN. The fact is you MUST, ONLY if you're to experience the quality of life that you can. It's not that you MUST in a pushy or forceful kind of way. There is no angry, controlling, judgmental "external deity" that says you MUST do this, do that, or else...although there are MANY religions who teach and would have you believe just that.

Mankind has a way of using "faith" as a strong manipulator. It's a powerful and effective approach too. You don't have to look very far to see the dark repercussions of a group or individuals misguided and misdirected "faith" (both teachers and "followers") causing harm, digression and even death.

Forgive the graphic analogy, but in MANY cases in today's world, those who kill, harm and maim others are doing so because they've learned and believe that it's "pleasing" in the eyes of their God. They don't do so because they're terrible and bad people. They do so because of the quality of their "learned faith."

Difference between religion and spirituality

My personal experience tells me that fear is infused into the very message that so many teachers in "man made structured religious circles" claim (and in many cases wholeheartedly believe) will set you free. It's a subtle and hidden message in many cases, but the underlying message of fear is there.

Sometimes it's radical and blatantly obvious yet in MOST cases it's subtle, under the radar, mixed in with and disguised with a "surface level message of love.

Fear has many faces. Guilt, shame, feelings of unworthiness are just a few.

Fear NEVER sets free. It binds, restricts, steals, kills and destroys ANY possibility of FULLY experiencing life. It is a way of BEING that often keeps us from KNOWING and EXPERIENCING Love in the way we CAN. And it certainly impacts the kind, quality and quantity of tangible results that you CAN receive both tangibly AND intangibly.

PLEASE don't take my word for it. As the ancient texts clearly convey...

"There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

That's NOT how Love works. You were freely provided the "gift of free will" and you DO have a choice in the matter...whatever the matter is.

Your "outcomes" mirror your choice/s...always in ALL WAYS.

That IS how Love works. You "choose" how you'll USE your many inherent "gifts", what seeds you'll sow as you move through life and Love provides you with an abundant harvest EXACTLY as you choose...unconditionally.

Always has, currently is and always will.

No it doesn't always seem, feel or look like it. But when it doesn't, it's only because the harvest that shows up in the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life, reveal themselves as an "abundance" of "less than desired" stuff.

If we have the power to create "less than desired" stuff, doesn't it make sense that we can also create what we love and truly desire too?

In a previous Love Seed titled The Love and Fear of Giving and Receiving, we referred to a "fear based approach" as "missing the mark."

If you're consistently (or often) experiencing less than you desire in life, it's only because you're "missing the mark" mentally, emotionally and/or physically.

At SOME level, even though you might honestly believe and think you are doing your very best, you are NOT aligned with Love in the way you CAN BE.

That is NOT cause or reason to beat yourself up. What's necessary is to accept and love yourself "unconditionally" while making the "choice" to become more "disciplined" and DOING what's "truly necessary to align and harmonize YOURSELF with the "desired" end result.

The biggest reason WHY we miss the mark is because of what we've "learned" to be true about ourselves, others, the Source of our understanding and life in general. In a world filled with so much ugliness, darkness, deception and evil, combined with how we've been taught to see, do, judge, label and view things, it's pretty easy, and quite common to "miss the mark" without even realizing that we are.

It also has us fearing, doubting, worrying and focusing on all the scary and less than desired surface level stuff unfolding all around us. Yet those who choose that quality of focus, only do because, as we covered in The Science of Love - Part 1, they've lost sight of their true identity and the power we ALL hold to effectuate change.

This "loss of identity" combined with the continual "receiving" of less than we love, followed by the seemingly uncontrollable and habitual "reactions of fear" that all this "scary, unsettling and ugly stuff" ignites "within us", places us in a cycle that can "seem" impossible to break.

It's NOT. It's WE ourselves who create the cycle, so it's only rational and logical that we CAN change it. Breaking it only requires acquiring the kind of "knowledge" that can assist you in expanding your understanding about what's "truly taking place and WHY, which automatically leads to enhancing your beliefs, enabling and allowing you to shift from a fear based reaction to a loving response, REGARDLESS of what the experience might be.

It's so VERY VERY simple.

The DOING begins inside. It isn't easy ONLY because we've habitually, and in most cases unconsciously, done things the way we have for so long. But the process which determines WHAT we receive and WHY is SIMPLE....profoundly simple.

It becomes EASY (or at least EASIER) once you make the choice to understand who and WHAT you truly are. That's when you begin to SEE that much of what you fear need NOT be feared at all. It is only a product of your own mind.

Of the more than 7 billion people on this planet, very few realize who and what they really are, just how big Love "truly is" and the vital, all encompassing role it plays in every aspect of our lives.

The MAJORITY have also "learned" to "fear" whatever the Source of their understanding might be, due to what they "believe" to be the nature and disposition of this Source.

But regardless of what we've learned, "think we know" about it, or how things "seem" in life, the nature of Source is "Unconditional Love." Love IS everywhere. It really and truly is all pervasive. The fact is, love flows to us, through us and is all around us...ALL the time. The form it takes in the various aspects of your life may vary from those of another to be sure. But as you hopefully SEE and understand by now, how you respond or react to WHATEVER shows up in YOUR life is only and ALWAYS dependent on you.

WHATEVER you "choose", Love says YES.

The quality of your life is determined by how much love or fear you choose to project out into the world...mentally, emotionally and physically.

As strange as that might seem and as much as it might go against everything you "think you know" about love, life, and what you experience as you move through yours, the Science of Love reveals in a very practical way WHY that's true.

The Science of Love will show you how and why it's true in an intellectually focused and scientifically substantiated kind of way.

We're using science and the Science of Love - Part 2 as a tool, because it's a much more grounded, and practical approach than speaking of Love as an essence.

Regardless if your personal preference of understanding is scientific or of a more holistic nature, one fact remains...

Emotional Mastery Leads to Life Mastery

Although science is the medium we'll be using to understand more about this "All Pervasive Essence", what the Science of Love is really about is assisting you to better SEE and understand the importance of developing emotional mastery.

As we covered in The Science of Love - Part 1, emotional mastery really equates to "Loving more and fearing less."

Although it may "seem" or sound all esoteric and spiritual, emotional mastery is simply doing your best to recognize, acknowledge and clear out any mental blocks that might be the "cause" of your fear based REACTIONS, which CAN and WILL keep you from SEEING and EXPERIENCING life as the 24/7/365 "miracle" that it is...that it "truly" is.

The more you allow yourself to see that and RESPOND in loving and grateful ways...unconditionally, the more love and appreciation you feel, which automatically enacts the process which many in today's world call The Law of Attraction in pleasing and desirable ways. Whatever label you choose to describe it, when you "choose love" as your point of focus and follow it up with "tangible action", this "law" provides you with more to love and appreciate...on the inside AND the outside.

The opposite also holds true simply because the Law of Attraction is always at work...ALWAYS in ALL WAYS. It "unconditionally provides" a mirrored reflection of what we are "choosing" to BE and project through our "chosen thoughts, predominant focus" and the resulting emotions which ignite within us.

Getting to the place where you can "respond in love" consistently requires understanding yourself, the world you live in AND the Source of your understanding more than most do. Not as you've been taught and learned to see or do things, but as they truly are.

As the ancient Greek aphorism conveys...

Know thyself

The Science of Love - Part 2 provides a verifiable, substantiated and extremely empowering glimpse of WHY it's SO vitally IMPORTANT to do that.

What Could Science Possibly Have to Do With Spirituality
or Creating a Life That You Love?

In the minds of MOST, using science as a means to reveal the all pervasive nature of Love isn't a very rational or logical approach.

How about you?

How rational does it seem to you that there's actually a very specialized form of science that supports the FACT, that Love is all pervasive? If you're like most, it doesn't "seem" rational, logical or possible at all, so any doubt, apprehension or short sighted judgements on your part are understandable.

One BIG reason WHY is really nothing more than our beliefs, opinions and perceptions regarding science. Where did we get those? Through our experiences, right?

What caused those experiences? We were "told" that science is a mandatory class that we must take, right?

We were TOLD we must, so we did.

We "learned" some things no doubt. But is what we "learned" useful, beneficial in our day to day lives and does it enable and allow us to create prosperity in life?

I don't know about you, but looking at germs under a microscope or the dissecting of a frog has NEVER served me. Maybe it has served you. If it has, your interests and choice of vocation are much different than mine.

If that's how you see things, perhaps The Science of Love can change that. In the Science of Love - Part 2, I DO encourage dissecting something. NOT frogs but rather the beliefs you hold so you can SEE why and how your RESULTS are what they are.

More specifically it has to do with "consciously directing" your focus and becoming "keenly aware of" where you direct yours. That's important. More than important, it's necessary if you're to get to the place where you truly love your life and achieve the marvelous and extraordinary things that you can.

The Science of Love explains how and why you CAN.

As we go through life we're "taught" MANY things that either don't align with Higher Truth or leave out the Whole Truth. Since you've been "taught" these things, any misunderstandings or misconceptions can be dealt with and changed via "unlearning" and relearning.

Not ALL things we "think are true" need to be unlearned. Some things simply need to be expanded upon.

That's possible because any beliefs held to the contrary only exist in your mind. The mind is a powerful tool. It houses all kinds of beliefs, past experiences and misconceptions about ourselves, others and life in general that limit and in many cases sabotage our most sincere and heartfelt desires in ways that we're completely unaware of and oblivious to. Our "inherited beliefs" and learned ways of doing things makes it "seem as if" experiencing a life you absolutely love is, at worst impossible, and at best, much more complex than it truly is.

Although we're DOING the best we know how, it seems as if "our best" isn't good enough. But it is "good enough" to create something, so isn't it possible to tweak it a bit to ensure that WHAT we create becomes and remains more aligned with what we Love rather than what we fear?

The sad fact is, 99.999% of the human race "settles for less" than they HAVE to.

But it ALL CAN be changed when YOU decide it's time.

Here's what's crazy, mind boggling, wild and really really cool all at the same time. That's how powerful you and your mind are. What you believe and perceive as being complex, complicated and/or impossible, becomes that. NOT because it IS or HAS to be, but rather because you believe and you're "choosing" for it to be.

We CAN choose the awesome, profound and what we call "good." We CAN choose "desired miracles" in fact. We can also choose a life of misery and pain.

The opposite also holds true, meaning REGARDLESS of what you "choose" to believe, think, say or do, which determines the quality of your "emotional response", you ALWAYS get to be right.

Regardless of how you slice it, dice it or look at it, you create the fact. Those FACTS reveal themselves in our life just as we "believe" they will.

That in and of itself, is tangible proof of how powerful your mind is and how capable you are to use this freely provided power "consciously, intentionally and on purpose. It's through DOING that which enables and allows you to create a life you love.

As the Science of Love - Part 2 makes clear, both the HOW and the Why you CAN do that, really and truly is VERY simple...profoundly so.

Let's set the stage, look at the science behind it and reveal the simplicity.

In the Science of Love - Part 2, we're going to be taking both a spiritual and scientific approach simultaneously. As we move through what follows, I'm going to ask that you do your very best to take your mind off of "physical stuff" and tangible experiences for a time. Because really and truly, whether you prefer to see things in a spiritual or scientific "light", we're not addressing "surface level things" or tangible and measurable "stuff."

We'll be looking at the "seed level" where all the stuff comes from, prior to it taking on shape and form. The reason why we're starting at the "seed level" is simple.

As Lao Tzu, the author of the Tao Te Ching and founder of Taoism conveyed and made crystal clear many years ago...

"To see things in the seed, that is genius."

When you're keenly aware and clearly understand what's taking place at the "seed level", and you become aware of your role in the process, seeing the simplicity is automatic. In the Science of Love we'll take a revealing and eye opening look at the "seed level" in the way scientists describe and understand it.

Whether science is your thing or not, it's a step toward awakening the genius within you.

We're going to change labels though. What we've previously referred to as "A Place Called Love", scientists refer to as the field. As scientists describe it, the field is a vast and ever expanding field of energy where an infinite number of "probabilities" exist.

Call it what you will. A place called love, the field, universe, The Kingdom of God, Self Aware Universe, or whatever works for you. That's where all the "stuff" in our lives comes from.

The science that supports and substantiates that fact is called quantum physics. Quantum physics is a very specialized form of science that explains how and why life and everything in it, works the way it does.

"Quantum" comes from the Latin word quanta meaning "how much." Quantum scientists have discovered that the "how much" question is literally infinite in nature. Within the "infinite" there is a polar opposite to everything, meaning, there are an infinite number of good things and an equal number of what many call bad.

They ALL exist simultaneously in this infinite mix.

They've also "figured out" that it's quanta that fills this infinite space. Quanta are energy packets of "light."

You could call this highly specialized form of science known as quantum physics, an "intellectual approach" to faith enhancement. An elevated form of faith happens as the result of understanding more about the all pervasive nature of both light and Love." You could because as you'll see, whether you approach it spiritually or scientifically, you discover that just as energy and light are one and the same thing, Love and Light are too...sort of.

No not ALL scientists view or describe energy, frequency, vibration or matter as Love, but they could. A number of scientists who think outside the box and understand the limitations of the intellect, actually have.

They're easy to identify. They often refer to what MOST scientists call "the field" as "The Mind of God, The Self Aware Universe", The Divine Matrix, Infinite Intelligence, All Pervasive Consciousness, etc. etc.

Max Planck, the father of quantum science, referred to mind as the matrix. Yet another "label" describing the same thing.

What quantum physicists have discovered, is that every conceivable or non-conceivable thing (what scientists call "probabilities") exist in this field. They've also discovered that the tangible and intangible aspects of life (events, conditions, circumstances, situations, etc.) not only come from, but exist simultaneously in this same place.

In other words, things that are observable and an infinite number which aren't, ALL exist in this one field simultaneously. Things of the past, what's happening currently and what is yet to happen, ALL exist simultaneously in this "field too. The profound, the grand, the awesome, the so so, the mediocre, the downright ugly things including the terribly horrific, past, present and future, all exist within, come from and return to this one "place."

Although we see and view things as quite "different" and separate in life, at the seed level, things aren't as separate or as different as they seem.

The quality of "seeds" that we sow determine the kind, quality AND quantity of whatever it is. The situations vary, yet what is provided to us, undergoes and is the result of one and the same process.

Scientifically speaking, since EVERYTHING comes from this place and since all probabilities (both seen and unseen) exist in this "infinite field" simultaneously, you have the ability to pick and choose your experiences.

We ARE picking and choosing them, yet because of what we "believe", how we think, combined with what we DO, we're picking and choosing less than we love unconsciously.

Scientists describe the stuff that all things stem from as wave forms of energy. ALL things become what they do because wave forms of energy transform into particles of "energy."

Scientists call these "particles of energy" matter.

It doesn't matter HOW things "look or seem" tangibly speaking, based on your beliefs, views and perspectives regarding it, ALL things in their purest and most basic form are energy...ALL things.

Here's where we take a twist and it becomes profoundly relevant and potentially transformational for you.

Scientists also call "energy", light. They do because energy and light are one and the same thing. Energy/Light is the basic element of everything. It's "the stuff" that enables us to create experiences, have experiences, and is what allows all the "intangible probabilities" to be probabilities. It's also what allows tangible and measurable stuff to take form, regardless of it's quality.

Because it's everything that's everywhere, the simplest and most accurate way to state it is to say that energy/light is what enables life and everything in it to be.

So What Connection Does Energy/Light, Spirituality and Love Have and How Can You Use That to Create a Life That You Love?

The simplest way to approach it, is do a side by side comparison of what scientists have discovered and what the wise ones of the past have conveyed and done their best to get humanity to understand since antiquity.

Combining both ancient wisdom with proven, substantiated and verifiable scientific FACT, is the simplest, quickest and "best way" that I'm aware of for revealing and opening doors that prove 4 crucial things beyond the shadow of a doubt.

  1. EVERYTHING is "light"

  2. Just how powerfully creative you are

  3. The FACT that Love is all pervasive

  4. What's truly possible for you, because it is.

That's what we'll DO next.

First a heads up...

Although we'll be using texts from the Judeo Christian Bible for our comparative references, the Science of Love has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with religion.

We could use any number of the ancient texts from any culture, yet for the sake of brevity and simplicity, combined with the fact that the Judeo Christian Bible is the most read book in the world, we'll use the wisdom it contains to make the connection between science and spirituality.

My experience has shown me that religion and spirituality are, in MOST cases, VERY different things.

The fact is, in my personal case and years of working with MANY others, I've found religion is one of the main barriers that keep even the most sincere seekers from EXPERIENCING Love in the way it CAN BE EXPERIENCED.

The reason WHY is because this man made message, based on the limitations of an "inherited or learned understanding" of the message others have LEARNED and "taught them", the message is limited, sometimes diluted and in some cases completely POLLUTED. That's just one of many reasons WHY everything seems so complex, even for those who are sincere in their search, have looked toward religion for answers and even though they might follow what they're "learning" to the letter.

That's another story for another time.

The point is, as you read the texts I've placed below, do your best to keep an open mind, for just a bit set aside what you "think is true" and remember that the wisdom in the texts and what many religious teachers have "learned" and claim it says, can be, and in FAR more cases than not are, quite different.

You could say even the most well meaning, earnest and caring "religious teachers" ARE "missing the mark" in MANY cases, even though they don't THINK or BELIEVE they ARE.

But in MANY cases, they ARE.

It's not the fault of the teacher. They're merely teaching what they've been "taught." I can tell you after speaking with many "religious teachers", although they are doing the very best they know to teach and serve those who they reach, they are merely teaching a handed down version of what they themselves have been taught.

We're ALL doing that ALL the time. We "claim" to believe and know that something is true, yet seldom do we take the time to explore deeper (analyze and dissect our beliefs) to realize that some (or much) of what we believe isn't a heart centered belief but rather a learned and/or inherited one.

In MANY cases, they haven't themselves EXPERIENCED Love so they can't KNOW if what they're teaching is accurate, diluted or polluted. Point being, they're doing the best they can...that they "think" they can at least.

Enough about religion. Let's learn more about the Science of Love.

Here's what a few very brilliant, forward thinking scientists and the Judeo Christian Bible have to say about you, love, light and how life works.

Here's What Scientists Have to Say About the How of Life...

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics." - Albert Einstein

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nicola Tesla

Matter does not exist as we know it. Behind all apparent matter is an intelligence. Mind is the matrix of all matter. ~ Max Planck

Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve. - Max Planck

Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real. - Niels Bohr

If anybody says he can think about quantum physics without getting giddy, that only shows he has not understood the first thing about them." - Niels Bohr

Here's What the Judeo Christian Bible Has to Say...

And God said, “Let there be light” and there was light. And God saw that the light was good. And God separated the light from the darkness. God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. - Genesis 3-5

"This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all." 1 John 1:5

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. - Revelation 22:13

You were created in God's image and likeness - Genesis 1:26

I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. - Psalm 82:6

"The Kingdom of God is within you." - Luke 17:21

You ARE the light of the world. - Matthew 5:14

When you decree a thing, the light DOES shine upon your ways. - Job 22:28

Each of the statements above provide some insightful and useful clues, not only about the how of life in general, but equally important, how yours turns out.

Let's look at the similarities between quantum science and spirituality and how they're quite similar, yet at the same time, polar opposites...sort of.

Spiritual/Holistic concepts taught by the masters since antiquity were intended to educate and assist those who desire to understand and EXPERIENCE the awesome and unconditional nature of Light, while quantum physicists explore and experiment with "light" so they might better understand the nature of life.

Albert Einstein "got that FACT" and as he so eloquently and correctly put it many years ago...

"Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind."

My nearly 4 decades of researching many areas of science, religion and spirituality tells me, Einstein was right...sort of. I say "sort of" because you must discern and be VERY careful what you "allow" religious teachers to convince you of.

If it has ANYTHING to do with fear, guilt, shame, remorse regret or ANYTHING LESS than Love, in ANY way, shape or form, I'd advise finding a new teacher...quickly.

By understanding more about the light, scientifically and spiritually, it becomes MUCH easier to grasp, internalize and SEE how simple, (definitely NOT LAME) and truly exciting it all is.

The reason why is because, religiously, spiritually or scientifically speaking, nobody's got it all figured out. In fact, they've gotten MUCH of it wrong. No one CAN or ever will fully figure it out. The reason why is because what there is to figure out is infinite in nature.

What can be done though, is taking the bits and pieces that each DO have "right" and combine them to come to some profound conclusions, the kind and quality of which can transform your ENTIRE life.

Let's Start our Journey Toward the Profound by "Dissecting" and Closely Examining What Scientists Have Discovered and What the Ancient Texts State

First, let's connect the dots between Einstein's statement about "everything is energy" and what is recorded in the book of Genesis about "Light."

To make the connection, let's revert back to "quanta" for a minute. Another label that scientists use to describe quanta is energy. As mentioned, they also call energy, light.

They do, because energy IS light. It's one and the same thing. Although the labels are many, for the sake of our discussion we'll use "light."

Scientifically speaking, light has 2 properties. Wave form and particle form. These waves and particles are different in one way and the same in another. Light waves act like particles and particles act like waves. It's a phenomenon that scientists call wave/particle duality. In wave form, it's easy to see and identify as light. In particle form, not so much. The reason why is because the waves of probability (light waves) "seem to" take form as tangible and measurable stuff.

Einstein discovered that EVERYTHING is energy/light.(E=Mc2) The texts state that God is Light and that He/She/It is the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.

I don't know about you, but that sounds like EVERYTHING to me.

That leads us into Tesla's statement about how "finding the secrets of the universe requires thinking in terms of energy frequency and vibration."

Since we've covered energy, the key words are "frequency and vibration."

The waves forms of "light" "seem to" transform to particles of matter because of vibration and frequency. The vibratory nature of "light" gives it the appearance of being solid. It's NOT.

Everything that exists in "solid form" is really just a vibrating mass of energy/light that transforms from a wave to a particle. The varying frequencies and vibrational intensity of the energy/light, makes it "seem as if" it takes different solid forms.

Simply stated, regardless of how things "look or seem" on the surface, EVERYTHING in it's purest and most basic form is vibrating waves of energy/light...EVERYTHING with ZERO exceptions.

Here's where you, me and everyone else ties in.

First and foremost, since EVERYTHING is comprised of "light/energy", that means you are too. As the texts CLEARLY state, "You were created in God's image and likeness." You were. We ALL were. God (what I call Love) wasn't created in mans/woman's image. We were created in God's image.

Simply stated You are "light."

That brings us to Consciousness.

Max Planck (the father of quantum physics) stated that "matter doesn't exist as we know it." The reason why is because although we interpret the energy that enables ALL things to "seem real" and take tangible form, it's ALL "light."

He also said, "mind is the matrix of all matter." In other words everything that "seems real", only "seems that way" due to the beliefs and interpretations that exist in your mind. What he meant by, "We can't figure out nature, because we are a part of what we're trying to figure out" is hopefully obvious too.

It's because when we examine the "stuff" that nature is made of (light), it is, in actuality, "light" examining itself. What's more the "quality of mind" observing the light, affects the quality and form of "light" being examined.

That sounds REALLY crazy no doubt, so let's look at it rationally and logically.

The Copenhagen Interpretation Provided Us With Some Exciting Facts Regarding the Nature of Energy/Light and What Causes it to Take Whatever Form it Does

There was an eyebrow raising experiment that a number of scientists got together and participated in many years ago, the result of which is known as the Copenhagen Interpretation. A bunch of scientists got together to experiment with and figure out more about the nature of energy/light.

Some of them believed that energy was "waves of light", while others were sure that energy was particles. The conclusion they came to is AWESOME and mind boggling at the same time.

When one scientist observed the wave/particle nature of light with the "belief" that waves would be seen, waves were observed. When another scientist observed it and believed that particles would be seen, the energy/light took the form of particles.

Whether "the light" revealed itself as waves or particles, was only dependent on the beliefs of the scientist observing and examining the "light."

The conclusion derived from the Copenhagen Interpretation was, the belief of the scientist actually influences the physical processes taking place, starting at the quantum (light/energy/wave/particle) level...

The "seed level"

Put simply, waves of probability transform into particles of matter, OR from particles of matter into waves of light as it's being observed.

And what it turns into is what you "believe" it will.

The same holds true for you, me and everyone else...unconditionally.

Here's where it gets tricky...eerie even and a bit difficult to SEE if you think and believe as most do.

Since the infinite field of quanta that scientists are now aware of, is "light", which includes EVERYTHING both seen and unseen, that means and PROVES that Light is both the Cause and the Effect of Creation...sort of.

A more accurate statement would be to say that "consciousness" (mind) is the cause which directs another level of cause (light) to take whatever form it does.

The point?

You ARE the light of the world, your consciousness directs the light and as you "decree" any infinite number of things via the energy and frequency you project, the light DOES shine upon your ways...unconditionally

What determines that and where it all begins can be best understood by sharing 3 simple statements that Einstein said many years ago...

Albert Einstein
“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

"Imagination is the greatest creative force in the universe."

“Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

The point is, whether you prefer a spiritual or scientific approach, you discover that what you "imagine" most, determines how the light takes form in your life. EVERYTHING is "light", even though it doesn't often look or seem like it.

You could say that Light Is, whether it appears as waves of probability or particles of matter.

Seen or unseen, observable or not observable, it's ALL light.

It's the quality of your consciousness (the power of your mind) that summons and directs this "energy/light" to take whatever form it does. It's the mind that enables and allows energy and light to transmute and transform from wave forms of energy/light, (an essence) into a physically observable phenomenon that Max Planck referred to in the statement above as matter.

As far as Neils Bohr's statement regarding getting all "giddy", if the concept of YOU being able to "consciously create" your reality just as you'd LOVE it to be doesn't make you feel all "giddy", I don't know what to say or do that will.

No, Love itself isn't the light. Love is the nature of the Consciousness that is infused and permeates the infinite nature of light. Light is the "stuff" that becomes "the stuff" we choose. Consciousness is what guides, directs, molds and shapes this "light" into whatever it becomes.

Like everything else this "Consciousness" is referred to with many "labels." God, Universal Consciousness, Source, Higher Power, etc etc. Regardless of what you call IT, It's "nature" is an Infinite, All Pervasive and Unconditional kind of Love that we've covered in previous Love Seeds.

Stated in the simplest way possible, you could say the nature of The Light is to respond and unconditionally provides you with outcomes that align and harmonize PERFECTLY, PRECISELY and UNCONDITIONALLY with the "quality of light" that you emit and project via your thoughts, emotions and actions.

The light exists as an infinite number of probabilities, the kind, quality and quantity of which YOU determine, via your beliefs, thoughts, words and actions.

Believing in, thinking about, focusing on and/or doing what you fear and don't want emits and projects energy (light), just as focusing on what you love and desire does.

Either way, it's YOU giving energy to it and it's YOU asking for it and calling it forth. What you "choose" you get for yet another simple fact.

There is no limit as to WHAT the universe can provide which, as understood by scientists and spiritualists alike, consists of an infinite number of things, some of which are here, right now and many other things which haven't YET been thought or believed into being.

Some things we experience in life "seem" dark and shadowy and others "seem" really good. But it's ALL light. The dark and shadowy things are every bit a part of "the light" as the awesome things are.

Point being, EVERYTHING IS an integral part of the light...regardless.

The main religions of the world and scientists agree, although for a number of reasons far too great in number to cover here, it's difficult to get them and the vast majority of others in the world to set aside their differences long enough to sit down, discuss things so they might unify in their thinking and SEE that.

The few that DO SEE and KNOW...and I mean REALLY SEE and KNOW that, have EXPERIENCED Love in a way that words can't describe. And I'll assure you, entering into such an EXPERIENCE has NOTHING to do with "religion" or science.

Whether religion or science, they are merely tools that can either move you closer to or take you further from, the kind and quality of light that you'd LOVE to see transform into "desirable stuff."

My journey thus far tells me that Love is the ONE and ONLY "true religion" and the science of quantum physics opens doors of understanding regarding the Power and all pervasive nature of Love.

It's a kind and quality of understanding that transcends common logic and provides a KNOWING that Love IS...regardless of who says what, what's taking place in the world or how things "seem."

I refer to it as a KNOWING that NEVER leaves you.

Yet because it's the way of scientists to take an "intellectual and definitively proven approach", it can never replace or provide an EXPERIENTIAL understanding. But it can certainly assist you in understanding in an "intellectual kind of way" that you can personally connect with Source (The Light or whatever other label you choose) and EXPERIENCE the awe, grandeur and magnificence of Love in such a way that transforms you and your life forever, once you "unlearn" what keeps you from it and relearn how and why you can.

Then, once you're aware that you CAN do that once you know how, it's simply a matter of following through and DOING it.

In 99% of the cases, it's going to require that you "unlearn" some (and in some cases much) of what you think you know about yourself, about life and the Source of your understanding.

Think about it, ponder it, process it, review it, research it, reread The Science of Love - Part 1 and Part 2, or the entire Love Seeds Series if you feel you "need to."

WHAT you DO doesn't matter NEARLY as much as what you "believe" to be true about YOU, your life, your outcomes, others and the nature of who or what you "think" drives and provides it ALL.

Soon in a future Love Seed, I'll be providing you with the ways and means to enter into a direct, profound and eye opening EXPERIENCE that will enable you to KNOW just how "real and true" what I've shared is.

You could call this EXPERIENCE a very up close, personal and profound encounter with The Divine, so you might SEE and KNOW that much of what the world has "taught you" IS missing the mark and keeping MOST from fully experiencing a life that they love.

Stay tuned. It's going to get PROFOUNDLY exciting.

Here's to Science, Love, Light and Creating a Life That You Absolutely Love,

Chuck Danes

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