The Science of Success and Real Wealth Creation

By Chuck Danes

Chuck Danes

Chuck Danes is the Founder of Enlightened Journey Enterprises


The Creator of The Widely Acclaimed 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation

The Science of Success and Real Wealth Creation

What Do You Believe To Be True About the Underlying
Causes For Success and Perceived Failure?

By Chuck Danes

In my years of consulting, coaching and working with various individuals from around the world and the many paths I've walked during my own journey of discovery through life, I've had the opportunity to explore a number of paths.

That's what I've discovered and believe life is about and why each of us have been placed here. To learn, to grow, to fully experience life and as a result of all this learning, growing, and experiencing, ultimately to share what we've learned with others so they might benefit from our own individual "growth lessons" along the way.

I believe that simply because I think it's vital to assist others where and when we can, in perhaps bypassing or at the least, becoming aware of the less than desirable and painful paths that we discover for ourselves what we've found provide a quality of scenery that most hope they never have to view.

That's what I've chosen to dedicate my life to and spend my "working hours" as well as many "personal hours" DOING. It's not work really since what I DO is also what I like to define as my "Soul Purpose." Bottom line, what this "Soul Purpose" entails is doing the best I'm personally able to assist as many as I'm able (those who are open, willing, receptive and SERIOUS about doing so) in creating a greater quality of life for themselves.

I do that, through freely sharing and teaching what I've discovered, through all my "path walking", what I believe and have found to be a "better way" than MOST are aware of.

As I often share in many of my writings throughout this website, there are no wrong paths, only paths that we ourselves personally choose. Depending on those paths that we choose, and the experiences we have as a result of those choices we're provided an opportunity to learn and grow from our experiences or not.

That too is nothing more than a choice. It's up to us and it's our personal responsibility to do so or not...ALWAYS.

Always has been and always will be. Although MANY realize that to some degree, at the same time almost as many refrain or hold back from moving forward to experience what they "truly desire" due to less than effective choices.

One of the many paths that I've personally chosen and share freely with the world are my perspectives regarding The Science of Success...or to put it more accurately, the science BEHIND success.

I've spent MANY years and many "mind numbing" hours exploring, investigating and doing the best I'm able to simplify what MANY 21st scientists have discovered and documented in some of most reputable and recognized scientific journals.

Outside of science, I've also discovered this...

Many aren't aware that there is such a path. They see science as something too complicated and/or non-applicable in our individual lives and often think and believe that science has little or nothing to do with how the events, conditions and circumstances that we each experience in life.

I suppose that's true to an extent depending on the kind of science it is. As true as that might be in some cases it's DEFINITELY not true in MOST cases.

There's one kind of science, namely Quantum Physics and even more recent discoveries in biological science that makes it clearly evident that this widely held "perception" is merely that...a "perception" and a very limited one at that.

Whether you're currently aware of it, understand or believe it or not there is an exact science that underlies success, perceived failure and many other facets of life that few give any thought or consideration to. And the science of quantum physics is aspect of science that illuminates the path to greater achievement and fulfillment in life.

EVERY aspect of none.

As I've discovered, a choice to become aware of and explore this exciting and potentially transformational field of science, opens up doors of understanding, possibility and untapped potential that are "quite insightful and profound" to say the least.

It's simply a matter of choice. Expanding awareness is of vital importance for growth and expansion in life. With regard to 21st century science, the underlying aspects of life and how all this physical stuff becomes "real" is a choice that can prove to enhance your individual life in far greater ways than you might currently understand, believe, be aware of or even be able to currently "conceive" as possible for that matter.

When you enhance your awareness regarding what modern day science has discovered to be "true" concerning your individual ability to be, do and have a kind and quality of life based only on our own individual choices, you begin to understand the power you hold individually to begin "consciously creating" whatever changes in your life that you have a sincere and heartfelt desire to change.

There are no limitations as to what can be achieved through this choice, whether it be in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual aspects of your life...absolutely NONE.

With the exception of course of the limits YOU choose to place on yourself. Sadly, MANY; most in fact, do exactly that "unknowingly."

You also begin to discover that these choices as well as the physical actions that we take as a result of them provide very limited outcomes at best and often times produce the exact opposite result (see The Law of Polarity) of what we are "truly" attempting and desiring to accomplish and achieve.

The Science of Success goes much deeper than simple cause and effect. Cause and effect is the BIG PICTURE view that science has known about for a long time yet most perceive that's application is only only physical in nature. Although cause and effect is real and it does produce results, it's operation goes WELL BEYOND action of a physical nature.

It's equally valid and applicable at a much deeper an unseen level that most are unaware of and "unconscious" to. That's why the vast majority experience such limited outcomes. They choose to overlook the very things that would enable them to both create and experience FAR GREATER outcomes than they "perceive" to be possible for themselves which stem from short sighted beliefs that cause and effect is determined by what you DO and plays no role regarding what we ourselves, as individuals and a collective species based on what we're BEING.

But they're just uninformed...unaware. It's only our perceptions and beliefs regarding the physical aspects of life that lead to additional choices to not explore and understand the underlying process that enables us to understand, clearly see and as a result create and experience far greater and far more pleasing results for ourselves and the world at large.

When you choose to explore and discover the science behind what's going on at the "unseen" or "subatomic level" that is making all these "physical outcomes" real, you also develop both the understanding as well as a greater ability to change the less than desirable into outcomes that better align and harmonize with our "heartfelt desires."

Point; more specifically Quantum Physics has proven to be a very wise, helpful and life transforming choice for me and it can be for you as well, should you choose it as a path that you walk down.

It's not the only path for sure, yet it's one that provides "tangible" proof enabling you to become aware of and understand how and why you do have the ability to be, do and have whatever you choose in life.

If that's a path you choose for yourself and you'd like to explore and understand the potential behind it more deeply, check out a section I've created within called The Science of Success.

If reading and surfing the website isn't your cup of a tea and you [refer learning in an audio format, perhaps The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation will prove to a helpful resource.

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation addresses in very logical, rational and easy to understand kind of way, how quantum physics, spiritual principles, nature, the forces that govern nature and your life are ALL intricately interconnect as they always have been and always will be.

It could prove to be the missing link for you as it has for so many others and assist you in bridging the gap between less than pleasing results and the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual harmony that so many seek, want, hope, wish and blindly pray for, yet which few "perceive" or believe" is available to and/or for them.

I can tell you from personal experience that they are. They are, that is, unless you choose to believe that they're NOT. You ALWAYS get to be right in life. Quantum Physics certainly shows you how and why that's "true."

It's simply an individual choice as to whether you choose it for yourself or not. It could prove to be a choice that makes ALL the difference.

I'm Finished With The Science of Success and Real Wealth Creation
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I'm Finished With The Science of Success and Real Wealth Creation
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