The Power of Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis Get's to the Root Of and Eliminates Deeply Engrained Self Sabotaging Beliefs, Transforms Habitually Destructive Patterns and Tendencies and Creates Meaningful and Lasting Change at the Subconscious Level

self hypnosis
Self Hypnosis is a simple, safe, natural and powerful way for opening the gateway to the
subconscious mind, implanting desirable and productive subconscious commands that
align and harmonize with your "consciously held" desires and effectively changes
your subconscious blueprint long term.

As a human species, we ALL without exception desire to be, do and/or have more of something in life. Sadly, many remain unaware of how to enable and allow those desires to become real life experiences.

Some do try yet quit prematurely fully believing that their desires CAN'T BE fulfilled so "what's the use." What I've personally discovered as to WHY so many do that, stems from the fact that they seek out and try some "surface level" Law of Attraction approach and when it doesn't provide what they WANT in the 2 or 3 days or after taking the 3 Simple and Easy Steps that many of those types of products UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEES will be experienced, they move onto something else.

Don't misunderstand, there are some AWESOME teachers doing some incredible work in shifting the consciousness of the collective, which in my opinion provide some AWESOME insights and direction with regard to enhancing quality of life.

There are many resources available that I'm personally aware of that CAN and DO assist people in developing the intellectual understanding with regard to their power to initiate positive and meaningful change in their lives.

But MANY provide nothing more than an intellectual understanding. That's certainly a great place to start. Understanding WHY you can create harmony in life is necessary fro enhancing beliefs.

But MANY stop there without ever getting to the "heart of the matter." And there is more work to do. That work equates to shifting the underlying beliefs that escape our conscious awareness and which, at the same time sabotage the consciously held desires we hold.

So before we begin exploring the power of self hypnosis, I'm going to ask that you tune in and focus on a specific desire that you currently hold.

What is it that YOU desire to be, do and/or have more of? What thoughts pop up for you as you think about whatever your desire might be?

More importantly, why do you "believe" that desires (yours or anyone elses) so often remain nothing more than desires?

That's what we'll be exploring here as well.

If you have heartfelt desires in the physical, financial or relational areas of your life yet can't seem to make them real no matter what you do or how hard you try, what follows may prove to be a game changer as it has for so MANY before you.

At the very least it will provide you with an understanding of not only HOW but WHY so many "heartfelt desires" seem to be unattainable as well as WHY so many needlessly settle for anything less than harmony and fulfillment in life.

We're going to be discussing and exploring in "uncommon depth" the power of hypnosis as well as the power YOU hold to transform your results.

More specifically, we'll be looking at the benefits of self hypnosis and the long term transformational role that hypnosis can play in whatever aspect of life that you "choose" and are serious about creating change in.

First, let's address desires.

Your Desires Hold Significant Meaning and Purpose

Any heartfelt desire that we have in life need not remain a desire. In fact the desires we DO hold serve meaning and purpose. REGARDLESS of what you might currently believe regarding your desires, if it's a sincere and heartfelt desire that you hold, it CAN become a tangible and measurable reality.

If that's "true"...and it is, what do you suppose keeps so many from DOING just that?

The answer to that question, although "seemingly complex" on the surface is really quite simple.

There are those who "allow" their mind to become and remain their master and those who make a conscious and intentional choice to master their mind.

That's where self hypnosis can play a huge role.

It's not nearly as complex or difficult as many believe. It's simply a matter of learning and understanding how to DO the right things in the right order.

The first order of business pertains to belief. More specifically YOUR beliefs, many of which have been deeply engrained and are currently held at a "subconscious level." Because of that, we have adopted and hold MANY beliefs that conflict with our "desired outcomes", often go unrecognized and escape our "conscious awareness."

Thanks to many pioneers in consciousness research it's been found that, in the average person, approximately 70% of our subconscious beliefs are negative and destructive. What that means in layman's terms is that although we may "consciously desire" something, the underlying "subconscious beliefs" serve as saboteurs rather than agents for change.

That's the "bad news." The good news is we can shift those underlying beliefs when we make a conscious choice to do so. Making this choice really boils down to becoming the master of your mind.

Unbeknownst to many who have little or perhaps no understanding regarding the power of belief, those who DON'T often remain unaware of just how powerfully creative we as individuals are. They simply have no conscious awareness of the vital role our thoughts and emotions which stem from our individually held beliefs play in determining the kind and quality of our lives.

That is perhaps the single biggest reason why so many consistently "desire something" yet never see those desires take form. It's also the VERY REASON why so many so often develop solidified beliefs that what they DO "desire" simply wasn't meant to be.

It's my hope and intention to reveal in a very logical, rational and simple kind of way not only how our beliefs impact EVERY aspect of our lives, but also how, through self hypnosis, any belief can be easily and quickly shifted.

Doing so begins by understanding how our consciously held desires are often out of alignment and as a result are often overwritten and sabotaged by our "subconsciously held" beliefs.

Let's Identify the Difference Between What We Consciously Desire and What We Believe to Be True Regarding the Materialization of Those Desires at The Subconscious Level

There are 2 types of beliefs we hold. One of these "types" of beliefs are conscious and the other subconscious. Although we may "think" that we believe something at the conscious level, often times there is a conflicting belief at the subconscious level that keeps the desire from becoming a tangible and measurable reality.

Put simply, consciously held desires, regardless of how intense the desire might be, are often overwritten and snuffed out by our deeply engrained subconscious beliefs.

The result is that we often change our desires and lower our expectations and end up settling for less than what's "truly available" to us. Rather than enhancing and elevating the "belief" that is creating the "lack of" of what we DO desire we lower our standards for ourseves.

There is a "better way" of course. This "better way" consists of nothing more or less than changing the underlying beliefs that are responsible for what we often believe, perceive, judge and label as being a "lack of results."

First and foremost "a lack of results" is a misnomer. Any beliefs or perceptions held regarding "a lack of results" stems from more than just an "unconscious belief." The "problem" goes deeper than that.

What is this "problem?"

Nothing more than a "lack of awareness" and understanding.

The reason that's "true" is because results are ALWAYS taking form. We're always creating (or if you prefer co-creating) and ALWAYS "receiving" something. The creative process NEVER fails wavers or ceases from producing results. When our results aren't taking form in the way we desire them to, it's NOT a "lack of results" but rather a limiting belief that conflicts with rather than harmonizes with the desire providing "results" that ALWAYS in ALL WAYS align and harmonize with the kind and quality of "belief" held.

These "conflicting results" are often labeled as being a lack of results but they're NOT.

And they NEVER are. They are ALWAYS tied to a belief. In more cases than not it's a subconscious belief that is creating results that we DON'T WANT rather than a kind and quality of result that we DO "truly desire."

The challenge with subconscious beliefs is that many times we aren't even "aware" that we have them. They've become so deeply engrained that we have no conscious awareness that they even exist. That can "seem to be" a difficult and in may cases an impossible hurdle to scale and is perhaps the single biggest reason for creating what I like to call "perceived failures" in life.

I say "perceived failures" for a very good reason. Like a "lack of results", any "perceived failure" experienced in life is nothing more than a perception stemming from a limiting belief. Put simply, failure is nothing more or less than an individual judgment stemming from an individual belief based on a lack of understanding.

Perceived failures and a "perceived" lack of results go hand in hand.

In the bigger scheme of life, failure of any form is actually impossible. Falling short of desired outcomes, which is all too often labeled and judged as being "failure" happens due to a single or in some cases several conflicting "subconscious beliefs" that makes creating consciously held desires seem difficult or in many cases impossible.

The process of creation is unwavering, unchanging and ALWAYS in ALL WAYS successful in delivering events, conditions, circumstances etc. that align and harmonize perfectly and precisely with WHATEVER our predominantly held belief might be.

It doesn't matter if the "belief" is conscious or subconscious. A "belief that you CAN'T successfully provides a tangible and measurable result that aligns and harmonizes with that belief.

Any consciously held heartfelt desire that "seems as if" it cannot be attained and achieved is really nothing more than a subconscious belief that conflicts with the conscious desire which keeps the desire from becoming a tangible and measurable reality.

That's where judgments and labels regarding "perceived failures" as well as "a lack of results" stem from and ALWAYS find their root...conflicting subconscious beliefs.

Another phrase that best describes "perceived failures" or a lack of results is really nothing more than "self sabotage." We certainly don't DO that on purpose. We don't consciously and intentionally self sabotage ourselves yet "unconsciously" that's precisely what we do without realizing that we ARE.

And the culprit for self sabotage can always be traced to a subconscious belief that conflicts with rather than aligns and harmonizes with the materialization of the consciously held desire.

The key to enabling and allowing consciously held desires to align, harmonize and become the "successes" and quality of result that we DO desire, it's necessary to become aware of the fact that we DO each have beliefs that we ARE unaware or "unconscious" of. Once realized it's simply a matter of rooting out the subconscious belief that is creating the materialization of something different than we DO desire and replacing it with a belief that DOES align and harmonize with the desire.

That's where self hypnosis (or any form of hypnosis for that matter) can play a HUGE not to mention a very pleasing role.

That's also why various forms of hypnosis (self hypnosis being one of them)is proving to be not only a "popular" but a profoundly powerful tool in the lives of those who are serious and sincere about shifting the quality of their results and eliminating "perceived" failures and/or consistently experience "unconscious self sabotage" that they honestly "believe to be" a lack of results.

Self Hypnosis is one of the fastest, most effective, efficient and economical ways to change the underlying and oftentimes overlooked limiting subconscious beliefs which, in "seemingly effortless ways", shifts unproductive habits, breaks unwanted habitual patterns and eliminates self sabotage that so many believe, judge and label as being "failure" or a "lack of results."

A self induced hypnotic state, when done properly, serves to get to the core of subconscious beliefs, enables and empowers you to break through any subconscious blocks, conditions your subconscious mind in ways that move you toward rather than away from whatever it might be that you truly desire in life.

A choice to learn and engage in self hypnosis enables and allows old conditioning and non-productive habitual patterns to shift.

Essentially, self hypnosis re-programs or re-patterns old subconscious programming that ignites unproductive emotional reactions which stem from non-productive and self limiting subconscious beliefs that have been acquired an stored at the "subconscious level at some point in the past.

That's what needlessly keep so many from achieving heartfelt hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations that so many in this day and age believe to be so difficult or worse, unattainable and as a result never achieve.

Consciously held heartfelt desires, regardless of how grand or how seemingly insignificant they might be are never unattainable. As "true" as that is, many BELIEVE that they are.

The question is WHY?

What most DON'T understand is that beliefs that we hold which limit us are, in the vast majority of cases learned, acquired and/or inherited beliefs. In other words we've accepted, adopted and make our vital life choices based on the beliefs and perceptions of others. Many; perhaps MOST of the beliefs we hold aren't our own but rather the beliefs and perceptions of those who taught us about life and instructed us in the best way they knew how.

Although we won't delve deeply into the power of belief or how our self limiting beliefs are acquired, if you feel inclined, feel free to check out what I've written about The Power of Belief by clicking here.

It may prove to be an enlightening and transformational choice that clearly reveals in an eye opening kind of way what we'll be discussing next.

As You Sow You DO Reap...Unconditionally

There's timeless wisdom that's been around for thousands of years that clearly states "As you sow, you reap."

There are a number of people who don't understand or truly grasp the wisdom nor the power behind that statement. It's MUCH MORE than spiritual literature

Put in layman's terms, the kind and quality of "seed" you plant determines the kind and quality of harvest you'll receive. Although MANY are aware that this wisdom exists and are equally aware that this same wisdom has been taught for thousands of years by the mystics, sages and masters from EVERY culture since antiquity, MOST remain unaware of it's power and significance or have acquired false and shortsighted "beliefs" with regard to how the sowing of seeds is being done.

Many "think and believe" that the "sowing of our seeds" is being done through what we DO and HOW we do it. Although a widely held "belief", it IS a kind and quality of belief that so often leads to self sabotage and "perceived failure."

Because the "sowing of seeds" doesn't BEGIN in the tangible world of shape and form. You could say they are being "sown" at a much deeper level.

The kind and quality of "seeds" that we ALL sow are sown at the level of consciousness.

To the novice that may sound mystical or perhaps perceived as having no relevance for creating desired results. But it has EVERYTHING to do with EVERY result we experience.

Consider this...

Before ANY action can be taken, it must first be thought of, right?. The kind and quality of those thoughts as well as the action that follows doesn't BEGIN at the level of movement and action. ANY movement or action of a physical nature begins at the consciousness level and the kind, quality as well as the quantity of action taken are also determined at this "seed" level.

The "seed level" and the kind and quality of seeds that we are choosing to plant, REGARDLESS of how "unconsciously and/or unintentionally" we might be as we go about planting them, stem from and are determined by the "kind and quality" of the belief held.

The point is, DOING alone doesn't create our results in life. DOING as well as the kind, quality and quantity of that doing is a bi-product of belief. The kind and quality of what we DO and/or DON'T do is also determined at the level of "consciousness" and the individual beliefs we hold.

Self hypnosis shifts the quality of beliefs at the "subconscious level" enabling and allowing our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions to align and harmonize with our heartfelt desires.

There's a seed of greatness inside each of us and self hypnosis is the fertilizer of choice for many individuals seeking to break through the perceived blocks and barriers that needlessly keep so many consistently experiencing "perceived failures", falling short and from reaching heights they might otherwise easily attain once their "subconscious beliefs" are effectively dealt with and shifted.

If you're considering self hypnosis, what follows may prove to be not only helpful but life changing.

There are a lot of varying perspectives regarding what hypnosis is and isn't. There are just as many uninformed opinions about hypnosis in general that are just flat out ridiculous.

Hypnosis is really nothing more than a methodology for enhancing state of mind at the subconscious level. The subconscious mind is the aspect of mind that takes orders and follows through to ensure those desires are fulfilled. The conscious mind on the other hand is the aspect of mind that instructs the subconscious to provide scenarios that enable heartfelt desires to be fulfilled.

The challenge arises due to the fact that the subconscious aspect of mind always seeks the path of least resistance. In essence it's designed in such a way that resists change. It likes things the way they are. The "way things are" is how it's been programmed.

This is a "good thing" when it's been programmed in such a way that leads to the path of least resistance in a desirable kind of way. Unfortunately, we as a human species have for the most part learned, adopted and tend to adhere to very limited set of social and cultural beliefs that have been passed down from generation to generation. We learn and believe things that conflict with rather than align with enabling and allowing heartfelt desires to be attained with the least amount of effort.

The fact of the matter is, most have become programmed and conditioned in such a way that leads to discordant or disharmonious beliefs; conscious as well as subconscious beliefs which make struggle and difficulty "seem" natural.

But struggle and difficulty are NOT "natural at all." It is however quite common and believed to be normal due to the fact that we have each been programmed and conditioned to "believe" that hard work, struggle, hit and miss and/or difficulty is just how life is.

But it certainly does NOT have to be unless YOU believe it is!! If you "believe it" you will CERTAINLY experience just that. As you SOW you DO reap and As you believe you DO receive...without fail.

Going in and out of our hypnotic states is something that we ALL already do every day. We've been entering into and out of hypnotic states our entire lives. In fact we do so many times throughout the day. Unfortunately, due to the fact that most do so unintentionally and without even being aware that they are, it's quite simple to absorb information at the subconscious level that is counter productive for achieving desirable results.

Many don't realize that television puts you in a hypnotic state. When you sit to watch television you are literally putting yourself into a relaxed state known as the Alpha state. Alpha is an awake yet relaxed state that disarms the conscious mind, opens the gateway to the subconscious and enables what you're watching to be absorbed at the "subconscious level."

The term "Garbage in garbage out" has MUCH relevance in life.

Now I'm not sure about you but I certainly have no desire to allow much of the garbage that's aired on television and many media venues to become a part of my "subconscious blueprint."

But that is PRECISELY what happens. It's what MANY are choosing without realizing that this choice is being made.

The subconscious mind has no discerning ability to determine if something is good, bad, right, wrong, "true or untrue." It only takes in, accepts and stores what it receives by way of the conscious mind; WHATEVER it receives, immediately goes to work to bring it into your life and at some point, makes it a tangible reality.

Our thoughts, words, emotions, actions as well as our responses and reactions to what shows up in our lives reveals the kind and quality of our previously acquired hypnotic suggestions which determines our states.

That's why hypnosis; whether it be self hypnosis or through acquiring the services of a hypnotherapist can prove and IS proving to be so beneficial for so many individuals.

Have you ever wondered why it is that you want to do something but find that doing it is extremely difficult and you find yourself consistently repeating the same habits and actions that you "truly desire" to change even though you don't REALLY WANT to?

That is a prime example of subconscious conditioning that conflicts with rather than enables and allows consciously held desires to take form. That's why what we "truly desire" in our lives can often times "seem" so difficult to acquire. And they will remain difficult unless and until the underlying subconscious programming is addressed and shifted.

Because at the subconscious level, those habitual patterns are deeply engrained. They became engrained, whether you were aware of it or not due to a form of hypnosis. But that hypnotic state is a natural one that has been developed over time. In MOST cases over many years. That's great with habits that are beneficial and of a productive nature but with those that aren't...well...not so much.

But through the use of hypnosis, habitual patterns that have taken years to acquire can be quickly overcome and eliminated through any number of hypnosis methods, self hypnosis being one of them.

The kind of hypnosis I personally prefer is self-hypnosis. Self Hypnosis can be easily learned and through auto suggestion be a very powerful and effective methodology for eliminating deeply embedded, disharmonious subconscious beliefs which lead to destructive and self sabotaging habitual patterns that prove to be limiting you from being, doing and/or having your heartfelt desires fulfilled.

Self sabotage itself is in fact due to some form of hypnosis which determines the kind and quality of hypnotic trance that we are ALL under ALL the time.

The point is, we're ALL hypnotized, we're all programmed and conditioned at varying degrees, yet few are aware that they are. Our hypnotic states are determined by the kind and quality of conditioning we've received since childhood whether we're consciously aware of it or have "unconsciously" allowed conflicting beliefs and behaviors to become "subconscious saboteurs."

Self Hypnosis can be and has for many years proven to be a powerful agent for change; more specifically RAPID and "seemingly effortless" change. It addresses years of when we enable and allow ourselves to be hypnotized in such a way that replaces non-productive memory pictures with those that align and harmonize with the materialization of our consciously desired outcomes.

The bottom line?

Creating and experiencing what we DO truly desire in life is really as simple as making a conscious, intentional and informed choice to align and harmonize our subconsciously held beliefs with our consciously held desires.

When these 2 aspects of mind are aligned and in harmony, "seemingly magical" things start taking place. It's not that it's magical; although it can initially "seem" like that, but rather it enables previously "learned" beliefs and "unconsciously acquired data" which have become deeply engrained at the subconscious level to shift in such a way that precipitates this alignment I've eluded to.

As true as that is, most walk around in a hypnotic trance, an "asleep state" even though their eyes are wide open. And this "asleep state"; this hypnotic trance that we're ALL under is of a kind and quality of which, in the VAST MAJORITY of cases, conflicts with or resists the materialization of their consciously "desired results."

And sadly, the fact of the matter is, most ARE enabling and allowing themselves to become and remain hypnotized in such a way that the trance they're under consistently creates what they DON'T WANT in their lives fully believing that's just how life is.

It CAN be the way it is should you CHOOSE that for yourself. On the other hand any belief that supports this less than productive state of mind as well as the "less than desirable" events, conditions and circumstances in life which always follow can be shifted anytime you choose.

This is why self hypnosis is proving to be the tool of choice for so many.

What most DON'T understand is the power they hold individually to transform the "less than desired" experiences in life into those that are more attuned and in alignment with what we DO desire individually.

We CAN of course choose to remain limited. Many DO make that choice needlessly. By the same token I'm not currently aware of ANYONE who WANTS to be or would limit themselves intentionally.

There's MUCH more to be said about the workings of the mind. Although I won't be going into any depth about that here, if you're the analytical and "need to understand how things work" type, you may find benefit in taking the time to learn and understand more about The Power of The Human Mind and the many facets of consciousness that determine how as well as WHY we experience WHAT we do experience in our lives both individually and collectively.

That's something that MOST choose NOT to do. The reality is, you don't have to know all about the mind or how the mind operates for self hypnosis to be effective anymore than you have to understand how electricity works to be able to turn on the light.

You flip the switch and the light comes on. You only have to know how to flip the switch. Making a conscious and intentional choice to shift from one hypnotic state to another is much like flipping the switch.

Perhaps, based on what you know now, self hypnosis may be a tool of choice for you. self hypnosis will prove to be a methodology that you'll choose to begin "flipping the switch" in a more pleasing and desirable kind of way.

It enables the light to come on which reveals an intensity and illumination of light that is of a FAR MORE pleasing and desirable nature than many are "unknowingly and unconsciously" choosing.

The bottom line is, don't allow all the uninformed opinions of those who do nothing more than speculate that hypnosis is some trance that will have you doing things that you don't want to do.

As it has been proving for MANY years, self hypnosis is a powerful and potentially transformational tool for those who choose to use it. Whether it be a professional hypnotherapist or through self hypnosis, hypnosis in general has proven and will continue to be a powerful ally for achieving desired outcomes that may have otherwise "seemed" difficult or impossible.

It's certainly the quickest and simplest methodology I'm aware of for eliminating the underlying beliefs that have so many needlessly "settling for less" than what they "truly desire" to be, do and/or have in life.

If you'd like to learn more about self hypnosis, how the conscious and subconscious mind operate and how to align subconscious beliefs with your consciously held desires, you may find benefit in listening to this free interview which explains how and why self hypnosis works as it does.

Whatever your choices might be, it's my hope that what I've shared might assist you in not only understanding but making the desired shifts that enable and allow you to experience the joy, harmony and fulfillment in life that we all aspire toward.

That of course is what I personally prefer to call a life of Abundance and Happiness.

Self Hypnosis For Enhancing Self Confidence

Learn How Simple Deliberate Creation Self Hypnosis is To Learn and Do

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