Will You Be 1 Of the 65 Enlightend Journey Members Selected to Join Us and Our Group of Heart Centered, Passionate, Visionary Entrepreneurs as We Converge and Impact the World Together?

Participation is Limited to the First 65 Sincere Success Seekers
Who Have a Desire To and Are Serious About Enhancing the Financial Aspect of Their Lives In 2015

Chuck Danes and Kristine Schultz
Founders Of Enlightened Journey Enterprises and Life Transformation Strategies

"In a time of drastic change it is the learners
who inherit the future."
- Eric Hoffer

When the Countdown Clock Reaches 0
Our Invitation Concludes

100 Partnering Positions Available
for Sincere and Serious "Success Seekers" with a Burning Desire to Create "Real Wealth"

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(Acceptance is limited, a prescreening interview is required and placement is subject to availability)

Will You Be One Of The 100 Forward Thinking Visionaries Selected To Partner with Enlightened Journey Founder Chuck Danes and Kristine Schultz?

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old
but on building the new.
- Socrates

With all the talk of economic doom and gloom and many "naysayers" and talking heads on TV predicting Financial Armageddon, a lot of people are concerned.

Ready to rise above it all?

Enlightened Journey Enterprises Founder, Chuck Danes and Kristine Schultz, founder of Life Transformation Strategies are extending a unique invitation to those who see the potential that lies ahead and have a desire to share in their vision of enhancing the financial aspect of A LOT of people's lives while sharing and spreading a message of hope, possibility and transformation.

What's it all about?

Chuck and Kris have joined together to assemble a visionary team of like minded, forward thinking aspiring entrepreneurs who see (or have a desire to see) the enormous potential and possibility that change always brings.

Chuck and Kris will lead, guide, work closely with and show everyone on the team they're assembling, how to make meaningful, significant and lasting life changes that will serve those selected for years to come REGARDLESS of where they are, what they're experiencing now, and in spite of the many future changes that lie ahead.

Do you have a sincere desire to transform your life and honestly believe that you really and truly could experience "Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Harmony" if you had the right tools and guidance?

The group selected will be shown practical steps and be provided with the guidance, insight and inspiration necessary to earn more money, create thriving relationships, start and maintain a wildly successful business, experience more time and money freedom and live a more wholesome, fulfilling, prosperous and productive life...in spite of the appearance of things.

If you're of the same mindset as many are, and you're unwilling to change it; if you believe that the economy and the escalating global changes underway are the cause of your less than desired outcomes or you honestly believe that the pieces of the success puzzle are just too complex to fit together, there’s no point in wasting your time reading further.

Let's face the cold, hard and inescapable truth...

If you're unwilling to change your beliefs and philosophy about HOW success is created and you keep doing things in the same way you have, the results you receive aren't going to change. Not today, not tomorrow, next month, next year or EVER for that matter.

If on the other hand you KNOW at some level that you can achieve extraordinary results in your life, if you feel it in your heart, if you’re ready to accept responsibility for your outcomes, step up and play a BIGGER GAME, the invitation they're extending to a hand selected group of "sincere seekers" to participate in is especially for you.

The invitation we're extending to the Enlightened Journey Global Community will prove to be enormously transformational IF...

  • ...you're sincere about creating meaningful and lasting change in your life.

  • ...you're ready, willing and able to get clear and focus on what you "truly want" out of life

  • ...you'll remain focused on moving toward and keep your ATTENTION on the achievement of whatever hopes, dreams and desires you might have for the future, AND...

  • ...you see the power of assisting and contributing significant value to others.

...Chances are great that you'll fit nicely with our team.

Perhaps you KNOW (or at the least "believe") that you're more than capable of achieving greater results but you lack the tools, the know how, the right kind of leadership and a "specialized form of knowledge" that all but guarantees success in everything you undertake, the invitation we're extending will hold special meaning for you.

The invitation we're extending, is strictly reserved for those who are ready to take ACTION, step up to the plate, play a bigger game and remain COMMITTED to the process until those aspirations are fulfilled.

4 quick qualifying questions that will determine if you're the type of person we're looking to partner with...

  • Do you KNOW (or at the VERY least have a sincere desire to learn) that Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Harmony are your birthright?

  • Are you sincere and serious about learning and applying the Not so Secret methodologies for transforming heartfelt desires into a tangible reality?

  • Does the idea of serving and assisting others to thrive in uncertain times appeal to you?

  • Are you willing to decide, COMMIT and take action RIGHT NOW so you might start DOING what's necessary to enhance, or perhaps completely transform your results and Reclaim the birthright that's rightfully yours?

If you can answer each of those questions with a wholehearted and resounding YES!!, what follows could prove to be the "missing link" that can transform "seekers" into "havers."

Enlightened Journey founder Chuck Danes and his life and business partner Kristine Schultz, (also the founder of Life Transformation Strategies) have constructed and hold a vision that will enable them and the team they assemble to personally reach, assist and make a meaningful and lasting impact among the billions globally who are seeking answers and timely solutions as we transition into ever greater changes in the future.

They have created a detailed plan, a curriculum, a step by step roadmap and will be providing every tangible tool necessary to assist the group they'll be personally working with in transforming their "heartfelt" hopes, dreams and visions into real world measurable results in 2014 and beyond.

Where do you fit in and how might this project impact your life in the days, weeks, months and years ahead?

Do your best to imagine what it might be like to be able to regularly connect with a team of like minded visionary entrepreneurs. How would it serve you to have a caring and savvy leadership team that you could ask and receive timely answers to any question life throws at you. Imagine having your dreams come true without having to work at an non-fulfilling, dead end job that requires trading much (and in some cases MOST) of your time for the meager "paycheck" that so many depend on.

Try your best to envision and imagine what your life might look like 30, 60 or 90 days from now after learning from 2 of the best and most insightful self empowerment teachers in the world who "truly understand" what you're capable of, who have studied human potential for years and are well versed in the HOW TO's of creating success every minute of every hour of every day. Imagine what it would feel like to move confidently forward, consistently achieving your goals without the struggle, sacrifice or dread, and always feeling as if you must go it alone.

The team that Chuck and Kristine select won’t have to imagine, wonder nor feel or "go it alone" anymore.

Will you be one of them?

Here's what it's all about, how it works and why we're extending this time sensitive invitation to you...

For the most part, all of our team activity has been generated through word of mouth referrals exclusively. But recently, Chuck and Kristine have decided that since so many of you have studied and are already familiar with Chuck's work, (many of you have followed his work for years) who could possibly have a more solid foundation to build upon or be more qualified to work with Chuck, Kris and the team they have in place than YOU?

Since you've been provided access to this web page...should you choose to act quickly, you could be one of the 100 individuals selected (subject to a prescreening interview) to partner with Chuck and Kristine as they mentor and work closely with the group they'll be hand selecting in the coming days.

Since we anticipate hundreds, (perhaps thousands) of Enlightened Journey Community members raising their hand to participate in this project, combined with the fact that we've limited access to the 1st 100 participants who qualify, allow me to clarify a few things first...

Since you're at least somewhat familiar with Chuck and his work, you're already quite aware that Chuck has spent the past several years reaching, teaching, coaching and training countless millions around the world from nearly every walk of life HOW to create Real Harmony and Real Freedom in their lives.

His relentless passion and the immense contribution he's made assisting those who are sincere and serious about finding answers and solutions have enabled and empowered individuals globally to create and experience a more pleasing, harmonious and fulfilling quality of life.

There's no need to go into a long list of credentials or achievements. Chuck's contribution speaks for itself.

In recent years, the #1 question that Chuck has been asked by seekers globally is, "HOW do we create Real Abundance in light of all the unsettling economic and global changes that are underway?"

How can you possibly thrive financially when the economy is in the shape it's in?

That's HOW and WHY Chuck and Kris decided to put other projects aside and have spent the past several months brainstorming, contemplating and creating a simple, practical and proven plan that consists of mentoring/coaching and ACTION that will serve, benefit and enrich the lives of everyone involved.

Since our world is experiencing unprecedented and rapidly accelerating changes daily, the "Where do we turn and what can we do" questions are often asked and certainly valid.

Although "seemingly elusive", the answers to those questions are not only logical and practical, they're actually quite simple.

To be, do and have what most only hope, wish and pray for, you must study, understand and immerse yourself in that which brings you POWER and AVOID like the plague anything and everything that "weakens you."

To transform desired outcomes into tangible and measurable results, you also need to know and clearly define WHAT you desire and take ACTION on a proven and timeless formula that NEVER errs, NEVER wavers and NEVER fails.

It REALLY and TRULY IS that simple!!

Once you've made the choice to commit and do those things, you have to have the ideas, strategies, tools, system, blueprint, the step by step action plan and the superstructure that makes the DOING simple.

Equally as important, you have to do it with confidence, Power and pure INTENT.

For Real and Lasting Success to become and REMAIN real long term, you MUST first construct a rock solid foundation. Doing so begins by simply setting your INTENTION, FOCUSING on and keeping your ATTENTION on the right things.

That's where EVERYTHING begins. It's also the proverbial "missing link" that provides you with the ability and the POWER to think, speak and act in such a way that ALWAYS provides the "desired result."

Due to the unsettling economic climate and the recent turn of global events that the vast majority are "allowing" themselves to be effected by, combined with the increased amount of contacts received at the Enlightened Journey home office, Chuck and his life and business partner Kristine, have devised a powerfully leveraged plan of ACTION that addresses the "What do we do and where do we turn" questions head on.

Why is Participation in this Project Limited to 100 Participants and What Qualifications are Necessary to Participate?

Due to the personal investment of time and resources necessary to effectively oversee this project, it was necessary to limit participation to a maximum of 100 people who will be selected on a first come, first serve basis.

It's important that we limit the selection process to 100 "sincere success seekers" in order to maintain the quality and integrity of the project that Chuck and Kristine have committed to. Limiting participation also ensures that the personal nature and effectiveness of the program remains intact.

The 100 individuals selected will be chosen based on strictly adhered to criteria set by Chuck and Kristine and participation will be strictly limited to those who are serious and have a "sincere" desire to enhance the quality of their lives in 2014.

I'll reveal all of the details about what's necessary to be considered, HOW to qualify and the next steps to ensure that those who are excited about participating are provided the ability to do so soon.

It’s no secret that the global economy "appears" to be in a shambles. It's just as evident that the vast majority are "allowing" what's taking place to affect them, not only monetarily, but MANY are needlessly enabling their financial concerns to bleed over and adversely affect other areas of their lives as well.

Let's face facts. If your finances are limited, drained or running out, the repercussions of stress that lack, limitation and hardship ignite, most definitely impacts your relationships AND your health.

For many, the current changes and the "less than desirable" conditions that these changes are creating, is instilling a lot of fear, frustration and in some cases creating literal havoc in the lives of those around the world who might not be "fully conscious" of WHAT is happening.

Becoming "keenly aware" of that, requires looking a bit below the surface which opnes your eyes to WHAT is happening as well as WHY.

"To see things in the seed, that is genius." Lau Tzu

The first step toward creating "desirable change" is getting to the heart of the matter. To fully digest, accept and understand WHAT is happening, you must first understand WHY it's happening.

Few are willing to get to the core of the issues that they "claim" they don't want and as a result, are "needlessly allowing" the various areas of their lives, whether materially or otherwise to be adversely affected by the current turn of events.

Once you're aware of, understand, align and harmonize with the underlying principles that create EACH and EVERY one of the events, conditions and circumstances in EVERY area of your life as well as the world at large, of course you also understand that what is being experienced is all just an illusion of sorts.

The only possible way that it can or will affect you personally is if YOU allow it to.

Although many are "allowing just that", the fact of the matter is NO ONE has to...you certainly don't!! You have the right, the ability and the CHOICE to enable and allow it to or NOT.

So what's necessary to regain control, thrive in spite of what's taking place and still maintain some semblance of balance?

The trick to keep such events from affecting you personally is understanding how and why it does affect you, the "underlying" causes responsible, recognizing the "illusion" for what it is, and once understood, unlearning your limitations and eliminating the "unfounded fears" that hold you back.

Once you've taken that step, it's simply a matter of relearning HOW to "consciously" utilize the resources that you ALREADY possess to transform your "desired" outcomes from "desire form" into a "tangible and measurable reality."

This Project Isn't Dependent on Airy Fairy "Feel Good" Philosophy Nor are There any Long Lost Hidden Secrets that Must Be Discovered to Create Major Transformation in Your Life

Contrary to all the mumbo jumbo and airy fairy philosophies claiming that "visualizing" your dream life into being is the way to "success", as millions have discovered, there's more to it than that.

Have you bought into the same "marketing ploys" and if you have how is that working for you?

Success requires a specific "mindset" which enables you to strategically align and harmonize what you think, say and DO with whatever your desires might be.

Chuck and Kristine are going to make certain that the 100 people they choose to partner with, are provided the opportunity, the tools, systems, training and every resource necessary to "enable and allow" 2014 to be the year that any fears surrounding finances (and many other forms of lack, limitation, disharmony or discord) become a thing of the past.

The project entails coaching, training, mentoring as well as hands on ACTION that transforms long held hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations into "Real World Results."

Chuck and Kristine will be introducing and training the team they'll be selecting on little understood concepts (most Law of Attraction students and teachers call them Secrets) as well as utilizing and engaging in proven, practical application techniques that will assist the group selected to rise above what so many are "needlessly allowing" themselves to be adversely impacted by.

Understanding and taking ACTION on a powerfully effective plan that will enable and empower the "sincere and serious" to experience "desired change" is NOT optional.

Our coaching/mentoring/ACTION curriculum, which is conservatively valued at $5,750.00 USD (although participation in the program only requires a SMALL FRACTION of that) will assist our chosen group in getting to the heart of what they "truly desire", clearly defining those desires in graphic detail and charting out an effective plan of action to begin creating whatever short and long term visions participants might aspire to reach and achieve in the days, weeks and months ahead.

The short and long term benefits participants will receive, won't be limited to monetary or material gain but will prove to be equally effective in achieving uncommon, astonishing and in many cases "seemingly miraculous" results in every aspect of life.

You'll also be provided with Chuck and Kristine's personal guidance to assist you in breaking through the "seemingly impenetrable barriers" that hold so many back and charting the course in such a way that each future step is simple, easy to manage and based on the custom tailored, clearly defined course of action that those chosen to participate will be REQUIRED to follow and adhere to.

Chuck and Kristine will be working closely with our entire team in a group setting as they lead each member of the team in constructing clearly defined visions. They'll also be working closely with as well as assist each in creating an effective plan of action custom tailored specifically for each participant, that will both enable and empower those participating to move confidently forward and achieve whatever your individually chosen desires might consist of.

The Prescreening Interview and the Process for Consideration is Quite Simple and Painless

Those who desire to participate will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire which will enable Chuck and Kristine to determine who best fits the criteria they've set forth. The individuals chosen as a result of those questionnaire's, will be personally interviewed and hand selected by Chuck and Kristine.

Those selected will receive a specialized form of transformational mentoring that has proven time and again to make even the most seemingly unreachable desires a very real part of their lives.

This program is NOT for everyone


It will require the ability and a willingness to think "outside the box" and will also require remaining open to ideas, methodologies and concepts that may be new to you.

Much of what Chuck and Kristine teach isn't taught in school.

Although enhancing the financial aspect of our team members lives is certainly a necessary and important part of this project, the short and long term benefits our team members will receive extends far beyond the acquisition of material or monetary gain.

What's "truly necessary" to achieve and experience what Chuck and Kristine refer to as "real and lasting wealth and success", is a form of "specialized knowledge" that delves much deeper than the physical aspects of creating desired results.

The coaching/mentoring portion of this project explores the "seed level" and gets to the very core of how the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual areas of life unfold.

This is a highly specialized and very intense coaching/mentoring/ACTION program that isn't limited to achieving results in one or two areas of life. It is however an "inspired project" that took many months of planning, thoughtful articulation, carefully designing each step and condensing it all into a practical and easy to carry out format that anyone can understand, use and benefit from.

The finished product will enable participants to discover how to "consciously and consistently" create extraordinary results that provide a sense of assurance, harmony and fulfillment in EVERY aspect of life whether physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

What you'll discover through this coaching/mentoring/ACTION process, combined with the personalized support and guidance you'll receive from Chuck and Kristine, will assist you in achieving a kind, quality and quantity of result limited only by your willingness and ability to conceptualize it as possible for you.

Chuck and Kristine will be assisting each and every member on our team in raising their "consciousness" as well as their expectations as we embark on a very empowering and enlightening journey of discovery. This "journey" will enable each member to discover their "true" potential, develop the understanding of the importance of adopting new habits and beliefs and begin taking some clearly defined and immediately actionable steps, each of which are ESSENTIAL to begin experiencing bigger and better outcomes.

The Enlightened Journey Coaching/Mentoring/ACTION Program Is Not Conventional Business Building Coaching

The form of coaching/mentoring that Chuck and Kristine will be providing is not a business building curriculum.

This is a very specialized form of wealth mentoring designed to assist each participant in understanding and acquiring what Chuck and Kristine refer to as a "Wealth Consciousness."

In addition, the systems and business platform that Chuck and Kristine have tested and chosen, will both enable and empower those with a "sincere desire" to achieve more, with every tool, system, process AND the training necessary to reach and achieve whatever their "heartfelt desires" might be, materially and otherwise.

Participants will discover and be provided the understanding as well as the tools necessary to begin consciously, purposefully, intentionally and consistently conquering whatever limitations they may have previously "perceived" to be holding them back and keeping them from achieving desired outcomes.

Although the coaching/mentoring aspect of the program is being merged with a physical business platform, this platform is only being utilized as a "tangible tool" to assist in creating the "tangible" aspects of wealth, namely material wealth, should you choose to participate and be one of the 100 selected to do so.

Although active participation in the business model is a prerequisite and required to qualify for and benefit from the subsidized portion of the mentoring that all team members will receive, the price is such that anyone who's serious about change can EASILY afford the investment in themselves.

Each Participant Will Receive and Be Guided Through A Process Including a Powerfully Leveraged Plan Of Action Custom Tailored To The Individual Wants, Needs and Desires of Each Team Member

Unlike so many traditional coaching/mentoring programs today, the Enlightened Journey coaching/mentoring/ACTION curriculum will be custom tailored by you with the personal guidance of Chuck and Kristine, based on the individual needs, desires and values of those chosen to participate. The coaching/mentoring portion of the curriculum is specially designed to enhance what Chuck refers to as the "inner creation of wealth" (aligning heart with a wealth mindset) that he believes to be an absolutely essential aspect of creating "outer wealth and success."

What you will discover goes FAR deeper than motivational rah rah and traditional "positive thinking" strategies. This is NOT success coaching in the traditional sense of the word.

The mentoring curriculum as well as the business model we'll be utilizing is being strategically merged to provide every participant with everything required to enable those selected to achieve an uncommon level of success for themselves as well as provide all the components necessary to achieve a wholesome, healthy, harmonious and stress free quality of life.

The Wealth Mentoring that Chuck and Kristine will be providing is being fully funded by the collective efforts of the entire team which are paid by the company they've chosen, aligned and joined forces with.

In addition, each training/mentoring session will be led and facilitated by Chuck and/or Kristine personally.

Are You Sincere and Serious About Creating Meaningful and Lasting Change and Ready to Play a Bigger Game?

If the idea of receiving a form of proven, goal achieving and 100% fully subsidized wealth mentoring, combined with a lucrative and proven turnkey business model that collectively provide everything required to elevate your results in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life...DO NOT HESITATE to take action.

We anticipate these spots filling up VERY quickly. Once the pre-screening applications have been reviewed and the 100 team members have been selected, this page will disappear and this initial invitation will be discontinued.

As much as we would love to assist all who inquire, due to the personal investment of time and resources that this form of program requires, a maximum of 100 participants is all that the mentoring program can efficiently handle.

If you decide you'd LOVE to participate, TIME and swift ACTION are of the essence.

Obviously we can't "know" how long it will take for those spots to fill. It could take an hour...it could take a week. Due to the immense value as well as the numbers of people that this offer is being extended and will appeal to, we do anticipate the 100 partnering positions filling up VERY quickly.

You, being an already active member in the Enlightened Journey Global Community are being provided the first right to accept or decline this invitation prior to the offer being extended to the general public should that be necessary.

This is a unique, powerfully leveraged and potentially life changing program that has only been offered once before and may never be offered again.

If you have a sincere desire to BE, DO, HAVE and achieve more, whether in the physical, financial, relational, emotional or spiritual aspects of your life, and are "truly" ready to achieve and experience whatever level of results that you aspire to achieve for yourself, the program we've designed may prove to be precisely what you have been seeking.

Chuck and Kristine's Unique and Personalized Style
Of Mentoring Will Meet You Where You Are

Obviously there are countless perspectives, beliefs and perceptions that we hold as individuals. Each and every perspective is as unique as each individual. There is no cookie cutter approach to assisting individuals to achieve whatever individually held desires they hold for themselves.

Chuck and Kristine's coaching style is such that takes these factors into account and custom tailors a plan to meet each individual where they currently are as well as where they want to go. Point being their approach has proven time and again to be enormously effective, regardless of the common variances that make each individual unique.

Regardless of where you might currently find yourself in relation to attaining desired results (or the lack of) in your life, whether you've already achieved a high level of success or finding yourself with unfulfilled hopes, dreams and desires that for whatever reason you've been unable to reach, the project that Chuck and Kristine have constructed and committed to, will assist you in becoming "crystal clear" about what your unique desires are, assist you in confidently charting your course and taking your life and your results to a whole new level.

Perhaps you've all but given up hope of ever reaching and achieving your goals and desires. The mentoring that Chuck and Kristine will be providing will provide you with a profound depth of understanding, enhanced awareness and a dramatically elevated belief with regard to yourself, your "true potential" and what you're capable of achieving in the days, weeks and months ahead.

The coaching/mentoring portion of this project will enable you to bust through, rise above and shed the lack and limitation mindset that so many hold today, which is 100% of the time, the often unrecognized underlying cause which keeps so many from ever discovering, reaching and DOING what's necessary to reach their full potential.

If this describes you and you're ready to move beyond where you currently find yourself, the coaching/mentoring/ACTION program that's in place will prove to be IMMENSELY beneficial.

Both Chuck and Kristine's years of experience combined with their unique ability to convey the knowledge and wisdom they've acquired over the years, sets them far apart from "conventional" personal empowerment or business building programs.

Their uncanny and uncommon way of thinking and DOING things, in a way that's personalized and tailored to harmonize with each individuals perspectives, make them an extremely empowering, truly unique and powerfully effective pair of mentors.

Their uncanny and diverse style of leading, guiding and assisting the team selected will bring a sense of clarity, renewed hope, promise and a dramatically enhanced belief in yourself as well as instill a heightened sense of awareness with regard to the tools that we ALL possess and the potential that you already hold.

The "Specialized Form of Coaching/Mentoring will both enable and empower those selected to break free of the self imposed boundaries and barriers that so many "perceive" themselves to be trapped within.

Chuck and Kristine's vast understanding of the spiritual, metaphysical, scientific, and physiological aspects of life, you and the world in general, combined with a carefully constructed road map and strategic plan of action that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of our team, will both enable and empower those selected to begin reaching new heights and experiencing whatever hopes, dreams, visions and goals each team member might have a desire to attain individually.

All who are currently a part Enlightened Journey Global Community will have the first right to accept or decline the invitation to participate.

On behalf of Chuck, Kristine and Enlightened Journey Enterprises we're extremely grateful for and enormously excited about the opportunity that lies ahead and we're looking forward to hearing from and chatting with those of you who are interested in participating!

To learn more about what's necessary to participate, go here NOW and we'll get all the exciting details to you.

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Your acceptance into the Enlightened Journey wealth mentoring program is not guaranteed, subject to availability and acceptance determined by answers provided in the pre-screening interview. The cost of the coaching curriculum is being subsidized by Enlightened Journey Enterprises and Enlightened Journey reserves the right to accept or decline your individual participation as deemed appropriate.