"My Very Special Someone"

My Special Someone Could Be Someone Like This. Maybe Someone EXACTLY Like This

My "Very Special Someone" is outgoing yet somewhat reserved, warm, affectionate, sensuous, loyal, empathetic, compassionate, spiritually minded, soul centered, open to growth, expansion and exploring greater possibilities.


She KNOWS Love and does her best to consciously and consistently express her love in all she thinks, says and does.

She understands and accepts me as I am and where I am in my understanding unconditionally. She may very well have an expanded awareness beyond where I am, yet respects, accepts and honors mine as being perfect just as it is. She loves, accepts and appreciates me where I am in mind, body and spirit unconditionally. She allows me to be and express who I am fully, unconditionally and loves me for that...for what I am, where I am and how I show up in the world.

She sees, knows, clearly understands and appreciates the perfection within the imperfection that makes us each who and what we are. She recognizes and understands in a very uncommon kind of way, the simplicity as well as the perfection of how and why each experience in life becomes real and tangible.

She recognizes "perceived shortcomings" and the tangible appearance of the desirable as well as the "less than desirable" as opportunities and the greater good that they are.

She also sees, feels, knows, understands and fully supports my desire for further growth, expression and expansion. She knows, supports and aligns with my intention to stretch as far as I can and allows me to do that in my own way, in my own time...through establishing and developing my own "knowing" as it becomes my knowing. She allows as well as encourages me to further awaken, stretch, expand and grow as I need to for myself. She sees that my belief is my belief and it's good.

It's perfect...it's love.

She knows and clearly understands my intention to enhance quality of life for her, others and myself. She acknowledges and accepts my "Soul Purpose" and what I stand for. She loves, accepts and appreciates me for that.

She's beautiful in heart, mind and body. She's inquisitive, profoundly creative, tunes into and allows her inherent creativity to flow freely from her heart...assured...inspired and unencumbered by limiting thoughts created in the head.

She's slow to anger and quick to forgive...discerning yet trusting...fully open and receptive to receiving as well as freely gives "genuine heart based love." She is secure in herself and doesn't need me to complete her yet savors, honors and cherishes my love and attention.

She sees the good in all people and circumstances and chooses to focus predominantly on what's right in any situation rather than what's often judged, labeled and perceived as being wrong. She clearly understands the "Power of 2" and the miracles that can and do unfold through a heart centered and unified vision and conscious collaboration.

She understands the importance of expressing and consistently chooses to engage in reflecting on and projecting heartfelt gratitude for what she has. She knows and understands that wanting what you have opens the door (and in some cases the floodgates) to receiving more of we truly desire.

She's conscious of the fact that the more we come to know, grow and understand, regardless of how far we might progress, there's always more room for growth and that what there is to know and understand is of infinite proportion. She knows deeply within herself that the field...the Kingdom...The Light...is all pervasive, infinite in nature and she's open and preferably excited about exploring, learning of and navigating it's vastness together.

She also knows how to laugh, tease, play and have a good time. She's indescribably sensuous, savoring our intimate time together in both a physical yet at the same time a "deeply soulful" kind of way. She enjoys engaging me in deep soul connecting conversation, loves the outdoors, the beauty and grandeur of nature, and probably most important understands that our individual potential and the possibilities available to and for us are quite literally Infinite in nature.

She's open and willing to reach for a catch a few stars. She sees me as the man that can "rope the moon" yet understands and fully accepts that I am who I am...I'm not "perfect", on occasion have my "weak moments" and may feel remiss at times to convey my strength, yet she still focuses on, sees, knows, honors and accepts the perfection within the imperfection.

She's able and willing to communicate, face, acknowledge, share, accept and work through her fears and insecurities to go for the things that she truly loves, values and is passionate about.

Her walk and her talk are, for the most part aligned and harmonized.

She understands that although we are One, at the same time we're each unique, individual, integral parts of the Whole and are here to fulfill our own unique and divine "soul purpose" through our innate, inherent creativeness and individual expressions.

She supports me fully in my work, anticipating and excited about what I'm inspired to create yet gently encourages me to stretch...to be and do more as I enhance and perfect my gifts, build upon and maximize my talents and consistently yet lovingly prods me to reach out and contribute more to others with the unique gifts, passions and talents I've been provided and have to contribute.

She's as open to giving and contributing to others as she is receiving the flow of blessings that doing so, without fail provides. She understands that the measure of value given determines the measure of value received.

She is secure and complete in herself yet willing to share her deepest thoughts...her passions, her joys, her secrets, her fears, her insecurities and her concerns openly and honestly.

She understands the importance of uninhibited honest, open yet "calm" communication. She chooses transparency...unconditionally, yet at the same time has no fear openly sharing what's on her mind, knowing she is always safe to share with me.

She's conscious of and able to discern between human emotions created in the head and "heart based" feelings that come from deep within and is both conscious of and disciplined in which she depends on and expresses most often.

She's not perfect yet she's conscious and discerning when the imperfections surface consistently moving toward BEING the very best that she can be while fully accepting that where she is precisely where she's suppose to be.

She sees and depends on her man as a means of support and strength when she's feeling tired, weak or vulnerable and knows she can count on me to be there for her, to console, comfort, nurture and protect...unconditionally, yet doesn't see me as a crutch or someone that she "needs" to make her whole/complete.

She really "gets me"...feels me and knows me at a heart level...the deepest level and knows that although I may slip on occasion, I'll always get back up wiser, stronger and more effective and determined at being all that I can be and giving all I have to give.

Her and I are truly One on all levels. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

She's my lady...my love...my “very special someone”…heart, mind, body and soul...unconditionally and regardless.

"Be Still."